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Mercedes Jones
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General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 19/20
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Birthday: 1994
Height: 5'3"
Address: Lima, Ohio
New York
Occupation(s): Recording singer at Sony Music Entertainment Record
Church-choir singer
Aliases: Jackée, Whoopi, Brassy Hag, Wheezy, Sister, Mo'Nique (Sue)
Wheezy (Santana)
Aretha (Santana, Sue)
'Cedes (Santana, Artie)
Stealth-Attack Jones (Shannon)
Mama, The Black Girl From The Glee Club Whose Name I Can't Remember Right Now (Puck)
Lazy B-O-N-E-S (Jesse)
Effie (Dakota
Happy Girl Drunk (Finn)
Little Oprah (Roz)
Beyoncé (herself)
Family & Friends
Family: Dr. Jones, DDS (father)
Mrs. Jones (mother)
Unnamed Older Brother
Julius Jones (uncle)
Relationships: Sam Evans (ex-boyfriend; in love with)
Shane Tinsley (ex-boyfriend; friends)
Kurt Hummel (former one-sided crush; friends)
Noah Puckerman (ex-boyfriend; friends)
Anthony Rashad (been on a date with)
Friends: Santana Lopez
Kurt Hummel
Rachel Berry
Sam Evans
Tina Cohen-Chang
Finn Hudson
Artie Abrams
Blaine Anderson
Quinn Fabray
Matt Rutherford
Noah Puckerman
Mike Chang
Brittany Pierce
Lauren Zizes
Joe Hart
Sugar Motta
Rory Flanagan
Unique Adams
Kitty Wilde
Marley Rose
Jake Puckerman
Ryder Lynn
Will Schuester
Employees: Lauren Zizes (A Night of Neglect)
Other Information
Interests: Singing, Fashion, Performing
Clique: New Directions
The God Squad
Education: University of California, Los Angeles (Current)
William McKinley High School (Graduated)
Talent: Singing, Dancing, Fashion
Vulnerabilities: Diva Attitude (Occasionally)
Strengths: Her voice
Weaknesses: Diva Attitude (Occasionally)
Awards: '09 Show Choir Sectionals, first place
'10 Show Choir Regionals, third place
'10 Show Choir Sectionals, first place (tied)
'11 Show Choir Regionals, first place
'11 Show Choir Sectionals, second place
'12 Show Choir Regionals, first place
'12 Show Choir Nationals, first place
Series Information
First appearance: Pilot
Last appearance: The Untitled Rachel Berry Project
Portrayer: Amber Riley
Jada Harris (Toddler Mercedes)
Heather Morris (Tina's Dream)

Mercedes Jones is a recurring character on Glee. She was a main character up until Season Four. She is an alumna of William McKinley High School, where she actively participated in the school's main glee club, the New Directions and The God Squad, along with being the leader of the school's second glee club, The Troubletones, run by Shelby Corcoran. Mercedes considers herself a diva at heart, and is content with being labelled as such.

Mercedes was the first to audition for the Glee Club. At the beginning of the series, Mercedes develops a close friendship with Kurt Hummel, being the first person that he came out to about his sexuality. In the past, she has also spent time as a member of the Cheerios, which she joined alongside Kurt. At the end of Season Three, her future plans are revealed. She accepts a recording contract on an indie label and moves to Los Angeles, where she also attends classes at UCLA.  

She returns to McKinley at times to be the vocal coach for the school's production of Grease and in order to mentor Unique before Sectionals. She was also back in Wonder-ful, to be the vocal coach in preparation for Regionals. It is revealed in City of Angels that she got a record deal at Sony Music Entertainment. She was in New York, sharing an apartment with Sam, Santana and Blaine Anderson. In Bash, Mercedes and Sam restart their relationship, but end it again in The Untitled Rachel Berry Project . Currently, she is on a mall tour with Santana Lopez, and Brittany Pierce. She is portrayed by actress and singer Amber Riley.



Mercedes's audition.

Mercedes auditions for New Directions with the song Respect. She then performs Don't Stop Believin' with New Directions. (read more...)

During rehearsals, Mercedes is seen arguing with Rachel Berry and later sings a solo in Gold Digger. Afterwards, she is seen doing back-up in Push It and Take a Bow. (read more...)

Mercedes develops a crush on Kurt Hummel, who is gay. She is hurt by his rejection and sings Bust Your Windows after literally busting his window. Afterwards, Kurt comes out to Merceds and they develop a close friendship. (read more...)

Mercedes shows encouragment to Tina Cohen-Chang after she gets a solo over Rachel. (read more...)

Troublesome April Rhodes teaches Merecedes and Tina how to shoplift items between their legs. She is later seen as one of the lead soloists for Somebody to Love. (read more...)

In order to beat the boys in a mash-up competition, Mercedes and the girls take psuedophedrine from Terri Schuester to enhance their performance of Halo/Walking on Sunshine. (read more...)

After Sue Sylvester seperates the "minorities" from the "white students" in New Directions, Mercedes leads the minorities in a performance of Hate on Me. (read more...)

Mercedes mocks Will Schuester's choice of song, Bust a Move, because it's so old. After Kurt is hit by a slushie, Mercedes, Rachel, and Tina take him to the bathroom to clean up. (read more...)

Mercedes tries out for the Cheerios, but fails. She is supportive of Kurt when he requests to audition for the solo, Defying Gravity. She then leads with Artie Abrams and Tina in Proud Mary. (read more...)

For the ballad assignment, Mercedes is partnered with Noah Puckerman, who reveals that he is the father of Quinn Fabray's baby, not Finn Hudson. She warns him not to screw things up between the couple, and afterwards, she and Artie lead Lean on Me to show support for Quinn and Finn. (read more...)

After watching another glee club perform, Will has the club wear long wigs to incorporate "hairography" in their performance. Mercedes and Artie lead Hair/Crazy in Love, which is not well-received by their guest glee club. She then joins the deaf school in Imagine. (read more...)

The New Directions are hesitant to have their picture in the yearbook, for fear of being de-faced. Mercedes performs Jump in a mattress commercial that Rachel got the New Directions to star in. After Quinn gets a spot on the yearbook for the glee club, Mercedes sings Smile with Artie, Finn, and Rachel.


Mercedes singing And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going.

Mercedes gets fed up with Rachel hogging the spotlight and sings And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going to prove she should sing the ballad. However, she is unable to because Sue gave the other show choirs to the New Directions' setlist for Sectionals. However, the New Directions manage to pull off a last-minute number and win Sectionals. (read more...)

Mercedes, along with Artie, Kurt, and Tina, confront Rachel on dating Jesse St. James, who is the lead vocalist of their rival show choir Vocal Adrenaline. (read more...)

Mercedes and Kurt offer to give Sue a makeover after she and Will exchange insults. After she decides to change everyone else rather than herself, Sue offers them a spot on, promising them more spotlight that they've been lacking in glee club. Will is not pleased, but makes up with them by giving them solos in Like a Prayer. (read more...)

Sue and Kurt pressure Mercedes to lose ten pounds and wear the Cheerios skirt rather than the pants. Later, after hallucinating by seeing her friends in food costumes, she passes out and is told by the nurse she has low blood pressure. Quinn gives Mercedes a few kind words, leading to Mercedes to sing Beautiful at a pep rally. (read more...)

Mercedes, Artie, Brittany Pierce, Kurt, and Tina attempt to bring up their reputation after they failed to make the Glist (minus Brittany, who did make the list). They perform U Can't Touch This in the library, but are unsuccessful in their attempts to bring up their reputation. (read more...)

After his popularity declines, Puck decides to date Mercedes in order to bring it up. She and Puck sing Lady Is a Tramp, which brings about jealousy from Santana Lopez. They both fight over Puck by singing The Boy Is Mine. She eventually breaks up with Puck and quits the Cheerios. (read more...)

Mercedes is seen performing with Artie in Safety Dance during his dream sequence. (read more...)


Mercedes and others in their Gaga-inspired outfits.

Mercedes participates in Bad Romance with Kurt and the other New Directions girls. (read more...)

Mercedes doesn't believe Quinn can pull off a funk number, but is eventually proven wrong. Mercedes, Finn, and Puck perform Good Vibrations for their "funk" assignment. Recognizing Quinn's situation, Mercedes offers Quinn to live with her. Mercedes performs in Give up the Funk with New Directions to psych out Vocal Adrenaline. (read more...)

At Regionals, the New Directions perform a medley of Journey songs, with Mercedes singing in Any Way You Want It/Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin' and Don't Stop Believin'. When Quinn goes into labor, she insists on Mercedes being there for her. After losing Regionals, Mercedes and the glee club say goodbye by singing To Sir, with Love. (read more...)

In an attempt to draw more students to glee club, Mercedes and the New Directions perform Empire State of Mind, but they're unsuccessful. (read more...)

When Brittany claims her name is also Britney Spears, Mercedes and others look confuse. Mercedes later is seen performing back-up vocals for Toxic and The Only Exception. (read more...)

After Kurt's father suffers from a heart attack, Mercedes shows her support by singing I Look to You, but Kurt doesn't appreciate it because he is an atheist. However, Mercedes invites him to her church where she sings Bridge Over Troubled Water, which touches Kurt. Mercedes is last seen performing in One of Us. (read more...)


Mercedes and Santana perform River Deep, Mountain High.

For the duets assignment, Santana suggests she and Mercedes team up to sing River Deep, Mountain High to win free dinner coupons for Breadstix. However, they lose to Quinn and the newest glee club member Sam Evans. (read more...)

For the school production of The Rocky Horror Show, Mercedes is originally cast as Columbia, performing back-up during Damn It, Janet. However, Mercedes takes on the Frank-n-Furter role because Mike Chang's parents won't allow him to. She performs Sweet Transvestite and is also seen dancing in Time Warp. (read more...)

Mercedes sings lead vocals in Start Me Up/Livin' on a Prayer. (read more...)

Mercedes and the glee club perform Forget You with the new substitute, Holly Holliday. She later rebels against Sue when she bans tater tots from the school lunch menu. Mercedes also begins to feel left out when Kurt begins spending all his time with his new friend Blaine Anderson. (read more...)

Mercedes attends Burt Hummel and Carole Hudson's wedding, performing Marry You with New Directions. She is almost left to tears when she learns Kurt is transferring to Dalton Academy. (read more...)

At Sectionals, Mercedes performs back-up to Quinn and Sam's performance of (I've Had) The Time of My Life. She is also seen applauding Kurt's performance with the Dalton Academy Warblers. After their performance, it's announced that the New Directions and The Warblers have tied for first place. At the end of the episode, she and Tina sing Dog Days Are Over. (read more...)

When the New Directions go caroling around the school, Mercedes and Tina lead in the performance of We Need a Little Christmas, however they are booed by the class. Later, Mercedes participates in visiting Santa Claus for Brittany's benefit. After Sue ruins the glee club's Christmas spirit, they perform Welcome Christmas, with Mercedes, Artie, and Rachel on lead, to lift themselves up.

Mercedes, Lauren, Rachel, and Tina decide to join the football team after most of the players quit because they were being forced to perform at the half-time show with the glee club. (read more...)

Mercedes and Rachel have a sleepover with Kurt and discuss his heartbreak over Blaine, where she suggests they embrace their single status because some of the greatest divas have become stars while single. (read more...)

Take Me Or Leave Me Glee

Mercedes and Rachel singing Take Me or Leave Me.

Sue attempts to cause a riff between Mercedes and Rachel. However, during their performance of Take Me or Leave Me, they end up making amends instead. (read more...)

Mercedes is shown getting very drunk with Tina at Rachel's party. She is later seen performing Blame It (On the Alcohol). (read more...)

During one of Holly's sex-ed class, Mercedes and Finn are shown believing that cucumbers can cause AIDS. At the end of the episode, Mercedes joins the Celibacy Club. (read more...)

When writing original songs for Regionals, Mercedes writes and performs Hell to the No. At Regionals, she is seen performing back-up in Loser Like Me. Afterwards, the New Directions are declared the winners and advance to Nationals. (read more...)

After a discussion with Lauren, Mercedes begins to act like a diva and makes ridiculous demands. When she leaves the benefit concert for The Brainiacs, Rachel convinces her to come back and she performs Ain't No Way for the closing number. (read more...)

After Kurt returns to McKinley, Mercedes performs Born This Way with him and Tina. During the performance, she sports a T-shirt that reads "No Weave". (read more...)

Brittany invites Mercedes and Tina to her new web show, Fondue For Two, because they are the school's biggest gossips. They are shocked when Brittany reveals that Santana "plays for the opposite team". (read more...)

Rachel invites Mercedes to attend prom with her and Sam, where Mercedes and Sam end up dancing with each other. After Kurt accepts his crown as "prom queen", Mercedes and Santana sing Dancing Queen.

Samcedes Handholding

Mercedes and Sam are dating!

Mercedes competes against Kurt, Rachel, and Santana for a solo at Nationals with Try a Little Tenderness, but loses to Rachel. She also performs Pure Imagination with the rest of New Directions at the funeral for Sue's sister, Jean Sylvester. (read more...)

Mercedes is seen performing I Love New York/New York, New York with the New Directions. After losing Nationals and returning to Ohio, Mercedes and Sam run into Kurt and Blaine at The Lima Bean. After they leave, it's revealed that Mercedes and Sam are secretly dating each other. (read more...)

It is revealed in an interview by Jacob Ben Israel that Mercedes's relationship with Sam has ended after he moved away, and she has started a new romance with Shane Tinsley. She performs with New Directions in You Can't Stop the Beat at the end of the episode. (read more...)

Will has Mercedes join Booty Camp to work on her dance moves, which Mercedes is not happy about. Artie discusses possible actresses for Maria in the school production of West Side Story with Emma Pillsbury, and Shannon Beiste where Mercedes is mentioned for the role.


Mercedes and Rachel in Emma's office.

Mercedes auditions for Maria with Spotlight, which makes Rachel feel threatened. Mercedes's attitude begins to grate New Directions. They perform It's All Over, prompting her to quit. Mercedes and Rachel square off for the role of Maria with Out Here on My Own, but it ends in a tie. Frustrated with the favoritism over Rachel, Mercedes decides to join Shelby Corcoran's new glee club she has started with Sugar Motta. (read more...)

Mercedes approaches Santana and persuades her to defect from New Directons to join Shelby's glee club. After Brittany and Santana agree to join, they perform Candyman in the auditorium. (read more...)

Mercedes can be seen enjoying the performance of West Side Story. (read more...)

Santana wages war against New Directions, which comes to head in a rough game of dodgeball. Mercedes is elected the leader of The Troubletones and she leads Rumour Has It/Someone Like You with Santana.

Mercedes is seen defending Santana against a homophobic jock and performing with the girls in I Kissed a Girl. (read more...)

Sam returns to McKinley and tells Mercedes that he will never give up on them. Mercedes and Santana lead Survivor/I Will Survive at Sectionals, but they end up losing to New Directions. However, they, along with Brittany and Sugar, are invited back into their former glee club and they all sing We Are Young. (read more...)

Mercedes opens the episode with All I Want for Christmas Is You. During Artie's holiday special, Mercedes and Rachel attend Kurt and Blaine's Christmas party where they perform My Favorite Things. Afterwards, Mercedes and the New Directions perform Do They Know It's Christmas? at the homeless shelter. (read more...)

Mercedes and Sam mention their summer fling together with their respective friends and sing Summer Nights. During The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face, Mercedes begins to feel sad when she reveals to the girls that she is still in love with Sam. (read more...)

Human Natured

Mercedes and Sam sing Human Nature.

Mercedes and the New Directions face off against The Warblers in Bad. Mercedes sings Human Nature with Sam which ends in them kissing. At the end of the episode, Mercedes performs Black or White with the New Directions as a way to make peace with the Warblers. (read more...)

Mercedes and Sam attend "non-couple's counseling" with Emma. As Mercedes contemplates who to choose between Sam or Shane, she sings Don't Wanna Lose You to him.

Mercedes introduces new student Joe Hart to The God Squad. They later perform a singing telegram for Rachel with Stereo Hearts. Later, Mercedes reveals she told Shane about Sam and breaks up with Sam by singing I Will Always Love You. At Sugar's Valentine's Day party, The God Squad performs Cherish/Cherish for Brittany from Santana and Mercedes later sings Love Shack with Blaine, Kurt and the girls. (read more...)

After David Karofsky's suicide attempt, Mercedes and The God Squad pray for him. Mercedes is later seen performing What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger) and Fly/I Believe I Can Fly at Regionals where the New Directions win against The Warblers and The Golden Goblets. (read more...)

Sue takes over Booty Camp, and Mercedes suffers from her rage when she's caught texting. (read more...)

Will is worried about Mercedes, Finn, and Santana's futures and rigs a competition to get their drive going. She later finds out the truth and sings Disco Inferno. A new student from Vocal Adrenaline seeks Mercedes and Kurt's help. At the end of the episode, Mercedes, Finn, and Santana tie as the winners and sing Stayin' Alive with the rest of New Directions. (read more...)

Mercedes, Kurt, Rachel, and Santana mourn the loss of Whitney Houston by singing How Will I Know. At the end of the episode, she and Artie lead off My Love Is Your Love with the rest of the glee club joining them. (read more...)

Mercedes and the girls get in trouble with Roz Washington when they're caught laughing at jokes about domestic violence, and are forced to perform female-empowering songs. They sing Cell Block Tango, but are reprimanded for it. When the girls learn that Shannon has been abused, they sing Shake It Out to show their support. (read more...)


Mercedes and Sam at prom.

Mercedes attends Brittany's dinosaur-themed prom with Sam, where they see Shane dancing with another girl, having moved on. (read more...)

During Tina's Dream, Mercedes and Brittany switch personalities. Mercedes confronts Shannon with Brittany and Santana after they learn that she is still with her husband, Cooter Menkins.

Glee.S03E22.HDTV.x264-LOL 345

Mercedes at graduation.

Just before Nationals, Mercedes falls ill with food-poisoning, forcing Quinn and Tina to take her place. However, she recovers and performs in Edge of Glory and Paradise by the Dashboard Light. The New Directions are later named the champions. (read more...)

Mercedes and the seniors prepare to say goodbye as graduation nears. The seniors sing You Get What You Give to the underclassmen. Mercedes is then seen graduating with the other seniors. She is last seen saying goodbye to Rachel as she boards the train to New York. (read more...)


Mercedes performing Born to Hand Jive.

Artie enlists Mercedes and Mike's help as vocal coach and choreographer, respectively, for the school musical. Mercedes later leads in Born to Hand Jive. (read more...

Mercedes welcomes Kurt and Rachel back to McKinley. She is later seen in Rachel's dream sequence during You're the One That I Want. (read more...)

Mercedes returns and reunites with the seniors in the auditorium, singing Homeward Bound/Home. Finn then enlists her help to mentor Unique. She is last seen in the audience with Mike, enjoying Sectionals. (read more...)

In a video made by Blaine for Sam, Mercedes credits Sam for her moving to Los Angeles to pursue her music career. (read more...)

Mercedes interrupts Kurt and Blaine making out in the car, informing them that Will and Emma's wedding is about to start. She leads in Getting Married Today during the ceremony, but is shocked to learn that Emma has left Will at the altar. (read more...)

Mercedes appears in Rachel's dream, singing back-up with Artie, Finn, Kurt, and Tina in Don't Stop Believin' for Rachel's Funny Girl audition.


Mercedes performing Higher Ground.

Mercedes returns to McKinley High once again with Kurt and Mike, where she has come to mentor the glee club again. She leads Superstition with Blaine and Marley Rose and later encourages Jake Puckerman to pursue dancing. She later reveals that she and her producer clashed over her CD cover and decided to leave her record deal. She then performs Higher Ground. (read more...)

Mercedes attends the glee club's show circle before Regionals where Brittany tearfully says goodbye to the club. She is last seen attending Will and Emma's impromptu wedding. (read more...)

Mercedes is present when Blaine proposes to Kurt at Dalton Academy. (read more...)


Mercedes singing I'll Stand by You.

Mercedes returns to Lima, Ohio to mourn the loss of Finn with Seasons of Love. She pays special tribute to him by singing her own rendition of I'll Stand by You. (read more...)

Mercedes runs into the New Directions in Los Angeles for Nationals where she shares her story of how she got a record deal with Sony Music Entertainment. Mercedes later finds Marley outside and gives her words of encouragment about songwriting. (read more...)

Mercedes returns to McKinley once again, following the New Directions loss at Nationals. She participates in glee club's 100th and final assignment. She challenges Rachel to a diva-off and sings Defying Gravity with Kurt. They later make up. (read more...)

Mercedes and Kurt sing I Am Changing together, in hopes to stop the feud between Rachel and Santana. She is last seen performing Don't Stop Believi' one last time with the rest of New Directions. (read more...)

Mercedes surprises everyone at the Bushwick Apartment and reveals she's moving to New York. She allows Blaine and Sam to live with her, but asserts that Sam lives by her rules. (read more...)

Scnet glee5x15 0292

Mercedes and Sam by the Brooklyn Bridge.

Mercedes begins to get comfortable living with Sam, and the two rekindle their relationship with Mercedes singing You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman. However, after a disasterous date with her friends, she begins to have doubts about their interracial relationship. She sings her original song Colorblind to him and they hug it out. (read more...)

Mercedes reveals that she is still a virgin and wonders if she and Sam are ready to have sex. She performs I Want to Know What Love Is at her church with Sam in attendance. Later, she decides to wait and sings Let's Wait Awhile with Artie, Sam, and Artie's date Julie.

Mercedes attends Rachel's opening night for Funny Girl, and enjoys a night out at a gay club with the New York crew and a visiting Tina, singing Pumpin Blood. (read more...)

Mercedes enlists Santana's help on making a single for her upcoming album. They sing Doo Wop (That Thing) together, which pleases the recording producer. However, he is skeptical about letting Santana duet with Mercedes. Despite Mercedes's protests, Santana agrees to step down. Later, Mercedes reveals she's managed to snag Santana a contract. (read more...)


Mercedes hears Sam's confessions.

Mercedes accompanies Artie, Rachel, and Sam to a dog shelter where they perform I Melt with You. She is later surprised to find that Sam has adopted a dog and is displeased when he tears up the place. (read more...)

Mercedes performs her original song Shakin' My Head at the mall with Brittany. Later, Sam confesses that he cheated on Mercedes, but she forgives him. However, she breaks things off with Sam because she doesn't want him waiting until they're married to have sex. At the end of the episode, they along with their friends perform Pompeii. (read more...)


Mercedes has a confident, and sometimes pushy, personality. She is more than willing to be aggressive and speak her mind, unafraid of how others will take it. If provoked to true anger, she has demonstrated the ability to be violent, as demonstrated when she broke the window to Kurt's car upon realizing that he had feelings for someone else. However, despite her strong street-like attitude, there is no denying that she is extremely a sensitive young girl, who wants to love and be loved. Furthermore, Mercedes is unquestionably supportive of those around her, more than willing to give someone a shoulder to cry on and a helping hand, such as when Kurt came out, and when Quinn was thrown out of her house for her pregnancy. However, despite her big heart, she is very lonely, and at one point found herself fixating on food as a means to deal with that loneliness. She was confronted about this by Kurt, who set her up with one of the football players in the hopes of helping her deal with this issue. Mercedes has such a love of tater tots, to the point of building a crusade against Sue when they were banned. Her best assets are her self-designed clothes and her powerful voice.


Shane Tinsley

Main article: Mercedes-Shane Relationship (Shanecedes)

Shane is a McKinley Titans linebacker, whom Mercedes dates in Season Three. The couple first appears together in the The Purple Piano Project in which she refers to him as "the new man in her life" (after her latest relationship ended over summer). Due to the talk of their future and them someday having kids, it's probable that they've been together rather long in the summer and have become quite serious. He supports her during her West Side Story audition, but she eventually breaks up with him; they still remain friends.

Kurt Hummel

Main article: Mercedes-Kurt Relationship (Kurtcedes)

Kurt and Mercedes have been best friends since Glee Club began. In the beginning of the first season, Mercedes was told by Quinn Fabray and the other Cheerios she should be Kurt's girlfriend. After he says that he is in love with Rachel (when it was actually Finn), causing Mercedes to throw a stone into the window of his car. After she apologizes to him, saying that Kurt and Rachel will have "really cute, loud babies," Kurt tells her that he lied, and that he is gay, also saying that she is the first person he has ever told. Soon after, they become best friends.

Noah Puckerman


Puck and Mercedes.

Main article: Mercedes-Puck Relationship (Puckcedes)

In Laryngitis, Puck and Mercedes start dating, but Puck is only using her to be popular after he shaved his mohawk off. At first she is reluctant to his advances but then when he sings Lady Is a Tramp to her they start dating. Santana becomes very jealous and angry at Mercedes because she likes Puck and they sing The Boy Is Mine together. Mercedes breaks up with him after seeing him throwing "dweebs" in the dumpster.

Anthony Rashad

In The Substitute, Kurt's new friendship with Blaine begins to take up more of his time, and he grows concerned that Mercedes is feeling left out. He then attempts to set her up with Anthony, a member of the football team who he seems to be on good terms with. Anthony seems interested in Mercedes as when she looks in his direction, he smiles and waves in greeting. Mercedes is initially reluctant to talk to him, but after Kurt voices his concerns about her recent behavior regarding tater tots, Mercedes decides to take a chance and goes to talk to Anthony. Their relationship status is currently unknown. Mercedes wasn't seen at the New Direction girls meeting to discuss how their boyfriends were going to stop Dave from bullying Kurt. It can be assumed that a romantic relationship didn't happen; also, in Silly Love Songs she discusses being single with Kurt and Rachel.

Sam Evans

Main article: Mercedes-Sam Relationship (Samcedes)
Mercedes and Sam go to prom together just as a simple three way date with their friend Rachel, but it turns into something more and they start dating in secret (shown at the end of New York). In The Purple Piano Project, Mercedes confirms they dated to Jacob Ben Israel. but that now she has a new boyfriend. After coming back to Lima, Sam tells her that he doesn't care how big or bad her boyfriend is he's gonna fight to win her back. During Yes/No, Mercedes realizes that she still has feelings for Sam after thinking of him while she was singing her part in The First Time Ever I Saw Your FaceIn Michael, Sam invites her to sing a duet with him; though at first she didn't want to, they end up singing Human Nature

Samcedes kissing

and acting flirty during the song. They kiss after their duet in the auditorium, which leaves Mercedes confused about her feelings and asks Emma to help them; she tells them to stop talking for a week so they can figure out their feelings for each other. Mercedes sings Don't Wanna Lose You to Sam and he sings Bamboleo/Hero to her, however in the end of the episode she seems to have chosen Sam but she ends up leaving with Shane (her boyfriend in that time). In Heart is revealed that she told Shane about Sam and her, he looks happy because he believes that means they can be together now but Mercedes actually feels awful about cheating on him. Sam tries to kiss her; but she rejects him and says that until she finds out who she is when it comes to love she can't be with anyone, she can't be with Sam. He leaves heartbroken and Mercedes starts singing I Will Always Love You, Sam is seen in tears during the performance and especially at the end when he leaves immediately the choir room after the song ends up. They get back together in Saturday Night Glee-ver when Sam helps Mercedes to make a decision about her future and cheers her up to follow her dreams (posting a video of her Disco Inferno performance on YouTube and showing all the good comments about it.) and tells her she's talented enough to make it and then they share a kiss. They go to prom together again in Prom-A-Saurus. They seem to have broken up prior to Season Four, though Sam tries to rekindle their relationship in Season Five's episode, New New York to which he is successful and they start dating in Bash.



Season One:

Season Two:

Season Three:

Season Four:

Season Five:


Season One:

Season Two:

Season Three:

Season Five:

Solos (In a Group Number)

Season One



Solos with

Gold Digger Showmance Artie and Will
Push It Artie, Finn, Rachel and Tina
Somebody to Love The Rhodes Not Taken Artie, Finn and Rachel
Proud Mary Wheels Artie and Tina
Imagine Hairography Artie, Finn and Rachel
Jump Mattress
You Can't Always Get What You Want Sectionals
Hello, Goodbye Hell-O Finn and Rachel
Express Yourself The Power of Madonna Quinn, Rachel, Santana and Tina
Like a Prayer Finn, Jesse, Kurt and Rachel
Bad Romance Theatricality Kurt, Quinn, Santana and Tina
Good Vibrations Funk Finn and Puck
Give up the Funk Artie, Finn, Kurt and Tina
Any Way You Want It/Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin' Journey Artie, Finn, Kurt, Puck and Rachel
Don't Stop Believin' Artie, Finn, Kurt, Puck, Rachel and Santana
To Sir, With Love Artie, Finn, Kurt, Rachel, Santana and Tina

Season Two



Solos with

Empire State of Mind Audition Artie, Finn, Puck, Rachel and Santana
One of Us Grilled Cheesus Finn, Kurt, Quinn, Rachel and Santana
Start Me Up/Livin' on a Prayer Never Been Kissed Brittany, Rachel, Santana and Tina
Forget You The Substitute Artie, Holly and Santana
We Need a Little Christmas A Very Glee Christmas Kurt and Tina
Welcome Christmas Artie and Rachel
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Glee: The Music, The Christmas Album Quinn, Rachel, Santana and Tina
Deck the Rooftop Artie, Finn, Rachel, Santana and Tina
Last Christmas Finn and Rachel
Blame It (On the Alcohol) Blame It on the Alcohol Artie, Puck, and Santana
Loser Like Me Original Song Finn, Brittany, Rachel and Santana
Born This Way Born This Way Kurt and Tina
I Love New York/New York, New York New York Artie, Brittany, Finn, Rachel and Santana

Season Three



Solos with

You Can't Stop the Beat The Purple Piano Project Artie, Finn, Kurt, Rachel and Tina
It's All Over Asian F Finn, Kurt, Mike, Puck, Santana and Will
Candyman Pot o' Gold Brittany, Santana and Sugar
Rumour Has It/Someone Like You Mash Off Brittany and Santana
Survivor/I Will Survive Hold on to Sixteen Brittany, Santana and Sugar
We Are Young Finn, Quinn, Rachel, Sam, and Santana
My Favorite Things Extraordinary Merry Christmas Blaine, Kurt and Rachel
Do They Know It's Christmas? Artie, Blaine, Brittany, Finn, Kurt, Puck, Rachel, Santana and Tina
Summer Nights Yes/No Finn, Kurt, Puck, Rory, Sam, Santana, Sugar and Tina
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face Rachel, Santana and Tina
Black or White Michael Artie, Kurt, Rachel and Santana
Stereo Hearts Heart Joe and Sam
Cherish/Cherish Joe, Quinn, and Sam
Love Shack Blaine, Brittany, Kurt, Rachel and Sugar
Fly/I Believe I Can Fly On My Way Artie, Blaine, Finn, Rachel and Santana
What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger) Brittany and Santana
Stayin' Alive Saturday Night Glee-ver Finn and Santana
How Will I Know Dance with Somebody Kurt, Rachel and Santana
My Love Is Your Love Artie, Blaine, and Kurt
Cell Block Tango Choke Brittany, Santana, Sugar and Tina
Shake It Out Santana and Tina
Edge of Glory Nationals Quinn, Santana and Tina
Paradise by the Dashboard Light Blaine, Brittany, Finn, Kurt, Mike, Puck, Rachel and Santana
You Get What You Give Goodbye Finn, Puck/Sam, and Rachel

Season Four



Solos with

Born to Hand Jive The Role You Were Born to Play Jake, Marley and Ryder
Homeward Bound/Home Thanksgiving Finn, Mike, Puck, Quinn, and Santana
Getting Married Today I Do Emma and Will
Superstition Wonder-ful Blaine and Marley

Season Five



Solos with

Seasons of Love The Quarterback Kurt, Mike, Puck, Santana, and Tina
Defying Gravity 100 Kurt and Rachel
Happy Blaine and Holly
Not While I'm Around Bash Blaine, Rachel and Sam
I Melt with You Old Dog, New Tricks Rachel and Sam
Take Me Home Tonight Artie, Blaine, Kurt, Maggie, Rachel, Sam, and Santana
Pompeii The Untitled Rachel Berry Project Artie, Blaine, Brittany, Kurt, Rachel and Sam

Backup Singing

Season Two
Song Episode Sung by Backup with
Damn It, Janet The Rocky Horror Glee Show Finn and Rachel Kurt and Quinn
(I've Had) The Time of My Life Special Education Sam and Quinn Santana
Tik Tok Blame It On The Alcohol Brittany Artie
Season Five
Song Episode Sung by Backup with
Pumpin Blood Opening Night Rachel Blaine, Kurt and Santana  

Unreleased Songs

Season One:

  • Tell Him by Barbra Streisand and Céline Dion (With Rachel and Tina; cut from an unknown episode)
  • Respect by Otis Redding (Pilot)
  • Fergalicious by Fergie feat (with KurtHome cut from episode)

Season Three:

  • Seasons of Love by The Cast of Rent (With New Directions; cut from an unknown episode)


  • Mercedes is the first character to sing a solo. However, the song (R-E-S-P-E-C-T) was unreleased.
  • Mercedes is the very first member of New Directions.
  • Along with Tina and Artie, Mercedes is the only other character that has been present on every competition so far.
  • Mercedes is named after her mother's favorite actress, Mercedes Ruehl.
  • Even though Mercedes was demoted to a recurring character status for the fifth season, she appeared in more episodes than the previous season, while she was still a main character.



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