Mr. Puss
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General Information
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Green
Address: Dalton Academy (presumably)
Family & Friends
Relationships: Lord Tubbington (ex-boyfriend)
Other Information
Series Information
First episode: Dynamic Duets

Mr. Puss is the cat who appears in Dynamic Duets, the seventh episode of Season Four. Not much is known about the cat; however, he is presumably owned by either Hunter Clarington or by Dalton Academy as a whole.


Season Four

Dynamic Duets

Hunter is found petting him by Blaine Anderson when he walks into the room in the episode Dynamic Duets. It can also be presumed that he is the new mascot for the Warblers, replacing Pavarotti, who died in Original Song.


  • Ryan Murphy confirmed via Twitter that he is dating Lord Tubbington, meaning he is either gay or bisexual.


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