Hey it's Camilla get on chat,Darling ;)

I Thought She Loved Me.Boy.Was I Wrong...

Back Get On Chat. In like 3 mins get on chat.

Im On ~Cam

Get on chat

I Thought She Loved Me.Boy.Was I Wrong...

Gaeeet on chat ~Caaam

Hi there. Just making sure you received my warning on the Josh Coleman page. Just to let you know, that kind of language you used is not tolerated on this wiki, even if you do say "pardon my language" (however, censoring certain words is permitted). Please refer to the Glee Wiki Policies to learn more about what is appropriate and inappropriate, and be more careful about what you say in the comments sections in the future or you could risk being banned from the wiki. Thank you and have a nice day.. :)

-DoubleDdog09 17:23, January 30, 2012 (UTC)