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Reggie Salazar
General Information
Gender: Male
Occupations: Pizza chain owner
Congressman candidate
Family & Friends
Family: Unnamed Niece
Enemies: Sue Sylvester

Santana Lopez

Other Information
Series Information

Reggie Salazar is a candidate for the House of Representatives that runs against Burt and Sue. He runs a chain of pizza parlours across Lima.

One of his ad campaigns that outs Santana as a lesbian was shown in Mash Off and was aired on television during the events of I Kissed a Girl, the sixth and seventh episode of Season Three respectively.

He eventually lost the race to Burt. He never made an appearance on the show, and was never spoken of again.


  • He has a niece that attends McKinley. Through her, he learned about Santana's sexual orientation.
  • His nickname, "The Sauce," is a reference to his profession as a pizza parlour owner.
  • It could be assumed that Reggie is most likely extremely right wing and homophobic, as suggested by his campaign ad, which questions how Sue can have "family values" if she supports a lesbian student.

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