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Mercedes-Shane Relationship
General Information
Nickname: Shanecedes
Intimacy Level: Ex-Boyfriend and Girlfriend
Dating History: Started dating prior to The Purple Piano Project
Ended in Heart
Dating Status: Broken Up

The Mercedes-Shane Relationship, most commonly known as Shanecedes, is the formerly romantic relationship between Mercedes Jones and Shane Tinsley.

The two meet and start dating during summer break, after Sam moves out of the state. In Heart, Shane and Mercedes break up due to Mercedes feeling guilty about kissing Sam and telling Shane about it. They still appear to be on good terms.


During Mercedes' interview with Jacob Ben Israel, Shane is shown to be very confident and encouraging of his girlfriend's dreams. Additionally, during New Directions' performance of We Got the Beat, Mercedes is mostly dancing around Shane, and he seems to be thoroughly enjoying her presence. Unlike most of the students in the cafeteria, Shane appears to like the group's performance and smiles broadly. (The Purple Piano Project)

Shane encourages Mercedes to audition for West Side Story. They share a kiss and he stands in the wings, watching Mercedes' callback with Rachel for the role of Maria. (Asian F)

After Mercedes turns Sam down, she walks off with Shane with their arms around each other. Shane later questions Mercedes when she is helping Sam after he gets slushied by The Hockey Team. After saying that Sam will be okay, he offers to walk Mercedes to study hall, to which she accepts. Also, when the girls perform The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, Mercedes pictures Sam's face instead of Shane's. (Yes/No)

When Sam and Mercedes are in the hallway about to express their feelings for each other, Shane approaches them, greets Sam and takes Mercedes out for lunch. (The Spanish Teacher)

Shane finds out about Sam and Mercedes and is upset. According to Mercedes, (who tells this to Sam later on) he felt like she "punched him in his heart". The couple splits up. Mercedes and Shane both cry, but Mercedes sings I Will Always Love You to Sam, showing her feelings for him are stronger than her feelings for Shane. (Heart)

During senior prom, Shane and Mercedes attend prom with different people, but during Love You Like a Love Song, they are seen looking over at each other, smiling. It shows that they are happy for one another and they also wave to each other. (Prom-asaurus)



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