Rory's Quotations are the quotations made by Rory Flanagan, portrayed by Damian McGinty
Rory Flanagan

Season Three

Finn Hudson. I’ve seen you on YouTube, losing glee club Nationals after tongue-kissing your girlfriend for 10 minutes. I’m a big, big fan.

Rory to Finn, Pot o' Gold

Rory: Me names Rory Flanagan, and I love everything about America especially NASCAR, your half-black president and Victoria's Secret catalogs.
Finn: Yeah, cool, me too.

Rory and Finn, Pot o' Gold

I really wanna snog her.

Rory reffering to kissing Brittany, Pot o' Gold

Rory: Finn Hudson, that's Irish, right?
Finn: Uh no, my mom's from Toledo.

—Rory and Finn, Pot o' Gold

No ma, I haven't met Colin Farrell yet.

Rory to his mom, Pot o' Gold

Rick: Say U2 is over rated, say it!
Rory: Never!

—Rick and Rory, Pot o' Gold

Santana: Ah, trusting with our hearts open.
Tina: With our arms open.
Rory: You came with your mou o-en.
Beiste: We have to work on this kid's diction.

Santana, Tina, Rory and Beiste, The First Time

Thanks, Finn, but I don't think I'm ready for that honor just yet.

—Rory declining a solo during sectionals, Mash Off

Finn: Do you know what trash talk is?
Rory: Is that when you discuss trash?

Finn and Rory, Mash Off

You're skinnier than all the failed crops on your family's farm.

Rory to Santana, Mash Off

Rory: I've never heard of this game of dodging balls. What are the rules?
Puck: Don't die.

Rory and Puck, Mash Off

Sir? Girls smell better than ham and when their dancin' and bouncin' around, you can't help but watch.

Rory to Will, Hold on to Sixteen

I'd probably buy her soil.

—Rory suggesting a christmas present to Finn for Rachel, Extraordinary Merry Christmas

Sam: What are you doing this year?
Rory: I don't even know, Brittany and her family are going to see a Gay Santa, something about Santa Fe.

—Sam and Rory, Extraordinary Merry Christmas

Rory: These bells make me homesick
Sam: Like church bells
Rory: No, my brother Seamus gets lost all the time so my dad makes him wear a bell around his neck

—Sam and Rory, Extraordinary Merry Christmas

I thought that's what the hair was for - catching the dirt.

Rory, The Spanish Teacher

Artie: Yeah, as soon as I ask her out and she says yes because no offense, Irish but, no one understands a word you say.
Rory: Baloney, chicks dig accents.
Artie: Sorry, what was that? Couldn't quite make it out.

—Artie and Rory arguing over Sugar, Heart

Here's a four leaf clover kid. 'Cause you're gonna need all the luck you can get.

Rory to Artie, Heart

Sugar: If someone posted a picture like that of me online I'd probably kill myself.
Rory: Twice to be sure I was dead.

Sugar and Rory, On My Way

Tina: Maybe some other people would like a solo too.
Rory: I wouldn't mind another one before I get deported.
Sugar: I want one too, even though I can't sing.

Tina,Rory,and Sugar, Props

Ah I pricked my thumb!

Rory, Props

Season Four

Turns out- you were the glue of Glee, Artie. The quiet, steady beating heart of the group. No glue, no Glee.

Rory to Artie, Glee, Actually

Becky's the school slut now.

Rory, Glee, Actually

Quinn texts and drives in every timeline, Artie.

Rory to Artie, Glee, Actually

Artie: Well why isn't she in it?
Rory: She died.
Artie: How?!
Rory: ...Of a broken heart.

Rory and Artie, Glee, Actually

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