Mrs. Carlisle
General Information
Family & Friends
Family: Unnamed husband (deceased)
Friends: Will Schuester
Other Information
Series Information
First episode: Bad Reputation
Last episode: Bad Reputation
Portrayer: Mary Jo Catlett

Mrs. Carlisle is a teacher at McKinley. She makes her one-episode debut in Bad Reputation, the seventeenth episode of Season One.

She is portrayed by Mary Jo Catlett.


Season One

Bad Reputation

In the episode, during a conversation between Mrs. Carlisle and Will, it's revealed that she has recently lost her husband. They are interrupted by Emma who cuts in to confront Will about fooling around with Shelby and April. After accusing Will of "getting Mrs. Carlisle fresh off the rebound" and calling Will a slut, Emma says to Mrs. Carlisle that she is very sorry for her loss.


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