Mike's Quotations are the quotations made by Mike Chang in Seasons One, Two and Three. He is portrayed by Harry Shum Jr.

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Mike ♥

Season One

It's gonna be choppy.

Mike, Sectionals

Will: Anything else?
Mike: I can pop-and-lock.
Will: Not really what we're looking for Mike, but noted, noted.

Will and Mike, Throwdown

Will: But what does that performance express? And what do those costumes illustrate?
Mike: We did our research Mr. Schu.

Will and Mike, Theatricality

(At the beginning of this year....)

I was afraid to dance outside my room.

Mike, Journey

Season Two

Tina: You assume we're dating because we're both Asian? That's so racist.
Mike: Totally racist. (Hold hands as they walk away)

Tina and Mike, Audition

Rachel: Besides, how did you even find out about this?
Mike: The Asian community is very tight.

Mike and Rachel (regarding Sunshine), Audition

Heeeeeeere...we go.

Mike, Duets

Everyone knows I'm here to do one You sing and I'll dance around you. You'll be fine.

Mike (to Tina), Duets

We should go to Asian couples therapy.

Mike to Tina, Duets

Mike: I don't wanna do it.
Tina: We're duets partners. You have to sing!
Mike: I don't even know if I can sing!

Mike and Tina, Duets

Mike: (nervous)...I don't think I can do this.
Tina: It's the perfect song for this very situation.

Mike and Tina, Duets

They're just not cool with me dressing up like a tranny.

Mike (to Will about his parents), The Rocky Horror Glee Show

Mike: I'll do it.
Tina: Really? It's like the male lead.
Mike: I know but...I'm feelin' a little more confident about my singing voice after our duets project.

Mike and Tina, The Rocky Horror Glee Show

Stay away from my woman!

Mike to Coach Beiste, Never Been Kissed

Rachel: Wait, what did we do wrong?

Finn: No, it was us. It was the guys' fault.

Mike: And Tina.

Rachel, Finn and Mike, Never Been Kissed

I just wanna dance.

—Young Mike, The Substitute

Artie: Stop picking on Kurt.

Karofsky: You mind? I'm changing

Mike: We're serious. (slams locker closed) This is a warning.

Karofsky: Oh, yeah?

Artie: From now on you're gonna leave him alone.

Karofsky: Look, if he wants to be a homo, that's up to him. Don't rub it in my face.

Artie: We're not asking you.

Mike: Yeah, we're done talking about this. It ends now. Just back off, alright?

Karofsky: Why don't you back off? (Karofsky pushes Mike into Artie.)

Mike, Dave, and Artie, Furt

Asian kiss?

Mike to Tina, Special Education

I want Channing Tatum to stop being in stuff.

Mike's Christmas Wish, A Very Glee Christmas

Mike: But there was salad, my mom had salad last night!

Tina: My salad had chicken feet in it! At Breadstix, they don't have chicken feet in the salad! All I want is a normal night out, with a normal dinner, and a normal salad that doesn't have chicken feet in it!

Tina to Mike, Duets

Sam: Wait, what's it called?

Mike: Trouty Mouth.

Mike to Sam, Original Song

I told my mom I had the flu and she made me a traditional tea made out of...panda hair.

Mike, Blame It on the Alcohol

Mike: Are you playing Angry Birds?

Tina: Sorry...

Mike: Want me to show you my abs?

Tina: ...If you want to?

Mike to Tina, Comeback

We need a sugary sweet jolt of the Biebs to get us some action again.

Mike, Comeback

Mike: I can't listen to this.

Will: Mike are you OK?

Mike: No. You guys complain all the time about being mistreated but, you have no idea what it's like to work your butt off for something and have everyone, even your friends, ignore you.

Mike to Will and New Directions, A Night of Neglect

Mike Chang Dance Dance Revolution. I'm tired of my dancing being overshadowed by all of you guys singing. It's just gonna be me and my sweet moves on that stage.

Mike talking about his performance for the benefit concert, A Night of Neglect

Season Three

Beiste: I just hope you didn't waste too much of your time.
Mike: It's what I love to do. It's never going to be a waste of my time.

Mike after auditioning for West Side Story, Asian F

Puck: We all know why we're here. I've waited 5 years for this. I want ideas for Senior Ditch Day, go!

Kurt: Oh, Gershwin song lines scavenger hunt!

Santana: That sounds like torture.

Puck: I want actual ideas, Kurt.

Mike: Footloose movie marathon. Footloose, Footloose 2011!

Mercedes: What about a non-alcoholic pub crawl?

Puck: It's Senior Ditch Day, not senior citizens ditch day.

Brittany: It's springtime, I'd like to see something give birth.

—Senior Class of WMHS 2012, Big Brother

Season Four

Mike: Oh, I totally get what you mean (Mercedes gives a knowing look to Kurt and Blaine).

Mike (mouths): No idea what she means!

Mike in Wonder-ful

Mercedes: Hey! Hold up! Take a deep, deep breath, little Puckerman, and remember this moment, 'cause your life's about to change forever.

Mike: Mercedes wants you and me to be her featured dancers. You're a triple threat, dude. You're an amazing singer, you've got sweet dance moves...

Mercedes: And you're sexy as hell!

Mike: We think you're the Glee Club's secret weapon. You've got to start being a leader

—Mike and Mercedes to Jake in Wonder-ful

Mercedes: So my producer postponed the release of my CD until I agree to another photoshoot. One showing more skin.

Mike: What? Screw him!

Mike and Mercedes in Wonder-ful

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