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Jacob-Rachel Relationship
General Information
Nickname: Racob
Intimacy Level: Enemies (Rachel's side)
One-sided crush (Jacob's side)
Dating Status: Never Dated

The Jacob-Rachel Relationship, commonly known as Racob, Jachel, and Isberry, consists of Rachel Berry's disdain towards Jacob Ben Israel and his unrequited love, obsession, and sexual feelings towards her.

Jacob is extremely physically attracted to Rachel, although in multiple events she bluntly tells him she's not interested, and never will be. In his desperation to satisfy his sexual desires for her, he once sinks so low as to blackmail her into showing him her bra, threatening to post a less-than-pleasant review of her performance in the school play if she didn't co-operate. Jacob is often very stalkerish towards her, and Rachel feels grossed out by this affection.


Jacob is sexually attracted to Rachel and has referred to her on multiple occasions as being, "the hottest girl in the school." It's obvious that Rachel does not reciprocate the feelings because she is blatantly disgusted with his inappropriate behavior and him in general. Sadly, this doesn't deter him from trying to win her approval or, at the very least, have some sort of sexual gratification (in the form of her more intimate clothing). He joined New Directions to fill the twelve member requirement, but tells Finn that it was only to get into Rachel's pants. He also admires Rachel's voice.

Later, in Britney/Brittany, the second episode of Season Two, when Rachel wears her Britney Spears outfit, he offers Finn his own house and says he would kill his own parents to have her.

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There are technically no episodes promoting them as a couple, but Jacob pursues Rachel most notably in Showmance, Acafellas, Throwdown, Sectionals, and Britney/Brittany. She has always rejected him, and it is a completely one-sided relationship (from Jacob's side).


Rachel meets Jacob, and is immediately repulsed by him and his actions. In the Celibacy Club they are partnered for the "Immaculate Affection" Jacob tells Rachel "You enchant me" and she looks disgusted at the thought. Jacob is visibly aroused while watching Rachel perform Push It with the New Directions. (Showmance)

Jacob blackmails Rachel by saying he'll mess with her interview and make her look bad unless she shows him her bra, but Rachel refuses. (The Rhodes Not Taken)


Jacob pursues Rachel

Jacob flirts with Rachel offhandedly and blackmails her into giving him a pair of her underwear by saying he'll expose Quinn's pregnancy. She is so disgusted by this, she buys new underwear to give to him, not bothering to take off the tags. Rachel later gives Jacob a pair of her white granny panties, which Sue thought were his during locker checks. (Throwdown)

Jacob tries to "get into Rachel's pants" by joining New Directions, but fails. When Rachel and Jacob are on the bus he tries to massage her shoulders but she pushes him away. Jacob appears to get excited when she pats his afro during Don't Rain on My Parade. (Sectionals)

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Jacob tells Rachel that he "wants to be with her," but she ignores him and walks away. (Hell-O)

During the Cheerios performance of 4 Minutes Jacob tries to interview Rachel, but she pushes the recording device away and says, "not now." (The Power of Madonna)

After Rachel breezes past him and Finn in her Britney Spears-inspired outfit, Jacob asks Finn what he would want in exchange for Rachel, saying he'll kill his parents and give Finn his house if that is what he wants. Finn, who was currently arguing with Rachel, does not respond and walks away frustrated. Sue also finds him masturbating in the library to Rachel's picture while naked. His butt stain is still on Sue's chair. Lastly, Jacob also starts screaming during the Toxic performance out of sexual arousal from watching Rachel perform, he appears to be masturbating again during the performance. (Britney/Brittany)

When Tina is singing I Follow Rivers, and Jacob is heckling her, he calls out "where's Rachel Berry?" This suggests that he wants to see Rachel perform instead of Tina. (A Night of Neglect)

At the beginning of the episode, Jacob interviews everyone in New Directions. He goes to the choir room and interviews Kurt and Rachel and he talks to both of them about their plans after graduation and New York. Rachel holds up her diary planner and says she has it all planned in it and that she'll make it to Broadway. (The Purple Piano Project)

With Rachel out of New Directions, off to NYADA and graduated from McKinley, New Directions has lost its star power and leader. Jacob interviews the current New Directions members and acknowledges the fact that Rachel is not with them, and questions Blaine, Tina, Brittany, and Artie as to who "the new Rachel" is. (The New Rachel)

In this episode, Jacob is involved in Rachel's dream while she is preparing to perform on stage for the students at McKinley. She performs Lovefool and Jacob can be seen at the end booing her alongside other former students. (Opening Night)



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