Michael Robert Chang Sr. is the father of Mike Chang and husband of Julia Chang.

He is portrayed by Keong Sim.


Season Three

Asian F

He first appeared in Asian F. He is in Principal Figgins's office with Mike Jr., disappointed after hearing his son got an A- in Chemistry, also known as an "Asian F." He believes that Mike is on drugs, and that his girlfriend, Tina Cohen-Chang, is a distraction. He also believes that Mike should quit New Directions, as "performing is a waste of his time." It is clearly shown that he is not a supporter of the arts.

The First Time

Mr. Chang reappears in The First Time. He is seen arguing with Mike, furious about him being in West Side Story, saying that his dreams of becoming a dancer are "childish." He says that while Mike to continues to pursue these "silly fantasies," he is no longer his son. Mike replies that if that was the case, then he "doesn't have a dad anymore."

Hold on to Sixteen

In Hold on to Sixteen, it is revealed that Mike has applied to pre-med at Stanford in order to appease his father and reunite his family. Tina later goes to Mr. Chang and tries to make him see that Mike is a great performer, and that he should be able to make a career out of it without his father disowning him. Mr. Chang refuses to change his views though. Tina, in a last ditch attmept, says that Mr. Chang often speaks of honor, yet he does not honor Mike's gifts, this seems to have an affect on him. Mr. Chang later goes to the New Directions sectional performance in order to see first hand what Mike can do. After being amazed by his performance, Mr. Chang apologizes to both Mike and Tina and promises that he is going to help Mike get into the best performance schools in order to fulfill his dreams.

After Mike sadly says that he missed the deadline, Tina surprises them by saying that she had already sent his résumé, just in case. This makes Mike hug her as Mr. Chang smiles. It can be assumed that after this he also patched things up with his wife.


In Goodbye, Mr Chang Sr. returns along with his wife to watch Mike graduate. He is seen clapping with the audience when Mike appears in his graduation outfit, and he also is seen giving Burt Hummel a high five. In a deleted scene, he and his wife are coming towards Mike and Tina while they're standing in the hallway, and after saying how much they are proud of their son they're handing him a graduation present.