Rhythm Explosion
Sandy's Glee Club
Debut: Pilot
Head: Sandy Ryerson (Former)
Institution: William McKinley High School
Status: Inactive; transformed into New Directions

Rhythm Explosion is the Glee Club run by Sandy Ryerson from 1997 until 2009. It is only seen in the uncut Pilot episode.

It was disbanded after Sandy was fired for inappropriately touching Hank Saunders, a student in the club.


Season One


In the uncut version of Pilot, they perform One from the Broadway musical A Chorus Line. Will remarks at how they were a stool choir and the worst in the McKinley High School Glee Club world. Will also mentions that every member has a MySpace page due to feeling invisible. It is also shown that Tina, Rachel, Mercedes and Kurt were members of the club, with them being the only holdovers to continue with New Directions.


Known Songs

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