Mr. Sylvester
General Information
Gender: Male
Occupations: Nazi-Hunter
Aliases: Pop (Sue)
Family & Friends
Family: Sue Sylvester (daughter)
Jean Sylvester (daughter; deceased)
Robin Sylvester (granddaughter; via Sue)
Relationships: Doris Sylvester (wife; until his death)
Enemies: Adolf Hitler
Other Information
Talent: Nazi-Hunting
Strengths: Nazi-Hunting
Series Information
First episode: Pilot (mentioned)
Last episode: Furt (mentioned)

Mr. Sylvester is the husband of Doris, the father of Jean and Sue, and the grandfather of Robin.

He was revealed to be a Nazi-hunter, as stated by Doris in Furt, the eighth episode of Season Two. He is never seen in the series but it is mentioned by Doris when she says "he is no longer with us," which could mean that he passed away.


Season One


Sue mentions that she euthanized both her parents. However, it is revealed in Season Two that her mother is alive, suggesting this was probably a lie.

Season Two


Sue mentions that he and her mother left their daughters to hunt Nazis. Doris also explains that they never came back for Sue and Jean, which angered Sue.

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