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Roz-Sue Relationship
Roz and Sue LLL
General Information
Nickname: Rue
Intimacy Level: Friends
Enemies (former)

The Roz-Sue Relationship, commonly known as Rue or Soz, is the on-off friendship and rivalry between the current Cheerios coach and the former Cheerios coach, Roz Washington and Sue Sylvester. Roz has sometimes been considered to be the 'Black Sue'.


Sue is angered to see that Roz has stepped in to coach the Cheerios as rumors of Sue's impending maternity leave fly around. When Roz learns of Sue's upcoming pregnancy, she proceeds to mock Sue that she is too old to have a baby and that her baby will be an adult and come out "with a cellphone and a job." (The Spanish Teacher)

Sue is called into Figgins' office after she misses a Cheerios practice to attend a doctor's appointment for her sonogram. It is then revealed that Figgins has hired Roz to be co-captain of the Cheerios given Sue's state, however, Sue bargains with Figgins that if she helps New Directions win Nationals and earn money for the school, then she can regain full control over the Cheerios, to which Figgins agrees. (Big Brother)

Roz is severely disappointed with the blatant disrespectful behavior by the New Directions Girls when she catches them making jokes about Shannon being abused by her husband, Cooter, when she shows up with a black eye. As a result, Roz, Sue, and Shannon decide to take over the Glee assignment and have the girls sing about female empowerment. The girls later perform Cell Block Tango, by which Sue and Roz are not impressed. When Shannon reveals she is, in fact, being abused by Cooter, both Sue and Roz try their best to help her. (Choke)

During the performance of Tongue Tied after New Directions win Nationals, Figgins gives Sue back full ownership of the Cheerios, Roz is visibly angered by this. (Nationals)

While Sue is busy cleaning her trophies, Roz comes in and makes another wise crack about Sue's pregnancy. Roz makes a proposal to Sue that she and Sue both hate the fact McKinley is run by an 'idiot of a principal' and that they both could 'Take him down' to which Sue agrees. (Goodbye)

Roz makes her return to replace Sue Sylvester's spot as a cheerleading coach after Sue was fired for having a gun in school. She calls her a menace and she seems happy to take her job. Meanwhile, she pulls Blaine and Becky aside, assuming that they had something to do with the reason why Sue was fired, thinking that Blaine pulled a hoax on her to get her fired. (Sweet Dreams)

Although the two don't have much interaction, when Sue sings Little Girls, she fantasizes about interrupting Coach Roz's Cheerios practice, watching Roz coach the Cheerios in an angry and envious way. As she sings she pushes some Cheerios. During Becky and Sue's conversation,  Becky wants to tell Figgins the truth to restore Sue's job and get rid of Roz. Eventually, Becky causes too much havoc during Cheerios practice with Roz, and is taken to Figgins's office, where, as we later find out, she confesses to her mistake. (Lights Out)

After incriminating Figgins and taking his position as principal, Sue calls Roz and Will to her office, Roz worries that Sue may fire her due to their harsh rivalry. However, Sue states that she won't fire Roz or Will as long as their teams are able to win their National Championship. Sue also makes an insult about Roz's fake blonde hair. (Love, Love, Love)

Roz drags Bree into Sue's office, pulling her hair, to inform Sue that Bree had been the responsible person behind the prom prank. Sue doesn't seem angry to Bree for having done such a thing, but instead, embraces her to be the new enemy of the New Directions. (Tina in the Sky with Diamonds)

Roz brings her Cheerleading Nationals Championship trophy in the principals office to show Principal Sue that she achieves the task that Sue wants. Principal Sue shows how happy she is to what Roz has done. Sue give thanks to Roz and promises that next year will be another year for the cheerios. (City of Angels)


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