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Mercedes Jones
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General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 19/20
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Birthday: 1994
Height: 5'3"
Address: Lima, Ohio
New York
Occupation(s): Recording singer at Sony Music Entertainment Record
Church-choir singer
Aliases: Jackée, Whoopi, Brassy Hag, Wheezy, Sister, Mo'Nique (Sue)
Wheezy (Santana)
Aretha (Santana, Sue)
'Cedes (Santana, Artie)
Stealth-Attack Jones (Shannon)
Mama, The Black Girl From The Glee Club Whose Name I Can't Remember Right Now (Puck)
Lazy B-O-N-E-S (Jesse)
Effie (Dakota
Happy Girl Drunk (Finn)
Little Oprah (Roz)
Beyoncé (herself)
Family & Friends
Family: Dr. Jones, DDS (father)
Mrs. Jones (mother)
Unnamed Older Brother
Julius Jones (uncle)
Relationships: Sam Evans (ex-boyfriend; in love with)
Shane Tinsley (ex-boyfriend; friends)
Kurt Hummel (former one-sided crush; friends)
Noah Puckerman (ex-boyfriend; friends)
Anthony Rashad (been on a date with)
Friends: Santana Lopez
Kurt Hummel
Rachel Berry
Sam Evans
Tina Cohen-Chang
Finn Hudson
Artie Abrams
Blaine Anderson
Quinn Fabray
Matt Rutherford
Noah Puckerman
Mike Chang
Brittany Pierce
Lauren Zizes
Joe Hart
Sugar Motta
Rory Flanagan
Unique Adams
Kitty Wilde
Marley Rose
Jake Puckerman
Ryder Lynn
Will Schuester
Employees: Lauren Zizes (A Night of Neglect)
Other Information
Interests: Singing, Fashion, Performing
Clique: New Directions
The God Squad
Education: University of California, Los Angeles (Current)
William McKinley High School (Graduated)
Talent: Singing, Dancing, Fashion
Vulnerabilities: Diva Attitude (Occasionally)
Strengths: Her voice
Weaknesses: Diva Attitude (Occasionally)
Awards: '09 Show Choir Sectionals, first place
'10 Show Choir Regionals, third place
'10 Show Choir Sectionals, first place (tied)
'11 Show Choir Regionals, first place
'11 Show Choir Sectionals, second place
'12 Show Choir Regionals, first place
'12 Show Choir Nationals, first place
Series Information
First appearance: Pilot
Last appearance: The Untitled Rachel Berry Project
Portrayer: Amber Riley
Jada Harris (Toddler Mercedes)
Heather Morris (Tina's Dream)

Mercedes Jones is a recurring character on Glee. She was a main character up until Season Four. She is an alumna of William McKinley High School, where she actively participated in the school's main glee club, the New Directions and The God Squad, along with being the leader of the school's second glee club, The Troubletones, run by Shelby Corcoran. Mercedes considers herself a diva at heart, and is content with being labelled as such.

Mercedes was the first to audition for the Glee Club. At the beginning of the series, Mercedes develops a close friendship with Kurt Hummel, being the first person that he came out to about his sexuality. In the past, she has also spent time as a member of the Cheerios, which she joined alongside Kurt. At the end of Season Three, her future plans are revealed. She accepts a recording contract on an indie label and moves to Los Angeles, where she also attends classes at UCLA.  

She returns to McKinley at times to be the vocal coach for the school's production of Grease and in order to mentor Unique before Sectionals. She was also back in Wonder-ful, to be the vocal coach in preparation for Regionals. It is revealed in City of Angels that she got a record deal at Sony Music Entertainment. She was in New York, sharing an apartment with Sam, Santana and Blaine Anderson. In Bash, Mercedes and Sam restart their relationship, but end it again in The Untitled Rachel Berry Project . Currently, she is on a mall tour with Santana Lopez, and Brittany Pierce. She is portrayed by actress and singer Amber Riley.


Season One


Mercedes auditions for the Glee club with the song, Respect, and is one of the original Gleeks. Right after the auditions, Mercedes,

Mercedes singing 'Respect'

with Rachel, Artie, Kurt and Tina, sing Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Boat but they are disappointed because of the lack of a strong lead solo. Later on, when the Glee club recruited a new male member, she "divas out" and says that she "is Beyoncé and ain't no Kelly Rowland!" after singing back-up in You're the One That I Want. However, she began singing in an again and admitted they were actually starting to sound good. She goes to see Vocal Adrenaline with the rest of the Glee club and is shocked at how talented they are when they sang Rehab. After Will Schuester decides to quit directing the Glee club because his wife is pregnant, Mercedes is given the job of providing her fellow Glee club members with stylish clothing when they sing, Don't Stop Believin'. To their surprise, Will decides to direct Glee club again after a talk from Emma Pillsbury. Mercedes is filled with joy.


During Le Freak, Mercedes is seen arguing with Rachel after she almost kicks her and complaining in Will's choice of song. Later on, she also sings a solo in Gold Digger. Kurt Hummel tells her that she looks like a "technicolor zebra." She is seen doing back-up in Push It and Take a Bow.



Mercedes in 'Bust Your Windows'

Mercedes is worried that she won't ever get a boyfriend so she starts hanging out with Kurt. Mercedes hopes that it will eventually lead to a relationship. Mercedes thinks that Kurt returns her feelings and they link arms while going to see Vocal Adrenaline to hire their choreographer. Fellow Glee club members Tina Cohen-Chang and Rachel Berry have a "gayvention" telling Mercedes that they didn't want her to get hurt by feelings that Kurt couldn't return, Mercedes stood up for him saying that just because he dressed nice didn't mean he was gay (they said that he was too 'lady' beautiful). During the Glee club car wash, Mercedes asked Kurt to make it official, but he told her that he was in love with someone else and looked at Finn, but Mercedes thought he was looking at Rachel so she smashed the front window of his new car, and then sung Bust Your Windows. She went to Kurt at the end of the episode when he was at his locker and they both apologized before Kurt told her that he was gay, making her the first person he ever told.


Mercedes is seen when Rachel storms out of the room after Will gives Tina a solo that she wanted. Through the rest of the episode she is seen to be in the background. 

The Rhodes Not Taken

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 8.20.00 PM

Mercedes and Tina telling Will that April can stay


Mercedes performing with New Directions during Somebody To Love.

When April Rhodes is trying to get the other Glee club members on her side, she teaches Mercedes and Tina how to shoplift. They come to Mr. Schue with new clothes and accessories saying that they love April. She also believes that Quinn is lactose intolerant before Puck tells everyone that she is pregnant. She performs backing vocals in Last Name and has a short solo at the end of Somebody to Love.

Vitamin D

Mercedes is seen giving Tina a manicure and laughing at a joke that Brittany tells. She takes Vitamin D decongestants along with all the other girls to enhance their performance of Halo/Walking on Sunshine. She apologizes to Mr. Schue for taking the drugs.


Sue wants Mercedes in her group and refers to her as Aretha. When everyone else is nervous, she say that she is excited because she saw Sue's Corner last night and saw her give a speech about how much she loves minorities. Sue gives Mercedes the lead in Hate on Me. She sings Ride wit Me along with the rest of the group, but then says that they need to go and meet Sue. After Sue and Will get into a huge fight in front of all the kids, Mercedes and the rest of them storm out. Mercedes sings back-up vocals in Keep Holding On.


Mercedes is seen being afraid of being hit by a slushie. She mocks Mr. Schue's choice of song Bust a Move because it is so old. After Kurt is hit by a slushie, Mercedes takes him to the washroom to clean his skin. After none of them can come up with a mash-up, they all learn that Mr. Schue has never been hit by a slushie and they hit him with all of theirs.


Mercedes had auditioned for the Cheerios, she sings "McKinley, hey!," but she was rejected by Sue. After Will decides they should sing Defying Gravity at Sectionals, Mercedes thinks they should sing something more black, Will says that they will find something for her. When her best friend Kurt competes with Rachel, she is supportive of him and winces sympathetically at him when he intentionally messes up a high F. Mercedes later sings lead with Artie and Tina in Proud Mary.



Mercedes telling Puck to stop pursuing Quinn.

Mercedes is partnered up with Puck for the ballad they need to perform. She talks to Tina on the phone about how everyone is so rattled up about Quinn and Finn's baby that they can't express any emotions of their own in the ballads. So they all decide to perform one ballad for Quinn and Finn. She tells Puck about their idea and he is upset. When Mercedes asks what his problem is, Puck tells her that Finn is not the father, he is. Mercedes tells him that he should forget about it because Quinn chose Finn and he had no business screwing up her life more than he already had. She went to get Kurt and Finn and took them to the choir room. Mercedes performed lead vocals in Lean on Me along with Artie.


Mercedes watches the Jane Addams girls perform Bootylicious. Will then tells the club that they need to perform a number with long hair using hairography. Mercedes and Artie perform the leads in the hairography number Hair/Crazy in Love performing with wigs. When they hear the deaf school perform Imagine, Mercedes starts to sing with them, then Artie joins in, then the rest of the Glee club. She performs back-up vocals in True Colors.


Mercedes and the rest of Glee club don't want their picture in the yearbook, however Rachel ensures that two of them get a picture so Mercedes votes for Rachel to be one of the two people. When Rachel asks her to be the second person, she tells her that she can't because she is "starting Kwanzaa early this year." Then, Rachel gets them all cast in a mattress commercial. Mercedes says that she won't talk to any of them after she gets her record deal and becomes famous. She performs Jump in the commercial. After Quinn gets all of the Glee club a picture in the yearbook, while the pictures are taken Mercedes sings Smile along with Rachel and Finn.



Mercedes performing And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going in Sectionals.

The group is worried upon discovering that due to their mattress commercial, Will is unable to take them to sectionals. Instead Will gets Emma Pillsbury to take command of the group, despite having no musical training. Without Will, the kids are forced to come up with their set list, which leads to Rachel volunteering to take the song. Mercedes however, fed up with Rachel always having to be the "star" demands her right to be heard, leading her to sing And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going, which causes a standing ovation from all the others, even Rachel, who says Mercedes should indeed sing the ballad. Meanwhile its discovered that despite promising otherwise to Puck, Mercedes has told all the other Glee kids that Puck is the true father of Quinn's baby. The only one not told is Rachel, who everyone is afraid will tell Finn the truth (which she does, upon figuring it out herself). Upon reaching Sectionals, it's discovered that the opposing schools have stolen their set lists, which Sue Sylvester has passed on in order to destroy the group. Rachel takes command and asks Mercedes to choose a different ballad to sing. Mercedes however concedes to not having prepared another song and asks that Rachel perform instead. With Finn back as well, the group comes together to win Sectionals and get Will back.


After Sectionals, Mercedes along with the rest of the Glee feel elated at their victory, and think that their social status would be elevated. This fantasy is quickly dashed, however, as she, Rachel and Kurt all receive slushies to the face. At Glee rehearsal, the group is given the assignment of singing songs involving the word "Hello." When the group later discovers that Rachel is dating the male lead of their rivals Vocal Adrenaline, Jesse St. James, it is Mercedes, Kurt, Tina and Artie who confront her on it, with Mercedes trying to tactfully explain that Rachel should not date the enemy. It is Kurt however, who viciously promises to kick Rachel out of Glee if she doesn't end things with him.

The Power of Madonna

When Will grows concerned about how the boys are treating the girls, he suggests that all of them perform Madonna numbers to promote strength the girl's sense of self-worth. Kurt is ecstatic along with the girls to perform Madonna's iconic works, and asks to be allowed to do a multimedia project with Mercedes in honor of Madonna. While working on their project, both witness Sue Sylvester insulting Will's hair again, and are surprised to see Will knock the wind out of Sue by insulting her hairstyle. Sue is so shocked and hurt by the low-blow, she begins to assault and terrorize the students. Feeling bad for her, Kurt and Mercedes go and offer their make-over services to her, and in-exchange will b
Kurt Mercedes Vogue Friends

Kurt and Mercedes, "Vogue"

e allowed to borrow the male Cheerios for their Madonna Project. Sue agrees, and together the three of them recreate Madonna's Vogue music video under the direction of Artie. Despite the new looks they offer Sue, she decides in the end she's better being herself, and that rather than change herself, she changes everyone else. Starting with Kurt and Mercedes. She then extends an invitation to them to join the Cheerios, doing musical performances to the cheerleading routines. Seeing as neither Kurt nor Mercedes have gotten solos under Will's Glee guidance, they accept and decide to do both Glee and Cheerios. Will is not pleased but accepts, and as if to make it up to them, gives them solos in Like a Prayer.


Sue tells Mercedes that she must lose ten pounds and wear the female Cheerios uniform, though Mercedes tries to explain that it "doesn't fit her right," and she'd rather wear the pants. Kurt pushes Mercedes to lose the weight, though he originally says that her body is fine the way that it is. In the cafeteria, Mercedes leaves her lunch and gets mad at Artie and Tina for trying to get her to eat. She starts seeing them, Rachel, and Jesse as food, and faints. The nurse tells her she has low blood pressure. Once she leaves, Quinn walks over to Mercedes and assures her that she went through the same thing. Mercedes is surprised at her kindness, and tells her how she is embarrassed at who she has let herself become. At the end of the episode, during a pep rally, Mercedes sings Beautiful, and most of the Cheerios and Glee Club members join her, thus proving to everyone that Mercedes is proud of herself.

Bad Reputation

Mercedes is seen having a meeting with Kurt, Artie, and Tina along with Brittany (only because she stayed), because they were angry that they were not on the Glist (except for Brittany, who was only fourth). They all try to get in trouble so they can be on the Glist. Mercedes dances with Artie, Kurt, Tina and Brittany in the library, which was Kurt's plan of how to get a bad reputation. They perform U Can't Touch This, which is ultimately ineffective because the librarian enjoyed their dance and asked them to perform for her church.


Puck feels he is at the bottom of the social heap and get's his eye on Mercedes who has all of the popularity. He decides to woo her and they have a duet of Lady Is a Tramp. Mercedes has a brief fling with Puck that doesn't set well with Santana and they angrily sing The Boy Is Mine. She quits the Cheerios and breaks up with Puck after realizing she needs to be true to herself.

Dream On

When Bryan Ryan arrives to Glee Club, he said that all the kids write their dreams in a paper, and then said that their dreams will never come true. Mercedes is present during Artie's dance sequence: Safety Dance. At the end she sings back-up during Dream a Little Dream.


Mercedes try to give a new style to Tina. She looks very excited with the assignment of the week, Lady Gaga. With Rachel and Quinn spy Vocal Adrenaline, and Rachel discovers that Shelby Corcoran is her mother. She has a solo during Bad Romance. She with the girls, Kurt and Will are cheering the ND Boys performance and Puck's solo. At the end, she helps Finn with the Glee Club to defend Kurt for David Karofsky and Azimio.


Mercedes makes fun of Quinn when their assignment is to come up with a funk number. Quinn proves her wrong and show's her funky side. Meanwhile, Mercedes performs Good Vibrations alongside Finn and Puck and realizes that Quinn does feel the same as she has. Quinn apologizes to Mercedes, saying that Quinn will only be called names for nine months while Mercedes has had to deal with it her whole life. Mercedes replies, saying that Quinn is not angry, just hurt after being kicked out of her parents and Finn's house. Mercedes also offers for Quinn to come live with her as they have got a spare room after Mercedes' brother is at college. The entire glee club shows their rivals, Vocal Adrenaline, just what they've got ready for them at Regionals by performing Give up the Funk.


New Directions is at Will's house to discuss the set list for Regionals. They instead talk about what they loved in glee club after finding out that Sue is one of the judges. They perform a Journey medley at Regionals then Quinn's water breaks. The entire group (except Rachel) rush to the hospital. Quinn insists on Mercedes being in the delivery room and she bravely accepts, showing how much their relationship has developed. After losing, Mercedes and the rest of the glee club confess to Will how glee club has changed them and perform To Sir, With Love. They then celebrate and listen to Will and Puck perform Over The Rainbow after they learn they have got one more year of glee.

Season Two


Mercedes says that the New Directions is now a family, and the bullies can bring it all they want. When New Directions performs Empire State of Mind in front of everyone, she has a solo. Later, when Mercedes finds out that Rachel plans to scare Sunshine away from New Directions, she agrees with Kurt that while they wouldn't like losing even more of what little spotlight she gets, she is more than willing to sacrifice it in return for a greater chance at winning Nationals. She enjoys Sunshine's performance of Listen, and really likes it, but is angry at Rachel after she sees that Sunshine is going to Vocal Adrenaline.


WHen Brittany expresses her disdain for Britney Spears, Mercedes can be seen confused as she asks "What the hell is she talking about?" Mercedes performs back-up vocals in Toxic, and in The Only Exception. Her role is totally minuscule.

Grilled Cheesus

Mercedes dances to Puck's Only the Good Die Young. When Kurt's father has a heart attack, she doesn't know what to say to Kurt . Instead, she decides that she'll sing to him, to show her support. She sings I Look to You, but Kurt doesn't appreciate it because he is atheist. Meanwhile, when Rachel is performing Papa, Can You Hear Me? at Burt's bedside, Mercedes is listening, and tells Kurt that her, Quinn, and Rachel are from different religions so one of them must be right (meaning that one of their prayers must be heard). Kurt doesn't appreciate their prayers because he doesn't think they'll do anything. Later, Mercedes is seen crying during Kurt's performance of I Want to Hold Your Hand. Mercedes sees Kurt in

'I Look to You'

the hall and tells him that she doesn't know how to talk to him. She invites him to her church, but Kurt says that he doesn't want to go. But after Mercedes offers that Kurt can wear a "fabulous hat," Kurt laughs and finally accepts her invitation. At church, Kurt is seen as a "sore thumb" compared to everyone else. Mercedes asks the entire church to pray for Burt, because Kurt needs it. When Mercedes performs Bridge Over Troubled Water, Kurt sits down, but a few women lift him up. Kurt is smiling. Mercedes performs a solo in One of Us.

Mercedes and Santana reunite in song "River Deep, Mountain High"


Kurt and Mercedes are sitting next to each other and Kurt claims that the new glee clubber, Sam Evans is gay, but Mercedes denies it. When Will opens up a Duets competition, she initially is unenthusiastic until Santana convinces her that if they team up for their duet, they would be, "the undisputed top bitches at this school." Then, she and Santana perform River Deep, Mountain High, and they were confident they were going to win. Despite a fantastic performance, they lose the competition and Mercedes has to hold Santana back as she tries to grab the free dinner coupons from Will.

The Rocky Horror Glee Show

500px-Mercedes, Brittany and Santana1
Mercedes was originally cast as Columbia, and performed in the background during Damn It, Janet with Kurt and Quinn. After Whatever Happened to Saturday Night?, Mercedes realized that the role of Frank-n-Furter was open, and inspired by the song 'Don't Dream it, Be it' asked to be Frank-n-Furter, because she really wanted a main role. She offered to modernize the song, and thus was cast as Frank-n-Furter. She performs Sweet Transvestite. She is also seen dancing in The Time Warp.

Never Been Kissed

Mercedes sings lead vocals in Start Me Up/Livin' on a Prayer. She also laughs during the boys' mash-up as Kurt dances.

The Substitute


Mercedes protesting against Sue's decision to ban tater tots

Mercedes rebels against Principal Sue when she finds out that tater tots are banned from the school lunch menu. Meanwhile, Kurt notices that Mercedes is feeling left out because of his new friendship with Blaine Anderson and starts to worry that Mercedes is using food as a substitute for love, and their friendship as a substitute for a relationship. He then tries to set up Mercedes with Anthony Rashad, a member of the football team, who Kurt is apparently on friendly terms with and who seems to find Mercedes attractive as he smiles at her and waves in greeting. At first Mercedes is hesitant, but eventually decides to give him a chance after Kurt confronts her about his concerns.


Mercedes performs in Marry You and Just the Way You Are. She is seen dancing with Rachel, which implies they are on friendly terms, though there is nothing to suggest this. At the end of the episode, she is the most upset about Kurt's sudden transfer. She confronts Kurt about leaving, nearly crying. After Kurt leaves, her and Finn seem the most upset about it.

Dog Days Are Over

Mercedes performs lead vocals in Dog Days Are Over with Tina.

Special Education

After Will told the glee club that they will change up the lead vocals a bit, Mercedes thought that she will get the lead vocals and is shocked that Sam and Quinn get the lead vocals. At the Sectionals competition, Mercedes is the first one to applaud for Kurt after the Warblers' performance of Hey, Soul Sister. Later, Mercedes offered to take the lead vocals again if Quinn couldn't do it. When New Directions was performing, she had a solo in (I've Had) The Time of My Life. She also shared a quick smile with Kurt as the winners were being announced. When they all were back in the Choir Room deciding solos for a new number they were going to perform, Mr. Schuester offered to give the solo to Rachel who didn't get a solo in sectionals. Rachel said that the unsung heroes of New Directions (Tina and Mercedes) should get the solos instead. Per her request, Mercedes and Tina perform lead vocals in Dog Days Are Over.

A Very Glee Christmas

Mercedes performs The Most Wonderful Day of the Year with New Directions. After Will tells New Directions what Christmas is about, Mercedes says that the Christmas tree they set up was a symbol of New Directions after winning Sectionals two times in a row. Despite talking about how they won, Mike, Tina, and she get a slushie facial from Azimio and Karofsky. When New Directions goes caroling, she performs We Need a Little Christmas along with New Directions. Later when everyone is wishing wishes to Santa, she wishes for a pony, stating that she's been a very "good girl." When the Christmas spirit of New Directions got destroyed, Mercedes was angry about it. She also performs backup in Welcome Christmas. She later believes in Santa when Artie got the ReWalk. At the end of the episode, she comes, along with New Directions and Sue, to Will's house for Christmas.

The Sue Sylvester Shuffle

Mercedes immediately rejects to having David, Azimio, and the rest of the football players joining the New Directions, due to all the slushies they were given and the way David bullied Kurt into transferring to Dalton. She is lady shown as a temporary member of the football team and is also shown performing in Thriller/Heads Will Roll mash-up. Mercedes is shown cheering on the football team as they score the winning touchdown.

Silly Love Songs

Mercedes joined Rachel and Kurt in a sleepover to cope with Kurt's heartbreak over Blaine. She explains to both of them that some of the greatest divas have become stars through being single, and they should embrace it. This gives Rachel and Kurt the confidence to embrace being single for a while, though they're still not over their crushes. She is seen smiling during Rachel's performance of Firework, which is based on her advice. She also cheers on Kurt as he sings, along with the Warblers, Silly Love Songs.

Take Me Or Leave Me Glee

Mercedes and Rachel sing Take Me or Leave Me in Comeback.


Sue joins glee club. Things don't turn out well for Mercedes because of this- Sue told her some things that Rachel said. It turns out that she wants the glee club to turn against each other, and uses Rachel and Mercedes as her toys. She challenges these two to a diva-off. They have their diva off and sing the song Take Me or Leave Me. Sue's plan doesn't work out, for they aren't enemies. After this diva-off, Rachel and Mercedes become friends again. Mercedes watch Lauren's I Know What Boys Like and sings backup in Sing.

Blame It on the Alcohol

Mercedes attends Rachel's party. She (like everyone else except Kurt and Finn) get drunk, and Mercedes (along with Tina) are "happy girl" drunks according to Finn. At school on Monday, Mercedes performs Blame It (On the Alcohol) with Artie, Santana and New Directions.


Mercedes (along with Finn) is shown believing that cucumbers can give you AIDS, after Holly Holliday uses one to demonstrate how to use a condom. At the end of the episode, she joins the Celibacy Club.

Original Song

When Quinn agrees with Rachel, Mercedes says, "But if all the other teams are doing amazing songs, we're not going to be so good." She proceeds to write her own original song, Hell to the No. This is clearly the best song, and New Directions thinks that too. After Will compliments the song, he says they can't use it because it isn't what people are looking for at Regionals. When New Directions is having trouble writing a song, she tells them about when Sue threw sticks at her. That helps them write their original song, Loser Like Me. At Regionals she has slight solos in Loser Like Me, and is very overjoyed when they won.


Mercedes during Ain't No Way

A Night of Neglect

Lauren tells Mercedes that she is the most talented singer in Glee club and tells her to demand for Respect, and Lauren becomes her manager. Mercedes makes ridiculous demands, and later in the episode she leaves the benefit after how she has been treated. Rachel catches up to her and attempts to persuade her to come back. After she returns and she decides that she will perform, but she has one final demand, she wants New Directions to watch her perform. So she performs Ain't No Way with the choir from the Madonna episode which causes Sandy to cry. Rachel, awestruck with Mercedes, says she can't top her and ends the benefit saying that she was the best closing number.

Born This Way

She performs Born This Way with Tina, Kurt and New Directions. During the performance she wears T-shirt saying "No Weave," meaning she doesn't have weave sown to her head.


Brittany starts a new gossip talk-show, Fondue For Two, and has Mercedes and Tina ("the school's biggest gossips," as she introduces them ) as her first guests. They discuss the school gossip and eat fondue, when Brittany announces that Santana "plays for the opposite team," unknowingly indicating that she's lesbian. Tina and Mercedes are shocked, then grossed when their host let's her cat eat the cheese. They are most likely responsible for spreading the rumor through the school.

Sam Mercedes Rachel at Prom

Mercedes Sam and Rachel at prom

Prom Queen

Mercedes, despite not wanting a boyfriend, is shown to be upset that no one has asked her for Prom, so Rachel convinces her to go with her and Sam. Later in the episode she meets up with Rachel, Jesse and Sam at Breadstix before the prom and discuss their expectations for the night. Finn and Quinn show up and this sparks some tension between Finn and Jesse, which she promptly defuses. At the end of the episode she sings Dancing Queen with Santana.


Mercedes competes with Rachel, Kurt and Santana for the solo which is to be performed at Nationals. She later takes offense when Jesse calls her lazy because her performance had no choreography. She is then furious because she thought she did really well; she also performs Pure Imagination with the rest of New Directions.

New York

Samcedes Handholding

Sam and Mercedes holding hands

Mercedes is seen having an amazing time in New York as well as devastated when they lost at nationals. Later on, she and Sam run into Kurt and Blaine at the coffee shop, making the excuse of running into each other in the parking lot. After the conversation, Sam and Mercedes walk away and Mercedes asks, "Do you think they know?" and Sam replies, "I don't think anyone knows." and they are then seen holding hands. Mercedes and Sam start secretly dating in New York.

Season Three

The Purple Piano Project

During the Jacob Ben Israel interview, Mercedes admits that Sam had a relationship with her but it ended when his father found work and moved to another state. At the same moment she reveals that Shane Tinsley is her current boyfriend, who looks very happy and she seems to like the way he talks. Mercedes then sings with New Directions in We Got the Beat to recruit new members since Quinn, Lauren and Sam left the Glee Club. and she is the first to start screaming like crazy when the food fight starts. Later she is getting food off herself from the food fight in the choir room and when Sugar Motta arrives Kurt is curious about why her name sounds familiar but Mercedes clears it up for him. She sings and dances with New Directions in You Can't Stop the Beat and has a solo.

I Am Unicorn

Mr. Schuester tells Mercedes she needs to go to the new Booty Camp to work on her dance moves, though Mercedes doesn't understand why she can't sing and have the others dance around her. She is mentioned when Emma, Coach Beiste, and Artie are deciding who should play Maria in West Side Story (the school musical), Rachel or Mercedes. Because Mercedes hadn't auditioned yet they left the spot open to see if she could top Rachel's performance. Emma thinks Mercedes has the voice with the most soul in the school. When Quinn returns to New Directions, Mercedes is very happy to see her and gives her a big hug.


Mercedes and Rachel in Emma's office.

Asian F

The episode opens with Mercedes coming late to Booty Camp because her alarm clock went off thirty minutes late and she says, "It kinda shifted my whole schedule." When Mike is trying to catch Mercedes up on the dance moves she starts to feel sick and claims it's because she hasn't eaten because she has been so busy with everything. Before Mercedes auditions in the cafeteria she is seen hugging Rachel and Shane tells her that she shouldn't be hugging her and that everyone is scared of Rachel Berry, but they should be scared of her. Mercedes is flattered and says,"I've been here for three years and no one has ever said that to me," and she smiles. She then starts singing Spotlight with Tina and Brittany as backup. This then turns out to be her audition for the school play. Rachel feels threatened. She is seen cheering for Brittany in the number Run the World (Girls). Beiste and Emma are still tossing up as to who to choose to be Maria in the school musical. Will then says to them the only way to settle it is with a callback. When Mercedes finds out she starts getting all flared up and when Rachel attempts to hug her she pulls away and says, "Hug me after I get the part." This action was possibly influenced by Shane. Back in Booty Camp they are learning the new move "The Widowmaker" which is revealed to be possibly the hardest move in show choir ever. Mercedes is the last one standing as everyone else had got the move right. She complains that her ankle hurts and this is when she has her big fight with Mr. Schuester saying that Rachel always gets all the spotlight and attention and asks why she isn't at Booty Camp. She then threatens to leave stating, "You know for two years I took it but not anymore. I'm done." Mercedes then knocks over the music stand and then the dream sequence of It's All Over takes place. After the song everyone has left the dance practice and Mercedes gloomily states, "It's over." In this episode, a diva-off takes place (more commonly known as the Maria-off) for the role of Maria in West Side Story. They toss a coin and Rachel wins but Rachel gives Mercedes the liberty to begin first.

Mercedes during It's All Over

They were both very good and Rachel believes Mercedes was better than her. This is when Mercedes receives her first kiss by Shane. It is then revealed that Rachel and Mercedes both got the part of Maria but Mercedes isn't down with it. Mercedes believes that they only split the part because they couldn't say no to Rachel. She then gives Rachel the part. In Fix You Mercedes is seen looking at all the people getting the roles in the play very jealously. At the very end of the episode Mercedes asks Shelby if she can join her glee club which implies that she has recently quit New Directions.

Pot o' Gold

Mercedes approaches Santana asking her how many solos she was given last year. Mercedes uses this to try convince Santana to join Shelby's all girl group because they would get all the solo's. Her proposal intrigues Santana but she says she could never leave Brittany and Mercedes tells her to bring Brittany along. Later Mercedes is approached by Brittany and Santana and they tell her that they want to join Shelby's choir. The five of them (Brittany, Santana, Mercedes, Sugar, and Shelby) discuss their group name, which they conclude to be The Troubletones. They sing Candyman in the auditorium.

The First Time

Mercedes is only present for a few seconds at the end of the episode, she can be seen in the audience enjoying the performance of West Side Story.

Mash Off


Mercedes during the Mash Off

Mercedes is seen playing a game of dodgeball against the New Directions during Hit Me with Your Best Shot/One Way or Another. After the Troubletones win the game, all of them except Mercedes pelt Rory with dodge balls. Mercedes can be seen with a worried look on her face as this is going on. Mercedes comes into the Troubletones rehearsal with the idea for an Adele mash-up, also bringing up that Santana should play fair from now on, both physically and verbally. Mercedes also nominates herself leader of the Troubletones, to which Santana protests but accepts. During The Troubletones performance of Rumour Has It/Someone Like You, Mercedes is seen giving Santana looks of concern because of the problems Santana is going through.

I Kissed a Girl

Santana is being bothered by a guy claiming that if she went out with him, he could turn her straight and Mercedes and the Troubletones and well as the New Directions girls help Santana out. Mercedes is then seen performing the song I Kissed a Girl with The Troubletones and the New Directions girls.

Hold on to Sixteen

Mercedes is approached by Sam, who has returned to help the New Directions win sectionals. Sam and Mercedes talk about their past relationship to which Mercedes claims was just a summer fling. Sam on the other hand states that it was more than that. Mercedes tells Sam that though she will always have a special place in her heart for Sam, she has moved on and tells Sam to do the same. As Mercedes is walking away, Sam yells out that he will fight to get her back and Mercedes continues walking Away.She has seem to be Blushing.

Survivor I Will Survive

Survivor/I Will Survive

Mercedes and Santana led the performance of Survivor/I Will Survive with the Troubletones during sectionals. During New Directions performance of their Jackson 5 medley, Mercedes is seen laughing and smiling while Sam does a dance during ABC. The Troubletones lose sectionals, something Mercedes and the rest of the Troubletones are devastated about, Mercedes later stating that they should have won. Quinn approaches Mercedes, Santana, and Brittany in the girls' bathroom and invites them back to the New Directions. Though a little skeptical about the offer, Mercedes, Santana, Brittany, and Sugar go to the auditorium where New Directions are performing We Are Young and they take part in the song, Quinn pulling Mercedes into the group, meaning that Mercedes as well as Santana and Brittany are back in the New Directions.

Extraordinary Merry Christmas

Mercedes opens the episode singing All I Want for Christmas Is You. In the glee club's holiday special, Mercedes and Rachel are the first to arrive at Kurt and Blaine's "bachelor chalet." They bring Kurt jewelry which he assumes was owned by Elizabeth Taylor, but which Mercedes reveals (in a jokey aside) to be a knockoff. The four of them sing My Favorite Things together. While hanging stockings, they discuss the poor weather ("I think these are the end times," Mercedes deadpans) before Finn and Puck arrive to lead them in an upbeat rendition of Santa Claus Is Coming to Town. After the club is forced to end the holiday special early, Mercedes and the rest of New Directions perform Do They Know It's Christmas? at the homeless shelter.

Tumblr lwkzmfRCQy1qlxj10o1 500


The episode begins with Mercedes and Sam singing Summer Nights with New Directions as a tribute to the summer they spent together. After a brief choir room scene where Mr. Schuester announced that he was going propose to Ms. Pillsbury, Sam follows after Mercedes and brings up a conversation of marriage, particularly saying that he was the one Mercedes should marry some day. Mercedes brings up her relationship with Shane but Sam is not deterred for he brings up a fun moment they had while dating over the summer. A moment that Mercedes admits was a fun time, but still states that she is with Shane. Later while at her locker, she turns around in shock after seeing Sam get slushied in the hall. She goes to his side asking if he is okay and wipes some of the slushie off of Sam's face. Shane appears and asks Mercedes what she was doing and Mercedes replies that she was helping out a "friend." Shane tells Mercedes that Sam will be alright and tells her that he will walk her to study hall. Mercedes, though hesitant, leaves with Shane, is seen sadly looking back at Sam. Mercedes, Tina, Rachel, and Santana later approach Mr. Schuester about the assignment that he gave the glee club about a marriage proposal song for Ms. Pillsbury. They sing The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face, and Mercedes envisions Sam. When the song is over, Mercedes walks off the stage in tears to the girls bathroom where Rachel, Santana, and Tina follow. When asked what's wrong, Mercedes tells them that she pictured Sam during the song, and not Shane. She is confused because she thought she was over Sam. Rachel tells Mercedes to take it slow, and to listen to her heart. In glee club, while Rachel is singing Without You, Sam and Mercedes each glance at one another. Later on, Mercedes and the rest of New Directions are seen putting on a performance of We Found Love, lead by Rachel and Santana, helping Mr. Schuester with his plan to propose to Ms. Pillsbury.


Human Natured
Mercedes and the New Directions face off with the Warblers singing Bad. Mercedes is also seen congratulating Quinn on her acceptance to Yale and with the rest of New Directions, gets up to hug Quinn. Later, Mercedes gets a text from Sam, asking her to meet him in the auditorium. Mercedes is confused but goes to meet him anyway. She sees Sam on stage where he tells her that she is immortal and puts her name in lights as a symbol of her future success. Sam then asks Mercedes to sing a duet with him because they never got the chance, saying she can go back to Shane afterwards. Mercedes tries to decline the offer but ends up singing the duet, Human Nature with Sam. As their duet is ending, Sam and Mercedes draw closer and kiss for the first time on screen. At the end, as a way to make peace with the Warblers, Mercedes and the rest of the New Directions sing Black or White.

The Spanish Teacher

Mercedes and Sam attend a non-couple counseling session with Ms, Pillsbury where they talk about the complication of their relationship ever since their kiss in Michael. Ms. Pillsbury suggests that Sam and Mercedes that they avoid talking to each other for a week. At a sleepover with Rachel and Kurt, Mercedes compares herself with Bella from Twilight regarding the decision she had to make between the two guys she has feelings for. Rachel then confesses that Finn proposed to her and Mercedes voices that she does think that was a good idea. Rachel then proceeds to tell Mercedes and Kurt that she knows that Finn is the one when Mercedes asks her if she was sure. Mercedes then considers which is the right one for her between Sam and Shane. The scene skips to Mercedes singing Don't Wanna Lose You in the choir room to Sam, though Sam tries to avoid eye contact but eventually gives in. Mercedes then walks up to Sam and starts singing in front of him, something Sam smiles about. After, Sam starts singing Bamboleo/Hero to Mercedes with the help of the ND boys, and Mercedes is seen to greatly enjoy his performance. Near the end of the episode, the week that Sam and Mercedes have to avoid talking to each other is coming to an end. Mercedes watches a clock as it ticks down and when the week is officially over, Mercedes rushes into the hall to look for Sam. They meet in the hallway and just as Mercedes is about to say something, Shane approaches to remind her that they were to get lunch off campus. Shane then takes her and they begin to walk away, leaving Sam with a stricken look on his face. As they are walking away, Mercedes looks back at Sam with a similar expression and watches as he walks away in the opposite direction.


New Directions still needs money to travel to Regionals, so Mercedes founds a group called The God Squad. They make it their assignment to perform songs, for students, for other students on Valentine's Day to earn money. Together the God Squad performs Stereo Hearts to Rachel, having been paid for doing so by Finn, and Cherish/Cherish to Brittany in the name of Santana. When the members have an argument about if they should perform to a gay couple, Mercedes states that she is fine with doing so.

I Will Always Love You

Her relationship with Sam is also continued. She gets asked out by Sam to be her date to Sugar Motta's party at Breadstix, and is presented with a small statue of one of the Three Wise Men, that Sam painted to look like St. Valentine. Mercedes then reveals that she has told Shane about what had been going on between herself and Sam, and that she has gone on distance. When Sam asks if they now can be truly together, Mercedes declines. She confesses her love to Sam, but explains that she is feeling remorse since she made Shane very sad by cheating on him, and she is having issues about being a bad person. She says that she has to be alone for the time being to solve those issues, thus declining Sam's present and his offers to be his date or his girlfriend. Mercedes then watches as Sam walks away looking dejected. Subsequently, she sings I Will Always Love You as part of glee-clubs assignments to perform "the world's greatest love song." She addresses this song to Shane as well as to Sam, who can't bear watching her and storms out of the choir room crying, leaving Mercedes in tears herself.

On My Way

Mercedes and the rest of the God Squad make plans to visit Dave Karofsky in the hospital. Later during a Glee Club meeting in the auditorium, she states that she looks forward to seeing Rachel's children. During Regionals, her and the rest of the Trouble Tones perform What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger).

Big Brother

During Booty Camp which was run by Sue at the moment, Sue accuses Mercedes of texting, but Mercedes claims she's donating to the Obama campaign. Sue, feeling like she isn't paying attention, grabs her phone and throws it, causing it to smash and break. Something Mercedes is seen to be devastated about. Later, Mercedes is seen enjoying Blaine and Cooper Anderson's performance of Hungry Like the Wolf/Rio. During another New Direction's Booty Camp session, Sue is apologizing for how she acted earlier and points out the sexual tension between Sam and Mercedes.

Saturday Night Glee-ver

Mr. Schue is worried about Mercedes future and comes up with a plan with Sue to get her, Santana, and Finn thinking about their future. When Mr. Schue, Sue, Blaine, and Joe Hart sing Night Fever in front of the New Directions, getting the other kids to participate, they announce Mercedes as one of the finalists for the competition they were holding. While talking to Kurt in the hallway, they are both approached by the lead singer of Vocal Adrenaline, Unique where Wade begins to tell them how much of a fan he is of Kurt and Mercedes and
Disco Inferno 001
asks for their help on what to do for his upcoming Regionals performance. Later Mercedes finds out the truth and is offend by Mr. Schue's and Sue's plan. She later states that she does have ambitions and goals and proceeds to sing Disco Inferno with Santana and Brittany as back-up. After her performance, she states that she does have a dreams and a goal, to sing a great hit song. She then confesses that she is scared to get far away for college and doesn't know where to go. It is then she also reveals that her father does not support her dream. Mercedes and Kurt are called into Sue's office where she calls them out for helping the competition. Sue comes up with an idea to sabotage Vocal Adrenaline's performance by getting Kurt and Mercedes to encourage Wade's choice to dress in drag for the competition, something Mercedes states Lima Ohio isn't ready for. Kurt and Mercedes later feel bad about what they did and visit Wade to try and change his mind to which he does not. They also run into Jesse St. James who leads them away from Wade. They worriedly watch as Wade and the rest of Vocal Adrenaline are about to perform but are surprised by how great the performance is actually going and begin to cheer him on. While walking with Kurt in the hallway, Mercedes is approached by Sam who leads her to an empty classroom and shows her a YouTube video he posted of Mercedes singing Disco Inferno. She is at first a little upset Sam posted a video of her without her permission but Sam shows her the positive comments that she received on YouTube. Sam then goes on to tell Mercedes that she can do anything and that he believes in her. After his talk, Mercedes and Sam then kiss. Near the end of the episode, Mercedes, Santana, and Finn are announced the final winner of the disco competition and they walk into the choir room wearing special suits which were the prize for the winners. Mercedes, Finn, and Santana, all feeling confident of their future and begin to sing Stayin' Alive and are soon joined with the rest of New Directions in the auditorium.

Dance with Somebody

Mercedes holds a picture of Whitney Houston as she opens the episode with an a capella How Will I Know joined by Santana, Rachel, and Kurt. She and Rachel argue over the original intended actress in The Bodyguard, Diana Ross or Barbra Streisand. Mercedes is the first to confront Quinn that her romantic duet with Joe seemed like she meant it however Quinn denies it. Mercedes and Artie start off singing My Love Is Your Love, apparently as the only people who showed up for the optional Glee practice. They are joined by the rest of the club showing up one or two at a time.


Mercedes and the rest of the New Directions girls laugh about Santana's joke towards Coach Beiste. Coach Roz, approaches them and tells them that she is disappointed at them for taking domestic violence as a joke. Later, Coach Roz and Sue, give Mercedes and the ND girls the assignment of singing about domestic violence because Sue and Roz see that they don't know how horrible domestic violence really is. Mercedes introduces the girls as they begin to sing Cell Block Tango, during which Coach Beiste leave during the performance. Coach Roz and Sue explain to the girls that the song they choose was not the right song to go about domestic violence. Coach Beiste later approaches the girls to reveal the truth that Cooter did indeed hit her and she thanked them for helping her see what's what. Somewhere near the end of the episode, Mercedes and the rest of the ND Girls bring Coach Beiste to the choir room where they sing Shake It Out as a way of trying to cheer her up.



When Brittany was talking about her idea for prom, Mercedes voices her opinion saying that it was a good idea. She attends senior prom with Sam where they proceed to have an amazing time. During Love You Like a Love Song Sam and Mercedes are seen dancing and they talk about lasts year's prom and Sam states that Mercedes thought it was crazy for thinking that they would get back together. It is also during this song that Mercedes and Sam look over to see Shane having a great time with his date. They both smile and wave at Shane, getting a smile and wave in return. Mercedes is seen standing right in front of Sam while he and some of the other ND Boys perform What Makes You Beautiful and near the end of the episode, Mercedes and Sam take their prom picture together.


Mercedes is switched with Brittany during Tina's Dream. After Tina's dream, she approaches Coach Beiste with Santana and Brittany about the fact they know Coach Beiste lied to them about leaving her husband Cooter.


Mercedes is sick after eating a bad burrito and is put on bed rest, something she is sad about because she doesn't want to miss what may be her last chance to perform. Her part in the Trouble Tones is given to Quinn and Tina. Just before everyone was getting ready to perform, Mercedes appears, feeling a lot better thanks to Sue. She still lets Quinn and Tina keep their parts and joins in with the rest of the Trouble Tones for their performance of Edge of Glory. Later, Mercedes and Kurt visit Unique as Vocal Adrenaline is about to perform to wish him/her luck. Wade is nervous and with some pep talking from Kurt and Mercedes is goes on to perform and Mercedes and Kurt are seen cheering him on in the audience. During We Are The Champions, Mercedes gives Mr. Schue a hug.


Glee.S03E22.HDTV.x264-LOL 345
Mercedes starts off the episode singing Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Boat with the original members of New Directions (sans Finn). While Mr. Schue is giving the New Directions the assignment of singing a goodbye song, Mercedes comments that she wished she could lock the doors to the choir room so that they all could stay together. Later at her locker, Mercedes and Sam are celebrating her getting a recording contract thanks to the video Sam posted of her and they tell Santana all about it. She joins in the performance You Get What You Give with the rest of the graduating members as a way to say goodbye to the underclassmen. When the song is over, she looks truly sad for she will miss her friends. She enjoys the song the members of New Directions who are not graduating sing In My Life. She later graduates and is very excited. She, Rachel, Finn, Quinn, Puck, Santana, Kurt and Mike graduate with Puck and Finn singing Glory Days. They all receive their diplomas. Towards the end of the episode, she, along with the rest of New Directions, says goodbye to Rachel at the train station, while Rachel and Finn sing Roots Before Branches.

Season Four

The New Rachel

When Unique is welcomed to the glee club, Brittany confuses Mercedes with Wade and says, "That's a great haircut Mercedes, but I thought you graduated."

The Role You Were Born to Play


Artie enlists Mercedes and Mike, Mercedes as a vocal coach and Mike as a choreographer, to help Finn with his directing. Mercedes and Mike help Artie and Finn find someone to audition for the role of Danny Zuko in the school's production of Grease. She enjoys Marley and Unique's audition, as well as Kitty and Jake's. Mercedes and Finn both want Marley as Sandy Olsen in the play, and Unique as Betty Rizzo. Mercedes calls Kitty out on her attitude, and then joins in in Born to Hand Jive.


Mercedes Glease
Mercedes welcomes Kurt and Rachel to McKinley. She says that it's good for them to come and that the kids are ready to bring the house down. Mercedes also mentioned about her busy UCLA schedules and her back-up vocals. She invites both Rachel and Kurt to come and say hi. She then brings them to the stage with Kurt seeing Blaine, and Rachel seeing Finn, which is probably a tight spot for both. Mercedes notices the tension and leaves giving an excuse that she'll walk the kids through their warm-up. Brittany says she feels bad for "Mercedes" (Unique) that she can't perform as Rizzo in the play. She performed in You're the One That I Want.


Mercedes returns and reunites with Mike, Santana, Quinn, Finn, and Puck in the auditorium. Together they sing, Homeward Bound/Homeand they're home for the holidays as promised. At Breadstix, Mercedes joins the other five as they speak about their experiences since graduating and discussing Rachel and Kurt's absence. Finn later asks them to mentor the newbies in the Glee Club, Mercedes having to mentor Unique. During Sectionals, Mercedes and Mike enjoy Over the River and Through the Wood/She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain.


Samcedes moment

Mercedes makes a very brief appearance, in a video where she says good things about Sam. She says thanks to him, as she wouldn't have got to LA without him.


Mercedes is mentioned briefly by Finn when he says he needs her voice along with Rachel and Santana.

I Do

Tumblr mia71rahlG1rpu4iio1 500
While Blaine and Kurt are making out in a car, Mercedes knocks and tells them that the wedding is about to start and she needs her "arm gays." Then, the three walk together to the church. She sings in Getting Married Today. Afterwards, she can be seen sitting shocked in the chapel when Sue walks down the aisle instead of Emma. She isn't seen at the after-party.

Guilty Pleasures

Brittany mentions her when she calls Wade by the wrong name, Mercedes, just like Brittany usually does. 

Sweet Dreams

Mercedes appears in Rachel's hallucination helping her by doing back-up with Kurt, Tina, Artie and Finn for Don't Stop Believin'as Rachel uses the song as her audition for Funny Girl and flashes back to when the Glee Club first did it in the Pilot.


In this episode, Mercedes is first seen with Mike hugging Kurt as the three make a return to McKinley High. They all run inside of the choir room cheerfully as they all watch the performance Kitty gives. However, Mercedes criticized Kitty's performance, and it is revealed that Mercedes did not go to UCLA; however, she will have an album out. She has a brief confrontation with Kitty about it, and recalled that Mr. Schuester begged her to be the vocal coach for New Directions at Regionals. Meanwhile, Mercedes is seen with Kurt, Blaine, and Mike at The Lima Bean, and Mercedes states that her album will be called Hell to the No, in reference to her original song she performed, and consoles Kurt as he deals with his fear for his father's health. Mercedes motivates Marley to open up with her vocals, and performs Superstition with New Directions, and gives Marley a hug after.

Later on, Mercedes convinces Jake to be a dancer for her music video, and calls him "sexy as hell." Meanwhile, Mercedes got off a heated argument on the phone with her "producer," a flashback is shown where she is singing in the studio, and shares a photoshoot for her CD cover, but her producer convinces her to show more of her skin, AND she refuses; therefore, her CD would be rescheduled until she agrees to take the photoshoot; this disappoints Mercedes.


Later on, she comes inside of the choir room, she made a decision about her career, and she doesn't have a record deal anymore, but has her own record. She performs Higher Ground after that, and as she performs, she takes off her jacket and continues on and gets applauded from the Glee Club. Mercedes belts out in vocals and asks everyone what will they will do for Regionals. At the end of the episode, Mercedes is seen watching New Directions perform For Once in My Life, and joins them while they perform.

All or Nothing

Mercedes is seen in the show circle before Regionals and at the wedding of Mr. Schuester and Emma. Brittany refers to her as her sister. During Regionals she can be seen watching it backstage with Mike.

Season Five

Love, Love, Love

Mercedes is seen in Ohio, at Dalton, helping out Blaine with his proposal to Kurt during All You Need Is Love, where she hugs Kurt and cheers for them. Also, it is the second time Mercedes doesn't speak at all. 

Tina in the Sky with Diamonds

She is briefly mentioned by Sue as Sue says to Will and Sam that there is a nasty infection going around in Los Angeles and she explains how serious it is for everyone to take the vaccinations, even going on to say that Mercedes Jones just returned from Los Angeles, implying that Mercedes may have caught the infection.

The Quarterback


At the beginning of the episode Mercedes sings Seasons of Love with other alumni and New Direction members. Mercedes came back to Lima for the special memorial for Finn that Mr. Schue planned. She is seen in the choir room listening to Mr. Schue's speech and is the first to step out to sing in honour of Finn. Mr. Schue gives everyone a day to think about what they want to sing, but Mercedes says that she can't wait for another day. She has been bawling for three weeks and thinks that if she doesn't "get it all out" right away she'll never stop crying. She makes a short but powerful speech about Finn, stating how he was the first cool kid to be nice to any of the glee club members and that he was their leader. She ends the speech by looking up and saying "We love you, Finn." She then starts singing I'll Stand by You, which is the song Finn told her he sang to "his" baby's sonogram. She is later seen in the choir room watching other performances, getting extremely emotional during Make You Feel My Love.

Movin' Out

When Sam mentions to Arwyyd Johnson that she is black, he asks her if she knows who Mercedes Jones is.

City of Angels


Mercedes is first seen coming in the doors of the hotel in glamour and fancy, looking famous. She talks to the New Directions about how she got a new record deal with Sony Music Entertainment. She explains that one day she sitting outside her car selling her album when a lady bought one, who gave it to Kanye West then he gave it to Kim Kardashian and then she gave it to Ryan seacreast and ended in Sony music and Mercedes go on meeting with bunch of rich dudes in Sony music. Artie then asks her if she has a real chihuahua and replies saying it's a "fohuahua" a fake chihuahua.

Later, Ryder mentions Mercedes when he is talking to Jake about Marley, saying that Mercedes could help Marley get one of Marley's songs noticed. She is next seen walking down the aisle of the 2013 National Show Choir Championships as everybody take pictures of her. Later, Sam looks under the curtains to see if Carole and Burt came, but you only see Mercedes talking to someone on her phone. She welcomes Burt and Carole as they arrive just as New Directions begins their performance. She is seen in a flashback in I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For. She is then seen with Carole and Burt hugging and enjoying the New Directions performance.

Later she goes outside to find Marley, who has given up on her singing career. She tells her that she can pout about it for three minutes then get over, stating that if she would have gave up every time a record label rejected her she would've been no where. Marley then asks how she knew and she replies with "two little birdies told me" stating that Jake and Ryder do care for her a lot, but that does not mean to date them. Then she hugs her.


Scnet glee5x12 0008
We first see Mercedes walking down the halls of McKinley. She is expecting there to be banner saying "Welcome Back Mercedes!" or even a red carpet for her return, but there is nothing. She states she is the biggest star that McKinley has ever had. She is then seen in the choir room having a conversation with Unique about her record deal, as Unique can't wait for Mercedes's album to be released. She then spots her former glee club rival Rachel Berry. Her and Rachel rush for the center chair in the room, then have conversation about all they have done since they graduated. They compliment each other, then Mercedes sits in the back of the choir room.

She then seen clapping for April's return to the glee club. She stands around the piano and listens to April talk about herself and what she has been doing since she has last seen her. Mercedes is then seen singing and dancing around during Raise Your Glass. Next we see Mercedes enjoying the Toxic performance, performed by the Unholy Trinity.

Mercedes then appears on Brittany's web show Fondue For Two. Brittany than ask Mercedes if the rumor is true that Mercedes is a really good dancer, but just wanted to be a "bark and park," leaving Mercedes nodding and smiling. Brittany then ask Mercedes and Rachel what song they are going to do for glee club as the both reply saying Defying Gravity. As Rachel looks shocked at Mercedes choice, she then states that her and Kurt have already decided to sing that, leaving Mercedes explaining that is not re-inventing the song if the same people sing the same song. Rachel then asks her to diva off with Mercedes replying "Hell to the Yes!"

Later Will begins the diva off, letting Mercedes start it. Before the music begins, she thinks to herself that in here worldly matters don't matter when she is in the choir room, they always just seem to go away when she is here. She then begins singing Defying Gravity with Kurt and Rachel. As the song comes to a close both her and Rachel become anxious to see who won the diva off, Will then postpones the voting till tomorrow. Mercedes then talks to Artie, Marley, Jake, Kitty and Ryder in a classroom, persuading them on how much more she has accomplished and how she deserves to win the diva off.

We then see her applauding Brittany and Santana singing Valerie. Later we see her sitting in the auditorium watching Puck sing Keep Holding On to Quinn, which later her and the members of the original performance join in singing and dancing. Later in the choir room we see her and Rachel waiting for the voting to being as Santana starts to say things about Rachel, which leads Rachel to leave the room and cry in the bathroom. Mercedes then goes to comfort Rachel, saying she knows how hard life is. Stating when record labels turn her down it's just like Santana, Puck, or Quinn putting her down. She then states that using all the bad insults she received to make something better out of it. She then tells Rachel she is the 'best damn singer' in the world, but she is better as  they laugh and hug.

Later she and Rachel appear in choir room calling off the diva off, Will then announces that they both tied, leaving both happy. Mercedes is then seen dancing and singing in Happy with Holly, Will, April, and Blaine. Mercedes is last seen with the original glee club in the auditorium looking a Finn and Lilian's plaque, as Will thanks her and the rest for all they have done for him. They all share a group hug.

New Directions

Scnet glee5x13 0351
Mercedes is first seen with Kurt standing on the stage in the auditorium. She talks about how she loves all the memories that McKinley brings to her and the alumni. She then jokes about what they don't know Quinn and Puck's current relationship and Quinn's current boyfriend Biff ran off. Mercedes then tells everyone that it looks like they are going to have another accidental baby from Puck and Quinn. Later her and Kurt explain how they just had a fight about whether or not tater tots is a healthy food or not, but they have made up just like Rahcel and Santana should do. Kurt and Mercedes then sing I Am Changing from Dreamgirls to the forever dueling Santana and Rachel in an effort to mend the divas' broken relationship.

She can then be seen enjoying Be Okay performed by Rachel and Santana in which she dances with Kurt making Blaine laugh. Later, you see her clapping and enjoyind Quinn and Puck perform Just Give Me a Reason. Mercedes is then seen looking sad as Will states that Glee club is officially over.  Next, we see her in the video that Holly made for Will's un-born son. We then see her  joining in the performance of Don't Stop Believin' providing back up vocals and dancing along with current and alumni of the New Directions, making it the last time we see Mercedes in this episode.

New New York

Samcedes New Apartment

Mercedes is first seen walking into the Bushwick Apartment saying "Guess who is taking over New York?" She is then seen at her new apartment alone with Sam. She says that she notices how much fun Sam and the rest of her friends have, saying she feels lonely in L.A.  She then tells Sam that she told her producers that her album news a need feel to it. Sam asks Mercedes what she is planning on doing with the other rooms and she says she is probably going to rent it out to some old nerds from her old school. Sam asks her if he and Blaine can live with her, she replies with a yes. Sam then tries to kiss her, but she grabs his face and says "I will bite your wax lips off" saying that if he wants to live in her apartment he will have to do what she says. Sam then replies with a joke, as Mercedes softly smiles and laugh. Mercedes and Sam are seen walking around her apartment during People. As the musical performance comes to an end we see Mercedes along with the rest of the New York cast eating dinner.


Scnet glee5x15 0204e (1)
Mercedes is first seen walking down the stairs in her apartment asking Sam to turn down the T.V. She then asks him what he is watching, later joining him to watch Facts of Life. As they are watching the show Sam asks her why she broke up with him and she replies saying she didn't know who she was and until she could figure it out they couldn't be together. She then mentions every person he has dated, saying that she can't mess around saying it's not her she's not that kind of girl. They continue talking leading to silence as she and Sam starting making out.

She is then seen having dinner at the Bushwick apartment with Artie, Blaine, Kurt, Rachel, and Sam. She then picks up a paper of the victem of getting beat up, who is a friend of Rachel and Kurt's neighbor. While eating Mercedes plays footsie with Sam, Artie then notices and asks if they are as Mercedes denies it and leaving everyone smiling.

Scnet glee5x15 0292

Mercedes and Sam are then seen walking around New York talking about their relationship. Sam then throws in the river to show how much he loves her, leaving Mercedes shocked but happy. Sam then points out to Mercedes that the coat she is wearing makes her look like she supports killing animals for clothing. She agrees with him and then throws her coat in to the East River while laughing and smiling leading to Sam giving his jacket to her. Sam then states that they are perfect for each other and Mercedes tells him that she needs to think about it. She states that they are going to have to be some ground rules if they are going to work out, he then agrees to her rules. He then asks her if she wants to go somewhere and she tells him to go on. She then performs You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman.

Later Mercedes is seen a restaurant with two of her close friends. They talk about Sam and how he is her boyfriend from high school and she needs to move on. As Sam walks to the restaurant, Mercedes introduces Sam her two close friends who happen to be her two back-up singers. Mercedes seems nervous as Sam continues to talk to her friends. She then breaks the silence to tell her friends that Sam is in New York to become a model. As Sam continues to talk about his modeling career you can see Mercedes very nervous about what he is going to say next. Sam then asks Mercedes's friend if her hair is weave or real, as Mercedes nervously says "Oh God."

Scnet glee5x15 0666
She is next at her apartment with her friends and they state that they don't think Sam is a good choice for him. Saying that she is black and he is white, which would make the black men and woman would disaproove and only albinos will buy her album. She then states that she doesn't care what people think ending the scene. She is then seen walking into her apartment as she tells Sam she can't date him. Stating that she is just worried about people would think of her. Sam then asks her if it's because he is white and she is black, she then replies saying that she can't think of one black female artists dating a white dude. She says it's showing a statement that she doesn't want to show not now. Sam then tries to help her re think it, she than replies saying "They aren't in glee club anymore, this is the real world and this is all they have and the real world has rules." She then apologizes and tells Sam they are not dating and asks him to move out.

Kurt then gets gay bashed leaving Sam to call Mercedes and Mercedes calling Artie. They all show up at the hospital hugging each other and asking if he is alright. She is later seen in Kurt's hospital room watching and hoping he is okay. Mercedes then calls Sam to her studio. She then says that she has been thinking about them and she knows people are going to notice a black girl dating a white guy. She says she doesn't have much to say, so it's better if she sings about it. She then sings Colorblind to Sam, towards the end Sam leaves the room and goes up to Mercedes and the hug, ending the scene.

Scnet glee5x15 1259

Mercedes and Sam then arrive at the Bushwick apartment for another dinner this time with a surprise. They announce that they are officially dating. As everyone is in shock, saying they never seen any chemistry, Sam and Mercedes to make out in front of everyone. Mercedes is last seen clapping for Kurt duringI'm Still Here, ending with everyone hugging.


Mercedes is first seen making out with Sam on the couch in their apartment. Sam then rubs up Mercedes's legs, leading her to smack his hand. She says the couch is hurting back, as Sam then replies with going to bed appling that he wants them to have sex. Mercedes then tells Sam they need to talk. She says they never stay together long, so they never got serious, also saying that she hasn't got serious with anyone. She then tells him that she is a virgin, Sam then replies saying he is not. She says she knows and she doesn't care, because they both come from different pasts and levels of experience. She then states that she doesn't want to do anything until she thinks she could.

Next, we see Mercedes and Sam going to Mercedes's church. Sam is a bit nervous about attending her church, but she tells him to stop stressing and thanks for their blessings. Sam then tells her that he doesn't have any STDs, making Mercedes to pull him off the side to talk to him. She thanks him for carrying so much, but says he is focusing way to much on them having sex. She is still unsure of them doing it, that she wants to look to God for the answer. She is then seen sitting in church with Sam. Then the preacher then announces Mercedes as the gift from God with her angelic voice. She then performs I Want to Know What Love Is.

Later we see Mercedes and Rachel at the Bushwick Apartment. Mercedes then asks Rachel for some advice on first times. She knows that first times aren't going to be special as plan, but she still wants it to be special for Sam. She then states again that she is still unsure if she is ready to have sex or not. She then wishes it was both her and Sam's first times, saying that she does not think she would be any good at it. Rachel tells her Sam wouldn't care he is to good of a person, leaving both laughing and smiling.

We then see Mercedes and Sam at the Spotlight Diner on a date. Sam then tries to buy an expensive dessert for Mercedes and she tells him that she is not letting him pay for her meal. Mercedes then tells Sam that she has a great night, but he can not assume that anything is going to happen. Sam then expresses his love to Mercedes, leaving her to think about things. She then sings Let's Wait Awhile with Artie, walking around New York with Sam.

Mercedes is then seen at her church praying to God. She is then seen with Sam at their apartment. She tells him that their talk at the diner really meant a lot to her, also saying she has been praying to God for help. She then tells him that she needs to wait to have sex until she is married. She said she knows it sounds olf fashioned, but she would feel exposed if she just gave that piece of her to just anyone. She tells Sam that she really wants to do this for him, but she just can. He then tells her that he needs to think about it, she replies with an "Ok."

Scnet glee5x16 2103
Next Mercedes is seen walking into her apartment receiving a call from Sam. She tells him she already knows that he is breaking up with her. She then walks into the living room with loads of lighted candles, shocked but smiling. Sam then tells Mercedes that he went back to her church and prayed about them. He then lists all the things better than sex, one is hearing her sing, but he can't live without her. They did kiss ending the scene.

She is then later seen with Rachel again at the Bushwick Apartment. She thanks Rachel for her advice about sex. They then talk about how good of boyfriend Sam is and how much he loves Mercedes. Mercedes then asks Rachel if there are any guys she is interested in and Rachel replies that her body is closed for business. Mercedes then tells Rachel that her and Finn weren't dating when Finn died, though they knew it was only a matter of time before they got back together if he hadn't. Mercedes suggests to Rachel that she should move on and let a guy buy her dinner and tell her how hot she is. The conversation ends with them saying they love having a "girlfriend" to talk to.

Opening Night

Mercedes is first seen in the Bushwick apartment, smiling at Tina's arrival. She then cuts off Tina rambling, asking her how Brown University is treating her. Mercedes then tells Tina that she is staying at her place, leading her out of the room. Next, we see her sitting on the couch in Bushwick apartment, looking shocked as Sue walks in. Santana then arrives moments later and throws her bag to Mercedes then goes talks to Rachel.

Scnet glee5x17 1799
Mercedes is then seen at the Funny Girl performance. After Funny Girl Mercedes and the rest of her and Rachel's friends celebrate in Rachel's dressing room. Mercedes tells Rachel how amazing she was and she had to blow her nose on Sam's sleve in some scenes. Mercedes along with the rest of the gang then celebrates Rachel's opening night at a gay club. She is seen dancing and having a few parts in Pumpin Blood.

After a long night dancing at a gay club, Mercedes and the rest of the gang meeting Sue and her new lover Mario. She then looks in disgust at Sue and Mario, later applauding Rachel for standing up to Sue. Later, we see her anxiously waiting to see the reviews for Funny Girl. 

The Back-Up Plan

Scnet glee5x18 0274
Mercedes arrives home at her apartment. Santana meets her, and asks her why she's so early - she should have been at the recording studio all day. Mercedes tells her that her producer has announced that he "didn't hear a single" on the final cut of her album, and is now worried that the label won't release it. Santana tells her that Mercedes is still doing better than her - she's still working at the Spotlight Diner, with no direction in life. Remembering the greatness of their duets in high school, Mercedes invites Santana to help her find some again.

In the studio, Mercedes and Santana try to warm up, but have trouble getting into the groove. Santana suggests that they get out of the recording studio to try and get a more New York vibe. Leaving the studio, they go through the basement of the building, singing Doo Wop (That Thing). The sound is great, and the producer tells Mercedes that she has herself an album. Ecstatic, Mercedes and Santana hug.

Back in the recording studio, Mercedes asks her producer if she can record her last song as a duet with Santana. DeShawn is sceptical, but Mercedes insists, telling him that it's the take she wants. When the producer asks how she expects the single to sell well with an unheard of duet partner on the album, Santana agrees. She tells Mercedes that it's her big chance and should be all about her. She leaves, leaving Mercedes exasperated.

Scnet glee5x18 2214
Later at the Spotlight Diner, Mercedes presents Santana with a contract. She tells her that she has managed to wrangle her a deal, saying that she makes her better. Santana protests, telling Mercedes that she's far from the worlds best friend, but Mercedes says that she is worth the wait, and slides the contract over to her. Just as Santana is about to sign, Kurt bursts in. He informs them of the Rachel situation, and suggests some of his idea for organising a distraction. 

Old Dog, New Tricks

Mercedes accompanies Rachel, Sam, and Artie to a shelter for rescue dogs. Rachel wants to host a benefit for the animals in order to restore her image. Meanwhile Sam falls in love with one of the dogs, and wants to take him home. Mercedes however doesn't want a pet.When the dogs start barking Mercedes sings I Melt with You with Sam and Rachel, to calm them down.

When she gets home later that day, Artie and Sam are playing a videogame in the apartment. When she finds out Sam has bought a dog anyway, who is also ruining their apartment, she freaks out at first. She ultimately agrees to try it, but when the dog turns out to have ruined her hair, she wants Sam to take the dog back.

Sam is lying on the couch with McConaughey when Mercedes gets home. He tells her he trained and bathed him, and she thinks that's great, but they still can't have a dog. Their lives are just too busy right now to take care of it, but Sam doesn't want to hear that at first. He tells her they could do it together or find a dogsitter. Sam then tells her he has been thinking about Mercedes' upcoming tour, and how it would leave him behind.
He reveals that he just wanted some company, but it also bothered him that Mercedes' didn't think he could take care of the dog. Even though he took care of his family for a while. He feels like Mercedes' sometimes thinks he's a joke, but she immediately replies by saying she never said that. He then tells her that eventually, he wants to marry her and have kids and a life together, but that can only happen when she takes him seriously. By taking care of the dog, Sam could prove to her that he's capable of doing that. Mercedes tells him he did prove it, but they still can't keep the dog. Because of their busy schedules, they can't enjoy it and it would not be fair towards McConaughey. They agree to finding a good home for him, and getting a dog someday.

At the Broadway Bitches event, Mercedes sits together with Artie and Sam. She is not present at Kurt's show, but does perform Take Me Home Tonight at Rachel's event, together with the rest of the group and Maggie. During the song, they give McConaughey away to a family wanting to adopt a pet.

The Untitled Rachel Berry Project

5x20 018

We first see Mercedes along with Sam, Rachel, Kurt, Artie and Blaine getting ready for an evening meal together. She offers Sam a snack, but he refuses, telling her that he has a big male modeling audition coming up later in the week. Mercedes is happy for him, but tells him to warn the other models that he is taken - and she fights dirty. They both smile and rub their noses romantically. Later at a mall, Mercedes is seen getting ready to perform as Artie films her. She introduces Brittany as her new back-up dancer, before performing Shakin' My Head in front of adoring fans. At the end of the performance, Sam runs on the stage and hugs Mercedes. 

Next, Mercedes arrives home at the apartment to find Rachel, Brittany and Kurt seated on the floor, waiting for her. Rachel explains that they need to have a girl talk. Kurt asks if she's planning to break up with Sam before she goes on tour. Mercedes still is set on staying with Sam. Rachel then explains that it's best thing to let go things you love. Later Mercedes returns to her apartment with food and notices that something is wrong with Sam. When she asks him, he admits that he has cheated on her. He tells her about the kiss, but Mercedes doesn't think he cheated on her. She tells him that she loves him greatly, but can't tell him to wait until he's thirty to have sex with her.
Mercedes tearfully explains that she doesn't want him to resent her for what she's asking him to do. Sam tells her that no matter who he's with, or what he's doing, he'd rather be doing it with her. She nods, and they hug, both upset. Mercedes suggests a deal - if she decides to change her mind and not wait, she'll give him a call. Smiling, Sam agrees.

Later at the showcase we see Mercedes enjoying June's and Blaines's performance and later joining Blaine and Kurt in American Boy. Back at the apartment everyone is seen going their separate ways as they all perform Pompeii. We see Brittany and Mercedes singing and leaving in a taxi.


Mercedes has a confident, and sometimes pushy, personality. She is more than willing to be aggressive and speak her mind, unafraid of how others will take it. If provoked to true anger, she has demonstrated the ability to be violent, as demonstrated when she broke the window to Kurt's car upon realizing that he had feelings for someone else. However, despite her strong street-like attitude, there is no denying that she is extremely a sensitive young girl, who wants to love and be loved. Furthermore, Mercedes is unquestionably supportive of those around her, more than willing to give someone a shoulder to cry on and a helping hand, such as when Kurt came out, and when Quinn was thrown out of her house for her pregnancy. However, despite her big heart, she is very lonely, and at one point found herself fixating on food as a means to deal with that loneliness. She was confronted about this by Kurt, who set her up with one of the football players in the hopes of helping her deal with this issue. Mercedes has such a love of tater tots, to the point of building a crusade against Sue when they were banned. Her best assets are her self-designed clothes and her powerful voice.


Shane Tinsley

Main article: Mercedes-Shane Relationship (Shanecedes)

Shane is a McKinley Titans linebacker, whom Mercedes dates in Season Three. The couple first appears together in the The Purple Piano Project in which she refers to him as "the new man in her life" (after her latest relationship ended over summer). Due to the talk of their future and them someday having kids, it's probable that they've been together rather long in the summer and have become quite serious. He supports her during her West Side Story audition, but she eventually breaks up with him; they still remain friends.

Kurt Hummel

Main article: Mercedes-Kurt Relationship (Kurtcedes)

Kurt and Mercedes have been best friends since Glee Club began. In the beginning of the first season, Mercedes was told by Quinn Fabray and the other Cheerios she should be Kurt's girlfriend. After he says that he is in love with Rachel (when it was actually Finn), causing Mercedes to throw a stone into the window of his car. After she apologizes to him, saying that Kurt and Rachel will have "really cute, loud babies," Kurt tells her that he lied, and that he is gay, also saying that she is the first person he has ever told. Soon after, they become best friends.

Noah Puckerman


Puck and Mercedes.

Main article: Mercedes-Puck Relationship (Puckcedes)

In Laryngitis, Puck and Mercedes start dating, but Puck is only using her to be popular after he shaved his mohawk off. At first she is reluctant to his advances but then when he sings Lady Is a Tramp to her they start dating. Santana becomes very jealous and angry at Mercedes because she likes Puck and they sing The Boy Is Mine together. Mercedes breaks up with him after seeing him throwing "dweebs" in the dumpster.

Anthony Rashad

In The Substitute, Kurt's new friendship with Blaine begins to take up more of his time, and he grows concerned that Mercedes is feeling left out. He then attempts to set her up with Anthony, a member of the football team who he seems to be on good terms with. Anthony seems interested in Mercedes as when she looks in his direction, he smiles and waves in greeting. Mercedes is initially reluctant to talk to him, but after Kurt voices his concerns about her recent behavior regarding tater tots, Mercedes decides to take a chance and goes to talk to Anthony. Their relationship status is currently unknown. Mercedes wasn't seen at the New Direction girls meeting to discuss how their boyfriends were going to stop Dave from bullying Kurt. It can be assumed that a romantic relationship didn't happen; also, in Silly Love Songs she discusses being single with Kurt and Rachel.

Sam Evans

Main article: Mercedes-Sam Relationship (Samcedes)
Mercedes and Sam go to prom together just as a simple three way date with their friend Rachel, but it turns into something more and they start dating in secret (shown at the end of New York). In The Purple Piano Project, Mercedes confirms they dated to Jacob Ben Israel. but that now she has a new boyfriend. After coming back to Lima, Sam tells her that he doesn't care how big or bad her boyfriend is he's gonna fight to win her back. During Yes/No, Mercedes realizes that she still has feelings for Sam after thinking of him while she was singing her part in The First Time Ever I Saw Your FaceIn Michael, Sam invites her to sing a duet with him; though at first she didn't want to, they end up singing Human Nature

Samcedes kissing

and acting flirty during the song. They kiss after their duet in the auditorium, which leaves Mercedes confused about her feelings and asks Emma to help them; she tells them to stop talking for a week so they can figure out their feelings for each other. Mercedes sings Don't Wanna Lose You to Sam and he sings Bamboleo/Hero to her, however in the end of the episode she seems to have chosen Sam but she ends up leaving with Shane (her boyfriend in that time). In Heart is revealed that she told Shane about Sam and her, he looks happy because he believes that means they can be together now but Mercedes actually feels awful about cheating on him. Sam tries to kiss her; but she rejects him and says that until she finds out who she is when it comes to love she can't be with anyone, she can't be with Sam. He leaves heartbroken and Mercedes starts singing I Will Always Love You, Sam is seen in tears during the performance and especially at the end when he leaves immediately the choir room after the song ends up. They get back together in Saturday Night Glee-ver when Sam helps Mercedes to make a decision about her future and cheers her up to follow her dreams (posting a video of her Disco Inferno performance on YouTube and showing all the good comments about it.) and tells her she's talented enough to make it and then they share a kiss. They go to prom together again in Prom-A-Saurus. They seem to have broken up prior to Season Four, though Sam tries to rekindle their relationship in Season Five's episode, New New York to which he is successful and they start dating in Bash.



Season One:

Season Two:

Season Three:

Season Four:

Season Five:


Season One:

Season Two:

Season Three:

Season Five:

Solos (In a Group Number)

Season One



Solos with

Gold Digger Showmance Artie and Will
Push It Artie, Finn, Rachel and Tina
Somebody to Love The Rhodes Not Taken Artie, Finn and Rachel
Proud Mary Wheels Artie and Tina
Imagine Hairography Artie, Finn and Rachel
Jump Mattress
You Can't Always Get What You Want Sectionals
Hello, Goodbye Hell-O Finn and Rachel
Express Yourself The Power of Madonna Quinn, Rachel, Santana and Tina
Like a Prayer Finn, Jesse, Kurt and Rachel
Bad Romance Theatricality Kurt, Quinn, Santana and Tina
Good Vibrations Funk Finn and Puck
Give up the Funk Artie, Finn, Kurt and Tina
Any Way You Want It/Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin' Journey Artie, Finn, Kurt, Puck and Rachel
Don't Stop Believin' Artie, Finn, Kurt, Puck, Rachel and Santana
To Sir, With Love Artie, Finn, Kurt, Rachel, Santana and Tina

Season Two



Solos with

Empire State of Mind Audition Artie, Finn, Puck, Rachel and Santana
One of Us Grilled Cheesus Finn, Kurt, Quinn, Rachel and Santana
Start Me Up/Livin' on a Prayer Never Been Kissed Brittany, Rachel, Santana and Tina
Forget You The Substitute Artie, Holly and Santana
We Need a Little Christmas A Very Glee Christmas Kurt and Tina
Welcome Christmas Artie and Rachel
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Glee: The Music, The Christmas Album Quinn, Rachel, Santana and Tina
Deck the Rooftop Artie, Finn, Rachel, Santana and Tina
Last Christmas Finn and Rachel
Blame It (On the Alcohol) Blame It on the Alcohol Artie, Puck, and Santana
Loser Like Me Original Song Finn, Brittany, Rachel and Santana
Born This Way Born This Way Kurt and Tina
I Love New York/New York, New York New York Artie, Brittany, Finn, Rachel and Santana

Season Three



Solos with

You Can't Stop the Beat The Purple Piano Project Artie, Finn, Kurt, Rachel and Tina
It's All Over Asian F Finn, Kurt, Mike, Puck, Santana and Will
Candyman Pot o' Gold Brittany, Santana and Sugar
Rumour Has It/Someone Like You Mash Off Brittany and Santana
Survivor/I Will Survive Hold on to Sixteen Brittany, Santana and Sugar
We Are Young Finn, Quinn, Rachel, Sam, and Santana
My Favorite Things Extraordinary Merry Christmas Blaine, Kurt and Rachel
Do They Know It's Christmas? Artie, Blaine, Brittany, Finn, Kurt, Puck, Rachel, Santana and Tina
Summer Nights Yes/No Finn, Kurt, Puck, Rory, Sam, Santana, Sugar and Tina
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face Rachel, Santana and Tina
Black or White Michael Artie, Kurt, Rachel and Santana
Stereo Hearts Heart Joe and Sam
Cherish/Cherish Joe, Quinn, and Sam
Love Shack Blaine, Brittany, Kurt, Rachel and Sugar
Fly/I Believe I Can Fly On My Way Artie, Blaine, Finn, Rachel and Santana
What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger) Brittany and Santana
Stayin' Alive Saturday Night Glee-ver Finn and Santana
How Will I Know Dance with Somebody Kurt, Rachel and Santana
My Love Is Your Love Artie, Blaine, and Kurt
Cell Block Tango Choke Brittany, Santana, Sugar and Tina
Shake It Out Santana and Tina
Edge of Glory Nationals Quinn, Santana and Tina
Paradise by the Dashboard Light Blaine, Brittany, Finn, Kurt, Mike, Puck, Rachel and Santana
You Get What You Give Goodbye Finn, Puck/Sam, and Rachel

Season Four



Solos with

Born to Hand Jive The Role You Were Born to Play Jake, Marley and Ryder
Homeward Bound/Home Thanksgiving Finn, Mike, Puck, Quinn, and Santana
Getting Married Today I Do Emma and Will
Superstition Wonder-ful Blaine and Marley

Season Five



Solos with

Seasons of Love The Quarterback Kurt, Mike, Puck, Santana, and Tina
Defying Gravity 100 Kurt and Rachel
Happy Blaine and Holly
Not While I'm Around Bash Blaine, Rachel and Sam
I Melt with You Old Dog, New Tricks Rachel and Sam
Take Me Home Tonight Artie, Blaine, Kurt, Maggie, Rachel, Sam, and Santana
Pompeii The Untitled Rachel Berry Project Artie, Blaine, Brittany, Kurt, Rachel and Sam

Backup Singing

Season Two
Song Episode Sung by Backup with
Damn It, Janet The Rocky Horror Glee Show Finn and Rachel Kurt and Quinn
(I've Had) The Time of My Life Special Education Sam and Quinn Santana
Tik Tok Blame It On The Alcohol Brittany Artie
Season Five
Song Episode Sung by Backup with
Pumpin Blood Opening Night Rachel Blaine, Kurt and Santana  

Unreleased Songs

Season One:

  • Tell Him by Barbra Streisand and Céline Dion (With Rachel and Tina; cut from an unknown episode)
  • Respect by Otis Redding (Pilot)
  • Fergalicious by Fergie feat (with KurtHome cut from episode)

Season Three:

  • Seasons of Love by The Cast of Rent (With New Directions; cut from an unknown episode)


  • Mercedes is the first character to sing a solo. However, the song (R-E-S-P-E-C-T) was unreleased.
  • Mercedes is the very first member of New Directions.
  • Along with Tina and Artie, Mercedes is the only other character that has been present on every competition so far.
  • Mercedes is named after her mother's favorite actress, Mercedes Ruehl.
  • Even though Mercedes was demoted to a recurring character status for the fifth season, she appeared in more episodes than the previous season, while she was still a main character.



Main article: Mercedes' Quotations


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