Paolo San Pablo
General Information
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Occupations: Broadway star, helped with the auditions for Funny Girl
Family & Friends
Friends: Rupert Campion
Rachel Berry
Other Information
Series Information
First episode: Love, Love, Love
Last episode: The End of Twerk
Portrayer: Ioan Gruffudd

Paolo San Pablo is a minor character that first appears on Glee in Love, Love, Love. He acts alongside Rachel in her audition for Funny Girl, as well as consulting with the director about who should get the main role of Fanny Brice. 

He is portrayed by Ioan Gruffudd.


Season Five

Love, Love, Love

Paolo is seen going through lines of Funny Girl, with Rachel, during her chemistry audition. He seems to have secured the lead male role of Nick Arnstein. After the reading, Rachel tells him that she loves his previous work but he seems uninterested in hearing what she has to say. When Rachel leaves the room, Paolo, along with Rupert - the director,  discuss her. They both believe she is very talented but too young for the role.

He is later seen at the Spotlight Diner with Rupert having lunch. Rachel gives them their food, and has a small chat with them. When she tells them that she heard what they said earlier, they tell her that's it's not her time to be a star yet. Rachel performs A Hard Day's Night, along with Santana, at the diner to show Paolo and Rupert that she is already a star and is ready to handle a big role like Fanny Brice. He is then seen smiling and gives Rupert an interested look.

The End of Twerk

Paolo appears in the rehearsal room and witnesses Rachel's new haircut, which he is shocked by. He seems uneasy as Rupert lectures Rachel. Paolo performs You Are Woman, I Am Man alongside Rachel. When the performance is interrupted by Rupert, and Rachel receives praise for her new haircut, he seems happy and relieved, he then hugs Rachel.

The Back-Up Plan

The producer of FOX says that in the past, he and Paolo did a pilot, and that it was a total disaster because of Paolo.




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