Rajeesh is an Indian character who was originally meant to be on Glee, but was replaced in favour of Kurt. His character is included in the original pilot script.

Ryan Murphy enjoyed Chris Colfer's performance so much that he wrote in the role of Kurt just for him and took away the role of Rajeesh. The role was not given to anyone else.


Season One


He isn't too involved in the original script for the Pilot, and most of his lines were given to Kurt. He was originally intended to be a potential love interest for Mercedes. Arranging a date with her during their trip to Vocal Adrenaline's invitationals.


I wasn't touching it, Mom.

—Rajeesh, The Original Pilot Script

You mean like a date? Fantastic! Would you like to go to the Fun and Games Arcade with me tomorrow?

—Rajeesh, to Mercedes, The Original Pilot Script