New York Academy of the Dramatic Arts


Performing Arts College


New York City, New York


The New Rachel - present


Carmen Tibideaux

The New York Academy of the Dramatic Arts (NYADA) is a fictional performing arts college. It is the number one school in the nation for musical theatre and the current education for Kurt Hummel and Brody Weston. NYADA is very competitive, and accepts around 20 students per year.


Known Students

Name Status
Adam Crawford

Leader of Adam's Apples
Graduated prior to New New York

Alexandra Blasucci Current Student
Beatrice McClaine Former Student
Benji Current Student
Former Dance 101 T.A
Blaine Anderson Accepted in New Directions
Left prior to Loser Like Me
Brody Weston Graduated in Dreams Come True
Electra Current Student
Kurt Hummel

Current Student
Formerly rejected in Goodbye
Graduated in Dreams Come True

Lydia (referred to as "Muffin Top" by Cassandra) Current Student
Rachel Berry Accepted in Goodbye
Drops out in Bash
Reaccepted in The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester
Graduated in Dreams Come True
Scott Rudin Current Student

Known Professors

Name Occupation
Carmen Tibideaux Dean of Vocal Performance and Song Interpretation
Cassandra July Dance 101 Teacher
Brody Weston Dance 101 T.A.


Annual Winter Showcase

Each year NYADA holds a winter showcase held in the Round Room. It is a competition among a few chosen students. Faculty members chose ten students who examplify the best of what the school tries to achieve. Carmen Tibideaux hand writes the invitations and hand delivers them. Past winners have gone on to win Emmys, Tonys, Golden Globes and Oscars. They have all agreed that getting a "Golden Ticket" from Carmen was the highlight of their career.

Known Performers

  • Alexandra Blasucci - Two Time Contestant (Freshman Year and later 2012 showcase)
  • Brody Weston - Sophomore Year, 2011
  • Rachel Berry - Freshman Year, 2012
  • Kurt Hummel - Audition, 2012
  • Scott Rudin - 2012

Midnight Madness

Considered the "vocal fight club" of NYADA, it is a semi-annual fight to the death sing-off. Being held only twice a year, the winner gets complete bragging rights for his/her time at NYADA, while the loser is usually shamed and humiliated. The rules are as followed: 1 song at a time, 2 singers per song, and singing flat is an automatic loss. After the performance, the group stands behind whoever they thought win, with majority ruling the winner. It is assumed Brody is the leader, and that there are numerous performances for each Midnight Madness.

Known Performances (winners are bolded)

Mid-Winter Critique

Each year, NYADA has a mid-winter critique held in the Round Room, probably worth a large portion of the performer's grade. Every student is required to perform. It is assumed the assignment is a solo.

Known Performances





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