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Rachel-Sunshine Relationship

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Rachel-Sunshine Relationship
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General Information
Nickname: Rashine
Intimacy Level: Friends
Enemies (former)

The Rachel-Sunshine Relationship, more commonly known as Sunchel or Zonberry, is the friendship and rivalry between Sunshine Corazon and Rachel Berry.


Season Two


While singing Empire State of Mind, Rachel notices Sunshine singing along. They first officially meet in the bathroom. Rachel suggests that Sunshine audition for the New Directions. Sunshine starts to sing Telephone, and Rachel is obviously threatened by her talent. Rachel joins as she hears Sunshine voice. It was almost a singing battle (for Rachel). The performance ends when Sue, yells "Shut Up!" After that, Sunshine confirms that she will audition for the Glee Club. Rachel gives her a fake address and sends her to a crackhouse. Rachel tells the members of Glee Club that Sunshine will audition to be Glee Club member. But Rachel is determined to keep her spotlight and keep Sunshine out. Rachel also pays Azimio Adams and David Karofsky to slushie Sunshine, but the scene is not shown in the episode. For her audition, Sunshine sings Listen by Dreamgirls. Rachel is seen smiling, though with obvious hesitation. Her talent astounds the New Directions, to which Will welcomes her to the Glee Club. In a different scene, Will sees Sunshine with a man. Will asks, "Who is he?" to Sunshine. Dustin introduces himself, as the new coach of Vocal Adrenaline. Dustin recruited Sunshine for Vocal Adrenaline. Sunshine says to Will, she does not want to make Rachel jealous of her. Rachel and the Glee Club overhear Sunshine and Will's conversation, and they are mad at Rachel.

Rachel and Sunshine sing Telephone

A Night of Neglect

Sunshine returns to McKinley because she hears about New Directions benefit concert. She performs All by Myself to prove that she can perform at the concert, but Rachel calls her a terrible spy. She later allows her to perform, as she will bring her many Twitter followers. Later, Santana finds out that Sunshine and her followers aren't coming to the concert, much to Rachel's approval.

New York

They meet once again in the girl's bathroom. Sunshine is throwing up because she is feeling nervous. Sunshine thinks that Rachel hates her, asking "Why do you hate me?". Rachel says that she is jealous of Sunshine, because she has a great voice. Rachel assures her to just look at her if she gets nervous. They hug, and become friends. During Sunshine's and Vocal Adrenaline's performance of As Long as You're There, Rachel is smiling at her for encouragement, giving her a thumbs up. When the results for the Nationals championships are posted up, Rachel with the rest of New Directions are seen walking down the hallway. Rachel looks up as she sees Sunshine being thrown up in the air by Vocal Adrenaline. Sunshine smiles at Rachel as she quietly grins. It is later revealed that Vocal Adrenaline placed 2nd place, however New Directions only placed 12th.


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