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Beth-Quinn Relationship
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General Information
Nickname: Queth
Intimacy Level: Mother-Daughter

The Beth-Quinn Relationship is the mother-daughter relationship between Quinn Fabray and her daughter Beth Corcoran, known as Queth or Quinneth.

Beth's first interaction with Quinn occurred in the episode Journey, the episode that she was born. In the same episode, Quinn gave Beth up for adoption to Shelby Corcoran. In Season Three, Quinn wants to gain full custody of Beth. In Pot o' Gold, Quinn and Beth meet for the first time since Beth's birth.


Quinn finds out that she is pregnant with Beth. (Preggers)

After New Directions finish their performance, Quinn's water breaks. She is rushed to hospital where she later gives birth to Beth. Quinn and Puck give Beth up for adoption, and she is adopted by Shelby. (Journey)

Quinn and Puck both talk about Beth and Quinn tells him to get a real job so they can raise their baby, and it is revealed that Quinn has called child services. She also say Beth is "her perfect thing" and something "she can't even screw up", showing that she does love and care about Beth. Quinn plants false evidence to frame Shelby as an unfit mother in Shelby’s apartment so that she can call child services and get full custody of Beth. (Pot o' Gold)

Quinn tries to join Shelby's choir to get closer to her, and overall, get her closer to Beth. After Puck tells Shelby of Quinn's plan to gain custody of Beth, Shelby banned Quinn from being part of Beth's life. (Mash Off)

Rachel tells Quinn that if she takes Beth away from Shelby then she is ruining Beth's life. This makes Quinn realize that she doesn't need to get Beth back and she just wants Beth to be happy. Quinn realizes that she shouldn't tell on Shelby, and so she doesn't, thanking Rachel at the end of the episode. (Hold on to Sixteen)

There is a picture of Beth and Puck in Quinn's Locker seen while Quinn sings Never Can Say Goodbye. There is also a picture of Quinn holding Beth after giving birth to her. Puck is standing by her side. (Michael)


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