Mr. Puckerman
Puck's dad
General Information
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Aliases: Garbage Father (Rick Nelson) Deadbeat (Noah Puckerman)
Family & Friends
Family: Noah Puckerman (son)
Jake Puckerman (son)
Unnamed daughter
Beth Corcoran (granddaughter)
Relationships: Mrs. Puckerman (ex-wife)
Jake's Mother (Affair)
Other Information
Series Information
First episode: Choke
Last episode: Choke
Portrayer: Thomas Calabro

Mr. Puckerman is the father of Noah Puckerman and Jake Puckerman. He made his only appearance in the eighteenth episode of Season Three, Choke.

He is portrayed by Thomas Calabro.


According to Puck, he dropped out of high school before graduation. He then met his future wife and had two kids with her, but had a divorce while they were both very young. He left it to Mrs. Puckerman to raise Puck and his younger sister and saw them very rarely. Also he cheated on his wife when they were still married with Tanisha Puckerman, who later conceived his second son, Jake Puckerman.

Season Three


Whilst Puck is cleaning a pool, he is approached by someone whom he recognizes as his father. They both have a seat and Mr. Puckerman ofters his son a bottle of his own made beer (that he calls "Puckerman's Special Sauce"), which Puck declines. Puck asks what his father is looking for, to which he replies that he is broke and has come to borrow some money from his son. Noah gives him $500, in the hope that he then will never have to see his dad again. It isn't said what happened after that. Puck then returns to school and says that he wants to graduate, since he doesn't want to end up like his father - having to beg for money from Beth in the future.

Season Four

Britney 2.0

Upon Puck and Jake's first encounter, it was revealed that while their dad was still married to Puck's mom, that Mr. Puckerman had an affair with a waitress. The waitress turns out to be Jake's mother. Mr. and Mrs. Puckerman fought for a long time due to this, and not long after their daughter was born, Mr. Puckerman ditched his family.

Glee, Actually

Puck and Jake bring their moms together at Breadstix, although both dislike each other. When they argue, the two sons break it up, saying it was their dad's fault. They discuss how he was an 'ass' to them and later the two moms exchange friendly conversations, much to Puck and Jake's approval. 


  • According to a source, his name was meant to be James Elliot. However, the way he introduces Noah to "Puckerman's Special Sauce" indicates that his surname is Puckerman as well.
  • He hit on Jake's aunt during her baby shower.


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