Quinn's Quotations are quotations made by Quinn Fabray, portrayed by Dianna Agron.

Season One

Wait. Let's pray.

Quinn (after making out with Finn), Pilot

Getting ready for the tranny prom, Rachel?

Quinn to Rachel, Pilot (deleted scene)

Sue: We're gonna bring this club down.
Quinn: And I'm gonna get my boyfriend back.
Sue: I don't care so much about that.

Quinn and Sue, Showmance

People think you're gay now, Finn, and you know what that makes me? Your big gay beard.

Quinn to Finn, Showmance

Quinn: If you quit the club, I'll let you touch my breast.
Finn: Under the shirt?
Quinn: Over the bra.

Quinn and Finn, Showmance

Thanks to a school rule that says we have to let anyone join the club, we're welcoming a new member this week: Rachel Whatshername.

Quinn about The Celibacy Club, Showmance

Now, remember, if the balloon pops, the noise makes the angels cry.

Quinn, Showmance

God bless the perv that invented these. Remember the power motto, girls: 'It's all about the teasing and not about the pleasing.'

Quinn (about the Cheerios skirts), Showmance

Let's pair up for the immaculate affection. Remember if the balloon pops, the noise makes the angels cry.

Quinn, Showmance

Don't you dare mention the C word!

Quinn to Rachel, Showmance

I'm bored. All in favor of hiring Dakota Stanley?

Quinn to the Glee Club, Acafellas

You should totally scoop that.

Quinn to Mercedes about Kurt, Acafellas

Ms. Sylvester, I want to thank you...For teaching me a valuable life lesson: When you really believe in yourself, you don't have to bring other people down.

Quinn to Sue Sylvester, Acafellas

I'm pregnant.

Quinn to Finn, Preggers

I really thought I had a chance of getting out of here...(breaks down crying)

Quinn to Finn, Preggers

You make a habit of sleeping with your boys' girlfriends?

Quinn to Puck, Preggers

I had sex with you because you got me drunk wine coolers and I felt fat that day. But it was a mistake.

Quinn to Puck, Preggers

You're a Lima Loser and you're always going to be a Lima Loser.

Quinn to Puck, Preggers

I'm not Superwoman.

Quinn to Rachel, Vitamin D

Rachel: You don't think people whisper about me in the lunchroom or draw pornographic pictures of me on the bathroom walls?
Quinn: That was me, actually.

Quinn and Rachel, Vitamin D

How can you relate to what I'm going through?

Quinn to Rachel, Vitamin D

Are you a moron? We are not naming our baby Drizzle!

Quinn to Finn, Throwdown

You're not the one whose parents will burn her like a witch if they find out.

Quinn to Finn, Throwdown

Excuse me! What about us? You expect us to just sway back here like props?

Quinn to Mr. Schuester, Throwdown

Listen here, treasure trail! We're about to have a smack down.

Quinn to Rachel, Throwdown

Status is like currency. When your bank account is full, you can get away with doing just about anything, but right now, we're like toxic assets.

Quinn to Emma, Mash-Up

You were right, this does hurt too much.

Quinn to Finn, Wheels

How I am supposed to trust you to take care of our baby, when you can't even figure out to sell a cupcake?

Quinn to Finn, Wheels

But if this sonogram bill just not get paid, it's not just your phone that's gonna get cut off, you will get cut off.

Quinn to Finn, Wheels

Quinn: I don't care if that baby comes out with a mohawk, I will go to my grave swearing that it's Finn's.
Puck: It would be pretty cool if it came out with a mohawk.
Quinn: You are such an egghead.
Puck: I'm not.
Quinn: (Smashes an egg on his head)

Quinn and Puck, Wheels

Finn: What the hell...?
Quinn: [Covered in eggs, sugar, flour, etc.] We're baking!

Quinn and Finn, Wheels

I'm sorry. I should have never called you a Lima Loser.

Quinn to Puck, Wheels

Daddy, I'm so sorry.

Quinn to her father., Ballad

I'm your daughter, who loves you; and I know this must be really hard for you, but I just need my Daddy to hold me and tell me that it's gonna be okay.

Quinn to her father, Ballad

But you knew it! And I needed you. I needed my mom.

Quinn to her mother. reference=Ballad

I happen to know that Puck cares about me.

Quinn to Santana, Hairography

You lied to me!

Quinn to Puck, Hairography

I really don't know what I'm going to do anymore. My mind is pretty messed up about everything.

Quinn to Puck, Hairography

I'm keeping the baby

Quinn to Terri Del Monico and Kendra, Hairography

The girl really needs a good father.

Quinn to Terri, Hairography

Can we be inlove again?

Quinn to Finn, Hairography

Finn: Is it true? Just tell me! Is it true?
Quinn: Yes, Puck is the father.

Quinn and Finn, Sectionals

I'm not mad at you. All you did was what I wasn't brave enough to do: tell the truth.

Quinn to Rachel, "Sectionals"

But I honestly can't handle anymore stress in my life.

Quinn to Puck, Sectionals

Would you please stop talking? You're grossing out my baby.

Quinn to Rachel, The Power of Madonna

The fact is that women still earn seventy cents to every dollar that a man does for doing the same job. That attitude starts in high school.

Quinn to Will Schuester, The Power of Madonna

You are beautiful.

Quinn to Mercedes, Home

When you start eating for somebody else so that they can grow and be healthy, your relationship to food changes. I realized that if I'm still willing to eat right to take care of this baby, why am I not willing to do it for myself?

Quinn, Home

Rachel did it. Think about it. I stole the guy she's in love with, then I stole the guy she dated to get over the guy she's in love with, and I'm kind of a bitch to her.

Quinn (To Will, about the Glist), Bad Reputation

I never meant to hurt anybody.

Quinn to Will, Bad Reputation

Everything else has been taken from me. My popularity. My body. I was captain of the Cheerleading Squad. President of the Celibacy Club. People would part like the red sea when I walked down the hallway.

Quinn to Will, Bad Reputation

A bad reputation is better than no reputation at all.

Quinn to Will, Bad Reputation

You're a really good teacher, Mr. Schue, even if everyone is calling you a man-whore.

Quinn to Mr. Schuester, Bad Reputation

My baby hormones are making me moody.

Quinn, Laryngitis

I screwed up by letting Puck get me pregnant. He's an idiot and his mother won't let me eat bacon.

Quinn, Laryngitis

Thinking 'trust me' was a sensible birth control option.

Quinn about regrets, Funk

Look at me. Look at my life. I'm furious.

Quinn, Funk

Judy: I left your father. Well, I kicked him out, actually. He was having an affair with some tattooed freak. Quinnie, I want you to come home with me. I can turn the guest room into a nursery. Sweetie, say something.
Quinn: My water just broke.

Quinn to Her Mother, Journey

Quinn: Did you love me?
Puck: Yes, especially now.

Quinn and Puck, Journey

[looking at Beth] Puck: Do you want to keep her?
Quinn: No.

Quinn and Puck, Journey

(At the beginning of this year....)
Quinn: I used to be Captain of the Cheerios.

Quinn to Mr. Schuester, Journey

Season Two

Jacob: How has life changed since the birth of your bastard child?
Quinn: Well, I'm happy to be back and ready to start fresh. And.. I'm a lot less hormonal, so there's not really any more crying.

Quinn and Jacob, Audition

Sue: Next.
(Quinn walks into the gym)

Sue: No way. Get out.
Quinn: Coach Sylvester, please hear me out.
Sue: Nope. I trusted you, and you let me down. I don't want you anywhere near my squad. You'll deafen them with the sound of your stretch marks rubbing together.
Quinn: I understand you had your confetti cannons taken away. I bet there are a few church groups who would gladly give money to a squad who helped rehabilitate a girl who got pregnant and now speaks out for abstinence education while wearing a Cheerios uniform.
Sue: Next!

Quinn and Sue, Audition

Santana: (pushing Quinn) You did this to me! You told Coach Sylvester about my summer surgery!
Quinn: You have surgery when you get your appendix out. You got a boob job.
Santana: Yup, sure did. (slaps Quinn across face)
Quinn: You can't hit me!
Santana: Oh, sure I can. Unless you got yourself knocked up again. Slut.
(Quinn slams Santana against a locker)
Brittany: Stop the violence.
Will: Hey! Hey! Hey! (holding Quinn and Santana apart) What is this? What happened to being a family?
Santana: Oh, please! She has a family! She's a mother!
Quinn: (Will holds her back) Walk away and tighten up your pony before you get to class!

Quinn and Santana, Audition

Finn: U.S. History? Crap. I forgot I was taking that.
(Quinn walks up to Finn and strokes his arm)
Quinn: Congrats, Finn. You're back on the team. I'm head cheerleader again. Some kind of symmetry. Don't you think? With all the nastiness between you and I behind us I think we should be together. We'd be a shoo-in for homecoming king and queen. So, what do you say? You and me, 8:00, Breadstix?
Finn: Look, I'd be lying if I said I didn't have feelings for you. Probably always will. (Finn closes his locker) But I'm not gonna get back together with you. There's someone else, and you know who that is. I'm asking you to respect that. I'm sorry.

Quinn and Finn, Britney/Brittany

I said what you wanted me to say, and he shot me down. So, congrats. Looks like really loves you.

Quinn to Rachel about Finn, Britney/Brittany

Mercedes: I don't see what's wrong with getting a little Church in here.
Quinn: I agree. I've had a really hard year, and I turned to God a lot for help. I, for one, wouldn't mind saying thanks.
Santana: Thanks for what? That it didn't come out a lizard baby?

Quinn, Mercedes, and Santana, Grilled Cheesus

Quinn: We shouldn't be talking like this! It's not right.
Kurt: I'm sorry, Quinn. But you all can believe whatever you want to. But I can't believe something I don't. I appreciate your thoughts, but I don't want your prayers.

Quinn and Kurt, Grilled Cheesus

The fact is, these guys were pretty cool to me last year when I wasn't on top.

Quinn to Sam, Duets

Sam: (Points to the Solar System above them) Venus, planet of love.
Quinn: It's actually Mars, planet of war.
Sam: What planet are we on?
Quinn: Earth.

Quinn and Sam, Duets

I've been down this path before. I know this feeling. L-like I need you! Duets don't work for me, and I don't need you.

Quinn to Sam, Duets

What I NEED is to find a way to keep Santana off my heels. What I NEED is to find new ways to torture Rachel.

Quinn to Sam, -Duets

What's your angle? Me winning means you losing, and you'll do whatever it takes to make sure that doesn't happen. So what's in it for you?

Quinn to Rachel, -Duets

I seriously wanted to punch both of you.

Quinn to Finn and Rachel, Duets

Quinn: Does that work on the girls where you're from? The impressions, the bad jokes, the Navi?
Sam: I don't know. I went to an all boys boarding school.
Quinn: (nods) Mmmmm, makes sense.

Quinn and Sam, Duets

Sam: I know what's it's like to have a secret you're ashamed of.
Quinn: (gasps) you are gay!

Quinn and Sam, Duets

Quinn: (Pockets Breadstix free meal coupon)
Sam: What are you doing?
Quinn: We're not using these. You're paying.
Sam: Why?
Quinn: Because a gentleman always pays on the first date.

Quinn and Sam, Duets

Is it? Guys whisper behind our backs about how we look everyday. They objectify us all the time.

Quinn to Rachel, The Rocky Horror Glee Show

Will: Sam, I'd like you to play the role of the creature.
Sam: (confused) From the Black Lagoon?
Quinn: Rocky. He's like the Frankenstein character, but blonde. You'll kill the part. He's cute....just like you.

Quinn, Will and Sam, The Rocky Horror Glee Show

A little something something always leads to something more. I've been there, remember?

Quinn to Sam, Never Been Kissed

Is this hot enough for you?

Quinn to Sam, Never Been Kissed

When we're Prom King and Queen, it'll feel just as good as a little something something.

Quinn to Sam, Never Been Kissed

Will: Alright guys, let's get down to business. First, let's welcome back Noah Puckerman. Puck, I hope your time in juvie has taught you a lesson or two about right and wrong.
Puck: Are you kidding me? I ruled that place. All I did was crack skulls and lift weights all day.
Quinn: Wow, what a catch. I can't believe I ever let you go.

Quinn, Will, and Puck, Never Been Kissed

(About Coach Beiste) ...Look, I get it. She’s in a position of power over you, which can be exciting, and you clearly like women who give you a hard time.

Quinn to Sam, Never Been Kissed

Santana: Uh, why didn't you tell me we're having a Glee Girls Meeting?
Rachel: Oh, this is a meeting for Glee Girls with boyfriends. We're gonna make them stop Karofsky from bullying Kurt.
Santana: I'm dating Puckerman.
Quinn: You're getting naked with Puckerman.

Quinn, Santana and Rachel, Furt

OK, first of all, I'm not dating Sam; and I think you personally just set the Feminist Movement back 50 years.

Quinn to Rachel, Furt

You used to be just sort of unlikeable. But now I pretty much feel like punching you every time you open your mouth.

Quinn to Rachel, Special Education

Sam: Are you okay?
Quinn: No, I'm totally freaking out. Last time we performed in front of an audience I went into labor. I think I'm having a post-traumatic stress disorder.

Quinn and Sam, Special Education

This is kind of hot, actually.

Quinn about Sam and Finn fighting, The Sue Sylvester Shuffle

And Finn is right. All you ever do is insult us. Three weeks ago you said you were disappointed that I didn't have a lizard baby.

Quinn to Santana, Silly Love Songs

The first time I cheated, I got pregnant. The second time I did it, I got mono. I think the universe is trying to tell me something.

Quinn, Silly Love Songs

I wanna be with you Sam.

Quinn, Comeback

You're such a hypocrite!

Quinn to Will,, Blame It on the Alcohol

I can't believe what you did to my body! I used to have abs!

Quinn to Puck, Blame It on the Alcohol

Quinn: Do you want to know how this story plays out? I get Finn, you get heartbroken. I'll become a successful real estate agent and Finn will take over Kurt's dad's tire shop. (voice starts breaking) You don't belong here, Rachel, and you can't hate me for helping to send you on your way.
Rachel: I'm not giving up on Finn. It's not over between us.
Quinn: Yes it is! You're so frustrating! And that is why you can't write a good song, because you live in this little school girl fantasy of life. Rachel, if you keep looking for that happy ending, you are never going to get it right.

Quinn to Rachel, Original Song

Sometimes I worry about Finn. I mean, how damaged does a guy have to be, to be into someone as annoying as Rachel? Still, he is a good guy and I do really like him. And he's my first love, and first loves are forever. And another thing, without him I'm never going to get one of these (looks at her mother's Prom-Queen tiaras). I know what you're thinking. 'Prom queen? You're smart and super pretty and relatively sane for a girl. Does being prom queen really matter to you?' Well, it does. Prom queens live, on average, five years longer than regular people. It's probably because they smile all the time. And smiling has been proven to ward off diseases. But I can't do it without Finn. He's a shoo-in for prom king, and after winning the big game, he'll help me land crucial swing votes. Amazingly, the only person standing in my way is her and her damn talent. If I'm going to guarantee he doesn't stray with her, I'm going to have to play it right. They say keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. Well, Rachel Berry, you just got yourself a new best friend.

Quinn, Original Song

Rachel: He chose me over you.
Quinn: And how long did that last for?
Rachel: Why are you being so mean?

Quinn and Rachel, Original Song

(Quinn hands out candy) Take it, as much as you want. And remember vote Quinn Fabray for Prom Queen!

Quinn, ‎A Night of Neglect

Being a hot seventeen-year-old, you can get away with or do pretty much anything you want, so I kind of always assumed that people were nice and accommodating.

Quinn to Rachel, Born This Way

Oh, you can get married as many times as you want; you only get one shot at your Junior Prom.

Quinn to Lauren, Prom Queen

That’s me. My middle name is Quinn, I stopped going by Lucy because kids made up a mean nickname, Lucy Caboosey. I hated the way I looked. I had zits; I was chubby. I felt terrible about myself. I didn’t have friends. Nobody would talk to me. I was the only kid at school who had to dissect their own frog because nobody would be my lab partner. And then I joined ballet, lost a little bit of weight, found out I was athletic and joined gymnastics and cheerleading, went on Proactiv for my acne; and, when my dad got transferred he got a raise, and I asked him if I could get a nose job, and he said yes, and I asked them to call me Quinn. I love myself, and that's why I did all those things. I’ve been that girl, and I’m never going back. I was a miserable little girl. And now I’m gonna be prom queen.

Quinn to Lauren about her past

I respect you. I had to get a nose job and go on a crazy diet to walk around this school like I owned it, and you just do it.

Quinn to Lauren, Born This Way

Rachel: Quinn, you need to calm down.
Quinn: This is your fault! You did this to me. No one voted for me because Finn would rather be with you
Rachel: That's not true
Quinn: (Slaps Rachel)....I'm so sorry.

Quinn and Rachel, Prom Queen

Finn: Rachel and I should sing a duet. We killed it last year at Regionals with Faithfully.
Quinn: Yeah, killed us. We lost.

Quinn and Finn, Funeral

Is this me feeling enough for you?

Quinn to Finn, Funeral

No, we’re not breaking up. I can handle your confusion with Rachel until you get over it. We’re gonna stay together, and next year we’ll be prom king and queen.

Quinn to Finn, Funeral

I don't care about some STUPID show choir competition!

—To Santana and Brittany

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I just want somebody to love me.

Quinn to Santana and Brittany, New York

Aren't we suposed to be the popular girls?

Quinn to Santana and Brittany, New York

Santana: I think I know how to make you feel better.
Quinn: I'm flattered Santana, but I'm not really that into that.

Santana and Quinn, New York

Season Three

I'm not sure what the tipping point was. Dying my hair, the nose ring, my ironic tattoo of Ryan Seacrest? What I do know is, I'm never going back...

Quinn, The Purple Piano Project

Did you come here just to torment me with the idea of seeing my child?

Quinn to Shelby, I Am Unicorn

But you have no power over me anymore, because I've got nothing left to lose.

Quinn to Sue, I Am Unicorn

Quinn: You think you can tell me what to do just because you signed a few papers? You're not her mom! I'm her mom!
Puck: Quinn...
Quinn: Me! So, you can pretend all you want, but that is something you are never going to be.

Quinn to Shelby, I Am Unicorn

I have to get her back. If that takes dying my hair blonde and pretending that I think I'm special, that's something I'm willing to do. We're going to get full custody.

Quinn to Puck, I Am Unicorn

Everybody has their big plans! Colleges, New York, even you have your stupid pool cleaning business. I mean, what do I have? Beth is perfect. She’s my perfect thing, something even I can’t screw up. Do you know how hard it is to do something perfectly? I’ll never get a chance again. So even if I never leave this town or accomplish anything, I’ll have her to call mine.

Quinn to Puck, Pot o' Gold

Quinn: Look. My mom is going on a Christian wine tasting boat down the Ohio river on Friday.
Puck: A Jesus booze cruise?
Quinn: So I'm gonna have the house to myself. Wanna come over? Order in. Rent a movie and not watch it? Remember in the hospital after Beth was born? You told me you loved me. We can get that back.
Puck: Sorry, not interested.
Quinn: Let me be more clear. If you come over on Friday... you get to have sex with me.

Quinn and Puck, I Kissed a Girl

I like what Kurt stands for, and Brittany's insane, but just like my dad always voted for the candidate that was least ethnic, I'm voting for the one who's most girl.

Quinn, I Kissed a Girl

Fine! You don't want this? There are 20 other guys at this school who would KILL to give me what I want, they would KILL to love me!

Quinn to Puck, I Kissed a Girl

Fine. But you have to do something for me. You're staying here, and you're gonna lie with me and hold me.

Quinn to Puck, I Kissed a Girl

Quinn: Hey Sam, wait up! I'm sure you've heard that Mercedes has a new boyfriend, who's got a full scholarship to Ohio State.
Sam: Nice to see you too, Quinn.
Quinn: No, no, it's a good thing. See I'm free, you're free, and I'm sure you've noticed that I'm supermodel thin now that my thyroid is under control.
Sam: What do you want, Quinn?
Quinn: Look, last year, I didn't appreciate you. But we're perfect together.

Quinn and Sam, Hold on to Sixteen

Sam: You know that song "Jack and Diane" by John Mellencamp?
Quinn: Please don't sing.

Quinn and Sam, Hold on to Sixteen

And we will be winning, Shelby. We've got it in the bag. Puck here's gonna come through for us. He's such a shining star in every conceivable way, don't you think?

Quinn to Shelby, Hold on to Sixteen

I'm an adult. I can do whatever I want.

Quinn, Hold on to Sixteen

Quinn: You shouldn't have come here with her! I would've been fine! What you did was wrong, what you're doing with Puck is wrong!
Shelby: You're so young. Pretty.
Quinn: DON'T talk down to me!
Shelby: It goes away you know. Not the pretty, you'll always be pretty. But the young. It happens really slow and you don't even notice it. And then one day... everything just feels... different.
Quinn: I can't WAIT to feel different!
Shelby: Don't wish away your life.You're exactly where you're supposed to be.

Quinn and Shelby, Hold on to Sixteen

Rachel: Are you gonna go tell Figgins about Shelby, because I just -- I still think it's a really terrible idea.
Quinn: I came here to talk to you actually. To tell you that I'm not gonna tell.
Rachel: Why?
Quinn: Because I love Beth, and I don't want to ruin her life. I came to thank you, actually.
Rachel: For what?
Quinn: For keeping me from doing something stupid. Something I would've regretted my entire life.

Quinn and Rachel, Hold on to Sixteen

Rachel: We're kinda friends, huh?
Quinn: Kind of.

Quinn and Rachel, Hold on to Sixteen

Quinn: What do you think about Yale?
Rachel: Oh, no, I have my sights set on NYADA.
Quinn: No, for me. I'm not the singer that you and Kurt are, but Yale has an amazing drama program, and I really do like to perform.
Rachel: Yeah!
Quinn: I certainly would nail all the parts where the girl has to cry...

Quinn and Rachel, Hold on to Sixteen

Alright ladies. Girl talk.

Quinn, Hold on to Sixteen

Quinn: Do you know what growing up is about? Losing things. In six months, we'll all be gone. Scattered.
Mercedes: We'll keep in touch.
Quinn: Yeah, but it won't be the same. When we see each other, it'll be a special occasion. It'll be different. I don't wanna grow up yet. I'm not ready to lose you girls.

Quinn to Mercedes, Santana, and Brittany, Hold on to Sixteen

Look, I know I went a little crazy, but I'm here now. I'm seventeen, I have the rest of my life in front of me. I love Glee Club. I love you girls. And when we're 27 or 87, I want us to be able to look back on these next couple months... and talk about how it was the best times of our lives. We can't do that if we're not all together.

Quinn to Mercedes, Santana, and Brittany, Hold on to Sixteen

Sam: Everyone's just been telling me you've had a rough year, but you seem pretty good to me.
Quinn: I'm better. I think I was just stuck focusing on everything I didn't have and none of the stuff that was good. Stuff in the future.
Sam: I'm glad you turned it around. You deserve good things, Quinn.
Quinn: I'm trying.

Quinn and Sam, Extraordinary Merry Christmas

We totally don't think you'll screw it up this time!

Quinn to Will (about proposing to Emma), Yes/No

Rachel: Hey, look I need your advice, alright? About... about an... adult problem.
Quinn: Holy crap, are you pregnant?!

Quinn and Rachel, Michael

Quinn: (Hands Rachel a letter)
Rachel: What's this?
Quinn: My ticket out of here. I got into Yale, early admissions. Turns out my essay about overcoming adversity while maintaining a straight-A average during a teen pregnancy really turned on the admissions boards.

Quinn and Rachel, Michael

I've dated Finn, Puck, Sam, even thought I loved some of them, but by the time the snow falls in New Haven next winter, I won't know why.

Quinn to Rachel, Michael

I'm all for making the most of the next few months, but I'd hate the idea of dragging an anchor from my past into the bright lights of my future. Rachel, you have an amazing life ahead of you! As hard as it may be, if you want everything that you've ever dreamed of, you're gonna have to break up with him.

Quinn to Rachel (about marrying Finn), Michael

Quinn: I guess at one point it made sense to love somebody for the rest of your life, but it doesn't anymore. Women are finding themselves in their thirties now, every magazine says it! We hardly know what we're gonna want in fifteen years.
Rachel: I mean, Finn and I, we can grow together--
Quinn: Look, Rachel, I... You and Finn are a lovely couple. But if you really want to be happy, you're gonna have to say goodbye.

Quinn to Rachel (about marrying Finn), Michael

I got into Yale!

Quinn to the Glee Club, Michael

I wanted to thank you guys. Because without each and every one of you this would've never happened. You supported me, and loved me through all the drama, and that's why I'm standing here. I wasted so much time hating myself for the stupid mistakes that I made, but, the truth is, is that without all of those, I never would've dreamed this to be my future. I was the only one standing in the way of myself. You can't change your past. But you can let go and start your future.

Quinn to the Glee Club, Michael

When I lost my way, I turned to prayer. I'm not even sure who I was praying to, really, but it seemed to lead me on the right path.

Quinn, Heart

It's like a teen Jesus.

Quinn about Joe, Heart

You guys aren't mature enough or old enough to properly face this type of commitment.

Quinn to Finn and Rachel about their engagement, Heart

Joe: I try my best not to judge anybody, but honestly, I've never met anybody who's gay.
Quinn: Oh, I guarantee you have.

Quinn and Joe, Heart

I'm not gonna stand around and watch you ruin your life by marrying Finn Hudson.

Quinn to Rachel, On My Way (Deleted Scene)

Blaine: Hey Fabray, you're looking good!
Quinn: Thanks boys, catch you later.

Quinn and Blaine with Kurt, On My Way


Quinn's text to Rachel before the crash, On My Way

I could have easily become one of those creepy memorial pages in the yearbook, but by the grace of God, I'm here. Believe it or not ... this is the happiest day of my life.

Quinn to Rachel and Finn, Big Brother

Here's a lesson for your board, Mr. Schue: Don't text and drive! Ever. It's the stupidest thing I've ever done... Besides sleeping with Puck.

Quinn, Big Brother

There's a lot of rumors going around, so let's just clear the air. First of all, all my plumbing still works, which is awesome. But my spine was severely compressed in the car accident which basically means, I can't move my feet or legs. But, the good thing is, is that I'm starting to regain feeling, so with a lot of physical therapy, and your prayers, I stand a good chance of a full recovery. So no tears -- that means you, Tina.

Quinn to the Glee Club, Big Brother

I promise, that by the time we go to Nationals... I'll be out of this chair, and dancing on that stage.

Quinn to the Glee Club, Big Brother

Rachel: (starting to cry) Quinn, I'm so sorry. It was my wedding that you were going to when you got into your car crash, and you were answering my text message, and now, we're all sitting here and we're talking about this day that's supposed to be the most amazing and unforgettable day of our high school lives and we're, we're completely ignoring the fact that she's sitting in that chair?! It's not right... It's not right and it shouldn't be like this.
Quinn: Well, maybe not, but this is the way it is. My accident -- which you did not cause, by the way -- does not define me or ruin our senior year. I meant what I said in the choir room. I'm not gonna dwell on this, and neither should any of you. OK? Come here. (Hugs Rachel)

Quinn and Rachel, Big Brother

Artie: Push, push!
Quinn: (laughing) Don't make me laugh!
Artie: Come on you're halfway there, you've got this! Push! Push!
Quinn: Oh, that sounds familiar.
Artie: It's just like having a baby.
Quinn: (laughing) You wouldn't know!

Quinn and Artie about going up an accessibility ramp, Big Brother

Quinn: Hey. What were you doing?
Finn: I was just texting--
Quinn: Texting while walking. That's exactly how I started.
Finn: Well I don't usually text while--
Quinn: Think about it. Luckily enough the guy that crashed into me while I was texting is fine, but, you know, I'd... You should really not do that anymore.

Quinn and Finn, Big Brother

We have a super, special Senior Ditch Day planned. Artie Abrams style.

Quinn to Finn, Big Brother

Quinn: Thank you. This was a really great Senior Ditch Day. You were right.
Artie: I just wanted you to meet a really cool group of people who find themselves in the same situation as you.
Quinn: Yeah, but I'm not... This is only temporary. The doctor said it's only a matter of time before--
Artie: Look, I've been where you are, I know it feels, but you can't keep denying that--
Quinn: I'm not denying anything! You're not me, OK? I'm not like you, this isn't my life! I'm going to Yale, I'm getting out of Lima, and I'm gonna walk again.

Quinn and Artie, Big Brother

(Quinn's books come tumbling out of her locker)
Joe: Maybe you should request a lower locker. Could be easier.
Quinn: No. This has always been my locker and will continue to be until I walk across that stage in my cap and gown and get my diploma.

Quinn and Joe Hart, Big Brother

Joe: I've been praying for you.
Quinn: Well I guess it could help for God to hear from a few people. I've been praying to walk again, as well.
Joe: Oh I don't been pray for you to walk. I ask God to help you accept whatever your journey may be.
Quinn: (Stops) I appreciate your prayers, I do. But when you're done praying, you get to get up off your knees, and walk away... (Starts to roll away and stops) Sorry. Self obsessed bitch.
Joe: It's cool.
Quinn: You know what? You're really inspiring. And I feel like you'd be inspiring to a few other people I know. What are you doing after school today?

Quinn and Joe Hart, Big Brother

Joe: How's the physical therapy going?
Quinn: I keep going and nothing seems to be happening. It's pretty depressing.

Quinn and Joe Hart, Dance With Somebody

Quinn: Joe and I are just friends. Nothing else is gonna happen.
Tina: But you want it to.
Quinn: It doesn't matter what I want. I've said goodbye to that part of my life.

Quinn and Tina, Dance With Somebody

Rachel: Quinn, I'm -- I'm so sorry.
Quinn: I don't wanna hear that tone. Joe's not into me. I don't blame him. Who would be?

Quinn and Rachel (about Joe Hart), Dance With Somebody

Quinn: Uh, is that, um...
Joe: I'm so sorry.
Quinn: (Laughing) It's OK. It happens.

Quinn and Joe Hart, Dance With Somebody

Joe: You are the prettiest, nicest, best-smelling girl I've ever met.
Quinn: How many girls have you met? Weren't you home schooled?
Joe: Don't do that. Don't find ways to run yourself down.
Quinn: Guess I have been doing that a lot lately. It's just hard not to focus on what I've lost.
Joe: What if I helped you? You know, like the way I use my hands to move your legs. Maybe you could use my eyes to see yourself -- the way I see you.
Quinn: And what would I see?
Joe: Perfection.

Quinn and Joe Hart, Dance With Somebody

Quinn: You would give up your faith to be with me?
Joe: I don't know... Are you asking me to?
Quinn: No.
Joe: Because you don't like me that way.
Quinn: No, because it's nice knowing that there's something out there that can't be lost.

Quinn and Joe Hart, Dance With Somebody

Joe: So what is this? You and me?
Quinn: I don't know. Something new.

Quinn and Joe Hart, Dance With Somebody

Quinn: I can't dance with a little person, I can hardly walk.
Sue: There's that can-don't attitude, Quinn.

Quinn and Sue, Props

Will: So here's what's gonna happen. Mercedes, you're on bed rest, Quinn, you're stepping in.
Quinn: No, no, no, no, I can't dance that number, I can't sing it either, not like--
Will: The Troubletones need you.
Tina: And you're better than you think you are.

Quinn, Will, and Tina about Nationals, Nationals (Episode)

Yeah, Edge of Glory is a bitch! I said I'd be dancing by Nationals, I'll be damned if I don't.

Quinn, Nationals

Quinn: Thank God you're OK, because that just means I'm not gonna fall on my face during that Troubletones number!
Mercedes: Oh, screw that, this is our last time performing together. You're doing it, and so are you, Tina. I'm not taking no for an answer.

Quinn and Mercedes about Nationals, Nationals

(Will picks up a guitar)
Quinn: I really hope you're about to rap.

Quinn to Will, Goodbye

Who would've thought I'd end my McKinley days right where I started -- back on top. I got into the school of my dreams, AND we won Nationals. Plus, I'm feeling stronger every day. Everyone else is so emotional, but I don't feel that way. I guess I've cried enough tears for three graduations. Or maybe it's just hard to feel weepy when I look at my friends. They've grown into such incredible people. Nothing's gonna stop any of them. (Sees Puck) Well, maybe one of them. This school has given us so many gifts -- me especially -- and I want my last week here to be about giving back a little of what I got.

Quinn (voiceover), Goodbye

This freshman just gave me a hug and told me to 'never change.' Poor thing is too young to realize that change can be so good. Think, if we hadn't changed we would've never been friends.

Quinn to Rachel, Goodbye

Quinn: You know, everybody keeps talking about staying in touch and I want to make sure we do.
Rachel: Thank you. Thank you so, so much.
Quinn: Although I'm still not a hundred percent sure that I'm for teen weddings, I'm really happy that you and Finn are together. You guys were meant to be.

Quinn and Rachel, Goodbye

I'm not here for a patch, I'm here because I love you!

Quinn to Puck, Goodbye

Quinn: You were my first.
Puck: Kinda screwed up that experience, huh?
Quinn: No regrets.
Puck: Cool, because I always felt kinda bad about it. I feel bad for a lot of things, but I was an ass for most of high school
Quinn: I really care about you, Puck, you know. And I know that after Beth was born we weren't really close, but when two people go through what we've been through, you're bonded for life.

Quinn and Puck, Goodbye

Puck: If you ever need me, you know where to find me. Right here in Lima for the rest of my life, repeating my senior year forever.
Quinn: I would've never given my virginity to this guy! The Puck I fell in love with had swagger. And you know what questions Mrs. Duzenberry is gonna ask you, so you just need to get your confidence back so that you can get all that stuff out of the roach motel.
Puck: And how am I supposed to do that?
Quinn: Like this. (Leans in to kiss him)

Quinn and Puck, Goodbye

Puck: No, wait. I'm not worth it. Save it for some Yale guy who deserves your help.
Quinn: There's nobody that deserves it more. You just have to remember the guy you were when we first met. You're the guy who caught the winning touchdown the only game the football team won sophomore year, you're the guy that ate that pepper on a dare.
Puck: Didn't even puke.
Quinn: Now will you let me kiss you?
Puck: Guess it'd be kinda rude if I refused.
Quinn: You know what, Puckerman? You got this.
(They kiss)

Quinn and Puck, Goodbye

Quinn: (Breaks down crying and hugs Sue) I'm gonna miss you.
Sue: (Starting to cry) Well, I don't see how that's possible, but thank you.

Quinn and Sue, Goodbye

I'm proud of you.

Quinn to Puck (after he passes), Goodbye

Season Four

Home for the holidays, just like we promised.

Quinn, Thanksgiving

Quinn: Oh, Rachel e-mailed me. She says she is not really sure for what she is doing for the holidays yet. I'm sorry about what went down for two of you.
Finn: No, it's cool. It's for the best.
Mercedes: Well, I think that it's sweet that you and Rachel keep in touch, Quinn.

Quinn, Finn and Mercedes, Thanksgiving

Santana: That bitch is pure evil.
Quinn: I think she's sweet.
Santana: Really? Then why is she giving my girl laxatives?

Quinn and Santana about Kitty, Thanksgiving

Santana: Your pretty little liar gave them to her . I can sense it thanks to my psychic mexican third eye.
Quinn: See, this is what my psych professor calls projecting. You're projecting Kitty onto me. Santana, we've graduated. It's really time to get over this.
Santana: Get over what?
Quinn: You being jealous of me.
Santana: And why would I be jealous of you? And please don't tell me it's because you're in some lame secret nazi sorority.
Quinn: Look, home-coming weekend, I went to Jodie Foster's clambake and that professor I was talking about, well he's 35, smokes a pipe. Well, he's divorcing his wife who hasn't touched him for three years. I'm dating him.
Santana: Wow! Twitter update! Quinn is all excited about another guy defining her life.
Quinn: And what are you excited about? Shaking pom-poms in Kentucky? I think you want everyone to think that you're such a bad ass, but really you're just a scared little girl with low self-esteem who's too frightened to chase her dreams.
Santana: Did Professor Patches teach you that one in between quickies on his office couch? Does he get so turned on by teen moms who barely visit their kid?
(Quinn slaps Santana) (Santana slaps back)

Santana and Quinn, Thanksgiving

(Rachel entering to her apartment)
Rachel: Oh my God! What are you doing here?
Santana: Lady Hummel called, begging us to do an emergency intervention.
Rachel: On who?
Quinn: You.

Rachel, Santana and Quinn, Naked

Rachel: So let me get this straight: you guys came all the way to New York just to talk to me because Kurt called you?
Santana: We're also here to shop.
Quinn: (mocking Santana)...and we're here to apologize to Quinn for slapping her across the face very, very hard.
Santana: In theory. We'll just see if that happens. Rachel, you cannot do a nude scene.
Rachel: It's not a nude scene, it's just a topless scene.
Santana: Same thing. Topless is as nude as anyone is ever gonna want to see you.
Quinn: Let's say you do it. Think about the two-two-two rule. In two weeks, how are you gonna feel about the nude scene?
Santana: You'd probably feel pretty great.
Rachel: Yeah.
Santana: You'll get to feel a nice, cool breeze on them skeeter bites, you'll feel refreshed, even.
Quinn: Then, how are you gonna feel about it two months from now?
Rachel: I don't know. Nervous? Worried it may not even be good?
Santana: Rachel, it's a student film. It's not gonna be good.
Quinn: And two years from now? How you gonna feel about it then?
Rachel: Guilty. Just... hoping my kids won't ever see it online.
Santana: Oh, they'll see it. And they will never be the same.
Rachel: Okay, wait. Why am... why am I even taking advice from you, okay? Didn't you have a sex tape that leaked online?
Santana: Yes, I did. A sex tape that follows me around to this very day. Look my name up on Internet right now.
Rachel: (reading from her cell phone) "Santana Lopez, nude, lez, boobies, sex tape, Mexican or Dominican, question mark."
Santana: Booyah. That will exist forever.
Rachel: But Santana, some women find it empowering to be naked on film.
Santana: Yes, but not in a student film that is probably about someone's grandma with Alzheimer's.
Quinn: Look... we care about you.
Santana: And for once, Rachel, we actually have your best interests in mind.
Quinn: Please don't do it.

Rachel, Santana and Quinn, Naked

(After singing Love Song)
Rachel: Thank you, guys, so much. It's like my dads say... you can't make new old friends.
Quinn: No regrets?
Rachel: None. But do you guys have to go? Can you stay a little bit longer? 'Cause I would love to buy you dinner.
Quinn: I'm in.
Santana: Sure.
Rachel: Good, okay.
Santana: I'm in no rush to get back to Kentucky. I think I could get used to it here in New York. It's more my speed.
(Quinn smiles and they all go to eat dinner)

Rachel, Santana and Quinn, Naked

(Entering to Will and Emma's wedding)
Santana: (sights) It is a Carrot Top convention. I am so over this, and it hasn't even started yet. I'm clearly the hottest bitch in this lousy joint, but I'm all alone, stuck here sitting with you.
Quinn: Do you want me to slap you again?
Santana: I hate weddings, and I hate Valentine's Day. They were invented by breeders to sell cheap chocolate and false hope.
Quinn: Do you know what I hate? Men. Every single one of them is a pig, except maybe Mr. Schue and Al Roker. And you know what? You were right. I do let men define me, but not any more. Like Gloria Steinem said, "A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle."
Santana: (smiles) Al Roker is disgusting, by the way.
Quinn: (scoffs) Whatever.

Santana and Quinn, I Do

(In the supposed Will and Emma's wedding party)
Quinn: We all should've known that a Valentine's Day wedding was just asking for a disaster. Love stinks.
Employee of the bar: Sorry, ladies, can I see some I.D.?
(Quinn and Santana take out a fake I.D. and show them to the bar employee)
Santana: I'm 25. Name's Rosario Cruz. I maight be related to Penelope. (to Quinn) You?
Quinn: Emily Starks. Barely legal.
Santana: Well that's good, 'cause I hear your professors are into that. You know, we always were two ends of the same bitch-goddess spectrum. Maybe that's why we love each other so much... and slap each other.
Quinn: (chuckles, flirting) You know, I have to say, Rosario, you are killing it in that dress.
Santana: (thinks, flattered) Thanks. Those romantic saps. You know, they may have love, but you know what we are that they are not?
Quinn: Flawless.
(Santana laughs and Quinn smiles)

Santana and Quinn, I Do

(In the supposed Will and Emma's wedding party.)
Quinn: I never slow-danced with a girl before... I like it.

Quinn to Santana while slow dancing, I Do

(After having sex)
Quinn: So that's why college girls experiment.
Santana: And thank God they do (laughs).
Quinn: You know, it was fun, and I've always wondered what it would be like to be with a woman, but, uh, I don't know. I think for me it was more of a one-time thing.
Santana: Look, you don't have to worry. I'm not going to show up at your house with a U-Haul.
Quinn: (laughs) So what happens next? (drinks water)
Santana: Well, you could walk out first. Or we could make it a two-time thing?
(Quinn smiles and approaches to Santana)

Santana and Quinn, I Do

Season Five

Puck: He forgave us for what we did, right?
Quinn: A long time ago.

Quinn and Puck about Finn, 100

Biff: What are you talking about? A tattoo?
Quinn: It's not that bad, I mean it was a mis-
Biff: Wha- on your lower back? It's not that ba- Ryan Seacrest?!
Quinn: I could get it removed.
Biff: There's not a laser big enough, it's the size of Texas. You should have told me this weeks ago.
Quinn: We're in the twentieth century, that doesn't even make sen-
Biff: It's the twenty first. Almost.

Quinn to Biff, 100


Quinn to Puck, 100

I think I love you, Puck, and I know is not gonna be easy with me in New Haven, and know were, but I'd rather do hard with you than easy with somebody else

Quinn to Puck, New Directions

I donated the egg!

Quinn about Kurt and Blaine's future children, New Directions