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Lucy Quinn Fabray
Quinn s5 just give me a reason
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Hazel
Birthday: February 1, 1994
Height: 5'6"
Address: Fairbrook Township (former)
Dudley Road, Lima, Ohio (former)
New Haven, Connecticut
Occupation(s): Student at Yale University
Aliases: Soulmate, MILF, My Baby Mama, Lady Fabray, Loopy Quinn, Babe, Baby, The Right Girl
Lucy, Juicy Lucy, Size two teenage dream, Our next Queen
The Dummy (Becky)
(Mother, Father)
Q (Sue, Santana)
A Little Bird, The Younger Me
Lucy Caboosey
(Old Classmates, Herself)
Barbie, Pretty Blonde Cheerleader, Little Miss Perfect Prom Queen, The Prettiest Girl I've Ever Met, Vindictive Harpie (Rachel) Blondie, High School Hussy, Little Miss Peroxide (Kendra)
Mama (Terri)
Pretty Blonde with the White Girl Ass (Mercedes)
Tubbers, Stretchmarks, Slut (Santana)
The Ghost of Grace Kelly (Jesse)
Sky Splits (Myspace name, Pilot)
Blondie Former Cheerleader (Jacob)
The Queen Of The Chastity Ball (David)
The Angry Girl Drunk, The Most Beautiful Girl I've Ever Seen (Finn)
Dirty little slut-bag (Biff)
Little Miss Blonde Perfect,
Emily Stark (herself, fake I.D.)
Family & Friends
Family: Russel Fabray (father; disowned her)

Judy Fabray (mother)
Frannie Fabray (older sister; mentioned)
Unnamed brother-in-law
Beth Corcoran (daughter)

Relationships: Noah Puckerman (boyfriend; father of her child; in love with)
Biff McIntosh (ex-boyfriend; formerly in love with)
Santana Lopez (sexual experiment; one night stand; friend)
35-year-old Yale Professor (ex-boyfriend; his mistress)
Joe Hart (former crush and crusher)
40-year-old skateboarder (ended)
Finn Hudson (ex-boyfriend; prom date; formerly in love with)
Sam Evans (ex-boyfriend; formerly in love with)
Friends: Noah Puckerman
Santana Lopez
Brittany Pierce
Mercedes Jones
Giardi Triplets
Rachel Berry
Finn Hudson
Artie Abrams
Sam Evans
Tina Cohen-Chang
Blaine Anderson
Kurt Hummel
Mike Chang
Lauren Zizes
Sue Sylvester
Will Schuester
Joe Hart
Sugar Motta
Kitty Wilde
Marley Rose
Jake Puckerman
Ryder Lynn
Unique Adams
Enemies: Biff McIntosh
David Karofsky (possibly former)
Shelby Corcoran (possibly former)
Azimio Adams (probably former)
Other Information
Interests: Celibacy (possibly former)
Clique: New Directions (formerly)
Cheerios (formerly)
The Celibacy Club (formerly)
The God Squad (formerly)
The Skanks (formerly)
Yale Secret Sorority
Education: Belleville Middle School (former)
William McKinley High School (former)
Yale School of Drama (current)
Talent: Cheerleading, dancing, vocals
Vulnerabilities: Her stretch marks
Strengths: Popularity
Weaknesses: Body Image
Popularity Addiction
Awards: '10 Show Choir Sectionals, first place (tied)
'11 Show Choir Sectionals, first place
'12 Show Choir Nationals, first place
'12 Prom Queen
Series Information
First appearance: Pilot
Portrayer: Dianna Agron
Avery Phillips (Younger)
Vanessa Lengies (Tina's Dream)

Lucy Quinn Fabray, known simply as Quinn on the show, is a character on Glee. Quinn is an alumna of William McKinley High School where she was captain of the Cheerios cheerleading squad, president of The Celibacy Club and member of both New Directions and The God Squad. Quinn was also in the prom court in both her junior and senior year, and was the most popular girl in school. She is now a student of Yale University as of her graduation in Goodbye, the twenty-second and final episode of Season Three.

Quinn was dating Finn Hudson at the start of the series, though it was revealed that she lost her virginity during a one-night-stand with Puck after she said she felt "fat" and he got her drunk on wine coolers. She became pregnant with his child Beth, and told Finn that the baby was his. Quinn was happy after giving birth to her lovely baby girl Beth in the Season One finale, but she gave her up for adoption. She was introduced as one of the main antagonists; but throughout the season, Quinn changed her bad attitude. Rachel was competing with Quinn to win Finn's heart, but when he discovered the truth about her baby, he left her and started dating Rachel. She later started a relationship with Puck, but broke up during the summer.

In Season Two, she began a relationship with Sam, which later ended when she cheated on him with Finn. Quinn later marked her relationship with Finn public in order to promote themselves to be Prom King and Queen. Her mean attitude started to return when she realized that Rachel still loved Finn. He broke their relationship off when he told her that he still loved Rachel too. Quinn tried to get revenge on them, but Santana and Brittany helped her to get over it.

She comes back in the third season as one of The Skanks, with new friends and an attitude, but she goes back to her old look and rejoins New Directions in order to get Beth back at any cost. She later realizes that if she wants Beth safe, Beth has to stay with Shelby, Beth's adoptive mother. Quinn rejoins the Cheerios, but then gets in a major car crash while texting Rachel in the episode On My Way, leaving her paralyzed from the waist down. She is in a wheelchair only for a temporary amount of time, and in Prom-asaurus, she is able to stand on her own again. She finally wins Prom Queen, but gives her crown to Rachel after deciding to do something good before the school year ends. She graduates in Goodbye and attends Yale University.

In Season Four, Quinn appears in fewer episodes than in past seasons because she graduated at the end of the previous one and moved to New Haven. Quinn reappears in the episode Thanksgiving. In her first appearance of the season, Quinn develops a friendship with the new mean and popular girl Kitty (described as "the new Quinn") and doesn't believe Santana when confronted about the fact that Kitty is evil. She also admits being in a relationship with one of her married professors. She comes back in Naked when Kurt calls Santana and her to convince Rachel to not do a student film where she is required to be topless. Quinn later returns for the Will and Emma wedding in I Do, where she states that she is single again and ends up hooking up with Santana after getting drunk, marking her last appearance of the season with only three appearances.

Quinn comes back during the fifth season for the 100th episode with a new boyfriend, Biff McIntosh; after realizing he is an arrogant jerk, she accepts Puck's heart and starts dating him again when she realizes they are meant to be and that she still really loves him. They confirm their relationship in the episode New Directions.

She is portrayed by actress, director, model, and writer Dianna Agron.


Season One


Quinn makes her first appearance and is revealed to be Finn's girlfriend. She is also seen as having Christian or Catholic faith (this is shown by the cross necklace she wears and the portrait of Jesus Christ in her room). She is the president of the celibacy club. She is portrayed as a cruel and mean girl because she is seen laughing at Rachel's Myspace, which contains videos of Rachel singing. She also asks Finn what he's doing talking to her in a mean manner. This episode marks the beginning of Quinn's Season One antagonistic storyline.



Quinn joins the glee club with Brittany Pierce and Santana Lopez (also known as the Unholy Trinity ) to spy on Finn, impressing Mr. Schuester with their song. She is upset when explaining to her cheerleading coach, Sue Sylvester, as to why she had joined. However, instead of being angry, Sue orders Quinn, Brittany, and Santana to be inside spies on the Glee club to help her bring it down, to which Quinn agrees. They audition with I Say a Little Prayer, with Quinn singing lead vocals.


Quinn and Santana try to disband the club by getting Rachel to insult Mr. Schue's dance routines, resulting in them hiring the arrogant but talented Dakota Stanley. She is then seen washing cars in their attempt to earn the money and they later hire him. When he fails to break the glee club, Quinn and Santana are punished by Sue who suspends their tanning privileges, which makes Santana burst into tears. Remembering how Rachel stood up to Dakota, Quinn comes to understand that self-confidence doesn't necessarily involve putting other people down and confronts Sue about it.


Quinn reveals to Finn that she's pregnant with his child (even though they never had sex), convincing him by saying that he prematurely ejaculated when they were in her hot tub together and the sperm entered her through the water. Later on, it is revealed Puck is
actually the father, because of a drunken one night stand; one where Quinn had too many wine coolers and felt fat that day. Puck confronts her knowing it's his child, but Quinn says she doesn't want him to be part of it and insults him as a Lima Loser. After finding out Quinn is pregnant, Terri Del Monico approaches her and asks Quinn to give her baby to her, because she is faking her own pregnancy and can't tell Will she's not pregnant.

The Rhodes Not Taken

Quinn is seen performing the first verse of Don't Stop Believin' with Finn during Glee Club as she had taken over for Rachel, who was originally going to be performing the song. In the middle of the performance, Quinn gets bad morning sickness and runs out of the choir room. Finn lies to Mr. Schue and the others that she was sick due to a bad burrito even though Mr. Schue already knew. Everyone is suspicious by this and do not believe him. It is in this episode Puck reveals she's pregnant, lying that it's Finn's, causing the Glee Club to tell Rachel, who leaves New Directions again. When Rachel returns to the Glee Club and tells the others that she can go on for April, who had been told by Will she had to quit before the Somebody to Love performance, Quinn tells her that she can't go on because she doesn't know the choreography to the song. She is then seen singing Somebody to Love with the Glee club.

Vitamin D

Glee girls Vitamin D

Sue spots Quinn quivering at the top of the cheerleading pyramid, which Quinn blames on being tired from glee club while Sue confronts her. When Terri takes a job at the school as a nurse after being prompted by Sue, she gives all the glee club members decongestant pills (the so-called Vitamin D of the episode), except Quinn who gets folic acid instead as it is good for the baby. After that, she tells Terri that she can have her baby and asks her for money. However, Terri declines by saying she is going to pay for eighteen years of the child already.

Quinn cheerios

Quinn on the top of the cheerleading pyramid.


Quinn is put in Schue's group after Sue separated the club into two. She complains about singing in the background, stating to Puck and Brittany that he dislikes minorities. However, this is all going on under the orders of Sue. Puck and Brittany quit Schue's group and this leads to a showdown between Schue and Sue. Later on, while Sue is snooping around in students' lockers for her "locker checks," she comes across a pair of panties in Jacob's locker. She forces him into her office and he tells her that they are Rachel's, who gave them to him so he wouldn't put Quinn's pregnancy on display on his blog. Sue tells him to run the story. Finn comforts Quinn after Sue reveals it in glee club, with Rachel watching. The glee club (in particular Finn) then shows their support for Quinn by singing Keep Holding On.



Finn gets hit with a slushie by football player Dave Karofsky, while walking with Quinn. This angers Quinn, and she defends Finn by telling Karofsky he and his friends are nothing. Karofsky claims Finn and Quinn don't have the popularity juice to do anything about it anymore. In the choir-room Quinn is seen washing Finn's face and talking with him about their popularity. They wear sunglasses under the guidance of Ms. Pillsbury to make themselves seem cool again, which ends in them both getting slushied by Karofsky and the football team. Sue kicks Quinn off the Cheerios after being angered by catching Rod Remington kissing his co-worker, leaving her alone in the hallway, shocked.


Finn finds Quinn watching Cheerios practice from the stands. The two of them talk about the financial difficulties with the pregnancy and Quinn rips Finn for not being man enough to find a job and help her raise their baby and tells him to get money because she needs maternity clothes before her baby bump explodes and she becomes "enormous." Puck gives Quinn some cash ($18) for their kid. She gives it back, saying she will go to her grave swearing it is Finn's baby, even if it comes out with a Mohawk. Puck suggests that it would be "pretty awesome" if the baby did, and this leads to them having a playful food fight.
Quick glee
As it appears they are about to kiss, Finn walks in, leaving him somewhat suspicious. Puck goes out of his way to make cupcakes for the bake sale for Artie to earn money for Quinn, stating, "his baby mama was going to have it all." Puck tries again to give Quinn some cash from the cupcake fund. He explains that he's not really a screw-up and could offer Quinn a home and that they could be a family. She tells him she won't take the money from a friend in a wheelchair, but apologizes for calling him a "Lima Loser" earlier and goes on to tell him that he's "special and romantic." Finn comes up and tells Quinn he's finally gotten a job. She leaves with Finn, as they wheel away she looks back at Puck regretfully and he stares after her longingly. As Puck hands over the money from the bake sale she watches on with pride and approval. She performs background vocals in Proud Mary in wheelchairs. This episode marks the ending of Quinn's Season One antagonistic storyline.


Quinn is furious Finn told his mother about her pregnancy and is worried her parents might find out. While trying on her dress for the Chastity Ball, Quinn's mother notices it's no longer fitting Quinn because her baby bump is getting very round and showing more and her mother says to exercise more. She passes it off as having a big lunch at school. Quinn's father pops into the room and tells Quinn he wants to have Finn over for dinner and ask her if he's treating her well enough. At dinner, Finn begins to get nervous when Quinn's father makes a toast. He excuses himself and calls Kurt for help who he had previously gotten advice from to sing his feelings. He heads back out and sings to Quinn in front of her parents, which Quinn is angered by at first, but soon turns heartened. After Quinn's father angrily interrupts the song, he confronts Finn and Quinn about her being pregnant.
Quinn Ballad

Quinn and Finn in "Ballad"

Finn says they didn't have sex, but her doesn't believe Finn. Quinn is upset that her mother must have known that she was pregnant but did nothing out of fear of what Quinn's father would say. After the fierce argument between them and Quinn's father, he kicks her out. Finn brings Quinn to his own home, and his mother tells her she can stay with them as long as she needs to. The Glee kids sit Finn and Quinn down and sing Lean on Me in order to show support for them when they'll need it most.


Quinn debates whether she made the wrong decision in cutting Puck out of her baby's life and choosing Finn instead. Quinn tells Kendra and Terri she wants to keep the baby. She decides to give Puck a chance by volunteering to babysit for Terri's sister Kendra's children and becomes impressed by the way Puck acts with them. She also sings Papa Don't Preach to impress the kids while Puck plays his guitar. Later in the episode, Santana tells Quinn that she and Puck had been sexting the whole time he was with Quinn, so she checks his phone and sh
Papa Don't Preach
e again decides to give up the baby. She then reunites with Finn, both feeling guilty about their actions (she with Puck and he with Rachel) and they tell each other that they love each other. Her baby bump is starting to show a bit in this episode.


Just before the yearbook photos are taken, Quinn resolves to be back on the Cheerios after sitting with Brittany and Santana as they deface a Thunderclap. She blackmails Sue by threatening to reveal the fact that the cheerios make profit, which could get them disqualified from competition.


Sue agrees to let her back on the squad. Sue then says she has to be at the back of the photo to hide her shame. She then makes a rude comment about Quinn's pregnancy. Offended, Quinn instead rejects her offer and tells her to give up one of her yearbook pages to the Glee Club as she rather be with people who accept her for who she is, forcing Sue to agree. Sue admits to Quinn that she forgot how ruthless Quinn really was. Quinn thanks Sue for indirectly teaching her this lesson, and then storms out, leaving Sue speechless. She performs background vocals in Jump and Smile (Charlie Chaplin).


Quinn is seen enjoying Mercedes' performance of And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going. Rachel tells Finn that Puck is the real father of Quinn’s child and Finn and Puck fight in the choir room. Quinn tearfully admits that Puck is the father and attempts to apologize but Finn in tears, breaks up with her, quits the club and runs away. Rachel apologizes to her for telling Finn the truth and Quinn says she's not mad at her. Quinn then goes on to perform in Sectionals, singing back-ups in You Can’t Always Get What You Want and later in My Life Would Suck Without You.


Quinn returns to school attempting to make Puck a faithful father. Finn still has feelings for her as shown when he sings Hello, I Love You and Quinn is having trouble with Puck, who believes she is getting fat. Later during Gives You Hell they are seen being happy and playful together. She sings background vocals in Gives You Hell and Hello, Goodbye.

The Power of Madonna

When Rachel asks for help with boys and sex, Quinn requests she stop talking as she is grossing her baby out. Quinn then informs Mr. Schuester of the sexism in society and the lower salary of woman, making him choose Madonna as a Glee assignment. Quinn joins her fellow female members in singing Express Yourself in which she has a solo. She is later seen happily watching Kurt and Mercedes singing with the Cheerios. She performs background vocals in Like a Prayer.



Quinn begins to notice that Mercedes, now a Cheerio, is deliberately starving herself to get thinner, something she can relate to. After Mercedes collapses, Quinn approaches her and reveals that when she was a cheerleader she threw up to stay skinny but being pregnant made her see the importance of eating healthy and that she doesn't mind becoming big and round as long as her baby is healthy and she gives Mercedes some food. She says Mercedes is beautiful as she is and the two become friends. Quinn first joins Mercedes in singing Beautiful to the school in support of her and later in singing Home alongside April Rhodes.

Bad Reputation

Quinn sings and dances Ice Ice Baby with the rest of the club. Then the Glist appears as a list where the Glee
club members were ranked according to who was the most sexually promiscuous. Quinn is at the top, and when asked, she claims Rachel is the culprit due to her grudge against Quinn. After seeing Quinn get bumped into in the hallway, Mr. Schue realizes Quinn wrote the Glist to improve her reputation. She says she never meant to hurt anyone, but can't deal with being invisible, and that a bad reputation is better than no reputation at all. When Quinn asks Mr. Schue if he thinks she could get it all back one day (her popularity, reputation etc.), he tells her that she won't - She'll get something better. Schue tells Figgins no one came forward and convinces him that since the lists have stopped they should move on without suspensions and Quinn silently thanks him.


Quinn gives Mercedes her permission to date Puck but warns her to be careful of Santana who also wants Puck back. She also mentions how Puck's mother won't let her eat bacon. She sings background vocals in One.

Dream On

It is revealed that Quinn's dream is to have no stretch marks; further suggesting Quinn has serious body image issues. She performs background vocals and comforts Artie in Dream a Little Dream.


Bad romance2

Quinn begins to spy on Vocal Adrenaline with Rachel and Mercedes and discovers that Shelby Corcoran, their coach, is Rachel's mother. She later tells Mr. Schue how they spied on Vocal Adrenaline and sings Bad Romance along with Kurt and the other girls. Puck suggests naming their daughter Jackie Daniels and they argue about how they will name or if they even going to name her. He sings Beth to her in order to show his passion about their child, and Quinn agrees for him to be there when she is born.


Quinn wishes to express her funky side, which amuses the club, who laugh at her. She sings It's a Man's Man's Man's World in order to express her views on her new life and receives a standing ovation as well as a group hug she performs this song with a group of very heavily pregnant backup dancers from McKinley High's unwed mothers club. Mercedes also invites Quinn to live at her house instead of Puck's therefore she can dig trough her frustration, which Quinn accepts. She is the main dancer when the New Directions perform Give up the Funk for Vocal Adrenaline.


Quinn performs with New Directions at Regionals. During their performance she is seen holding her round stomach a lot and rubbing it showing that the baby must have been kicking. After they perform, Quinn speaks to her mother, who informs her that she divorced her father because he was having an affair and wants Quinn and her grandchild to move back in with her. Quinn then tells her mother that her water just broke and she is rushed to the hospital with the entire glee club by her side (with the exception of Rachel, who volunteered to hang back to watch their rival club, Vocal Adrenaline, perform) and asks Mercedes t
o enter the room with her. Puck is also present for the birth. As Vocal Adrenaline perform Bohemian Rhapsody, Quinn gives birth to baby Beth. She asks Puck if he ever loved her, to which he replies that he did and still does. When Shelby asks Quinn what the baby's name is she denies that she has one but Puck quickly replies, "Beth," Shelby nods and smiles at Beth. Quinn returns to school and tearfully performs To Sir, With Love for Mr. Schuester. She later expresses her friendship with Kurt and Mercedes, her mended friendship with Finn and her feelings for Puck while Mr. Schuester sings Over The Rainbow. It is also revealed that Shelby adopted Quinn and Puck's baby, and through Puck's wishes she names her Beth. She mentions that she wants to adopt Beth because Shelby missed Rachel growing up, so she wants a second chance.

Season Two


Quinn still isn't a Cheerio and seems to be much nicer when interviewed by Jacob. Later, she rejoins the Cheerios by convincing Sue that she can help get their
Screen Shot 2013-08-11 at 1.22.26 PM

Sue and Quinn talking

budget back and by telling her Santana got breast implants over the summer. She is reinstated to Head Cheerleader while Santana gets demoted to the bottom of the pyramid. Quinn and Santana get into a vicious fight in the hallway, until Mr. Schue stops them. Quinn is still in Glee and is angry with Rachel, along with the rest of the glee club, when she causes Sunshine to join Vocal Adrenaline. At the end of the episode, Quinn is seen looking slightly regretful at Cheerios practice when seeing Santana buckling under the weight of a pyramid. She sings Empire State of Mind with New Directions and performs background vocals.


Quinn BritneyBrittany

Quinn has her first minor role in the second season. She is one of the Glee club members who does not have to go to Carl's dentist office, due to her perfect teeth. Quinn tries to seduce Finn into going back out with her since they are both popular again. However Finn turns Quinn down but also says he would be lying if he said that he didn't have feelings for her anymore. Moments later, it is revealed that Rachel asked Quinn to do this and Quinn tells her Finn really loves her, although Quinn didn't seem to be very happy with it. She sings Toxic with New Directions at the school assembly. Later during Rachel's performance of The Only Exception, Quinn looks visibly upset and she and Puck share a moment.

Grilled Cheesus

Quinn GC

Quinn is glad to see that Finn has taken an interest in praying and God. She says that she had a tough year and that she turned to God lots of times for help, so she agrees with Finn in wanting to show God some appreciation through song. She sings background vocals with Tina when Mercedes sings I Look to You. Later, Quinn is seen praying with Rachel and Mercedes in Burt Hummel's hospital room. Kurt notices and tells Quinn and the others to leave, which they do. She sings One of Us with New Directions. She has another minor role. Puck also sings Only The Good Die Young to her.


Quinn Duets

Quinn comforts the new kid, Sam, and helps him clean up after he had slushies thrown on him for joining glee club. Later, they agree to sing a duet together for their weekly assignment, but when Sam tries to kiss her, she panics, fearing that by getting into another relationship, she would be going down the same path she did last year and she would lose her newly regained popularity. She decides not to sing with him. However, Rachel and Finn convince them to pair up again. They sing Lucky as their duet and win the competition and two free dinner coupons to ‎Breadstix, to which she immediately tells Sam, "This is so not a date." At the dinner, Sam tells her he thinks she was really brave for returning to McKinley after going through a pregnancy the previous year. He confides in her that he knows what its like to hide something about ones' self and Quinn immediately jumps on the topic, asking if Sam is actually gay, an assumption made by Kurt earlier. He denies this, and instead reveals he uses lemon juice to make his hair a lighter color. After this she puts the coupons away, and tells Sam that he would be paying for dinner as "a true gentleman always pays on the first date."

The Rocky Horror Glee Show

Time Warp Quinn

Quinn is proud of Sam getting the part of Rocky in New Direction's musical of Rocky Horror Picture Show. In Rocky Horror, Quinn portrays Magenta alongside Santana, and one of the Transylvanians. She is also the lead female vocal in Time Warp and performs in the ensemble of Damn It, Janet with Mercedes and Kurt.

Never Been Kissed

Never Been Kissed Quinn

Quinn is seen in a flashback sequence of Sam's where they are shown to be having a make-out session and she refuses to go any further after Sam mentions a little "something-something." Later, Quinn and Sam are again shown to be making out again and when Quinn asks Sam to say her name he instead begins fantasizing about Coach Beiste in a cheerleading outfit and accidentally says "Beiste" leaving Quinn confused and annoyed. She doesn't know this is a "cool down" method that Finn taught him. She later reports this to Sue Sylvester and confronts Sam about it in the school corridor on Sue's orders. She also performs background vocals in Start Me Up/Livin' on a Prayer.

The Substitute

Quinn The Sub

Will Schuester imagines her, along with the rest of the glee club, as 5 year olds when he was sick. This comes up as strange because Quinn wasn't at the glee meeting even though her 5 year old self was shown. Also, she seems to like Holly Holliday and sings background vocals with Santana and Brittany in Forget You, but she is happy when Mr. Schuester comes back, even if she doesn't like his choice of music. It also seems in this episode that she and Santana have mended their fight and are friends again.


Quinn is alone with Sam in the astronomy classroom, he tells her he loves her. Then he gets

Sam and Quinn

down on one knee and she starts freaking out because she thinks he's going to ask her to marry him, but wants her to accept a promise ring from him. Quinn tells him it's a maybe. Rachel is talking to Quinn, Tina and Brittany about the Kurt/Karofsky situation and tells them they need to do something - by suggesting they get their football boyfriends to say something to Karofsky. Quinn tells Rachel that fighting violence with violence will do nothing and claims that she is not dating Sam. After the football guys except Finn stood up to Karofsky, Quinn is icing Sam's black eye telling him she finds it hot that he stood up for Kurt. They perform Marry You, and Quinn has a larger role in the song. Then Quinn is seen singing and dancing with New Directions in Just the Way You Are. Quinn approaches Sam telling him how she was proud of him for taking the lead and standing up. She then points out that the whole time they've been talking he hasn't noticed that she was wearing the promise ring on her hand, which she stole after breaking into Sam's locker with a nail filer.

Special Education

Tumblr lcqgbeQNkb1qenwoao1 500

When New Directions are preparing for Sectionals, Mr. Schuester re-arranges his predictable plans to put Rachel and Finn on a duet and instead gives it to Quinn and Sam, resulting in an angry verbal showdown between the two. At Sectionals, Quinn and Sam perform (I've Had) The Time of My Life from Dirty Dancing and New Directions tie with The Warblers.

A Very Glee Christmas

Quam-christmas kiss

Quinn and Sam kissing

Quinn performs the part that Kurt sings on the album in the song The Most Wonderful Day of the Year. Quinn and other members of the glee club group together, in hopes of keeping Brittany's belief in Santa alive, go to the mall and sit on Santa's lap where Quinn wishes to get rid of stretch marks for Christmas. She is also seen making out with Sam under a mistletoe. She has a minor role in this episode.

The Sue Sylvester Shuffle


A zombie Quinn on Thriller/Heads Will Roll

Mr. Schue explains that the Cheerios who are also in the Glee club (Quinn, Brittany and Santana) have to choose between Cheerios and New Directions, after Sue delivers them an ultimatum regarding their loyalties to both New Directions and the Cheerios. Rachel believes Quinn will choose the former due her growing popularity. Finn stands up for her, stating that she (Rachel) doesn't know what Quinn is going to do. But after Quinn decides to quit the Glee club in favor of the Cheerios and her growing popularity, Finn, as Co-captain of New Directions, begins to shout at Quinn, asking why she chose the Cheerios over the glee club. After he cites her actions as being "weak," Sam immediately comes to her rescue where they get into a pushing match. On the day of the big football game and the Cheerios' Regionals competition, during the game's half-time, as Finn attempts to persuade Quinn to rejoin the club, she is noticeably touched by his words as they are genuinely nostalgic and sweet, and agrees, along with Brittany and Santana, to quit the Cheerios and return to the football game with Finn. As the football team scores the winning touchdown, Quinn stares lovingly in Finn's direction (something they used to do), which he immediately reciprocates. At the end of the eventful week, Quinn leans against a bank of lockers (reminiscent of the 'I love you' scene in Season 1), catching Finn off-guard. She thanks him for his guidance towards helping her make her choice to stay in Glee club, declaring that it was these qualities that made her fall in love with him, before giving him a lingering kiss which leaves him speechless.

Silly Love Songs

Quinn is with Sam at a locker while Finn is explaining through voice-over how he can get any girl to kiss him besides Quinn. His mission was to get her to kiss him so he decides to set up a kissing booth for the glee club. Quinn then confronts Finn telling him that she knows the reason why he made the kissing booth, so that she would kiss him again. She said very close to his face, that its not gonna happen and she's with Sam. Sam saw from down the hall, which makes him believe they had kissed. Sam confronts Quinn in the library telling her he saw that they were in "kissing distance" of each other. Quinn told Sam she was looking at old records to find a song to sing to him for their Glee assignment, and com
Glee.S02E11.HDTV.XviD-LOL 2892

Finn and Quinn kiss.

es back with the fact that he is the only one who is ever within "kissing distance" of her. Then Sam asks Quinn why she hasn't kissed Finn, believing that she is hiding something. In response to Sam's accusations, Quinn goes to the kissing booth to kiss Finn with Sam supervising. Although it is only a peck, fireworks are shown after the kiss, showing that it was very enjoyable for both Finn and Quinn. Quinn whispers into Finn's ear to meet her in the auditorium after Glee Club when she has to run back to the booth and grab her purse after walking off with Sam. During Glee Club, Santana senses that Finn and Quinn are having an affair and plots revenge against them for when they yelled at her in Glee Club a couple days earlier. After getting mono from a sick patient in the nurse's office, (which doesn't affect her anymore because she has had it so many times) she goes up to the kissing
Fuinn 015
booth, giving Finn mono, who unknowingly contracts it, in an effort to expose them. Quinn meets with Finn in the auditorium and is hesitant about kissing him, admitting that she had been praying for the strength not to come, but they end up making out anyway. Later in Glee Club, both Finn and Quinn are feeling sick, Santana says that they might have mono and explains that the reason the other girls Finn kissed don't have mono is what really helps spread it is a little tongue. Sam is confused saying that the kiss he saw was, "only a peck." Quinn does indeed have mono from kissing Finn in the auditorium and goes home sick after going to the nurses office with Finn, who is confirmed to be the only other person with mono, despite Finn kissing over 300 other girls.


Quinn is asked by Sam to go to paint coasters with him at Color Me Mine. She is hesitant going with him because she is still unsure about her feelings for Finn.
Quinn 12
Although Sam seems to buy Quinn's story of saving Finn's life by fishing a gumball out of his mouth with hers as the reason she got mono. Sam senses that she is pulling away, and so trying to win her back, he sings Baby to her and it slowly starts to win her over. Then Sam, as part of The Justin Bieber Experience, performs another song, Somebody to Love, which Quinn adores for its "shamelessness," and it causes her to choose Sam. Although Quinn finally decided she wants to be with Sam, Santana has told Sam that Quinn cheated on him, and that he is only believing what he wants to believe in order to stay with her. Later, Quinn asks Sam for a t-shirt to wear when they are painting mugs, and he says that they aren't going because he isn't her boyfriend anymore. Sam tells Quinn that she can't look him in the eye and say that she didn't kiss Finn. Quinn does not deny the kiss, but tells Sam that she wants to be with him. Sam leaves, telling her that he is now going out with Santana.

Blame It on the Alcohol

Quinn is visibly disturbed by Sam and Santana making out at Rachel Berry's House Party, and seems to still have feelings for Sam. Quinn is revealed to be an "angry drunk" with Lauren, in this episode, shouting at Puck that she used to have abs before he got her pregnant.
You're such a hypocrite
Quinn, along with all the other New Directions members except for Finn and Kurt, abuse alcohol during this episode, despite it being "Alcohol Awareness Week" at McKinley. In Don't You Want Me, Quinn looks over at Sam with extreme jealousy as he is making out with Santana, and Finn looks over at Quinn. She also called Mr. Schue a hypocrite due to the fact that most adults drink alcohol.


It is shown that Quinn re-joined the Celibacy Club along with Rachel, which is now headed by Ms. Pillsbury. Ms. Pillsbury points out what they did their last meeting and notes that Rachel spent an hour quizzing Quinn on the extent of her relationship with Finn, all of which she refused to answer because "it is none of her (Rachel's) business." She then says that the reason she joined celibacy club again is to focus on herself.


Quinn and Rachel singing "Afternoon Delight"

When Holly comes into teach the glee kids sex-ed, she sings Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah) and Quinn, along with Rachel, is hesitant to get up and dance with the rest of the club until Holly gets them to dance. Later on, she, with the rest of the celibacy club, now including Puck and Lauren, sing Afternoon Delight under Ms. Pillsbury's request to counter Holly's lesson, which ends up not being a countering argument at all when Holly informs them it's about "sneaking out for a nooner." In one of the last scenes of the episode, she is seen in celibacy club, now headed by Rachel, along all of the other glee members besides Finn, Mike, Tina, and Mercedes. After a short talk about intimacy, Puck asks, "Speaking of intimacy, what's up with the hickey Quinn?" She quickly denies it's a hickey even though Puck assures her it is because he is a "connoisseur" at that kind of thing, and makes up the excuse that she burnt herself with a curling iron. It is revealed through a flashback scene that it is indeed a hickey that she got from Finn who she is now secretly dating. In this scene, they are shown kissing on Quinn's bed while she mentions that they have time to campaign for prom king and queen. When asked by Finn that them together wasn't all about that, Quinn responds that she made a mistake with Puck and that Finn should have been her first time and that this is where she belongs, with Finn now. He agrees and they kiss again.

Original Song

Quinn comes again to the mean side. The first Quinn scene is her seeing Finn and Rachel sitting in the choir room talking about another failed attempt of Rachel's song writing. It then proceeds to be a Quinn voice over where she says that she really likes Finn and that he was her first love and first loves are forever. She then wonders how "damaged" Finn is to ever have been interested in someone as annoying as Rachel. She then expresses the desire to become
Tumblr lki6wmQc2z1qgf8zgo1 500
prom queen alongside Finn as prom king because she knows she will never get there without his newfound extreme popularity to get her votes. She realizes the only thing standing in her way is Rachel and her talent. In order to make sure Finn doesn't stray away from her, Quinn decides to become "friends" with Rachel working off the motto, "keep your friends close, but your enemies closer." The next day in glee club when Rachel springs her idea to do an original song again, Quinn agrees with her, to the shock of others. She compliments Rachel's talent, telling the club that they have a great song writer in their midst and that she would like to help Rachel write a song, only her knowing her ulterior motive. Eventually everyone piles aboard to the original songs idea. Later on, Quinn approaches Finn at his locker and they talk about prom and her desire to have them back on top, only being able to be if they are elected for prom king and queen. She decides that after Regionals that they would go public with their relationship and start to campaign, which after some debate, Finn agrees to. They continue to walk down the hall with her arm wrapped through Finn's for a short time before pulling away. From behind, Rachel sees this, leaving her suspicious. In the auditorium, secluded from the rest of the club, Rachel asks Quinn point blank if she and Finn are back together. Quinn bluntly tells her they are, and have been for a couple of weeks, and continues asking Rachel if, "[she] wants to know how this story plays out?" She tells Rachel that she doesn't belong in Lima, she's meant for bigger things and it's time she accepted that her life plan is too big and doesn't have room for Finn. Somewhat bitterly, Quinn says that she and Finn will stay in Lima, she'll be a real estate agent and Finn will take over Burt's tire shop, while Rachel lives her dream. When Rachel insists it is not over between her and Finn, Quinn tells Rachel that she is living a "school girl fantasy of life," and until she realizes that life doesn't have a perfect storybook ending, she'll never "get it right." From this, a distraught Rachel writes the ballad number for Regionals, Get It Right. During the Warblers' performance, Quinn makes a show of holding Finn's hand when she catches Rachel staring at Finn and Finn returning the gaze, but this doesn't stop him from gazing at Rachel tenderly during her solo, and after their Loser Like Me performance, Finn wraps his arm around Rachel, as Quinn watches, bitterly aware that she might be losing him all over again. She is jealous of the chemistry between Finn and Rachel. This episode marks the beginning of Quinn's Season Two antagonistic storyline.

A Night of Neglect

Quinn has a minor role in this episode but as she gives out the taffies that will keep Sandy and the others quiet from hating on the performances, she takes the opportunity to promote herself and asks them to 'remember to vote for Quinn Fabray for prom queen.'

Tumblr lkbm6zOZg31qds3r5o1 500-1-

Lucy Caboosey

Born This Way

It's clearly shown that she's nervous and tense about the 'embracing assignment,' and tells Lauren that she doesn't know anything about her. Meanwhile Quinn supports Rachel when they go to the doctor for a possible nose job for Rachel. She tells Rachel how happy she is with herself and her looks and how people react to her appearance. Convincing her that a nose job is the best thing. They sing I Feel Pretty/Unpretty together. As Lauren keeps on searching for dirt about Quinn, then she discovers Quinn's transformation from Lucy to Quinn.


Quinn and Rachel singing I Feel Pretty/Unpretty

After knowing that Lauren had posted the 'Vote For Lucy Caboosey' flyers on billboards and walls, she was distraught, tore one off from the billboard and ran off, weeping. Quinn tells Finn later on that they won't stand a chance in winning prom king and queen after what had happened, until Finn took out a Lucy Caboosey photo from his wallet, stating that 'This is my girlfriend' and kisses her. But to her surprise, a number of girls were then so inspired by 'her' Lucy Caboosey flyer and told her that 'you got our votes' (which they were originally inspired by Lauren). Quinn ultimately embraced her background and made her shirt, printing 'Lucy Caboosey' on it.

Sam and Quinn singing Don't Stop.


Quinn is seen sitting when Finn comes in complaining that the newspaper said she was with Sam. They both deny it and Sam and Finn almost get into a fight. She is later seen on Finn and Rachel's stakeout hugging Sam. The next day Finn talks to her about what he saw and questions her. She said she hasn't cheated and won't this time, and they agree they will have to learn to trust each other. They do a duet I Don't Want to Know. She tells him if he wants them to be together, he can't sing duets anymore with Rachel. While Rachel performs Go Your Own Way directed to Finn, Quinn gets upset saying Rachel is singing to her man. Sam reveals that Kurt and Quinn have been helping him out; Quinn helped babysit, where she could do 'girl stuff' with Stacey, Sam's sister. She is seen performing Don't Stop with the Glee club with Sam and his younger brother and sister.

Prom Queen

Quinn is shown getting ready to be prom queen. She wears a beautiful blue dress to prom and Finn says to her, "You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life." She is furious when Finn is
kicked out of prom for fighting with Jesse. She loses prom queen to Kurt, because students voted to offend him. Furious nonetheless, she runs into the bathroom and slaps Rachel across the face, accusing Rachel of ruining her night, though she later makes up with her (Rachel). The two then have a heart-to-heart in which Quinn reveals that she's terrified all the time of what will happen after high school.


Fabrevans at Jean's Funeral 2

Quinn next to Sam and Finn at Jean's funeral.

Quinn sits with the other glee members in the choir room when Finn says he should sing a duet with Rachel at nationals stating, "We killed it with Faithfully." Quinn retorts, "Yeah, killed us. We lost." She attended Jean's funeral, where she, along with others in New Directions, sings Pure Imagination. Right after the funeral, Finn breaks up with Quinn, saying it was because he no longer had feelings for her, stating he doesn't feel 'tethered' to her like the way Sue talked about Jean, yet really he still has feelings for Rachel. When Finn asks if she 'feels' anything anymore, a tear rolls down her face and she asks if it (the tear/making her cry) is enough 'feeling' for him. Quinn then gets out of the car after he tries to apologize and runs away crying, leaving Finn alone. He later tells her in Glee that he's proud of how she was reacting to the breakup, and how she didn't quit Glee. She replies telling him that her quitting Glee would ruin her plans for New York. When Finn asks about what type of plans she has, she answers with a simple, "You'll see."

New York

Quinn New York

Quinn is seen at the beginning to be hostile towards Rachel and also watches one of Finn and Rachel's conversations. Later on, Santana and Brittany appear to be banging on the bathroom door, which Quinn is in, Santana confronts her behavior and Quinn has a very big break-down. She angrily says that she doesn't care about the competition and thinks she, Santana, and Brittany are supposed to be the popular ones. But she also says that the popular girls don't get anyone: Tina has Mike, Rachel has Finn and even Lauren hooks up. She, no longer yelling, but crying, states that she wants somebody to love her. Santana and Brittany comfort her and Santana advises her to form a new image; starting with a haircut. The trio seems to be best friends again. Later on when New Directions are in their hotel room, Quinn has had her hair cut in a bob. She performs in the group number Light Up The World. Quinn is visibly upset when New Directions come in 12th place, just missing out on the top ten by 2 places. Back at McKinley, she is seen at the end having fun with Sam and Puck, as Rachel and Finn walk in she seems to have no hard feelings by welcoming them. (By the end of this episode, it was never strongly revealed if she really had any 'plans' for New York. Nothing she did was something she could have planned a week earlier. However, her plan may have been getting Rachel kicked out of Glee club as she stated she wanted to, to Brittany and Santana). This episode marks the ending of Quinn's Season Two antagonistic storyline.

Season Three

The Purple Piano Project

Quinn is found with a brand new image over her summer vacation, as she has turned punk and joined a girl gang, The Skanks. This scene is accompanied by a voice-over, in which she talks in a disinterested tone about her summer. During this scene, we see she has dyed her hair hot pink, got a new nose piercing and an "ironic tattoo of Ryan Seacrest" on her lower back. She walks up to Brittany and Santana and they ask her why she's not joining the Cheerios and the Glee Club this year. She tells them that over the summer she went through a lot of changes and that she finally figured out who she is. Santana says that they joined New Directions
Tumblr lrvo80fbud1qfxwn2o1 500
and the Cheerios together and they're "like besties for life." Brittany states they used to be like the Three Musketeers, and now she and Santana are like Almond Joy and Quinn is "a Jolly Rancher that fell in the ash tray." Quinn is later seen hanging out and smoking under the bleachers with the Skanks. She is their newest member and doesn't want to be with Santana or Brittany anymore.

Later, under the bleachers, the Skanks sniff the smell of soap - it's Rachel, who has hunted down Quinn to tell her that the New Directions are a family and that she should come back, but Quinn explains that Glee isn't who she is anymore. One of The Skanks, "The Mack," offers to give Quinn ten dollars if she'll let her beat up Rachel, but Quinn ignores this. Later in the episode during the scene where Blaine sings It's Not Unusual, the Cheerios, prompted by Santana, douse the purple piano in lighter fluid. The scene culminates in Quinn leaving and flicking her lit cigarette at the piano, which sets it ablaze. In the last scene, she is seen in a darkened corner of the theatre, looking on with jealousy and visible sadness as New Directions perform You Can't Stop the Beat.

I Am Unicorn

Shelby Corcoran returns to Lima with Quinn and Puck's biological daughter, Beth. She extends an offer to Quinn and Puck to see Beth, but only Puck accepts Shelby's offer. Puck tries to tell her to listen to Shelby but cuts him off. Quinn yells at Shelby saying she is Beth's real mom and storms out of the room. Later she and The Skanks give a girl a swirlie in the girls bathroom and steal her lunch money.
As the girl runs away, Sue walks in and the other Skanks depart. Quinn nearly lights up a cigarette, but Sue takes it, throws it into the toilet bowl and tells her that smoking kills. She then extends an offer to Quinn to get back at the glee club in filming a video stating how show choir ruined her life. She accepts and goes on to film the video. In the video, we see a sequence of dimly lit images of Quinn, doing things such as stealing several fire extinguishers and burning out her cigarette on a 'No Smoking' sign underneath the bleachers. Later, Quinn looks confused as she pulls a pipe and a box of cornstarch from her locker. It turns out Sue placed the objects in Quinn's locker to spice up her film by stating that Quinn kills the pain away by smoking corn starch. For the climax of Sue's video, Quinn storms into Will's office and tells him how Glee Club ruined her life and that she will never be returning. But Will retaliates by telling her that the Glee
Club had stood by her in her worst times, then telling Quinn that she is selfish and that she needs to grow up. This prompts her, Becky, and Sue to leave. Shelby tries to tell Quinn to notice what she has done with her life. However, once Quinn sees a photo of Beth on Shelby's cell phone, she reconsiders changing her attitude and decides to go back to her old image. At the end of the episode, Quinn turns up at Booty Camp with her hair dyed back to blonde and asks to rejoin Glee Club, and she is welcomed back with open arms. Puck tells her that he is proud of her, but she says that all she wants is to regain full custody of Beth, and if dying her hair back to blonde and pretending she is special is what she's got to do, then she'll do it.

Asian F

Quinn has a minor role, just saying the line "It's 4:30 in the afternoon," to Mercedes. However, she is seen dancing at Booty Camp and with Brittany and Santana in Run the World (Girls). She is seen during It's All Over and Fix You. She is also talking with Puck during Spotlight. She is last seen walking down the hallway speaking and holding hands with Puck when New Directions view the cast list for West Side Story'.'

Pot o' Gold

Puck and Quinn convince Shelby to let them babysit Beth for a night of her choosing. Quinn plants false evidence to frame Shelby as an unfit mother in Shelby’s apartment so that she can call child service and get full custody of Beth. She says many beautiful things about Beth with Puck. She is seen during Blaine's performance of Last Friday Night dancing and doing back vocals with New Directions. This episode marks the beginning of Quinn's Season Three antagonistic storyline.

The First Time

Quinn is giving Rachel advice on whether to have sex with Finn or not along wi
Glees30519 0
th Santana, Tina, and Brittany. Quinn states Finn and Rachel should wait because of her not waiting herself and ending up pregnant, and because it complicates relationships. She performs in McKinley High's production of West Side Story as Riff's girlfriend, Graziella, and is seen performing a back-up vocals for America.

Mash Off

Quinn tries to join the Troubletones to get closer to Shelby, therefore closer to Beth. Puck later tells Shelby about the objects she placed around her apartment. Quinn performs in the New Directions mash-up for I Can't Go For That/You Make My Dreams and during her performance, Shelby angrily glares at her. Quinn later goes to Shelby's place, bringing a present for Beth and questions why she hasn't been allowed to join the Troubletones. Shelby refuses to give Quinn answers so they have a disagreement on what


motherhood is. Later Quinn comes to Shelby's condo bringing a present for Beth. Shelby tells Quinn that she knows about the plot to get Beth back. Quinn says Beth is her baby. But Shelby says, "It's not about whose body she comes out of. It's about accepting the fact that you don't matter anymore, that your feelings and that your life and that your body, they all come second to making sure that the child is happy and safe." Quinn tells Shelby she doesn't know anything because she was a "cashwhore" with Rachel. Shelby, outraged, kicks Quinn out. Before leaving, Quinn asks if Puck gets to see Beth but Shelby cuts her off and says, "We're done here." Shelby points out that Quinn taking out her nose ring and dying her hair blonde again doesn't change anything.

I Kissed a Girl

Puck appears to be singing to Quinn during I'm the Only One, but in fact, he was singing to Shelby and Quinn realizes it. Then, Quinn invites Puck to her house that Friday night as her mother would be attending a Christian wine tasting cruise the entire weekend. Puck declines, though she promises him that if he comes over, she would allow him to have sex with her, but he still rejects her. Though the two are later seen in her bed making out and about to have sex, Puck stops in the middle of it to make sure it doesn't going any farther considering that he doesn't have a condom but Quinn tells him that its fine because she wouldn't mind getting pregnant with him again, they could make another 'perfect baby'. He apologizes to her for letting her down when she needed him and makes her realize that she doesn't need anyone else to make her special. He says that she's the one person he believes is going to get out of Lima and 'make something of herself', and he envisions her someplace warm and glamorous. Touched by his speech, she asks him to stay with her, lie with her and hold her, which he does. Then, she asks who he's angry with and Puck tells her his big secret about Shelby (off screen). At last, she is seen in the choir room and she seems to be angry. Tina asks her if she is all right, but she doesn't answer her and looks at Shelby with anger and disgust. She also performs in the all-girls number of I Kissed a Girl. Also, Coach Beiste references her and Sue in Jolene during the lines "Your beauty is beyond compare / With flaming locks of golden hair / With ivory skin and eyes of emerald green." She also is seen going into the voting booth. Though she admits she likes Kurt's platform, Quinn decides to take after her father (who voted for the "least ethnic" candidates) and votes for Brittany, "the one who's most girl."

Hold on to Sixteen

Rachel offers her vocal coaching to win against The Troubletones, but Quinn says she
doesn't need support because she is sure New Directions will win if she tells Principal Figgins that Puck and Shelby slept together. Rachel tells her that if she does it she will ruin Beth's life, having no clothes, food, or a house to live in if Shelby is fired, and Quinn interrupts saying that if Shelby is fired she will look like an unfit mother, and saying that that's the time she was waiting for all year, Rachel tells her that Beth loves her mother, Shelby, and if Quinn tells Figgins, she will reach the bottom. In the choir room she says she is sure that they will win. When Sam comes to the choir room she was happy to see him and they hug. When Sam sings Red Solo Cup she is doing backup vocals with Tina. In the hallway she and Shelby look at each other angrily. Quinn tells Sam that she is free and that he doesn't have to worry about Mercedes because she has a boyfriend, (meaning that she wants to be with him) then he tells her that he wants nothing to do with her, because he still loves Mercedes. She tells him that he would be an amazing father for Beth, because he is a good person with children. He tells her that she needs to stop growing up so fast and that she should enjoy her youth because she is in her senior year, he shares a verse of a John Mellencamp's song "Jack and Diane" that is his favorite lyric of the song and tells her "Hold on to sixteen as long as you can." On the night of the competition, Shelby and the Troubletones visit the New Directions choir room to wish them luck and to tell them that the best Glee Club will win. Shelby tells her that if The Troubletones win they will let any girl of New Directions (Quinn or Tina) join them; Will tells her that they don't want any distraction, but he thanks her. Quinn interrupts him telling them that they will win, and she tells her that Puck is with them and that he is a shining star in every aspect and asks Shelby if she thinks the same thing. When The Unitards give their performance
she is watching them with all the other members of New Directions and The Troubletones. When they finish she stands up and goes to Figgins' office. On her way there, Rachel stops her and tells her that if she does it she will be sorry about it. Quinn tells her that she is an adult and that she makes her own decisions and that if she tells Figgins, New Directions can win. Rachel tells her that that's not the way that they have to win because they have worked too hard to win like that. Rachel also tells her that if she is going to do it, she should tell Shelby first. She goes to Shelby and tells her what she knows. Shelby apologizes to her and tells her that she needs to enjoy her youth because her beauty will not go, but she will get older. Quinn watches The Troubletones performance, when it finishes she performs with New Directions. She has solo parts in ABC.

In the second song, Control, she performs the opening speech, and then does backup vocals. In the third song, Man in the Mirror, she does back-up vocals. When their entire set list ends, she seeks out Puck and then she hugs him. When the judges announce that they win, she is very excited and happy. Quinn reveals to Rachel that she isn't going to tell on Shelby because she loves Beth and it isn't in her best interest. She and Rachel admit they are sort of friends and she tells Rachel that she wants to attend the Yale School of Drama. Rachel offers her help if she needs it. In the Girls Bathroom, Quinn talks with Mercedes, Santana, and Brittany, encouraging them to re-join New Directions, but they have their doubts at first, but Quinn states she talked Mr. Schue and Rachel into agreeing that the Troubletones would have at least one number whenever they perform at competitions. In We Are Young Quinn has solo lines, then Mercedes, Brittany, and Santana join the song accepting Quinn's offer. This episode marks the ending of Quinn's Season Three antagonistic storyline.

Extraordinary Merry Christmas

Quinn is first seen performing back-up vocals during All I Want for Christmas Is You with Mercedes and the rest of New Directions as they decorate the Christmas tree in the choir room. Later, she is seen during Rory's performance of Blue Christmas and is later seated next to Kurt, while Rachel and Blaine sing their original song Extraordinary Merry Christmas. Later, however, we see that instead of being there for the filming of Glee Club's Christmas special, she is serving food
with Sam at the homeless shelter. He says she's gotten better since the previous weeks, and she agrees that she has gotten better and has stopped focusing on the things she doesn't have. Sam says he's glad Quinn turned her act around because she deserves good things, and she says she's trying her hardest to do so. Sue joins their conversation, telling them to be cautious about portion size since there isn't enough food. Later, when New Directions comes in the homeless shelter, she sings along with them to Do They Know It's Christmas?.


Quinn is first seen talking to Santana and performs Summer Nights with New Directions. Later, in the choir room Will announces he's proposing to Emma, Quinn says that he won't screw it up this time. Next she is seen with the rest of the New Directions confronting Artie about going out with Becky, as she says he was seen having dinner with Becky at ‎Breadstix. She's also seen watching Rachel singing Without You in the choir room and performing We Found Love, where she is mainly paired up with Kurt and Puck.

Never Can Say Goodbye

Quinn singing "Never Can Say Goodbye"


Quinn appears dancing and doing back-up vocals in Bad. During the dance partner sequence of Bad, she is partnered with Jeff the Warbler. Later, Quinn is approached by Rachel in the girls bathroom where Rachel asks for advice on what to do regarding Finn's proposal to her, as Quinn is the only person who she trusts to give an honest and thought-provoking answer. Before giving advice, Quinn tells Rachel about her acceptance to Yale, and is extremely excited by it. She then tells Rachel that she should leave her past behind and look towards the future, something that Rachel does not like to hear. However, Quinn persists that in order for her to have a bright future, she has to break it off with Finn. Quinn begins her solo of Never Can Say Goodbye, which is a tribute to all of her ex-boyfriends. In the choir room, the New Directions congratulate Quinn on her acceptance to Yale. Almost in tears, Quinn gives a monologue about how the New Directions have helped her along the way. Then, Quinn (along with the rest of New Directions) perform Black or White to Sebastian and The Warblers.

The Spanish Teacher

Quinn has a very minor role. She and the rest of the New Directions girls and Kurt, are seen enjoying David Martinez's performance of Sexy and I Know It. Then she appears watching the performance of David Martinez and Santana's La Isla Bonita and Will's A Little Less Conversation.


Quinn rejoins The God Squad (she seems to have left prior to Heart and after The Spanish Teacher), where she meets Joe Hart and welcomes

Quinn singing "Cherish/Cherish"

him, along with Mercedes and Sam, to the club. Later, she is seen in the choir room listening to Rachel and Finn while they are saying that they will get married; she opposes them along with Kurt; this causes them to be uninvited from the wedding, though Rachel says that she would have 'loved to have seen (Quinn) in a bridesmaid's dress.' She later dedicates Stereo Hearts to Rachel, along with The God Squad, because Finn asked and paid them to perform a song for Rachel. After Santana watched them doing Stereo Hearts, she pays and ask them to sing a song for Brittany. This causes Joe's to doubt if they should do it. After that, she talks with The God Squad about singing to gay people, because Joe's religion causes him to have doubts about it. At Sugar's Valentine's party, they sing Cherish/Cherish for Brittany, in which Quinn has a major solo. Lastly, she is seen dancing (with Joe and others) to Love Shack along with the other invited people.

On My Way

Sue tells her that she is pregnant. Quinn then gives her some advice; then Quinn asks her if she can rejoin the Cheerios but Sue says no. She appears with The God Squad to talk about the attempted suicide of Dave Karofsky, and as she discusses it with Kurt she gets into an argument with him about it. Later, Quinn is seen with the other New Directions members talking about Dave's issue. She sings back-up vocals in Fly/I Believe I Can Fly and Here's to Us at Regionals. Later, she is seen with Sue again, and Sue tells her that at first she admired Quinn because she reminded her of what she was like when she was young; however,
she then tells Quinn that the reason she admires her is because she is different from her. She then gives Quinn her cheerio's uniform. Subsequently, she sees Rachel and tells her that she supports her marriage to Finn, after asking if Rachel's performance of Here's To Us was directed towards 'Finn and only Finn,' to which Rachel confirms that it was. At last, she is seen going to Rachel and Finn's wedding but she runs a stop sign, texting Rachel "On My Way" while driving, and is hit by a truck as the episode ends with "To Be Continued" rolling onto the screen.

Big Brother

Quinn approaches Finn and Rachel saying that though she is in a wheel chair, she is just happy to be alive and proceeds to race with Artie to the Choir room singing I'm Still Standing with Artie. She then tells the rest of the Glee Club not to feel sorry for her because she is okay and is
positive that she will be able to walk again, making a promise to be able to sing and dance with the rest of them at Nationals.

Later, while everyone is planning what to do for senior skip day, Rachel starts crying about Quinn being in a wheel chair, partially blaming herself but Quinn reassures Rachel that it wasn't her fault and hugs her. She also then suggests that for senior skip day, the New Directions should go to Six Flags.

Later, Quinn and Artie are seen with Artie encouraging Quinn to make it up a steep ramp on the school campus, cheering her on all the way and she accomplishes the task. Artie then comes up with an idea on how they should spend senior skip day together at a skate park where others like them like to go.

Quinn catches Finn while he is texting and walking in the hallway and lectures him on how it's not a good idea. She also tells him that she and Artie have plans for senior skip day so she is not able to make it to Six Flags.

At the skate park with Artie, Quinn is amazed at all the people there that are not letting their handicapped situations get in their way. She and Artie sing at the park. Near the end, Artie brings up that Quinn should maybe get used to being in a wheelchair to which Quinn says is temporary and that she will be able to walk again. Artie asks her what if she isn't able to walk anymore but Quinn is adamant on being able to walk again.

At school, while Quinn is trying to get something out of her locker, some of her books fall out and Joe Hart helps her with them. He then walks with her to class and Quinn is grateful for his company. Joe than tells Quinn that he is praying for her, something she is thankful for until she finds out that he isn't praying for what she thought he was praying for and gets upset. She apologizes and invites Joe to New Direction's Booty Camp in the auditorium where he then joins the New Directions.

Saturday Night Glee-ver

Quinn doesn't have much of a role in the episode, but she is seen enjoying the performances her fellow Glee Club members put on. She also doesn't speak.

Dance with Somebody

Quinn is approached by Joe where he asks her if he co
Tumblr m310stzpddCk1qj5p41o5 1280
uld attend and help her with her physical therapy. They later sing Saving All My Love For You together which can be notably seen as them singing the song to each other. During this song, there are scenes where Joe is helping Quinn with her physical therapy and there is a moment between them. Later in the girls bathroom with the rest of the New Directions girls, the girls point out how intimate Joe and Quinn's duet was to which she states that he is not into her like that because at her therapy session when it looked as if he would kiss her, he pulled away. Later in the episode during another scene where Joe was helping Quinn with her therapy sessions, Joe talks about how much he likes Quinn and would maybe give up on his religion just to be with her, something Quinn tells him not to do. They talk about what kind of relationship they have and they are unsure of what kind of relationship it is. She is later seen with the rest of New Directions towards the end singing, My Love Is Your Love happily.


Quinn is first seen at physical therapy with Joe, where she uses a parallel bar to assist her with walking. Joe cheers her on but she ends up slipping and falling causing Joe to rush to her side but she is fine because she is laughing. Joe talks to her about showing everyone that she can walk but she states that she wants to keep it quiet for a bit to surprise everyone later when she can walk completely once again. As the episode progresses, Quinn is shown to be running for prom queen with Finn running for prom king alongside her, something Rachel is not happy about at all. In the Choir room while Brittany explains the theme for senior prom, she announces that Quinn and Santana are in charge of counting the votes for prom king and queen because though they are both running for prom queen, they don't trust the other one so they will keep the other in check. Later on, while Finn is talking to Quinn about prom, a girl approaches Quinn saying that she finds her to be an inspiration, something that Quinn plays on.

At prom, Finn walks into the girls' bathroom and se
es Quinn standing, he is upset that she didn't tell anyone and accuses her of using her being in a wheelchair as an excuse to get more votes. Quinn begs Finn to stay and during Love You Like a Love Song, Finn gets tired of what he believes is an act and yells at Quinn to stand up and walk causing Joe to come to Quinn's defense. After pushing Joe away at one point Finn bends down to grab Quinn and, presumably, force her to stand. Finn storms off and Quinn has a worried expression on her face. Quinn and Rachel talk about how in the beginning Rachel viewed Quinn as this amazing and beautiful girl and how that view has stayed the same but with Quinn being more compassionate. When the time to count votes come, Quinn and Santana find out that Quinn beat her by one vote. Quinn voices that even though she had dreamed of this moment, she doesn't feel any different and the two come up with an idea to give the prom queen crown to Rachel. At the end of the episode, Santana and Quinn sing Take My Breath Away where Quinn stands up during the middle of the song, something everyone is surprised and elated about.


When everyone is switched during Tina's Dream, Quinn is switched with Sugar. Also in this episode, Quinn is walking completely again.


Quinn and Tina are asked to take over for Mercedes in the Troubletones after Mercedes gets sick from eating a bad burrito. This is something Quinn is unsure about but is encouraged by Mr. Schue to do it. Later while everyone is practicing, Quinn is seen to be having trouble with the steps to the dance numbers for the performance. When the competition is about to start and everyone is getting ready to perform, Mercedes comes in feeling a lot better and Quinn sees this as a chance to get out of taking over Mercedes' part but Mercedes insists that Quinn and Tina still perform with The Troubletones. Behind the curtains, Quinn, Santana, and Brittany, known as the Unholy Trinity, have a moment together. Quinn performs Edge of Glory with The Troubletones and Tina without trouble. Near the end of the episode, during We Are The Champions Quinn gives Mr. Schue a hug and kiss on the cheek.


Glee.S03E22.HDTV.x264-LOL 274

Quinn is performing the song the graduating members sing to the non-graduating members, You Get What You Give and is sadden by the fact that she has to leave her friends. She enjoys the song the non-graduates sing for them, In My Life and watches Puck from the side. She later has a voiceover of her high school experience where she sees Puck struggling to study. She talks to Rachel about their friendship in the girl's bathroom and Rachel tells Quinn that she thinks Quinn is meant to be with Puck. At her house, she helps Puck study and gives him words of encouragement and tells him she loves him as well as a kiss.

Quinn graduatet
In Sue's office, Quinn tries to return her cheerios uniform but Sue tells her to keep it. Sue and Quinn talk about how much Quinn has changed and grown up over the years and Quinn tearfully hugs Sue and says that she will miss her, which leads to Sue saying, "I don't see how that's possible." She graduates and near the end is seen saying bye to Rachel while hugging Santana.

Season Four

The New Rachel

She is mentioned by Sue Sylvester when Kurt asks who Kitty is Sue answers, "She's like a young Quinn Fabray, except she's not pregnant, manic depressive, or in and out of a wheelchair."

Britney 2.0

Puck refers to Quinn when he says to Jake that he dated "the most popular girl."


At the beginning of the episode we see Quinn walking alone on the stage in the auditorium and starting to sing Homeward Bound/Home before Puck shows up and starts to sing along with her. Later on, Santana, Mike, Mercedes and Finn also join in the song. Quinn is really happy to see them and at the end of the number she says that they all came for the holiday just like they promised. The scene ends with all of them sharing a group hug. Later, Quinn is at ‎Breadstix along with all the graduates except Rachel and Kurt. The group is having fun as they are talking about some funny stuff they did in college and then they start wondering why Kurt and Rachel aren't here. Quinn mentions that she and Rachel still keep in touch as they often talk about how Quinn still hasn't gone to New York to see her.

Full Performance of Homeward Bound Home from Thanksgiving GLEE 034


Quinn also mentions that she is really busy at the moment with homework, lessons and other stuff. She also tells Finn that she is really sorry what happened with him and Rachel. Then, Finn changes the conversation and asks Quinn and the others to help mentor the new kids. The next day, we see Quinn and the other graduates standing in front of the glee club in the Choir room. As Finn introduces them as legends, he pairs the new kids with them. Quinn is paired up with Kitty, who seems really happy to be paired with Quinn. She mentions that Quinn is really funny and that they are so much alike. Next, we see Quinn, Santana and Brittany mentoring the girls about their performance and their dancing because the Unholy Trinity are show choir goddesses, as Brittany mentions. Quinn also says how the three of them knew each other so well that when they were dancing they knew exactly which way to move. Right after that the girls of the New Directions ask if Quinn, Brittany and Santana could give them an example, Quinn says that it's been a couple of months, but that they could put together something on the fly. They start singing Come See About Me with Quinn on lead. Next, we see Quinn talking with Kitty in the hallway. Kitty tells her that she is really happy that Quinn is her mentor and then Kitty shows Quinn her locker in which there is a picture of Quinn in her Cheerios uniform with a halo and the initials WWQFD. Kitty informs Quinn that she asks herself everyday "What Would Quinn Fabray Do?" Quinn is really happy to know that people still remember her and then Kitty explains to her that not only do they remember her but they worship her and aspire to be her. After that, Quinn asks Kitty what's wrong with Marley because she seemed tired at rehearsal. Kitty explains to Quinn that ever since Marley started dating Jake Puckerman, she is not the same and word on the street is that he is pressuring her to have sex with him to which Quinn doesn’t look too happy. That’s why Quinn goes to talk to Jake and tells him to not pressure Marley because the only way they are going to win Sectionals is if Marley is at her best and if he continues to pressure her she's not going to be. The next day, we see Quinn mentoring Kitty in the Choir room.
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Quinn gives her some advise for Sectionals. Then Kitty hugs Quinn as a thank you and leaves the room, while Santana is entering it. Santana tells Quinn that that girl is pure evil because she is giving “her girl” laxatives. Quinn tells Santana that Kitty is a very sweet girl. Quinn is trying to tell Santana that what she is doing right now is projecting as she is projecting Kitty to her. That’s what her Yale Professor explained to her. Quinn later on mentions that she is dating that Professor and continues accusing Santana of being jealous of her. Quinn then makes a comment about Santana being too insecure and scared to follow her dreams. Santana then retaliates a comment about the professor getting so turned on by teen moms who barely visit their kids. This results in Quinn slapping Santana, which Santana returns immediately. But luckily Brittany comes in and stops them. Then we see Quinn right before Sectionals in the choir room with the New Directions and the graduates doing a show circle. During the performance of the New Directions, Kitty winks at one of the judges and we see Quinn smiling in the audience because that's what she advised her.

Glee, Actually

Even if she doesn't appear at all, she plays quite a big role in Artie's dream, she is mentioned when Artie asks Rory whether the wheel chair in front of him is his. Rory tells him the wheelchair belonged to Quinn, who got in a car accident because of texting while driving. Without the support of her friends in glee club, her spirit never recovered and she died of a broken heart. The scene ends with Artie sitting in her chair. She is symbolized by a white rose.


Schermafbeelding 2013-02-01 om 14.59.34.png

Santana, Rachel, and Quinn singing Love Song

Quinn first appears with Santana, when Rachel opens her door to find the two of them in the apartment. Later, the three are seated down, Rachel asking why they're here. Santana explains that they need to talk to her about her topless scene in the student film, and are also here for shopping and Quinn says Santana also needs to apologize about the hard slap, to which Santana replies that that might only happen in theory. Santana suggests that Rachel doesn't do the scene because after a few years, she'll feel guilty, and that her kids might see it one day. Quinn says that Rachel will eventually feel guilty, if she uses the "2-2-2 method." After lecturing Rachel, Quinn says that they care about Rachel.

When Rachel decides upon not doing the topless scene, the three sing Love Song together in the NYADA auditorium. They share a group hug as Rachel asks them to stay longer as she wants to buy them dinner. Quinn happily says yes.

I Do

Schermafbeelding 2013-02-16 om 16.58.24.png
Quinn and Santana arrive at the wedding together and sit next to each other at the church. They have a conversation in which they discuss what they hate at that moment. Santana says she hates Valentine's Day and weddings, and Quinn says she hates men, comparing them all to pigs. Quinn also passes the makeup-mirror to Santana. Then, as the wedding is over and the reception starts, Quinn is dancing with Santana along with Mike. Brittany and Sam dancing together distracts them.

To ignore the fact that they both are single, Quinn and Santana walk up to the bar and get a drink with the help of fake I.D.s. They discuss where their friendship lies and the fact they are flawless. Quinn also tells Santana that she is killing it in that dress in a flirty way. Santana is surprised by Quinn's move. Later, during the duet of Just Can't Get Enough by Blaine and Kurt, they dance together. Santana puts her necklace around Quinn's neck and they laugh together when Sue is about to throw the bouquet.

Similarly, in the duet of Finn and Rachel, Quinn and Santana slow dance and Quinn tells Santana that she has never slow danced with a girl before but that she likes it. After that, they are seen running towards the hotel room together flirting and giggling.
1hotelhallway quinntana
Next, they are lying naked in a bed together, discussing the prior events. Quinn admits, that she always wondered how it would be like to be with a woman, but it was more a one-time thing for her. Santana tells her not to worry and suggests they should be making it a two-time thing. Quinn is seen smiling at her and leaning forward, which implies they are going to have sex again. This is Quinn's last appearance of the fourth season.

Sweet Dreams

Quinn is barely seen in a flashback when Will remembers the moment when they won Nationals.

Season Five

Tina in the Sky with Diamonds

While talking with Rachel, Santana mentions their hook-up in I Do; however, she mentions it by "college girls experimenting" and not saying Quinn's name.

The Quarterback

Sue mentions Quinn when she is talking with Will, Emma, and Coach Beiste about the death of Finn Hudson. She says that she erected the memorial tree in the exact spot she caught Quinn and Finn making out. Later in the episode, Mercedes mentions Quinn when she tells the New Directions that Finn told her he had sung I'll Stand By You to the sonogram of Quinn’s child when he thought he was the father.


While talking with Rachel, Santana mentions Quinn and Brittany while talking about how she feels awful about being mean to Rachel in high school. She says "Quinn and Britt hated you too and that's mostly just because you sucked so bad and you walked with that weird feet pointing out thing. I made Quinn look like the boss but I was really running the hate on Rachel parade."


While talking with Rachel, Santana mentions Quinn and Brittany, she says "I guess we didn't have a lot of girl friends in high school, Brittany doesn't count cause I was in love with her, and I guess I had Quinn but the fact that she lives an hour away and I never thought about calling her should say something to me."

City of Angels

Quinn appears in some of the flashbacks remembering Finn while the New Directions are performing I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For.


Tumblr n2nwbgYWNi1qf5hjqo10 250

Quinn performs Toxic along with The Unholy Trinity.

Along with many of the glee club graduates, she returns. She brought her new boyfriend Biff McIntosh with her. Quinn is seen in the choir room dancing and singing along to Raise Your Glass after April Rhodes returns to the glee club. Later she can be seen strolling through the hallway where she stops and has a conversation with Puck where she introduces him to Biff, which makes him feel jealous. Quinn is later seen performing Toxic with Brittany and Santana, she comes to Biff's defense when he is caught texting through the performance.

In the evening Quinn is at Breadstix with Biff when Artie, Mike, Puck, and Santana show up, Biff invites them to sit with them and he asks how they would describe Quinn. So they begin to tell Biff about high school Quinn and her rebellious phase, she laughs nervously and tell him that they're just messing with him, she then gets him to leave. She explains them that she is trying to make a good impression and that she will tell him the truth when she's ready. In the choir room Quinn is dancing with her friends while Brittany and Santana perform Valerie. She later sits in the auditorium and is moved to tears by Puck's performance of Keep Holding On, when the performance ends she tells him that it reminded her of her past that she is sad she has forgotten about it. She is later seen telling the truth to Biff where Puck comes to her aid as Biff is insulting her, she tries to break up the fight between the two with no success as Biff is thrown into the dumpster. Puck tells her that she is better than him and that if she wants to be with people who really care about her she should come to the choir room.

Quick-100 00045

Quinn and Puck at the memorial Finn.

Quinn and Puck are at Finn's memorial in the locker room and have a conversation on whether or not he forgave them. During the conversation Puck tells Quinn that he loves her and asks her to tell him to stay. As Puck leaves Quinn does not give a response but runs down the hallway and kisses him telling him to stay right after. Quinn is later seen with the other original members in the auditorium where Will shows them the plaques. She is last seen exiting the auditorium with everyone.

New Directions


Together with the other New Directions members and Alumni, Quinn sits in the Auditorium to see Kurt and Mercedes on stage. Quinn lays her head on Puck's right shoulder. Mercedes, who is on stage then points out Quinn and Puck while explaining the memories and feelings that their comeback to McKinley brings to them. She even jokes about what they don't know Quinn and Puck's current relationship and Quinn's current boyfriend Biff ran off. Mercedes then tells everyone that it looks like they are going to have another accidental baby from Puck and Quinn. With that joke, everyone in there claps but Quinn says no in her hand but smiles on her lips. Quinn with the rest of the Alumni and New Directions Members, watch Kurt and Mercedes perform a duet of I Am Changing in which she stands and claps when the two reach the highest and final note of the song.


With Holly and April's plan continues, Holly dresses up and enters the room of the Animal Husbandry Club where Quinn and other members of the club are. Holly sings Party All the Time and dances around the room with the members joining in. Quinn joins too and follows everyone as they go out the room and continue the song in the hallway. They all change their clothes in which Quinn's dress changes into a long pink dress. They continue dancing around the hallway and into a room full of disco equipments and things including a disco ball, pole, flashing lights, and a dance stage where the rest of them dance. Quinn dances mostly with Rachel and Blaine where she does some crazy moves. After a few minutes, some bubbles falls of from a machine from the ceiling directly to them. Quinn and the other dancers still continue partying and dancing around it until Holly ends the song.


Later on, she can be seen enjoying Rachel and Santana's duet of Be Okay in the choir room. After the song, she can be seen smiling probably because of the fight of Rachel and Santana puts into an end. Next, she can be seen in front of the choir room next to Puck. They are both facing the New Directions and Alumni. Quinn starts singing Just Give Me a Reason while she goes around to Puck, Puck then starts to sing with her. The two stands up and does some small dances together before Quinn sits on Puck's legs. Throughout the song, Everyone on the choir room remains silent and focused. When the song ends, Quinn and Puck kiss each other. After that, Quinn makes an announcement saying that Puck asks her to go out with him as her Boyfriend, she then explains that she never actually dated Puck and that's why she is saying yes to him. Puck is surprised to hear Quinn's decision. Quinn explains why she comes up with that decision and she says that she loves him no matter what. Santana bumps into the two's conversation by saying her common line "Wanky" to them. Quinn laughs and Puck kiss her again. Then Will stands and walk behind Rachel, he says that the performance is the last song to be ever sung in the room because Glee Club is over. Quinn makes a sad face by hearing the words but Puck comforts her.


In the next scene, Quinn appears on the video that Holly and Artie create for Will's unbio. She has a brief line where she said "I donated the egg." After the video presentation, she comes out of stage after Rachel, Kurt, Mercedes, Tina, and Artie to provide back-up vocals in Don't Stop Believin'. Throughout the song, she can be seen dancing with everyone. Before the song ends, she lines up with everyone to do the memorable choreography of the song. When the song ends, she joins everyone in their group hug with Will which is her last appearance from the episode.


While talking with Sam, Mercedes mentions Quinn along with all of Sam's other girlfriends.

Opening Night

Quinn is first mentioned by Tina that why isn't she in New York to support Rachel for her Broadway Opening Night. Later, Kurt tells Rachel that Quinn sent some flowers praising her for her show.


When first introduced, Quinn is the ultimate snarky mean girl. Popular, beautiful, and a complete snob, she is admired by every single boy in the school (not to mention everyone else). Quinn makes certain that everyone around her knows who is top dog. She feels that being popular is the most important thing and as a cheerleader, she constantly goes out of her way to demean those who she doesn't like - willing to do whatever she can to demonstrate her superiority. Furthermore, as president of the Celibacy Club, Quinn is originally an extreme borderline Bible-thumper, preaching her faith at random periods.

Aside from being cold and judgmental, Quinn is also extremely manipulative. She views anyone and everyone as a potential enemy or pawn to be used. Willing to lie and cheat, Quinn will do anything and everything she can to make sure that things worked out in her favor, no matter how they affected others - she went so far as to convince Finn that he was the father of her baby. Quinn is also very petty and easily angered by jealousy, and would do anything she can to exact revenge.

At home, meanwhile, Quinn plays the role of "Daddy's Little Girl," always being as sweet and polite as possible, and doing everything she could to hide from her WASP parents all the 'sinful' things she might be doing. After discovering that she is pregnant, however, Quinn begins her transformation, thanks, in large part, to the support from the Glee Club. Initially unwilling to trust them, she sees this as an opportunity to abuse their open and loving nature. She admits to loving the glee club; however her obsession with popularity almost forces her to leave glee in order to be with the Cheerios. However, she spends more and more time with glee and for the first time deservedly faces struggles of her own as when she finds herself a social outcast due to her pregnancy.


Quinn's first time seen without her Cheerios uniform in "Mash-Up"

It is also shown that Quinn used to be the same type of person she regularly teases. Before eighth grade, she went by Lucy, was overweight, and a brunette. The other children called her Lucy Caboosey. Quinn takes up ballet, gymnastics, and cheerleading to help lose weight. When her father was transferred to Lima and got a raise, Quinn asked her father for a nose job, and then dyed her hair blonde, and asked her parents to refer to her by h
er middle name; Quinn. She still seems to enjoy bullying Rachel, but she does not seem to go out of her way to bully anyone else. In fact, she seems more empathic towards those who are bullied such as Sam, due to the fact she remembers vividly how it feels. She seems more intent on coming to terms with her prior life, and wants to rebuild herself. This has caused her to be reluctant to start a relationship with Sam, for fear for falling back into old habits regarding men. Quinn is forced to act more aggressively than before, due to her continued rivalry with Santana. Her personality has become meaner after her transformation. In the last episode of Season 2, Quinn has a breakdown, crying that she just wanted someone to love her.

Between the summer of 11 and 12th grade, Quinn begins to spend time with an all-girl group of delinquent girls called "The Skanks." As she joins "The Skanks," Quinn starts smoking and changes her image by dying her hair hot pink, getting a tramp-stamp of Ryan Seacrest's face and piercing her nose. She also starts dating a 40-year-old skateboard dude and quits New Directions. When Santana, Brittany, and later Rachel talk to her about it, she explains that she's hated being "under pressure" and also reveals in a voice-over she is "never going back." However, in the last scene of The Purple Piano Project, she sadly watches from the shadows as the Glee Club perform. In I Am Unicorn, she returns to her normal appearance because she wants to get Beth back. After she tricks Shelby by making her look like an unfit mother, she realizes that Beth is better protected with her Shelby. When she gets into a car crash in On My Way, she becomes paralyzed and uses a wheelchair for a period of short term. She recovers throughout the season and can walk again in Prom-asaurus, but she deceives everyone by telling them that she is still in the wheelchair, so she can get more votes to be the prom queen. When she discovers that she won the election, she changes the votes and makes Rachel win prom queen, because she thinks that she has to do something good before she graduates. She stands up of the wheelchair, when she sings Take My Breath Away with Santana in the same episode. She graduates in Goodbye and goes to the Yale University. In Thanksgiving she seems back to her old manners since she's trying to protect Kitty and slaps Santana in the same episode. During I Do she hooks up with Santana twice. In 100 Quinn is shown to be lying about her past in order to to present herself in a certain way to her new boyfriend, Biff McIntosh. With the help of Puck she learns to accept her past and breaks up wiith Biff to start a relationship with Puck, realizing she still loves him.


Noah Puckerman

Main article: Quinn-Puck Relationship (Quick)
Puck and Quinn's relationship is both extended and complicated. They are originally both popular kids and part of the Celibacy Club, which Quinn is the president of. Quinn is the girlfriend of Puck's best friend, Finn, and yet they ended up having a one night stand that gets Quinn pregnant. Although often arrogant and cruel, upon discovering that she is pregnant, Puck is quick to step up, offering to be there for both
Quin and Puck see Beth
Quinn and the baby. Quinn, however, rejects the offer, stating that he's a 'Lima Loser' and instead lies to everyone, claiming that it is Finn's baby. This causes Puck to lash out and reveal her pregnancy to the rest of the Glee Club, but doesn't reveal that the father of her unborn baby is him.
Puck ends up still wanting to help Quinn, and goes so far as to stealing money from the Glee Club bake sale in the hopes of winning her favor by offering to support the baby. Quinn gives Puck a shot and they babysit together. He continues to sext Santana, however, and Quinn chooses Finn over him again. Throughout the first half of the first season they share many glances and smiles with each-other. In Sectionals Finn finds out about the real paternity of Beth and kicks Quinn out. Puck wants to be with her, but she doesn't want his help. She moves in with him though. During Funk she moves out of his house claiming he's an idiot and his mother won't let her eat bacon. At the end of this season Puck tells her he loves her.

After Quinn gives birth, they don't talk much until the third season when Beth and Shelby come back. It causes a lot of tension when Puck and Shelby have an affair because Quinn wants the baby back, but eventually she gives up and tries to make a new one with Puck. He can convince her to drop the idea. At the end of season three, Quinn helps Puck study and they share a kiss. In Season Four, it is revealed that, even though they shared a kiss, they did not start a relationship together. Quinn and Puck start a relationship again in 100, when they found out that they still love each other.

Finn Hudson

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Finn and Quinn


At the beginning of the show, Finn Hudson is Quinn's main love interest. Finn and Quinn both start out as popular and members of the Celibacy Club and Glee Club. As two of the most popular kids in the school, they began dating sometime prior to the series start. Although their relationship seems shallow and unhealthy at the start of season one, it is clear by Hairography that their relationship is much more than that, and they do love each other. In season one, Quinn has a habit of manipulating the sweet, but somewhat naive, Finn. During most of their relationship, whenever the pair of them begins to get physically intimate, Quinn abruptly stops, and asks that they pray instead. Although Finn very much wanted to sleep with Quinn, she always refused due to her religious beliefs. Ironically, Quinn ends up having sex with Noah Puckerman, who was Finn's best friend, when Puck gets her drunk and seduces her, resulting in her pregnancy. Rather than admit to the truth, Quinn lies to Finn and claims the baby was his, and explains that even though they didn't have sex, when Finn prematurely ejaculated in Quinn's hot tub, the water temperature was "perfect for sperm." Under the false belief that Quinn was carrying his child, Finn attempts to become a good father and better boyfriend. In the episode, Ballad, Finn's mother, Carole, learns of Quinn's pregnancy, when she catches Finn singing to Quinn's sonogram on his laptop, and reacts with surprising selflessness. However Quinn is angry as the secret could easily go back to her parents who will "burn her like a witch" if they found out, but Finn assures her everything will be fine. Later on, Quinn's parents, Russel and Judy Fabray invite Finn to have dinner with them. This quickly ends in disaster as when put under exceeding pressure, Finn looks to Kurt for advice, which is simply to sing about his emotions. Finn begins to sing (You're) Having My Baby, which is abruptly cut short as Quinn's father looks on angrily; knowing the choice of song was not accidental. After a tearful argument between her parents, her father throws her out and Finn invites her to live with him, along his mother, Carole. Their relationship officially ends in Sectionals when Finn finds out that Puck is the father. Throughout the back nine of season one, Finn and Quinn show subtle hints of not being over each other, despite her dating Puck and Finn chasing after Rachel. However despite this, they stop talking altogether, but during Journey, they smile at each other, alluding that they are back on good terms. When Season 2 begins, it is heavily implied that both Finn and Quinn still have feelings for each other, and Finn even admits to it, yet Finn remains with Rachel and Quinn begins dating Sam, until Finn and Rachel break up. Now single, Finn begins rebuilding somewhat of a relationship with Quinn in The Sue Sylvester Shuffle, and eventually she kisses him, despite still being Sam's girlfriend. They then kiss twice in Silly Love Songs, and both experience "fireworks." As of Sexy, Finn and Quinn are secretly dating, and look truly happy together. Quinn tells Finn she belongs with him and she wishes he'd been the one she lost her virginity to, not Puck. In Original Song, Quinn feels her relationship with Finn is threatened by Rachel after Rachel says that her and Finn are "not over yet." Quinn then tells her that they will never be together and she needs to get it right.
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This then leads Rachel to write the song Get It Right. Quinn and Finn agree to start campaigning for Prom King and Queen after they announce their relationship after Regionals. In A Night of Neglect, their relationship still seems to be going fine. They are shown multiple times with their arms wrapped around one another. In Born This Way, Quinn and Finn argue about Mr. Schue's lesson of self-acceptance. It is later revealed that Quinn was once overweight, and that she had gotten a nose job after transferring from her previous school. Finn comes up to Quinn after finding this out and shows her the picture of how she used to be, kept in his wallet in place of one of her "better pictures," saying that it is his favorite of her because it is the first time he can actually see her. They share a kiss after this moment and seem to be going strong. In Rumours, Quinn gets in a fight with Rachel after Rachel says of Quinn and Finn's song that they shouldn't sing together, since she still has feelings for Finn and doesn't want Quinn and Finn to be getting to close. In Prom Queen, Finn is shown to still have his feelings for Rachel, as he seemed to get jealous when Rachel and Jesse are together. In Funeral, Finn breaks up with Quinn, saying that he doesn't feel tethered to her, and although he loves her, it can be assumed this was in a non-romantic manner.

Sam Evans

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I've Had the Time of My Life
In Season 2, Quinn had initially decided that she wanted to be independent and alone. After she saw Azimio and Karofsky slushie Sam though, she took him into the girl's washroom and washed the slushie off his face. Sam tried to flirt with Quinn using the Na'vi language from Avatar to say, "You have pretty eyes." After Kurt tells Sam that it would be better if he found another duet partner, Sam decides to pair up with Quinn. In the astronomy lab, Sam and Quinn share an intimate moment as Sam shows Quinn how to play the guitar. As Sam leans in to kiss Quinn, she pulls away and begins to explain to Sam how she wants to be independent and how she is not interested in a romantic relationship. In a fit of anger, Quinn tells Sam she doesn't want to be his partner anymore and storms off. After being convinced by Rachel and Finn, respectively, Quinn and Sam once again decide to sing a duet together. Sam and Quinn perform "Lucky" and win the duet competition. During dinner, Sam's attempts at impressing Quinn fall flat, and he awkwardly tells her that he thinks she is brave for bouncing back from her pregnancy. After Sam confesses to dying his hair blond, Quinn puts away the coupons and tells Sam that he is paying for the dinner because a real gentleman always pays on the first date.

Sam and Quinn performing Lucky.

In Furt, Sam asks Quinn for some alone time. Sam takes her to the astronomy room again, and says that he wants to be the stars of McKinley with Quinn, and that he loves her. Then, he bends down on one knee, and shows Quinn a ring. Quinn says to get up; she's not ready to be married. Sam says that he wants to be married some day, and that it is a promise ring. A promise that he will be true and never pressure her to do anything but kiss. He says that he will promise to make her feel proud, and do much more. He says that he cares about Quinn, and wants them to be together. Although hesitant at first, at the end of the episode, Quinn is wearing the ring Sam gave her, a sign that they have started dating. In The Sue Sylvester Shuffle, Quinn becomes attracted to Finn again and kisses him. Then in Silly Love Songs, kisses him twice. They both come down with mono, which raises suspicion on whether they got it from making out with each other. Sam tries to win Quinn back by singing "Baby" by Justin Bieber to her. This works for a while until Santana reveals to Sam that Quinn and Finn had made out and that he just wanted to believe the story Quinn had told him. This causes Sam to end their relationship. Quinn still cares about him though because she helps Sam's family when they move into a motel.

They both are known as Ken and Barbie as indicated in Special Education by Rachel Berry.

Joe Hart

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In season three, Joe and Quinn join The God Squad in the same episode (Quinn rejoined). After Joe tells the other members about himself, Quinn calls him "Teen Jesus." Although, Quinn and Joe don't seem to be attracted to each other in Heart, they sing love songs together, Stereo Hearts and Cherish/Cherish, with The God Squad. They show a little bit more friend interaction when Quinn drops her books on the ground and he helps her. They walk together and he says that he prays for her. Later, she tells him that she admires him. She introduces him to New Directions and he ends up joining. Joe accompanies her to physical therapy throughout her time in her wheelchair. In Dance With Somebody they sing Saving All My Love For You in front of New Directions. During the song, while he is helping her stretch, Joe leans in to kiss Quinn, but then he pulls away, concerned because of his faith. They later reveal that they have feelings for each other, and Joe asks Quinn if she wants him to go against his faith to be with her. She says no, because she likes the idea that there's something that can't be lost. They stay platonic friends, and Quinn calls their special connection "something new." It is believed that their relationship has ended as crushes due to the fact that Quinn went to Yale and Joe hasn't mentioned her or their relationship in Season 4.

Yale Professor

In the episode Thanksgiving, it is revealed that Quinn is dating a professor that works at Yale. Quinn has been to Jodie Foster's campaign with the Psych Professor. He is 35 years old and is married. It is known that his wife hasn't touched him for 3 years and he is divorcing her. He also smokes a pipe. In Naked, it was revealed that they broke up (delated scene).

Santana Lopez

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Quinntana in New York
In the Pilot, Santana was presented as Quinn's side kick. The two were also painted as frenemies. Throughout Season Two Santana was mad at Quinn for stealing the head-cheerio spot from her, but in New York they seem to be back on good terms. In Season Three they became really close friends, and run together for prom queen again. These good terms lasted until Thanksgiving, when they slapped each other during an argument. In I Do, they ended up sleeping with each other because Quinn had always wondered what it would be like to be with a woman. Afterwards, she first claims that while she enjoyed it and understands why college girls experiment with other girls, it's not something she's likely to do again, but when Santana offers her a second round she accepts without hesitation.

Biff McIntosh

Biff & quinn

Biff is introduced in 100 as Quinn's new Yale boyfriend, and Puck is jealous because he still has feelings for her. Although they have been dating for 3 months, Biff does not know anything about Quinn's past, which concern her friends. This leads Puck sing Keep Holding On to Quinn. Quinn gets inspired by the song and reveals Biff the truth about her past: that she had a baby and has a tattoo. He reacts incorrectly and insults her, to which Quinn angrily twists his nose and Puck beats Biff and throws him in a trash can. Quinn then asks Puck to help him get Biff out of the trash can but Puck refuses. By the end of the episode, Quinn and Biff break-up, and she and Puck reunite and start a relationship again.


Solos (In a Group Number)
Season One
Song Episode Solos with
Express Yourself The Power of Madonna Mercedes, Rachel, Santana and Tina
Bad Romance Theatricality Kurt, Mercedes, Santana and Tina
Unreleased songs

Solos (In a Group Number)
Season Two
Song Episode Solos with
One of Us Grilled Cheesus Finn, Kurt, Mercedes, Rachel, and Tina
Time Warp The Rocky Horror Glee Show Artie, Brittany, Finn, Kurt, Mercedes, Santana (album), and Tina
Marry You Furt Artie, Brittany, Finn, Mike, Rachel, Sam and Tina
The Most Wonderful Day of the Year A Very Glee Christmas Artie, Brittany, Sam and Tina
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Glee: The Music, The Christmas Album Mercedes, Rachel, Santana, and Tina
Afternoon Delight Sexy Carl, Emma, Puck and Rachel
Don't Stop Rumours Finn, Sam and Rachel
Back-up singing
Season Two
Song Episode Sung by Backup with
Damn It, Janet The Rocky Horror Glee Show Finn and Rachel Kurt and Mercedes

Solos (In a Group Number)
Season Three
Song Episode Solos with
I Can't Go for That/You Make My Dreams Mash Off Finn, Rory and Tina
ABC Hold on to Sixteen Kurt, Mike and Tina
Control Artie and Bliane
We Are Young Finn, Mercedes, Rachel, Sam and Santana
Cherish/Cherish Heart Joe, Mercedes and Sam
Edge of Glory Nationals Mercedes, Santana and Tina
We Are the Champions Finn, Kurt, Puck, Rachel and Santana
Back-up singing
Season Three
Song Episode Sung by Backup with
Red Solo Cup Hold on to Sixteen Sam Finn, Mike, Puck and Tina
Unreleased songs

Solos (In a Group Number)
Season Four
Song Episode Solos with
Homeward Bound/Home Thanksgiving Finn, Mercedes, Mike, Puck and Santana
Love Song Naked Rachel and Santana
We've Got Tonite I Do Artie, Betty, Blaine, Finn, Jake, Kurt, Marley, Rachel and Santana

Solos (In a Group Number)
Season Five
Song Episode Solos with
Toxic 100 Brittany and Santana


Quinn Evolution

Quinn's transformation through the seasons.

  • In the early drafts of the pilot episode, Quinn's name was originally Liz Fabray.
  • Quinn is the only member of New Directions to get pregnant. 
  • In a deleted scene from Original Song, Quinn tells Finn she was a dancer when she was younger.
  • Quinn's cold stare and raised eyebrow is said by both Dianna Agron and the show's creator, Ryan Murphy, to be a slight homage to Bette Davis' character, Margot Channing, in All About Eve.
  • Quinn is the first character to change schools due to bullying, the others being Blaine, Kurt, and Kitty. However, this happened prior Pilot.
  • Quinn's voice became deeper during the second and third season, because Dianna Agron broke her nose twice.
  • She will be Blaine and Kurt's future surogate.
  • Every time Quinn sang in a competition New Directions placed first.
  • Along with Matt, she is the only original New Directions member to never sing in a song with Will.
  • Dianna Agron was the last actor to be cast in the first season, which is why Quinn barely appears in the Pilot.
  • Quinn and Puck sang the last song in the history of the William McKinley High School's glee club.
  • From Michael to Goodbye, she sang on and off in all the episodes (during Season 3)
  • Never sang in the opening or finale of a season.
  • Quinn has sung in every episode she has appeared since Season 4.