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Rory-Sam Relationship
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General Information
Nickname: Flevans
Intimacy Level: Friends

The Rory-Sam Relationship, most commonly known as Flevans, Flanevans or Sory, is the short-term friendship between Rory Flanagan and Sam Evans.

In Extraordinary Merry Christmas, Sam watches Rory sing Blue Christmas and comforts him, telling him that it's all right, because Sam and Rory aren't spending time with their family during Christmas. Sue invites New Directions to come to a homeless shelter and to help out the people there. Sam and Rory agree, but when New Directions are offered to be in a Christmas special that will be featured on television, they turn down Sue's offer, which angers her, calling them heartless. Sam agrees with Sue, and when he thinks Rory will agree, Rory says he already has a part in the special. In the special, Rory reads differently from his given script, and later, they join Sam, Quinn, and Sue at the shelter. At the end of the episode, Rachel, Finn, Sam, and Rory are helping out at Salvation Army. After this episode, Rory and Sam continually grow closer and remain as good friends, participating in many performances of New Directions.


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Sam praises Rory after he sings Blue Christmas. He also helps Rory when his books fall out of his locker and asks Rory if he would like to spend Christmas with his family, to which Rory agrees, since his family is back in Ireland. Artie wants the Christmas special to be all happy by cutting out the ending to "Frosty the Snowman." Sam argues that Christmas has a sad aspect to it and decides not to take part in the special. He asks Rory to back him up as they both know what it feels like to be away from family during the holidays. Rory says he would better go memorize his lines. Sam looks disappointed as he walks away. At the end of the episode they are seen collecting for the Salvation Army. Rory also asks Sam if he can get him a girlfriend for Valentine's Day. (Extraordinary Merry Christmas)

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When Sam and Mercedes sing Summer Nights to tell their story, during the vacation, to the New Directions, Rory is present and also sings two lines in the song. (Yes/No)

Rory dances in Sam's performance of Bamboleo/Hero with Kurt, Puck, and Artie. Also a look is shared in the locker room when Coach Beiste showed them Emma's pamphlets about cleaning their "junk." (The Spanish Teacher)

While Artie and Rory compete for Sugar, Sam gets up to support Artie's performance of Let Me Love You. (Heart)

Sam and Rory both help Puck to pass his European History exam. They also have a small amount of interaction when Finn explains the plan to get Puck back to school and New Directions. When Rory says that Finn's bush drawing looks more like a shrub, Sam asks what the difference between a bush and a shrub is. They both look equally puzzled. (Choke)

Sam and Rory perform together in What Makes You Beautiful at the Prom along with Mike, Joe, and Artie. (Prom-asaurus)

During Tina's Dream, they switch bodies, Sam wears Rory's clothes and Rory wears Sam's. Their hair and personality also changes to match the other's. (Props)


When Sam gets in a fight with Puck during rehearsals, Rory tries to stop Sam. Sam also pushes Rory because of his anger, but things are settled when Rory and Mike both calm Sam down. (Nationals)

Together with the other underclassmen, Sam and Rory sing In My Life to Finn and the other graduating students, who asked both of them to join New Directions. (Goodbye)


Sang Together (In a Group Number)
Song Episode

Solos with

Summer Nights Yes/No Mercedes, Sugar, Tina, Puck, Santana, Finn, and Kurt
What Makes You Beautiful Prom-asaurus Mike, Artie, and Joe
In My Life Goodbye Artie, Tina, Joe, Sugar, and Blaine
Related Songs


  • Strangely, this relationship was built up and seems to exist entirely within Extraordinary Merry Christmas. No references to their friendship has been made in any other episodes and the two have shared minimal to no scenes together in any other episode.
  • They sometimes look to each other during scenes; like in Extraordinary Merry Christmas when they're singing Do They Know It's Christmas? (Feed The World) and in the locker scene in The Spanish Teacher.
  • Before Rory sings Home, when he says he's grown to love each and every single one of the other club members, the camera turns to Sam first.
  • Towards the end of Blue Christmas, the camera showed Sam giving Rory two thumbs up.
  • When each of them came to McKinley, Finn was their first friend.



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