This article is about Will's father. You may be looking for his son, Will Schuester.
Mr. Schuester
General Information
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Greyish/White
Occupations: Law Student
Former Insurance Salesman
Family & Friends
Family: Will Schuester (son)
Terri Del Monico (former daughter-in-law)
Emma Pillsbury (daughter-in-law)
Daniel Schuester (grandson)
Relationships: Mrs. Schuester (wife)
Other Information
Interests: Law
Education: Harvard Law School (current)
Talent: Law, Insurance
Weaknesses: Low self-esteem
Series Information
First episode: Acafellas
Last episode: Acafellas
Portrayer: Victor Garber

Mr. Schuester is the father of Will Schuester and husband of Mrs. Schuester. He first appears in Acafellas, the third episode of Season One.

He is portrayed by Victor Garber.


Season One


In Showmance, Will mentions that his father once said you become a man when you buy your first house. Will also mentions that he burned his down after a drunken fight with his wife.


He makes his first appearance in Acafellas, where he and Mrs. Schuester visit Will and Terri and discover from Will that Terri is pregnant. While the family is overjoyed, no one takes note of the unease from Terri, who is not in truth pregnant and lying about it. Mr. Schuester reassures Terri of his ability to keep secrets, citing his silence during time spent in the "Hanoi Hilton," implying he was previously a prisoner of war in the Vietnam War. As Terri and Mrs. Schuester go off to look at the new nursery, Will confides in his father that he is scared. Will's father tells him parenthood is all about guts, and he regrets not following through with his dream of being a lawyer.

Later Mr. and Mrs. Schuester attend their son's Acafella performance with Terri and Mr. Schuester is so impressed with his son following his dream, that he decides its time to do the same and informs Will that he'll be attending law school soon. Unknown to either of them meanwhile, Mrs. Schuester is getting romantic advances from Josh Groban who has a thing for drunk, older women.


Mr. Schuester has apparently spent his entire life doing what he can to make his family happy, even at the expense of his own hopes and dreams. Although he always wanted to become a lawyer, he instead pursued the insurance business because it was an easier and faster means of supporting his family. Unfortunately, because he has compromised his ideals, Mr. Schuester comes off as very timid and unhappy about his life. His own unhappiness may also have an effect on his married life, as it appears that his wife has a drinking problem in order to cope with their life. He is later given new hope by watching his son perform and follow his own dreams, and shows signs of new ambition by attending law school and following his own dreams.


Mrs. Schuester

She is his wife and has been for at least 30 years. Although coming off a happy relationship at first glance, she is an obvious alcoholic. Apparently unhappy about her life with Mr. Schuester, who obviously is unhappy himself, she has taken to drinking in order to deal with things. Their unhappy marriage results in Mrs. Schuester showing signs of being unfaithful to her husband, such as receiving romantic advances from Josh Groban.


Being a good father, hell, being a man is all about one thing: guts.

—Mr. Schuester, Acafellas

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