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Artie-Mike Relationship
Scream Artie Mike
General Information
Nickname: Martie
Intimacy Level: Friends

The Artie-Mike Relationship is the friendship between between Artie Abrams and Mike Chang. They are commonly known as Martie or Artike.


Artie writes down that his dream is to dance, and Tina convinces him that the two of them will perform a dance number. However in the end, Artie says that he should focus on realistic dreams instead. So when the club performed Dream a Little Dream, Artie sung lead as he watched Tina and Mike perform the dance. (Dream On)


While Performing Empire State of Mind.

Artie briefly saw Tina and Mike holding hands after Jacob interviews them. Artie is furious that Tina broke up with him to be with Mike, something which motivates him into wanting abs. He looks upon in sadness watching Mike and Tina dance together in What I Did for Love. (Audition)

Artie and Mike both confronted Dave about picking on Kurt. After demanding David back off, David told Mike the same and pushed him into Artie, knocking both of them over. After both were helped up by Puck, both asked if the other was alright. Both later had solos while singing Marry You during Burt and Carole's wedding ceremony. (Furt)

Both seem to be happy with their respective girlfriends (Artie with Brittany and Mike with Tina), letting each other know about their happiness. Artie sings P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing), while Mike dances to the song as a way of serenading at Valentine's Day. (Silly Love Songs)

Both Mike and Artie (along with Brittany and Tina) join The Brainiacs and are in the finals for the Academic Decathlon TV show "Smarty Pants." But couldn't afford to go until the New Directions came up with the money. Sandy later ended up paying for the trip. (A Night of Neglect)


They are seen along with Sam and Puck, singing Bella Notte during Finn and Rachel's date in New York. (New York)

Mike and Artie, along with Tina, were interviewed by Jacob Ben Israel when asked about future plans. In that interview, is revealed that Mike is a senior, but neither Artie or Tina are. (The Purple Piano Project)

MJ martie

Artie is angry that the New Directions aren't able to get revenge on The Warblers after the slushie attack on Blaine. He storms out followed by Mike leading to a dream sequence cover Scream. This is their first official duet. (Michael)

It is been known that they still keep in touch after Artie calls Mike to return to help for their school musical, Grease. Mike becomes the choreographer of the school musical. (The Role You Were Born to Play)

In Artie's dream, he isn't in a wheelchair because he was able to walk. However, this resulted with no glee club because he was the glue of the club. In his dream, Mike is still attending McKinley and is part of the jock scene. He, along with Puck, Finn, Ryder, Jake, and Sam, are picking on Kurt and pushing him into lockers. Later, Artie gets all the members that are still at McKinley together and performs Feliz Navidad to try to get them to discover the love they have for singing and performing. However, this doesn't work as Mike appears bored and unimpressed. (Glee, Actually)

They don't interact in most scenes of the episode. Opening the episode, they both sing in Seasons of Love. When Rachel sings Make You Feel My Love, Artie and Mike glance at each other while they both hold Tina's hand. (The Quarterback)

Together with Santana and Puck, they both go to Breadstix, where they meet Quinn and Biff.  They both performed Keep Holding on with Puck, for Quinn in the auditorium. (100)


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Sang Together (In a Group Number)
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  • Both were members of the football team in Season Two.
  • Both dated Tina and Brittany (it's implied that Mike and Brittany dated).
  • Both have had dance related dreams.
  • Amber Riley, who plays Mercedes Jones, called them her favourite dancers of all time.



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