My Headband
By: Glee original composition
Sung by: Rachel Berry
Place: The Choir Room
Episode: Blame It on the Alcohol

My Headband by Glee is featured in Blame It on the Alcohol, the fourteenth episode of Season Two. The show portrayed it as being written by Rachel.

Rachel sings it to Finn to get his opinion on it. Finn, at first, seems happy hearing Rachel singing until he realizes that the song is about a headband. He tells her to live a little and write something with more depth and emotional meaning. After this song and other failed attempts, she writes Get It Right, taking Finn's advice and being inspired by her relationship struggles.


There you rest,
With all the rest,
Of my accessories on my night stand.

You're red or yellow,
And like a good fellow,
Sometimes you get lost in my mess.

But when schoolgirl pigtails won't do,
And I need to control my 'do,
You're the only one I can count on.

My headband,
You're my headband,
Wrapped right around my melon,
You're a product like Magellan....


  • This is the first original song sung on Glee.
  • In the episode Original Song, Brittany stated that it was her favorite song. However, it is unknown how Brittany ever heard it.
  • This song was written by show composer James S. Levine and co-creator Ian Brennan.[1]
  • Finn said this song was "very interesting" but not "emotional or good."
  • This, along with Only Child and several other short original songs and parodies were all released for free on the iPhone app, Tap Tap Glee.



My Headband (Glee Cast Version)00:57

My Headband (Glee Cast Version)

Glee MY HEADBAND Song01:33



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