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  • Bashing characters is against the rules, even in discussion threads and message wall threads - it's all public domain and thus included in that rule.

    Seeing as you've done it quite excessively, I'm giving you a warning.

    If you wanna avoid any further repercussions, it'd be neat if you toned down the hatred directed towards characters. You can state your negative opinion perfectly fine without crossing into character bashing.

    Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

    ~Do not remove this from your message wall.~

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    • Polite of you to warn me, I'll try to hate a little less. But what exactly are you warning me against? What would happen if I weren't able to stop myself from bashing?

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    • Well you'll get another warning if you don't stop and eventually that will result in an Admin blocking you for a specific amount of time.

      Which is easily avoidable, though. Liike I said, no one is telling you to love every character, of course you get to have ones you don't like. Just don't label them any rude names, etc, please c:

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    • Sounds fair to me

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Just wondering, which characters do you like? I know you dislike most of the NDs who have been there a long time, and you also dislike Rachel, just wondering which characters you enjoy- Marley and Ryder are two of them right?

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    • Characters I like:


      -Mercedes (SHIP MIKECEDES)



      -Jake (SHIP JARLEY)


      -Brody (SHIP BROCHEL)

      -Adam (Kurt's NY boyfriend) (SHIP KADAM)

      -Dani(sort of, I like her but I think her story is developing too fast. And I'm against Demi's portraying her) Like Dantana but still not fully embrace it.

      -Cassie(only I don't like the fact that they suddenly made her good. I wanted her to make Rachel's life a living hell)

      -All of the guest stars except for SJP and Jonathan Groff, I'm indifferent towards Isabelle (this includes April, Shelby, Holly, Cassie...). I'm not including Ricky Martin, or Matt Bomer, those are cameos.


      -Lauren Zizes



      -Emma (except for Season Two, I didn't like that weird Stamos storyline)

      -Quinn from Hold On To Sixteen until On My Way and then from Thanksgiving and ahead.

      -Kurt from The New Rachel to Love Love Love

      -Season 3's TGP characters (Rory, Joe and Harmony, not Unique)

      Characters I hate:

      -All of the currently ND Seniors, particularly Tina and Blaine

      -All of the six originals except for Mercedes and Kurt(him during the listed exceptions) (note that this way, Tina is listed twice. The girl should be kidnapped and sent back to Korea in a shoebox)

      -Quinn for most of her schooldays (the select in which I liked her is up there). Same with Kurt.

      -Jesse. He has no personality and no emotions. Hard to like someone like that.

      -Ryder (I might have liked him if he'd backed out from Jarley after Thanksgiving and gone straight to his soul mate, Kitty. Wait...I wouldn't. He's pretty much an asshole. So is Blake Jenner)

      -Unique.(Alex Newell is probably my hatred epitome. And that's saying something, as you have seen I'm a strong hater)

      -Starchild (I dislike him in anticipation because of Adam Lambert. Maybe I'm judging too soon, but a character that's right for Adam Lambert's portrayal is probably not right for my taste)

      I think this is because their character creating and casting talent improved with practice. Also I really like the new cast as a whole. From the old one I only like Harry, Amber, Naya, Dianna, Jane and maybe Mark and Heather.Or maybe they became predictable to me. I'll go for all of those. Weird thing is, I really dig Dianna but I've hated Quinn for more time than I liked her.

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    • I forgot my love for one Mr. Burt Hummel and my small but existing liking for Mrs. Carole and Mr. Schue

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    • Fair enough- I agree about Quinn and Jesse, and about Burt and Mercedes

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Welcome to the

    Thanks for your edit to the Mike Chang page. Remember to edit Your User Page to let the wiki know about you. Please leave a message on my talk page if I can help with anything, and don't forget to join us on Facebook,Twitter,Tumblr and Youtube! Brittanarocks (talk) 04:20, June 10, 2013 (UTC)

    Also please check the following:

    Hope you enjoy your stay here.
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