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Becky-Puck Relationship
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General Information
Nickname: Pecky
Intimacy Level: Friends

The Becky-Puck Relationship, most commonly known as Pecky or Buck, is the friendship between Becky Jackson and Noah Puckerman. They had very minimal interactions during Season One, Two and Three, but it seems that they became friends during Prom-asaurus, the nineteenth episode of season three.


While Becky is looking for a guy to be her boyfriend, she sees Puck, but removes him from her list of potential boyfriends because she doesn't like his mohawk. This list also included Artie, Mike, and Rory. She chose Artie because Rory smiles too much and not Mike because she isn't "a rice queen." (Yes/No)


Puck and Becky both attend Rachel's "Anti-Prom", along with Kurt, Blaine, and eventually Finn. When the others eventually decide to go to prom, Puck and Becky stay behind to play strip poker. After winning several rounds and making Puck strip down to his underwear, Becky tells him that she is upset because she wasn't nominated for Prom Queen. To cheer her up, Puck makes two crowns from cardboard, and crowns himself and Becky king and queen of Anti-Prom. They later attend prom together, where Becky distracts Sue, allowing Puck to spike the punch, and accomplish his dream after trying for two years. (Prom-asaurus)



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