This article is about the glee club director. You may be looking for Rick Nelson.
Rick Denham
Unnamed Coach (Aural Intensity
General Information
Gender: Male
Occupations: Director of Aural Intensity (former)
Aliases: The chipper homosexual who coaches Aural Intensity (Sue)
Family & Friends
Enemies: Sue Sylvester
Other Information
Series Information
First episode: Blame It on the Alcohol
Last episode: Blame It on the Alcohol
Portrayer: Tyler Vogt

Rick Denham was the director of Westvale High School's show choir, Aural Intensity, in the year 2011. He is pushed down the staircase by Sue, hospitalizing him.

He is portrayed by Tyler Vogt.


Season Two

Blame It on the Alcohol

In the episode, Sue pushes him down a large staircase twice in order to take his position from him in a bid to defeat New Directions at Regionals. The fall causes him to suffer swelling in the brain, landing him swiftly in the hospital. Sue claims that Rick could easily become clinically well again, if a medical professional were able to control the swelling.


  • Described by Sue as the 'Chipper Homosexual'.
  • It is unknown whether Rick ultimately recovered and reclaimed the position of director of Aural Intensity and whether Sue was blamed for her actions or not. 

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