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Santana-Sebastian Relationship

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Santana-Sebastian Relationship
General Information
Nickname: Sebtana
Intimacy Level: Possibly friends since On My Way
Enemies (former)

The Santana-Sebastian Relationship, commonly known as Sebtana or Sebastana, is the short-term rivalry between Santana Lopez and Sebastian Smythe.


Season Three


Santana and Sebastian both met at the Lima Bean, where Sebastian starts the rivalry by "stealing" the New Directions idea about performing Michael Jackson at Regionals. 


Later, Sebastian throws a slushie at Blaine that was spiked with rock salt. Santana then visits Dalton Academy, in order to give Sebastian a piece of her mind. 

~Smooth Criminal~ 11ep.3season

The two perform a duet of Smooth Criminal, as a diva-off. During the duet, it was seen that Sebastian totally checked Santana out! Santana then provokes Sebastian into revealing that he had in fact added a substance to the slushie he threw at Blaine, when aiming for Kurt. The substance turned out to be rock salt. He then slushies Santana with a regular slushie.

New Directions practice later that day, Santana tells the glee club that she recorded Sebastian admitting there was rock salt in the slushie that damaged Blaine's eye. She is all set to give the tape to the police so that Sebastian gets taken to a juvenile detention center. Kurt tells Santana that it is a stupid idea and that if Michael Jackson went after all the haters, then he wouldn't have had time to produce all his music. Later, Santana gives the tape to Sebastian after the New Directions perform Black or White.

In a deleted scene, Santana - alongside Kurt, Blaine, Rachel, and Artie - walk into Dalton where they watch Sebastian and the Warblers sing I Want You Back by The Jackson 5. Throughout the performance, Santana remains unimpressed and unamused. During the performance, Sebastian purposely shoves Santana, causing her to immediate react into an act of surprise mixed with anger. At the end of song, Sebastian asks what "Shaqueera" thought, which she answered immediately that it sucked, and that she was "gonna wipe the floor at Regionals with his wannabe Disney prince haircut." While walking away, Blaine asks what she really thought, to which she replied that they have a serious competitor at Regionals.

On My Way


Santana, along with Kurt, Blaine, and Brittany, come to confront Sebastian in order to tell him that the bullying needs to stop, to which he reluctantly agrees and apologizes for his recent behaviour, saying that he wants to win fair and square. He says that the Warblers are going to dedicate their performance to Dave Karofsky and invites them to do the same whether they win, lose or draw. During What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger), after Santana sings her line, Sebastian is seen looking on with a smile. Their rivalry and tight friendship has loosened up.

Season Five

Love Love Love

In All You Need is Love, Sebastian and Santana were standing close to each other for a second. They also provide back-up vocals for Blaine in his solo, along with the rest of New Directions, The Warblers, Vocal Adrenaline and the Haverbrook School for the Deaf



Sang Together (In a Group Number)

Season Three



Solos with

Bad Michael Blaine and Artie

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