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Red Solo Cup
Album: Glee: The Music, Volume 7 (U.S. Target only)
Glee: The Music, The Complete Season Three
Released: December 6, 2011
By: Toby Keith
Sung by: Sam Evans and New Directions
Solos: Sam with Finn, Mike, Puck, Quinn, and Tina
Place: The Choir Room
Episode: Hold on to Sixteen

Red Solo Cup by Toby Keith is featured in Hold on to Sixteen, the eighth episode of Season Three. It is sung by Sam with back-up from the New Directions in celebration of his return to McKinley.

Finn returns to McKinley with Sam so he could compete with New Directions at Sectionals, since they were down several members. During the performance, everyone seems to be having fun, except Kurt. Rachel is not seen, because she was suspended for rigging the student class president ballots in the previous episode. At the end of the song, Santana greets Sam back with a message she kept just in case he returned. The message is full of insults, but she says she truly did miss him, and they hug.


2, 1, 2, 3

Now, red solo cup is the best receptacle (Quinn: Mmhmm)
For barbecues, tailgates, fairs, and festivals
And you, sir, do not have a pair of testicles
If you prefer drinkin' from glass

That's true!

Hey, red solo cup is cheap and disposable
And in fourteen years, they are decomposable
And unlike my home, they are not foreclosable
Freddie-Mac can kiss my ass

Sam with New Directions (Finn with New Directions):
Red solo cup (Finn and Quinn: Aha)
I fill you up
Let's have a party (Let's have a party!)
Let's have a party
I love you, red solo cup (Quinn: Cup) (Finn: Haha)
I lift you up
Proceed to party
Proceed to party

Now, I really love how you're easy to stack

But I really hate how you're easy to crack

'Cause when beer runs down in front of my back

Well, that, my friends, is quite yucky (Mike: Keep doin' it)

Sam (with Puck):
But I have to admit that the ladies get smitten
Admirin' at how sharply my first name is (written)
On you with a Sharpie when
I get to (Sam with New Directions: hittin') on them to help me get lucky (Finn: Lucky)

Sam with New Directions:
Red solo cup
I fill you up
Let's have a party
Let's have a party
I love you, red solo cup (Puck: What?)
I lift you up
Proceed to party (Finn: Proceed to party)
Proceed to party (Finn: Proceed to party)

Sam (with Finn and New Directions):
(Finn: Ooh, ahh) Now, I've seen you in blue and I've seen you in yellow
But only you, red, will do for this fellow
'Cause you are the Abbot to my (Costello)
And you are the Fruit to my Loom
(Red) solo cup, you're more than just plastic
You're more than amazing, (Quinn: Haha)
You're more than (fantastic)
And believe me that I am not the least bit sarcastic
When I look at you and say:
"Red solo cup, you're not just a cup" (Quinn: Mhmm!) (Tina: No way, never) (Finn: God, no!)
You're my


You're my friend (Tina: Friend) (Quinn: You're my friend) (Puck: Amigo) (Finn: Lifelong) (Quinn: Uh huh)
Thank you for being my friend

Sam with New Directions:
Red solo cup (Quinn: Hahaha) (Tina: Haha)
I fill you up
Let's have a party (Finn: Let's have a party)
Let's have a party (Finn: Let's have a party)
I love you, red solo cup (Finn: What up? What up?)
I lift you up
Proceed to party (Finn: Let's have a party)
Proceed to party (Finn: Put your hands in the air!)

New Directions:
Red solo cup (Sam: Red solo)
I fill you up
Let's have a party (Sam: Let's have a party)
Let's have a party (Sam: Let's have a party!)
Red solo cup (Finn: Wahh!) (Sam: Oh, red solo)
I lift you up
Let's have a party
Proceed to party (Sam: Yeah!) (Quinn and Tina: Solo cup)

Finn, Quinn, and Tina (Sam):
Solo cup (Bow doo), solo cup (Bow dow, doo)
Solo cup (Bow do), solo cup (Dada di, da dum)
Solo cup, solo cup (Da, da, da)
Solo cup, (Do de ba da) solo cup

Hmmm, hmm, hm



  • When Sam sings "If you prefer drinkin' from glass," first Quinn is shown drinking and suddenly she isn't drinking.
  • Mike raised his left hand (maybe to sing "That's true") but then his hand isn't there.
  • The Drummer is seen standing up and stacking cups and is on the second to last row with only one more cup to put on. A few shots later, he is sitting down again and he has a lot more cups to put in the tower. Also, when Puck is pushing Artie to the cup tower, a leaning cup can be seen but in the next shot there isn't any cup present.



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