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Rachel-Sam Relationship
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General Information
Nickname: Samchel
Intimacy Level: Friends

The Rachel-Sam Relationship, most commonly known as Samchel or Evansberry, is the relationship between Rachel Berry and Sam Evans.


When Azimio provokes the Glee Club by insulting Rachel and Puck's performance, Sam holds Rachel back while she attempts to fight the football team by kicking them. (The Sue Sylvester Shuffle)

After Blame It (On the Alcohol), Rachel grabs Sam's hand as she is a 'needy drunk.' (Blame It on the Alcohol)

Rachel comforts Sam, helping him with his problems, and instantly they become much closer friends. Rachel looks visibly upset when she sees Sam cry. She demonstrates concern with his situation, and along with the rest of New Directions, buys back Sam's guitar for him. Rachel buys Sam chapstick, commenting on how cute his mouth is, and asks Sam to attend the junior prom with her, but he declines the offer, stating that she is not his type. However, it is debatable as to whether he rejected the offer solely due to not being able to afford to take her to the junior prom, or, because he genuinely had no interest in attending as her date. Either way, the statement appears to make Rachel both hurt and embarrassed. (Rumours)

Samchel PQ

Rachel, Sam, and Mercedes all go to prom together (their "prom on a budget"). They hug when Sam accepts Rachel and Mercedes' proposition by saying, "It would be my honor." When Kurt wins Prom Queen, Sam is seen in one shot to have his hand on Rachel's shoulder. Rachel and Sam dance together during Dancing Queen, and they have their official junior prom photo taken together alongside Mercedes. Despite going to prom together, Rachel dances with Jesse during the first half of the prom. (Prom Queen)

They sit next to each other in a Glee Club meeting, as well as at Jean's funeral when they're singing. (Funeral)

Samchel HOTS

Rachel and Finn go to find Sam to bring him back to the New Directions. When they see Sam "performing" at the strip club, Rachel asks Finn to give her a dollar so that she can get his attention. She then, along with Finn, convinces his parents to let him return to Lima, with the possibility of staying at her house. They hug during the We Are Young performance at the end of the episode. (Hold on to Sixteen)

Sam smiles at Rachel while she sings River in the auditorium. Artie tells her that it is too depressing and doesn't relate to his vision of the holiday special. Sam defends her saying, "It's the sad things that make you remember what's really important." At the end of this episode Finn and Rachel join Sam and Rory on the street, collecting money for the Salvation Army. (Extraordinary Merry Christmas)

During Stereo Hearts, Sam raps the song while he is moving closer to Rachel. He jumps up the table to take a student's rose in order to give it to her. In the Choir Room, Rachel says to New Directions that she and Finn are getting married. Sam and some other New Directions members disagree, while others say they'll support them. (Heart)

When Rachel tells the Glee Club about the Anti-Prom that she, Kurt, and Blaine thought of, Sam looks excited about this idea, even fist-pumping in the air. However, in the end, he attends prom with Mercedes. When Sam is dancing with Mercedes, he stops and smiles at Rachel and Finn when they make their entrance together. (Prom-asaurus)

When Sam arrives to New York with Blaine, Rachel hugs Sam just after entering her apartment.

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She serves him water and gives him advice right after Sam messed up his interview with Hunter. After that, Rachel decides to help Sam with his modeling career, introducing him the photographer from Funny Girl for a photoshoot, so he can use those photos as an introduction card to Bichette. They also share a few subtle glances with each other during the episode.

During Just the Way You Are, Rachel grabs Sam's hand and later ends up dancing with him. They share several glances with Santana catching their potential chemistry. (Movin' Out)

Sam seems to be excited when Rachel talks about Broadway and Funny Girl. (100)

They both appear in Tina's dream. In this dream, they live in New York with their friends and work in Spotlight Diner. Later, Sam seems to enjoying Rachel and Santana's performance. (New Directions)

Since now, they both, along with Artie, Blaine and Kurt live in New York. When Mercedes says that she missed her friends, Sam responds "even Rachel." Later, they both are with their friends enjoying the dinner. (New New York)

Mercedes mentions Rachel when she lists the girls who Sam has been romantically involved with. When Sam and Mercedes say that they are a couple again, Rachel seems to be disappointed. (Bash)

While talking to Mercedes about relationships Rachel says there was a time when she thought she might like him, but feels it was just because she was missing home and he was close to Finn. She says that it is over now, and she believes that Sam and Mercedes are soulmates. (Tested)

Sam appears in Rachel's nightmare, in which Sue, Becky, David Karofsky and Jacob Ben Israel urge Rachel to perform, and then are very displeased with Rachel's rendition of Lovefool. However, with many of Rachel's other friends, Sam sings and dances along. The dream ends with Rachel laying on the stage with everyone, including Sam booing her. When Rachel freaks out about "internet trolls" before the opening night of Funny Girl, Sam attempts to cheer her up with a song on his guitar. However, Rachel is not amused, and cuts the strings of his guitar with scissors. Sam attends the opening night of Rachel's show, which ends up being a success. Sam, Rachel and many of their friends go to a gay bar to celebrate, and dance the night away. In the morning, Rachel and Sam and the rest of the gang go to a newsstand to see if the reviews have come out for Rachel's show. Since Rachel is too nervous to read it herself, Sam and the group take turns to read passages of the review out loud, which turns out to be positive. (Opening Night)

They both, along with Mercedes and Artie come to the shelter. Later, they perform, along with Mercedes I Melt with You. Sam, Rachel, Blaine and Artie are in the audience during Peter Pan, where Kurt plays Peter. At the end of episode they perform, along with Mercedes, Santana, Artie, Blaine, Kurt and Maggie Take Me Home Tonight. (Old Dog, New Tricks)

Loser Like Me

When Rachel returns to McKinley, she learns that Sam now works there as the assistent football coach. Sam isn't treated with much respect by the members of the football team, and Rachel asks him if he is going to tolerate that. Sam explains that he's just the assistant-coach and he can't just yell at them like Coach Beiste does. They then start discussing the arts, since Sue banned all those programmes from the school. Rachel finds this ridiculous, as she thinks the arts are just as important. Sam agrees with her and suggests she takes it up with Sue, which later in the episode she does. By the end of the episode, she restarts the New Directions.


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The Hurt Locker, Part One


Sang Together (In a Group Number)
Song Episode

Solos with

Marry You Furt Artie, Brittany, Finn, Mike, and Quinn
Don't Stop Rumours Finn and Quinn
Related Songs

Sang Together (In a Group Number)
Song Episode

Solos with

We Are Young Hold on to Sixteen Finn, Mercedes, Quinn, Santana
You Get What You Give Glee: The Music, The Graduation Album Finn and Mercedes
Related Songs

Sang Together (In a Group Number)
Song Episode

Solos with

Mamma Mia Guilty Pleasures Blaine, Kitty, Kurt, Marley, Santana, and Unique

Sang Together (In a Group Number)
Song Episode

Solos with

Roar A Katy or A Gaga Dani, Elliott, Kitty, Kurt, Santana, Tina, and Unique
Just the Way You Are Movin' Out Blaine, Kurt, and Santana
Hold On Trio Artie, Blaine, Dani, Elliott, Kurt, Santana, and Tina
Downtown New New York Artie, Blaine, and Kurt
I Melt with You Old Dog, New Tricks Mercedes
Take Me Home Tonight Artie, Blaine, Kurt, Maggie, Mercedes, and Santana
Pompeii The Untitled Rachel Berry Project Artie, Brittany, Blaine, Kurt and Mercedes

Sang Together (In a Group Number)
Song Episode

Solos with

Take On Me Homecoming Artie, Brittany, Kurt, Mercedes, Puck, Quinn, Santana, and Tina


  • Rachel and Finn have visited Sam at his home twice; once in Rumours and once in Hold on to Sixteen. However, he was living at a different house each time.
  • Both fought with Santana over their boy/girlfriend at some point (Sam over Brittany and Rachel over Finn).
  • Rachel was once called "Trout Mouth" by Artie in Season One's Sectionals and Sam is often referred to as "Trouty Mouth" throughout the series.
  • At the end of Guilty Pleasures, Sam (in Lima) and Rachel (in New York) both pick Mamma Mia as a guilty pleasure song that they enjoy and want everyone to sing (Sam with the New Directions and Rachel with Kurt and Santana).
  • In Rumours, Rachel tells Kurt (who she believes is cheating on Blaine with Sam) that Sam is "cute".



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