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Puck-Shelby Relationship
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General Information
Nickname: Pelby
Intimacy Level: Indirect Parents, Sexual, Ended
Dating History: Never Dated, kissed once in Pot o' Gold, sexual as of I Kissed a Girl, ended
Dating Status: None

The Puck-Shelby Relationship, often referred as Shuck, Pelby, and sometimes Puckelby, is the formerly-romantic relationship between Shelby Corcoran and Noah Puckerman.


Shelby is seen talking to Puck and Quinn. Then later she adopts their child, Beth. (Journey)

Shelby is back in Ohio, having lived in New York for the last year, and she admits she is partially back so Quinn and Puck can share a relationship with Beth. Puck, claiming that he was just passing, visits and gives Beth a picture he drew of a clown, which he calls Clown-Pig. Puck also tells Shelby he's worked harder in class and has stopped drinking since the last time they spoke and gives her a copy of a drugs test that he took as proof. Shelby seems moved at both gestures, but tells him that's not what being a parent is all about. (I Am Unicorn)

Puck Shelby kiss
Puck offers to babysit Beth with Quinn, to which Shelby agrees. Later on in the episode, he comes over to find Beth crying. So he pulls out a guitar and starts to sing.

After Beth has fallen asleep, Shelby and Puck talk and Shelby states it's hard to raise Beth alone, and not see her milestones with someone else who cares about Beth as much as she does. Puck says that he'll be there for her. At the end of the episode, Puck and Shelby kiss. (Pot o' Gold)


Puck, Shelby and Beth

Puck sings Hot for Teacher, and expresses his desire to be with her. He tells Shelby he's in love with her and lists reasons why they should be together. However, she declines his offer. He also tells her about Quinn's plans to get Beth back. She does have him come back to the house to help with Beth. (Mash Off)


Shelby calls Puck when Beth is in the emergency room. Puck hurries to the emergency room and talks to the doctor, demanding Beth sees a plastic surgeon for her cut lip. Back at Shelby's house, they have sex, but Shelby thinks it was a mistake. Puck leaves the house, angry at her for being too coward and not going for it. (I Kissed a Girl)

Quinn wants to tell Figgins about Puck's and Shelby's affair. Shelby and Rachel persuade her to drop this idea. (Hold on to Sixteen)


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  • Shelby adopted Quinn and Puck's child. (Beth)
  • Puck has been involved in a relationship with both Shelby and her daughter, Rachel Berry.



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