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This article is about the student at Thurston High School. You may be looking for the Warbler.
General Information
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue
Family & Friends
Other Information
Education: Thurston High School
Series Information
First episode: Heart
Last episode: On My Way
Portrayer: Aaron Hill

Nick is a character who first appeared in Heart, suspicious as to why Dave Karofsky is hanging around with Kurt Hummel in Breadstix

He is portrayed by Aaron Hill.


Season Three


The first time that Nick appears he is seen at Breadstix on a date. He then sees Kurt and Dave at Breadstix together, questioning why they are there together on Valentine's Day, smiling and laughing, as if he's thinking they are dating. Kurt and Dave both insist they're just friends.

On My Way

In On My Way, he appears again, in the locker room, having told everyone about Dave's sexuality. Nick and the rest of the football team at Dave's new school make fun of him and push him around for being gay and continually torment him. This leads to Dave going home and reading even harsher things from all his other friends on his Facebook. The pain Dave feels causes him to attempt suicide.


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