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Episode One

Auditions for New Directions take place. Mercedes Sam Sugar Stoner Brett N/A
Kurt De'wanda
Tina Sunshine Blaine Jake
Rachel Marley
A male character is seen singing in the shower. Finn Sam N/A Brody N/A
A performance intimidates someone in New Directions. Vocal Adrenaline's Rehab Sunshine's Telephone Harmony's Anything Goes/Anything You Can Do Marley's New York State of Mind N/A
A couple has broken up. N/A Artie and Tina Sam and Mercedes Mike and Tina N/A
Puck and Lauren
Someone gets a slushie in the face. Rachel Kurt Finn Marley N/A
A new faculty member is introduced. N/A Shannon Beiste Nancy Bletheim Cassandra July N/A
Millie Rose
A faculty member is accused of doing something inappropriate. Sandy is accused for touching Hank inappropriately Beiste is falsely accused of touching Brittany inappropriately N/A Cassandra is accused of being drunk in class. Figgins is accused of various misdeeds that were planted by Sue.
A male member of the glee club has left. N/A Matt Sam Rory Joe (possibly)
A song is sung in the courtyard. N/A Empire State of Mind It's Not Unusual It's Time Got To Get You Into My Life
Blaine sings in the courtyard. N/A It's Not Unusual It's Time Got To Get You Into My Life
Shannon makes a pig squeal. N/A In Figgins' office. In teachers' lounge N/A
Jacob Ben Israel interviews the New Directions. N/A About their summer. About their senior year. About their newfound popularity and about who the "New Rachel" will be. N/A
Quinn sees the final performance. Don't Stop Believin' N/A You Can't Stop the Beat N/A
A performance by the New Directions is not well received. N/A Empire State of Mind is ignored by everyone except Sam and Sunshine. We Got the Beat causes a food fight. N/A
Mike and Tina are offended by... N/A Jacob Sue N/A
Sue has a plan to... N/A Get Shannon fired. Remove arts programs. N/A Get Figgins fired and become the new prinicpal.
A confrontation involving one of the Cheerios. N/A Quinn vs. Santana Santana vs. Becky Kitty vs. Marley Kitty vs. Bree
A rival for Rachel is introduced Mercedes Sunshine Harmony Cassandra N/A
Quinn sports a new look. N/A Cheerio Skank N/A
Someone rejoins the Cheerios N/A Quinn Brittany N/A
Rachel dislikes a performer who has a peculiar name. N/A Sunshine Sugar N/A
Someone asks when glee rehearsals start. Rachel N/A Sugar N/A
Someone gets jealous of another student. Rachel is jealous of Hank. Rachel is jealous of Sunshine. Finn is jealous of Blaine. Brittany, Blaine, and Tina are jealous of Unique. Bree is jealous of Kitty
Someone gives Kurt a hard time. Puck Azimio N/A Kitty N/A
Mike and Tina perform together. N/A Getting to Know You Chopsticks N/A
Sue mentions that she has heptitis. To the Cheerios. N/A During Sue's Corner. N/A
A mash-up is performed. That's the Way (I Like It)/(Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty N/A Anything Goes/Anything You Can Do Americano/Dance Again N/A
A sing off takes place. N/A Telephone N/A Call Me Maybe N/A
Recent pop songs of the year are performed. I Kissed a Girl Telephone N/A Call Me Maybe N/A
Empire State of Mind Dance Again
A female brunette with a powerful voice is introduced and sings a solo. Rachel Sunshine Harmony Marley N/A
Rachel sings a duet Don't Stop Believin' with Finn Telephone with Sunshine Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead with Kurt New York State of Mind with Marley A Hard Day's Night with Santana
Mike and Tina's relationship. N/A They begin dating each other. Tina loses her virginity to Mike. They break up. It's revealed Mike broke up with her because she wasn't "Asian enough."
Someone watches New Directions performing in auditorium. Puck Sam and Sunshine Quinn Jake N/A
Sue, Quinn and Santana
Someone changes over the summer. N/A Santana gets a boob job. Quinn joins the Skanks. Tina becomes sassier. N/A
Someone isn't welcomed by the New Directions. Finn
(after he quits)
Sunshine Blaine Unique N/A
At the end of the episode, the New Directions perform in a specific color. Red N/A Purple Black Red
A male character leaves/has left the glee club. Hank Matt Sam Rory Joe (possibly)
A performance intimidates Rachel Rehab Listen Anything Goes/Anything You Can Do Americano/Dance Again N/A
A scene involving Burt driving Kurt to somewhere. N/A N/A N/A Kurt is dropped off at the airport by Burt for his departure to New York. To Dalton Academy for Blaine's proposal to Kurt

Episode Two

Parallel 1x022x023x024x025x02
The plot revolves around the Glee club members being unhappy with Will's decision About performing disco songs. About Will's stance against Britney Spears songs. About setting up Booty Camp. N/A
Sexual performance at pep rally. Push It Toxic N/A Gimme More N/A
A female character is referred to as an object. Quinn refers to Rachel as "that thing." Rachel admits that the boys in the school are "objectifying" her. N/A Phil Lipoff calls Marley Rose's mother "That." N/A
Brittany's first... Brittany's first appearance. Brittany's firstSeason 5 Episode 8- Previously Unaired Christmas 1.jpg solo. Brittany's first campaign for class president. Brittany's first voiceover. Brittany's first absence in a Prom episode.
Brittany is delusional. N/A Thinks Dr. Pepper is a dentist, thought she was kidnapped and probed by aliens, and has Britney Spears fantasies. Thinks ponies become unicorns when they do good deeds. Thinks she is doing a voice-over. N/A
A New Directions girl singing directly to a crush. Rachel sings Take a Bow about Finn. Rachel sings The Only Exception to Finn. N/A Marley sings Everytime to Jake. N/A
Brittany realizes her self-worth and gains confidence to do something. N/A Has a Britney Spears fantasy and gains the confidence to step up and perform To run for class president because she is a "bicorn" In the end of episode she gets back her confidence N/A
Rachel sings. Yes
Emma's boyfriend is introduced. Reveals that she and Ken are dating. Carl debuts. N/A
Jacob Ben Israel gets excited over a provactive New Directions performance in the pep rally. During Push It During Toxic N/A
An adult special guest star appears. N/A John Stamos as Carl Howell Idina Menzel as Shelby Corcoran Kate Hudson as Cassandra July Peter Facinelli as Rupert Campion
All the songs are in the theme in except one. N/A All the songs are Britney Spears songs except for The Only Exception All the songs are from West Side Story except for I'm The Greatest Star All the songs are Britney Spears songs except for Boyfriend and Crazy N/A
There's a bathroom scene between a student and teacher Rachel and Emma N/A Quinn and Sue N/A
Quinn joins/rejoins the glee club for a reason other than to sing. To keep an eye on Finn and acts as a spy for Sue. N/A Rejoins to try to get Beth back. N/A
Will gets angry with a student. At Rachel for the sexual performance at the assembly. At Kurt for mouthing off to him. At Quinn, because she blames him for everything that happened to her At Brittany, because she lip-synced in the pep rally performance. N/A
John Stamos Emma mentions John Stamos. John Stamos appears as Dr. Carl Howell N/A
Santana sticks up for Brittany when she's arguing with Kurt. N/A When they're discussing why Brittany doesn't want to do Britney Spears songs. When Kurt gets mad at Brittany for putting up the unicorn campaign posters. N/A
Finn and Rachel share a kiss. On the stage. In the locker room. At the repair shop. N/A
A tribute to Britney Spears No Yes No Yes No
Rachel has a conflict with another person, which then makes her sing a song Rachel sings Take a Bow after fighting with Finn over their "secret" kiss. Rachel sings Baby One More Time after she feels threatened about how her relationship with Finn is working. Rachel and Shelby sing Somewhere about their kinship. Rachel sings Oops... I Did It Again to prove to Cassandra that she can be sexy. Rachel and Kurt sing Get Back because Rachel is sad since Santana made a commercial and she hasn't achieved anyting yet.
Brittany's first solo of the season, which happens to be by Britney Spears. N/A I'm a Slave 4 U N/A Gimme More N/A
Hold It Against Me
The last song performed is a solo Take a Bow The Only Exception Something's Coming Everytime N/A
The plot revolves around Brittany. N/A Her confidence about singing Britney songs. Helping Kurt with his campaign, and then starting her own campaign. Becomes depressed after getting kicked off the Cheerios and not hearing from Santana. N/A
Brittany is sad because... N/A She doesn't want to live under Britney's shadow. She thinks she disappointed Kurt as his campaign manager. She misses Santana and was kicked off the Cheerios. N/A
"It's Brittany, bitch" is said by Brittany. No Yes No Yes No
"Leave Brittany alone!" is said by... N/A Santana N/A Wes Fahey N/A
The performances are reproduced the same way as the originals Britney's performances N/A I'm a Slave 4 U N/A Gimme More


Me Against the Music
Baby One More Time
It is a tribute episode No Yes No Yes Yes

Episode Three

Parallel 1x03 2x03 3x03 4x03 5x03
The episode is named as a result of snappy word play. Yes N/A
Kurt and Mercedes hit a small bump in their friendship. Mercedes has crush on Kurt, but Kurt is gay. Mercedes is a Christian while Kurt is an atheist. Mercedes has a conflict with everyone, including Kurt, during It's All Over. N/A
Mercedes' first released solo of the season Bust Your Windows I Look to You Spotlight N/A I'll Stand by You
Mercedes sings a solo inspired by Kurt Bust Your Windows I Look to You N/A
Bridge Over Troubled Water
Mercedes is called "Effie" by... Dakota Stanley N/A New Directions during It's All Over. N/A
"Yentl" is incorporated. Mentioned by Dakota Stanley. Papa, Can You Hear Me? is sung by Rachel. N/A
Something is revealed about Kurt. He's gay. He's an atheist. N/A He owns a fashion site. N/A
Cheerios assist in a performance against Kurt. Bust Your Windows N/A Run the World (Girls) N/A
A song refers to "ruling the world." N/A Run the World (Girls) Everybody Wants to Rule the World N/A
The episode contains a religious theme. N/A Finn thinks he has found God in the form of his grilled cheese sandwich. Will wants to learn how to pray with Emma. N/A New Directions say goodbye to Finn.
Someone's parents are introduced. Will's parents. N/A Mike's parents N/A
Emma's parents.
Puck sings. I Wanna Sex You Up Only The Good Die Young It's All Over N/A Seasons of Love
No Surrender
A dinner with parents. Will and Terri with Will's parents. Kurt and Finn with Burt and Carole. Will and Emma with Emma's parents. N/A
Someone talks about doing inventory Howard Bamboo Burt Hummel N/A
The episode ends with a number where all members are wearing white N/A One of Us Fix You N/A
A flashback to a character's childhood is seen. N/A Kurt Emma N/A
Mercedes has two female background singers in her solo N/A Quinn and Tina Brittany and Tina N/A
Puck and Finn's dancing. They get into a fight during Acafellas practice. N/A Puck makes fun of Finn during Booty Camp. N/A
Mercedes is greatly featured She has a crush on Kurt. She tries to help Kurt and takes him to church. Mercedes competes for the part of Maria against Rachel. N/A She pays tribute to Finn.
Kurt goes to the sing-along to The Sound of Music Kurt and Mercedes plan on going until they get in a fight. Kurt plans on going but Burt has a heart attack, stopping his plans. N/A
Someone has a medical issue. Henri chopped off his thumbs. Burt has a heart attack The origins of Emma's OCD are revealed. N/A Finn passes away.
Someone starts his/her campaign for senior class president. N/A Brittany Blaine N/A

Episode Four

Parallel 1x04 2x04 3x04 4x04 5x04
Pregnancy is mentioned. Quinn reveals she is pregnant with Finn's baby. Kurt assumes Rachel is pregnant. Brittany says the Selena Gomez's pregnancy rumors are false. N/A Unique suggests reenacting a birth on stage.
A secret is revealed. Quinn reveals she's pregnant, but it turns out to be Puck's baby, not Finn's. Sam reveals that he's not a natural blonde. Brittany and Santana are officially dating. Blaine cheats on Kurt. Bree's manipulations towards Jake
A male character joins the club. Puck Sam Rory N/A
Kurt appears in the boys locker room. Kurt joins the football team. Kurt talks to Sam while he's taking a shower. N/A
Kurt discusses his sexuality with his dad. Kurt comes out to Burt. They discuss how lonely Kurt feels because he is the only openly gay student at McKinley. Kurt believes that voters won't vote for his dad because he has a gay son. N/A
Rachel and a solo. Rachel gets angry about losing the solo to Tina. Rachel purposely tries to not get a solo. N/A Rachel mentions singing My Man.
Mercedes and Santana convince one another. N/A Santana convinces Mercedes to sing a duet with her. Mercedes convinces Santana to join Shelby's glee club. N/A
Quinn and Beth's first... Quinn discovers she's pregnant with Beth. N/A Quinn sees Beth face to face since she gave her up for adoption. N/A
An intimate moment between Brittany and Santana. N/A They make-out in Brittany Pierce's room. They hold hands at Breadstix. They share a kiss in Santana's room. N/A
Puck and Beth's mother. We learn Puck is the father of Quinn's baby. N/A Puck kisses Shelby. N/A
Puck does something bad. N/A Steals from an ATM machine. Kisses Shelby Corcoran. N/A
Finn tries to help someone feel accepted. Kurt on the football team. Sam on joining the glee club and facing bullies. Rory on joining the glee club and making new friends at school. N/A
Brittany and a guy's virginity. N/A Artie loses his virginity to her. Rory wants to lose his virginity to her. N/A
Someone isn't feeling like a part of the group. Rachel Kurt Santana Blaine Marley
A member of and New Directions quits because of solos Rachel N/A Brittany N/A
Santana and Breadstix. N/A Santana wants to win a coupon for Breadstix. Santana goes on a date with Brittany at Breadstix. Santana attends the Left Behind Club at Breadstix. N/A
A song containing a word that references nighttime is sung. Tonight (Tina) N/A Last Friday Night N/A Marry The Night
Brittany's bedroom. N/A Yes N/A
Relationship problems or intimacy. Quinn and Finn Brittany and Artie Puck and Shelby Finn and Rachel Jake and Marley
Kurt and Blaine
Will and Terri Quinn and Sam Brittany and Santana Sam and Penny
Will and Emma
A song by Katy Perry is performed. N/A Last Friday Night Teenage Dream Wide Awake
Blaine and Katy Perry N/A Blaine sings Last Friday Night Blaine sings Teenage Dream Blaine mentions he's a proud Katy Perry.
Someone cheats on their significant other by "hooking-up" with someone else N/A Blaine cheats on Kurt with Eli.C Jake cheats on Marley with Bree

Episode Five

Parallel 1x05 2x05 3x05 4x05 5x05
The students perform with an adult. Last Name with April Whatever Happened to Saturday Night? with Carl N/A Born to Hand Jive with Mercedes and Mike Blurred Lines with Will
Juke Box Hero with Finn
A guest character impresses the glee club. April Carl N/A
The first song performed in the episode is from a musical, which has some sort of significance. Maybe This Time (Cabaret) Science Fiction Double Feature (The Rocky Horror Show) Tonight (West Side Story) Hopelessly Devoted to You (Grease) You Are Woman, I Am Man (Funny Girl)
Relationship problems involving Will and Emma. Emma accuses Will of having feelings for April, implying she's jealous. Will is jealous of Carl. N/A Emma lies about going to Washington D.C., but tells him the truth. N/A
Will's motives are questioned. Emma questions him about letting April joining glee club. Principal Figgins questions him about doing The Rocky Horror Show as the school play. N/A Sue fires Will for inappropriate behavior when he tries to get the students to twerk.
A new major character is introduced. April Carl Sebastian Ryder N/A
A promiscuous character is involved with the storyline. April N/A Sebastian N/A Bree
The episode title begins with "The" The Rhodes Not Taken The Rocky Horror Glee Show The First Time The Role You Were Born to Play The End of Twerk
Second word in the episode title begins with "R" Rhodes Rocky N/A Role N/A
A released song has two separate performances. Quinn's version of Don't Stop Believin' is performed after being performed in Pilot. There's a Light (Over At The Frankenstein Place) is shown at two separate times in the episode. A Boy Like That/I Have A Love was split in two parts of the episode. N/A
Kurt loses his "innocence." Gets drunk for the first time. N/A Loses his virginity. N/A Gets a tattoo and a piercing.
Someone mentions smoking a pipe. April N/A Santana during America N/A
Someone cries after a performance. Kurt after Maybe This Time N/A Beiste after Tonight Blaine after Hopelessly Devoted To You Unique after If I Were a Boy
Marley after Wrecking Ball
Puck talks about Rachel. Puck thinks Rachel can sing, despite making him want to set himself on fire. N/A Puck thought he would be the one taking Rachel's virginity. N/A
Finn and Rachel use one another. Finn takes advantage of Rachel to get her back in glee club so he can apply to college. N/A Rachel wants to have sex so that she can play Maria better. N/A
Finn and Rachel take a step forward. They share a kiss. N/A They have sex for the first time. N/A
Finn tries to get someone to join/rejoin glee club. Rachel N/A Ryder N/A
Sue interferes with the school musical. Yes No Yes No
The longest episode title of the season. Yes No Yes No

Episode Six

Parallel 1x062x063x064x065x06
The mash-up competition takes place. Boys vs Girls New Directions vs. The Troubletones N/A
A teacher, other than Will, is present for the mash-up competition. Emma Beiste Shelby N/A
The competing show choirs for Sectionals are revealed. Jane Addams Academy and Haverbrook School for the Deaf Dalton Academy Warblers and The Hipsters The Troubletones and The Unitards N/A
New Directions develop a weird habit. Using caffeine pills. Imagining Beiste to control their arousal. N/A
A performance involves leather jackets and the use of a Bon Jovi song in a mash-up. It's My Life/Confessions Part II Start Me Up/Livin' On a Prayer N/A
New Directions costs a female teacher her job. The glee club uses over-the-counter drugs from Terri, which leads to her getting fired. The glee club imagines Beiste to control their arousal, which leads to her wanting to resign. N/A
Mercedes has a solo in the all-girls mash-up performance and the performances are all one color. Halo/Walking on Sunshine in yellow. Start Me Up/Livin' on a Prayer in black. Rumour Has It/Someone Like You in black. N/A
Puck and math class. Puck mentions that he hasn't been to a math class in two years. Artie offers to tutor Puck in geometry because he's failing. Shelby is Puck's geometry substitute teacher. N/A
A bully's true sexuality is revealed. N/A Karofsky kisses Kurt after Kurt confronts him over his bullying. Santana gets outed by Finn after having enough of Santana's bullying. N/A
A scene between two teachers in the boys' locker room. Ken and Emma Beiste and Will N/A
A student runs out of someone's office, upset. N/A Puck runs out of Figgins' office. Santana runs out of Sue's office. N/A
Kurt refuses to be bullied. N/A Kurt stands up to Karofsky. Kurt builds his class presidential campaign around anti-bullying. N/A

Kurt wants to be part of the girl's team in the Mash Up competition, but Will won't let him.

Yes N/A
Someone says "It's not personal" N/A Sam about picturing Beiste to "cool off." Sue on TV and to Kurt about her smear tactics. N/A

Episode Seven

Parallel 1x072x073x074x075x07
Sue tries to turn the glee club against Will. Dividing the kids by minority Giving Holly Will’s job N/A
Finn and Gwyneth Paltrow Finn mentions Gwyneth Paltrow. Finn dances with Holly Holiday, who is portrayed by Gwyneth Paltrow. N/A Finn mentions The Avengers, a film starring Gwyneth Paltrow. N/A
New Directions gets a new director. Sue Holly Shelby Finn N/A
The glee club performs a fun Top 40 number Hate on Me Forget You I Kissed a Girl Some Nights The Fox
The glee club performs a big number at the end in the auditorium Keep Holding On Singin' In the Rain/Umbrella N/A Some Nights The Fox
The co-director allows the students to choose the music and recognises that Will always chooses music he likes. Sue Holly N/A
A teacher has a romance with a guest character. N/A Will and Holly Holiday Beiste and Cooter N/A
A female character doesn't care about risking her health to sleep with someone. N/A Terri doesn't care about getting sick from Will's illness. Quinn doesn't care if she gets pregnant by Puck. N/A
A teacher sings with the students. N/A Holly sings Forget You, Nowadays/Hot Honey Rag and Singing in the Rain/Umbrella with New Directions. Shelby sings Constant Craving with Santana and Kurt. N/A
A group number is performed to show support for a character. Quinn N/A Santana Blaine
A substitute for Will. Sue Holly N/A Finn N/A
A duet between two females. N/A Holly and Rachel sing Nowadays/Hot Honey Rag. Rachel and Santana in I Kissed a Girl. Kitty and Marley sing Holding Out for a Hero. N/A

Episode Eight

Parallel 1x082x083x084x085x08
A competition takes place N/A Sectionals N/A
Plot involves a wedding Emma and Ken Burt and Carole N/A
Sue and herself.
Rod and Andrea
Plans for Hawaii that never happened Emma and Ken's wedding. Burt and Carole's honeymoon. N/A
Dance tutorials. Will teaches Emma to waltz. Kurt teaches Finn and Burt to waltz. Will teaches the New Directions Boys. Mike teaches the boys during sectionals rehearsals. N/A
Puckleberry Rachel and Puck hook-up. Finn mentions "Puckleberry." N/A
First appearance of a Karofsky. David Karofsky's first appearance. Paul Karofsky's first appearance. N/A
Someone returns to Ohio. N/A Doris Sam Quinn N/A
A fight involving a member (or former member) of New Directions breaks out. Finn and Azimio Sam and Karofsky Blaine and Sam Quinn and Santana N/A
A teacher separates the fight. Ken separates Finn and Azimio Beiste separates Sam and David Will separates Blaine and Sam N/A N/A
Someone quits/leaves the club. Finn Kurt N/A
Former members rejoin the glee club by the end of the episode. Finn N/A Brittany N/A
Quinn and a secret. Sue discovers Quinn is pregnant. N/A Quinn plans to reveal Puck and Shelby Corcoran's affair. Quinn reveals she is dating her 35-year old, married Yale professor. N/A
Puckleberry and bathrooms. Rachel cleans up Puck in the girls' bathroom. N/A When Rachel sings a line from We Are Young about a friend in the a bathroom, she's singing at Puck. N/A
The episode begins with Quinn walking. N/A Quinn is walking to talk to Rachel. Quinn walks into the auditorium. N/A

Episode Nine

Parallel 1x092x093x094x095x09
A split scene involving a song from a musical sung by Kurt and Rachel. Defying Gravity Don't Cry for Me Argentina N/A
Mentions of disabilities. The episode focuses on Artie's disability. Episode title refers to students with disabilities. Artie mentions his physical disability. N/A Tina accidentally throws Artie out of his wheelchair.
Becky Jackson is introduced.
Jean Sylvester is introduced.
Tina and Artie interaction. Tina and Artie begin dating. Tina tells Artie that she believes Mike and Brittany are having an affair. N/A They run into each other in the hallway. They fight for the valedictorian title.
Finn fights with his girlfriend Quinn Rachel Rachel N/A
Rachel fights for a solo. Kurt and Rachel have a diva-off to win the Defying Gravity solo. Rachel fights for a solo at Sectionals when Will decides he wants new singers. Rachel sings River for the lead in Artie's Christmas Special. N/A Santana sings Don't Rain on My Parade and Rachel gets angry because she thinks it's Rachel's song.
Artie gets angry at his girlfriend. Artie gets angry at Tina because she faked her stutter. Artie accuses Brittany of cheating. N/A
Lauren's first... Lauren's first appearance Lauren's first performance at Sectionals. N/A
Kurt auditions for something with a song from a musical. Defying Gravity for a solo Don't Cry for Me Argentina for a solo N/A Being Alive for NYADA N/A
Puck saves the day. Earned money for their bus to Sectionals. Recruited Lauren as their twelfth member for Sectionals. N/A
Puck and illegal subtsances. Used marijuana as an igredient in the cupcakes for the bake sale. He told Rachel that he uses steroids. N/A
Someone in New Directions misses someone. N/A New Directions miss Kurt. Sam and Rory miss their family. Artie misses Sugar. N/A
Kurt sings a song from a musical. Defying Gravity Don't Cry for Me Argentina My Favorite Things Being Alive N/A
Kurt faces a difficulty, concerning another person.

Defying Gravity diva-off

(Rachel Berry)

N/A N/A Carmen Tibideaux Elliott Gilbert

Rachel faces a competition.

Defying Gravity diva-off Sectionals N/A Winter Showcase Santana auditions for Funny Girl's Fanny Brice understudy and this starts a competition feud between them.

Episode Ten

Parallel 1x102x103x104x105x10
Kurt admits that he's in love with someone. Finn Blaine N/A Blaine N/A
Will keeps things professional with Rachel. Rachel cleans Will's house, so he drives her home. Rachel invites Will to her house for Christmas Eve, but he politely declines. N/A
Someone surprises Will at his apartment. Rachel Sue and New Directions N/A Emma
Finn makes a big decision about his relationship with Rachel N/A Officially breaks up with her Proposes to her N/A
A male character reveals something to his girlfriend's parents. Finn tells Quinn's parents that she is pregnant. N/A Will tells Emma's parents that he wants to marry her. N/A
The death of Finn's father is discussed. He was killed in battle. N/A He died of an overdose after being discharged from the military. N/A
Someone develops an unlikely crush. Rachel develops a crush on Will. N/A Becky develops a crush on Artie. N/A Tina and Sam kiss.
The final song is a New Directions group number Lean on Me Welcome Christmas We Found Love Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas N/A
Rachel sings a solo to the object of her affection. Crush to Will Merry Christmas Darling to Finn Without You to Finn N/A
Christmas-themed episode No Yes No Yes No
Kurt and Blaine duet. N/A Baby, It's Cold Outside N/A White Christmas N/A

Episode Eleven

Parallel 1x112x113x114x115x11
New Directions perform with another group. Haverbrook School for the Deaf McKinley Titans Dalton Academy Warblers N/A
An same-gendered, rival show choir sings a Destiny's Child song. Jane Addams Academy sing Bootylicious Dalton Academy Warblers sing Bills, Bills, Bills N/A
A mash-up or medley is performed. Hair/Crazy in Love Thriller/Heads Will Roll N/A Mr. Roboto/Counting Stars
Wigs are involved Hair/Crazy in Love California Gurls N/A Unique wears a wig.
Sue tries to sabotage New Directions. Sue demands that Will gives her the setlist. Sue forces Quinn, Brittany, and Santana choose between the Cheerios and New Directions. N/A Sue makes a call to the hotel where the kids are staying and attempts to prevent them to be allowed to be there.
Puck and Quinn play vital roles. Puck and Quinn babysit together to see if Puck can be a good father. Quinn has to choose between glee and the Cheerios while Puck attempts to revive his friendship with Finn. Quinn says goodbye to her past loves, including Puck. Puck and Quinn return to McKinley to mentor Jake and Kitty. N/A
Quinn asks Finn for intimacy. Quinn asks if they can be in love again. Quinn asks Finn to kiss her to remind her why she loved him. N/A
A Michael Jackson song is performed. N/A Thriller/Heads Will Roll Michael Jackson tribute N/A
Someone is slushied for the first time N/A Artie Blaine N/A
A scene takes place in a parking garage Terri surprises Will Schuester with an old car. N/A New Directions face off against Dalton Academy Warblers. N/A
Nielson ratings are among the highest (or lowest) of the season. 6.18 million viewers, lowest of the season. 26.80 million viewers, highest of the season (and overall). 9.07 million viewers, second highest of the season. 6.79 million viewers, third highest of the season. 2.30 million viewers, lowest rating of the season so far.
A member of New Directions gets hurt. N/A Tina Blaine N/A
Rachel sings a duet with a love interest You're The One That I Want with her crush Finn. Need You Now with her ex Puck. I Just Can't Stop Loving You with her boyfriend Finn. N/A
New Directions perform a Michael Jackson, wearing outfits from his music videos. N/A Thriller/Heads Will Roll, dressed as zombies from the Thriller video. Wanna Be Startin' Somethin', wearing many classic Michael Jackson outifts. N/A
The Warblers make an appearance. No Yes No
Tina gets a solo True Colors N/A I Don't Know How To Love Him N/A
Lauren talks about scholarships. N/A Yes N/A Yes N/A

Episode Twelve

Parallel 1x122x123x124x125x12
Mentions of possible disqualification. New Directions Dalton Academy Warblers N/A Dalton Academy Warblers get disqualified. N/A
Pajamas are worn Jump performance features pajamas. Rachel, Kurt and Mercedes have a sleepover. Rachel, Kurt, and Mercedes have another sleepover. Rachel wears pajamas during Torn. N/A
Quinn tries to reclaim her past Quinn tries to get into the Cheerios yearbook photo Quinn gets back together with Finn N/A Quinn kisses Puck.
Finn leaves Rachel hanging Finn doesn't show up for yearbook photos. Finn doesn't react when he and Rachel kiss. N/A
Talk of a hypothetical gay marriage involving Blaine. N/A Blaine mentions that if he and Jeremiah got married, the Gap would give him a 50% discount. Rachel asks Kurt what he would do if Blaine proposed to him. N/A April asks Blaine and Kurt when are they getting married.
Rachel sings with her hairbrush. N/A Firework N/A Torn N/A

Episode Thirteen

Parallel 1x132x133x134x135x13
Someone breaks up with Quinn. Finn Sam N/A
Sue's attempt at sabotage. Sue gives the setlist to the rival show choirs. Sue tries to destroy Rachel and Mercedes N/A
Rachel has a stand off with a rival. Rachel and Mercedes both want the solo at Sectionals. Rachel and Mercedes sing Take Me or Leave Me. N/A Rachel and Kurt sing Bring Him Home at NYADA. Rachel is willing to give Santana 10 Funny Girl shows, but Santana wants them all.
A lie comes back to haunt Quinn. Finn finds out that Puck is the real father of her baby. Sam finds out that Quinn was cheating on him with Finn. N/A
A long-anticipated kiss happens between a couple. Will and Emma N/A Brittany and Santana N/A
A singing group that consist of four people debuts and perform two songs. N/A The Justin Bieber Experience The God Squad N/A
Infedelity is revealed. Finn learns that Quinn cheated on him with Puck Sam finds out Quinn cheated on him with Finn. Mercedes reveals to Shane that she cheated on him with Sam. N/A Santana and Brittany kiss each other and have romantic interaction. However, it is not clear if this is infidelity as Santana and Dani's relationship status is unknown.
A New Directions member's mouth is mentioned by a brunette of the opposite gender. Artie mentions how Rachel how she can't keep her mouth shut. Santana talks about how large Sam's mouth is. N/A
A song is sung with the word "love" in the title. N/A Somebody to Love Chapel of Love N/A
Let Me Love You
I Will Always Love You
Love Shack
Santana has troubles involving her relationship with Brittany. N/A Principal Figgins won't allow them to kiss in public. Santana receives a call from Tina about Brittany and Sam's relationship. Brittany wants Santana to go to Lesbos with her and never come back, but Santana isn't sure.
Santana and Sam interaction. N/A They start dating. Sam and The God Squad serenade Brittany a singing telegram from Santana Santana and Sam face-off for Brittany's affections. N/A
Santana and Brittany interact romantically. No, but it is first mentioned that they have sex. N/A They kiss.

Episode Fourteen

Parallel 1x142x143x144x145x14
Rachel kisses and pursues a boy from a rival show choir. Jesse Blaine N/A
A kiss with Will occurs at his home Emma Beiste N/A
Will does or talks about something he regrets. He makes out with Shelby He drunk-dials Sue He reveals he contemplated suicide. He regrets leaving Emma with all the planning for the wedding and dismissing her stress. N/A
Rachel's first... Rachel's mother, Shelby, makes her first appearance. Rachel's first time having a party and drinking alcohol. Rachel's first wedding. Rachel's first pregnancy scare. Rachel's first own chauffeur
Rachel has a conversation with a guy by the piano. Jesse Puck N/A
Puck and Quinn discuss Quinn's body Puck calls her fat. Quinn misses her abs. N/A
Rachel sings a duet with a boy from another school. Rachel sings Hello with Jesse. Rachel sings Don't You Want Me with Blaine. N/A
A glee club member has a date with an LGBT character. Finn goes on a date with Brittany and Santana. Rachel goes on a date with Blaine. N/A Tina attends Will and Emma's wedding with Blaine. N/A
Rachel sings a solo to Finn with the lyrics about "giving hell." Gives You Hell N/A Here's to Us N/A
Car accidents N/A Figgins talks about showing students a "grisly slideshow" about drinking and driving. Quinn gets hit by a truck while texting Rachel. N/A
Rachel gives Finn hell. She sings Gives You Hell to him. She hangs all over him while drunk. She makes him angry about the nude photo Sebastian made of him. She mentions her and Brody moving in together. N/A
A wedding is supposed to take place, but doesn't. N/A Rachel and Finn's wedding. Will and Emma's wedding. N/A
Teenagers drinking alcohol N/A New Directions N/A Quinn N/A
Blaine Santana
When Blaine is pursued by a female, Kurt calls them a hag. N/A Rachel pursues Blaine, while Kurt tells Rachel that what she goes through is experienced "by many-a-hag about many-a-gay." N/A Tina gets jealous of Kurt because she still likes Blaine and Kurt calls her a "hag" for liking him. N/A
Something happens that relates to Rachel and Finn's relationship. They start dating then break up. Rachel is needy to him when drunk, claiming she will do "anything" for him. They almost get married. After singing We've Got Tonite, they have sex and Rachel has a pregnancy scare. N/A
Blaine and Kurt stay distant. N/A Blaine doubts about his sexuality and this leads to a confrontation between him and Kurt. N/A Kurt and Blaine are together in Will and Emma's wedding but stay "just friends." Blaine moves with Kurt and they realize they can't get enough self space, so Blaine moves out.

Episode Fifteen

Parallel 1x152x153x154x155x15
Emma and Rachel and sex. Emma wants to have sex with Will, but decides against it. Emma refuses to have sex with Carl. N/A
Rachel decides she's not ready to lose her virginity. Rachel reaffirms her choice to stay a virgin.
Will makes out with someone. Emma Holly N/A
Artie gets the girl. Tina Brittany Quinn as a friend. N/A
A provocative dance number is performed. Like a Virgin Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah) N/A
The topic of sex or sexuality is discussed. Emma, Rachel and Finn plan on losing their virginity. Holly teaches sex education. N/A Rachel has a pregnancy scare. Kurt is gay bashed.
Someone is mistaken as a relative of one of the glee club members. Jesse as Will's son. N/A Cooper as Kurt's brother. N/A
Emma sings. Like a Virgin Afternoon Delight N/A You're All the World to Me N/A
Santana's first... Santana sings for the first time. Santana admits her feelings for Brittany for the first time. N/A Santana experiences her first real week in New York. N/A
A guest mentors the glee club, wearing all black and sits backwards on the chair. N/A Holly Cooper N/A
An adult performs with someone younger. Vogue by Sue with Kurt and Mercedes. Landslide by Holly with Santana and Brittany. Hungry Like the Wolf/Rio by Cooper with Blaine. In Your Eyes, by Will with New Directions. N/A
Sue calls a group of students "Sloppy Babies" Cheerios N/A New Directions N/A
Blaine's strained relationship with a family member is mentioned. N/A Blaine and his father. Blaine and his brother. N/A
Blaine says "I've tried talking to him," after experiencing bad communication with that person. N/A Kurt about sex. Cooper about how he doesn't support Blaine. N/A
Somebody tells to Santana about being pregnant N/A Brittany N/A Rachel N/A
Girls of New Directions perform a Madonna song Express Yourself N/A Material Girl N/A

Episode Sixteen

Parallel 1x162x163x164x165x16
Kurt sings with a boy he likes, which impacts their relationship. He sings A House Is Not a Home with Finn. He sings Candles with Blaine. N/A He sings Love Is a Battlefield with Blaine.
Mercedes sings a solo to find her own self-confidence. Beautiful Hell to the No Disco Inferno N/A I Want to Know What Love Is
A song is sung about a second chance to make things right. Home Get It Right N/A Let's Wait Awhile
Someone dies of a stroke. April's wealthy boyfriend Pavarotti N/A
Sue tries to sabotage a show choir that threatens their chances at Regionals. She takes over the auditorium so New Directions can't practice for Regionals. She fakes a cease and desist letter from My Chemical Romance so they have no set list for Regionals She forces Kurt and Mercedes to convince Unique to go onstage in drag to jeopardize Vocal Adrenaline from winning Regionals. N/A
Kurt's feelings are reciprocated Finn becomes his friend despite knowledge of Kurt's crush. Blaine admits to liking Kurt and kisses him. N/A Blaine and him feel that they're competing.
A Regionals competition takes place N/A New Directions Vocal Adrenaline N/A
Blaine opens the episode with a song. N/A Misery You Should Be Dancing N/A
Blaine sings a duet. N/A Candles with Kurt N/A I Still Believe/Super Bass with Sue Love Is a Battlefield with Kurt
Two people confront each other about someone they have feelings for. N/A Quinn and Rachel over Finn N/A Finn and Brody over Rachel N/A

Episode Eighteen

Parallel 1x172x173x174x17
New Directions sings overlooked songs. They sing songs with a bad reputation. They sing songs that are under-appreciated. N/A They sing their guilty pleasure songs.
Someone gets heckled. Sue New Directions N/A Jake
Sue conspires with someone to take down Will. Emma Pillsbury League of Doom N/A
Members of New Directions feel less important than the rest of the group. Artie Mercedes Quinn N/A
Sandy appears Run Joey Run As a member of the League of Doom. N/A
Emma officially ends her relationship with someone. Will Carl N/A
Someone officially ends her relationship with Will Emma Holly N/A
Sue versus New Directions New Directions tries to humiliate Sue by posting an embarrassing video on YouTube. Sue gets people to heckle New Directions at their "Night of Neglect" benefit. N/A
Puck does Rachel a favor. He helps Rachel with her bad reputation assignment. He searches for poodles upon Rachel's orders. N/A
New Directions boy tells their significant other, "I transferred schools to be with you," during a fight. Jesse to Rachel N/A Blaine to Kurt N/A
A member of New Directions sings a song in the choir room to apologize to their boyfriend. Rachel sings Total Eclipse of the Heart to Jesse N/A Kurt sings I Have Nothing to Blaine N/A
Whitney Houston is mentioned. N/A A tribute to Whitney Houston. Artie informs Jake that Bobby Brown allegedly got Whitney Houston hooked on crack.

Episode Eighteen

Parallel LaryngitisBorn This WayChokeShooting Star
A song by Sammy Davis Jr. is performed. The Lady Is a Tramp I've Gotta Be Me N/A
Rachel sees a doctor with Finn and discusses surgery. Rachel and Finn see the doctor for Rachel's sore throat and protests to having surgery on her throat. Rachel sees a doctor after Finn breaks her nose and considers plastic surgery. N/A
A couple is formed to hide the fact that one or both of them are gay. Brittany and Kurt. Santana and Karofsky. N/A
Kurt sings a solo from a musical about returning. Rose's Turn upon returning to his true self. As If We Never Said Goodbye upon returning to McKinley Not the Boy Next Door which is about returning as a different person. N/A
The club sings about how they feel about themselves. One Born This Way N/A Say
The plot has something to do with someone's appearance. Puck loses his mohawk. Rachel wants to have a nose job. Beiste's bruises from being hit by Cooter. N/A
Finn sings a solo. Jessie's Girl I've Gotta Be Me N/A
The assignment involves performances about yourself Expressing yourself Accepting yourself N/A
Puck has a big part in the episode. Puck loses his mohawk and popularity, so he pursues Mercedes, who is popular because she is a Cheerio. Puck arranges the Barbara-vention to stop Rachel from getting a nose job. Puck's father returns and Puck fails his geography test. N/A
Puck and parents Puck's mother shaved off his mohawk. N/A Puck's father returns. N/A
Puck sings a duet from a musical Lady Is a Tramp N/A The Rain in Spain N/A
Something bad happens to Rachel. She contracts laryngitis. Her nose is broken. She chokes during her NYADA audition. She's not in the episode at all.
A dark theme is present in the episode. Sean Fretthold's paralysis. Anti-gay bullying. Domestic violence. School shooting.
Beiste's sister, Denise, is mentioned N/A Yes

Episode Nineteen

Parallel 1x192x193x194x19
Songs with the word "dreams" are performed/mentioned. Dream On Dreams N/A Dream Weaver
I Dreamed a Dream Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
Dream a Little Dream You Make My Dreams
A former alumni returns and unknowingly assists in Sue's sabotage against Will. Bryan Ryan April Rhodes N/A
The episode title contains the word "dream." Dream On N/A Sweet Dreams
Will sings two duets with a guest star. He sings Piano Man and Dream On with Bryan. He sings Dreams and I've Slept With You with April. N/A
Artie fears that someone can give his girlfriend something he can't. Mike for Tina Santana for Brittany N/A
Someone's secret is revealed. Artie's dreams of dancing. Sam's family is poor and he lives in a hotel. N/A
Will is accused of being a pedophile by... Bryan Brittany N/A
A car is used for a secret meeting. Jesse and Shelby Rachel and Finn N/A
Someone wants to find the truth about something. Rachel and Jesse search for the truth about Rachel's mother. Rachel and Finn try to find out whether or not Quinn is actually cheating on Finn. Finn finds out Quinn can actually walk. Blaine confronts Becky about the gunshots.
A relationship begins to unravel. Rachel and Jesse Finn and Quinn N/A
Will gives up his dream of being in a musical for the glee club. Gives up a role in Les Misérables. Declines a role in Crossrhodes. N/A
Someone tries to walk Artie N/A Quinn N/A
Quinn sings in a duet N/A I Don't Want to Know Take My Breath Away N/A
Sue makes plans that don't go as she had hoped Persuading Bryan to give more money to athletics than to performing arts. Getting Will to move to NYC. Preventing the punch from being spiked. N/A
A scene takes place in a hotel room. N/A The motel room where Sam's family lives. The hotel room where the anti-prom takes place. N/A
Sue mixes homemade drinks for someone. N/A She makes cocktails for April and Terri She makes the punch for the prom. N/A
Alcoholic beverages are consumed. Will and Bryan get drinks at a bar. Sue, April and Terri drink Sue's homemade cocktails. Puck and Becky drink beer at the anti-prom. Puck and Becky also spikes the punch at the prom. The students at the college party drink alcohol.
Becky, the xylophone killer. N/A Becky destroys a priceless xylophone after failing to get nominated for prom queen. Becky knocks over a xylophone when Blaine confronts her about the gunshots.
Rachel dresses up as Fanny Brice. N/A In the auditorium while she is mourning the fact that she choked at her NYADA audition. While practicing the role of Fanny Brice before her Funny Girl audition.

Episode Twenty

Parallel 1x202x203x204x20
A scene between Kurt, Finn and Burt. Burt kicks Finn out of the house after insulting Kurt. Kurt shows off his prom outfit to Burt and Finn. N/A
Someone sneaks into an auditorium during a performance. Rachel walks in on Shelby Corcoran's performance of Funny Girl. Jesse walks in on Rachel's performance of Rolling in the Deep. Beiste walks in on Puck's performance of Mean. N/A
Rachel sings a Top 40 song as a duet in which its key is drastically different from the original. Poker Face Rolling in the Deep N/A
Rachel talks to someone from her past in the auditorium. Shelby Jesse N/A
Someone makes their own outfit New Directions Kurt Joe N/A
The guys serenade a New Directions girl. Quinn with Beth Brittany with Isn't She Lovely N/A
Someone tells Kurt to not make a big spectacle of himself. Finn Burt N/A
Kurt and Karofsky have a scene in the hallway. Karofsky starts bullying Kurt. Karofsky tearfully apologizes to Kurt. N/A
A physical fight occurs. Burt and Finn Finn and Jesse Puck and Rick "the Stick" N/A
Finn gets kicked out because of a fight. He gets kicked out of the Hummel house. He gets kicked out of prom. N/A
New Directions members are outside of their regular outfits. They are dressed in Lady Gaga or KISS-inspired outfits. They are dressed in prom attire. They are dressed as each other in Tina's dream. N/A
Homemade outfits are featured. Lady Gaga costumes. Kurt's prom kilt. New Directions' costumes for Nationals. N/A
Kurt cries in front of a guy he likes. Finn Blaine N/A
Kurt gets bullied. Karofsky and Azimio bully him. The student body pull a prank on him. N/A
Karofsky's last appearance of the season Yes N/A
Someone gets hurt/injured. Kurt and Tina are pushed against a locker. Quinn slaps Rachel. Tina slips and hits her head. N/A
Finn dresses flamboyantly Lady Gaga-inspired outfit. N/A Dressed as Kurt. N/A
Somebody asks to sing a duet with someone. Rachel is involved. Rachel asks Rachel with Poker Face. N/A Tina asks Rachel with Flashdance... What a Feeling. N/A
Tina is grossed out by Finn. She complains that she "pictured him licking stuff" in Shout It Out Loud. N/A She dreamed that Kurt (as Finn) wanted to have sex with her. N/A
Sue says that someone who is not dead is rolling over in their grave. N/A John McCain Jennifer Beals N/A

Episode Twenty-One

Parallel 1x212x213x214x21
The episode title starts with "fun" at the beginning of the word, however both have a depressing theme that has something to do with sadness. Funk Funeral N/A
A relationship is officially ended in a parking lot. Rachel and Jesse Finn and Quinn N/A
Quinn tries to prove she feels something. About her life and her pregnancy. About her relationship with Finn. N/A
New Directions is against Jesse St. James. Because he, along with the rest of Vocal Adrenaline, TP-ed their choir room, putting them in a funk, and him egging Rachel. Rigging the auditions for Nationals soloist and giving hurtful critique. At Nationals competition, since Jesse is the new coach of Vocal Adrenaline N/A
Terri as a manager Terri talks about being a manager. Terri gets to be a manager in Miami, FL. N/A
Jesse messages Rachel to meet him for something important Egging her Winning the auditions N/A
Will and Sue "grow closer" in a way Will seduces Sue Will comforts Sue after the death of her sister. N/A
Will and Terri say goodbye Their divorce is finalized. Terri announces she's moving to Miami. N/A
Terri admits that she still has feelings for Will despite their situation. After the divorce is finalized, she tells him she'll always think of him as the 15-year-old she fell in love with. Sue wants Terri to destroy Will and the glee club, but she saves them instead. N/A
New Directions perform a group number to a group of people Give up the Funk Pure Imagination Paradise By The Dashboard Light N/A
The relationship status between Rachel and Jesse changes They break up. They rekindle their relationship. N/A
Quinn has a major role. She sings a solo and talks about her life. Finn breaks up with her. She joins The Troubletones and is able to dance again. N/A
Two people give a speech about someone they admire. N/A Sue and Will about Jean. Finn and Rachel about Will. N/A

Episode Twenty-Two

Parallel 1x222x223x224x22
Competition episode. Regionals Nationals N/A Regionals
New Directions sing a mash-up Any Way You Want It/Lovin',Touchin', Squeezin' I Love New York/ New York, New York N/A
Rachel and Finn sing a duet. Faithfully Pretending Roots Before Branches N/A
Rachel and Finn share moment of affection after their duet. They hold hands. They share a kiss. N/A
New Directions "don't even place." They finish third at Regionals. They don't place in the Top 10 at Nationals. N/A
Will buys New Directions pizza. At his apartment for the set list nomination party In New York while working on the songs N/A
Finn and Rachel start dating at the end of the episode. Finn and Rachel appear to be dating at the end. Finn and Rachel get back together at the end N/A
Artie and Tina harmonise together for at least one line. To Sir, With Love Light Up The World In My Life N/A
Finn tells Rachel he loves her. Before Regionals begins. Numerous times during the episode. He tells her in the car that he loves her forever. N/A
Will sings a solo. Over the Rainbow Still Got Tonight Forever Young N/A
A surprising "I love you" is said. Finn to Rachel Blaine to Kurt Quinn to Puck Brittany to Sam
Puck to Quinn Sam to Blaine
Rachel and Finn have a confrontation before their duet Faithfully Pretending Roots Before Branches N/A
A scene about Quinn and love involving Puck "Did you love me?"
"Yes, especially now."
N/A Quinn tells Puck that she loves him and they kiss. N/A
Finn and Rachel surprising kiss Rachel kisses Finn on the stairwell. The kiss at the end of Pretending. N/A
New Directions face and overcome tough news right before the competition. Sue being a judge. Will going to Broadway N/A Brittany leaving after Regionals due to her early MIT acceptance and Ryder not returning to glee club after Regionals.
The title implies travel. Journey New York Goodbye N/A
Special guests are present. Josh Groban Jonathan Groff Gloria Estefan Patty Duke
Jonathan Groff
Idina Menzel Cheyenne Jackson James Lipton Meredith Baxter
Olivia Newton-John Patti LuPone
This episode marks the last appearance in the season of a male member of New Directions who joined in the fourth episode. Matt Sam Rory N/A
Finn and Rachel share a kiss in the school A kiss in the stairwell. A kiss in the library. A kiss in the auditorium, during the graduation ceremony. N/A
An outstanding performance from Vocal Adrenaline. Bohemian Rhapsody As Long as You're There Starships

Pinball Wizard

There is an unexpected twist at the end. Sue asks Principal Figgins to give New Directions another chance. Sam and Mercedes hold hands. Finn and Rachel break up. Will and Emma's surprise wedding.
Last appearance of a couple. The couple is seen holding hands at the end of the episode, then breaks up over the summer Tina and Artie Sam and Mercedes Tina and Mike N/A
There is a change in Rachel and Finn's relationship status. They get together. They get together again. They break up. N/A
Puck sings with someone. Over the Rainbow with Will. N/A Glory Days with Finn. N/A
Someone wears an outfit inspired by a sailor. Kurt N/A Sugar N/A
My Cup is performed N/A In the hotel room for the first time. N/A Mentioned by Brittany, then sung briefly with Artie.
The title has 7 letters in it. Journey New York Goodbye N/A
Rachel is in New York. N/A For Nationals After graduating Living

Competition Episodes







New Directions wins and advances to Regionals

Beating Jane Addams Academy and Haverbrook School for the Deaf

Beating The Hipsters and tying with the Dalton Academy Warblers

Beating The Unitards and The Troubletones


New Directions use a substitute for a twelfth member

Jacob for Finn, but Finn returns just in time and replaces Jacob

Lauren for Kurt, but Lauren becomes a regular member

Sam, Bassist and Drummer for Mercedes, Santana, Brittany and Rachel


Finn breaks up with his current girlfriend





New Directions compete against a group of 1 gender

They compete against Jane Addams Academy

They compete against the Dalton Academy Warblers

They compete against the Troubletones

They compete against the Dalton Academy Warblers

Emma & Will are standing outside the bus before New Directions leave

Will is disappointed because he can't go with the kids to the Sectionals, Rachel sticks her head out the window and sadly watches him as he walks away

Emma approaches Will outside the bus before they leave for Sectionals, she tells him that she won't be able to go with them. This makes Will sad, Rachel sticks her head out the door and tells him to come on the bus



There is a major problem and nobody expects to win, yet they do

Their set list is stolen

Everybody hates each other and don't want to perform with a specific person

There are only two girls in the group and Rachel isn't allowed to compete

Marley faints at the end of Gangnam Style

The episode ends with a non-competition number performed by New Directions, which shows a scene related with Emma's current relationship

During My Life Would Suck Without You, Will is running for Emma, and kisses her

During Dog Days Are Over, Carl and Emma are in her office celebrating their marriage



The New Directions' number starts with someone singing while the performer comes down by the stairs

Rachel sings Don't Rain on My Parade

Quinn and Sam sing (I've Had) The Time of My Life



A New Directions girl sings lead in one of the songs in the competition

Rachel sings Don't Rain on My Parade

Quinn sings (I've Had) The Time of My Life

Santana sings Valerie

Tina sings ABC

Tina sings Gangnam Style

Rachel give up her solo

She has given the solo for sectionals to Mercedes

She declines Will's offer to sing lead on their celebratory song, giving the honor to Tina and Mercedes



New Directions hide a secret from Rachel

Puck is the father of Quinn's baby

Finn had sex with Santana



Something happened in the episode before Sectionals that will cause someone unable to attend/perform in Sectionals

Will got disqualified because of the mattress incident (Mattress)

Kurt transferred because of bullying (Furt)

Rachel got banned for stuffing the ballot boxes in the school election (I Kissed a Girl)

Will won't be able to coach New Directions since he went for a sabatical (Dynamic Duets)

One of the original 6 members is unable to participate (with ND) in Sectionals or threatens to quit

Finn quits

Everyone threatens to quit Kurt is at Dalton

Rachel is suspended


A song from Evita is sung in the episode


Don't Cry for Me Argentina

Buenos Aires


Sectionals episode is followed by the Christmas episode


A Very Glee Christmas

Extraordinary Merry Christmas


A celebratory song is sung after the competition

My Life Would Suck Without You

Dog Days are Over

We Are Young


Emma with the students in the audience





Mike and Tina having problems with their relationship


Tina thinks that Mike is cheating

Mike being mad at Tina for interfering with his family problem


Rachel holds hands with another girl in a group song after the competition


Quinn in Dog Days are Over

Santana in We Are Young


The setlist doesn't call for Rachel having a solo

Rachel gives her solo to Mercedes

Will doesn't give her a solo after Emma suggests that he spread the solos around

Rachel is suspended and can't perform at Sectionals overall

Rachel has graduated

Mercedes only performs in 1 song at Sectionals, in which she gets a lead

You Can't Always Get What You Want, with New Directions


Survivor/I Will Survive, with The Troubletones


  • At some point in the episode, New Directions are at least one member short of the twelve-member requirement, but the place(s) are filled just before Sectionals.







A "Break a leg" is said

Rachel to Finn

Finn to Rachel



Kurt is on the losing team

New Directions

Dalton Academy Warblers



Sue is present at regionals

As a judge

As a coach

In the audience


Aural Intensity prepares a number to appeal to the judges

Magic/You Raise Me Up, to Josh Groban and Olivia Newton-John

Jesus Is My Friend, to Sister Mary Constance & Tammy Jean Albertson



A couple forms and sings a duet

Rachel & Finn sing Faithfully

Kurt & Blaine sing Candles



During the group number Rachel & Artie sing a line front and center on the stage

In Any Way You Want It/ Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'

In Loser Like Me



New Directions competes with Aural Intensity

Came in second.

Came in third.



There is a Rachel/Artie moment in the final song number of New Directions

Don't Stop Believin'

Loser Like Me



New Directions perform in black and gold

Boys: All black with gold tie Girls: Gold/Black design with black lining


Boys: All black with gold accessories Girls: All black with gold lining


New Directions has a theme to their songs

Journey Medley

Original Songs

Songs to Inspire

Songs about Dreams

The Warblers are featured with 2 songs, led by a specific member


Candles & Raise Your Glass Led by Blaine

Stand & Glad You Came Led by Sebastian


Rachel performs a solo, in which her inspiration is Finn


Get It Right

Here's to Us


New Directions sits around the auditorium stage discussing their lives

before Glee club and how it changed them.


after high school and future dreams.


A scene with Rachel and Quinn seen in the promo is cut from the episode


Quinn resting her head on Rachel's shoulder

Quinn trying to talk Rachel out of marrying Finn


Kurt and Blaine are seen holding hands after the competition


After burying Pavarotti

In the hallway when Quinn is shown back in her Cheerios uniform


Someone outrageously announces the results

Sue sarcastically calls Aural Intensity"Not-at-all-stupidly-named" when she announces them as 2nd Place

The Lieutenant Governor's wife drunkenly announces New Directions' win

The vampire-dressed judge announces the results in an evil, vampire-like voice


At least one of Rachel's parents is in the episode



Hiram and Leroy


Regionals requires at least 1 song of a certain genre



Inspirational Songs


A Brittana moment as the winners are being announced

Brittany and Santana holding hands


Brittany standing behind Santana holding her hand


At least one original song is sung


Loser Like Me and Get It Right


All or Nothing (Song)

Three songs are sung

Faithfully, Any Way You Want It/Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin' and Don't Stop Believin' (Regionals Version)


Fly/I Believe I Can Fly, What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger) and Here's to Us

Hall of Fame, I Love It and All or Nothing (Song)

Artie has a solo in at least one of the songs

Any Way You Want It/Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin' and Don't Stop Believin' (Regionals Version)


Fly/I Believe I Can Fly

Hall of Fame






Nationals is held in a popular city

New York


Los Angeles

Several special guest stars appear

Patti Lupone, Cheyenne Jackson

Lindsay Lohan, Perez Hilton, Rex Lee

Jackée Harry, Joanna Rohrback, Marlee Matlin

A New Direction member(s) cheer up a Vocal Adrenaline member because they got nervous before performing

Rachel cheers up Sunshine

Kurt and Mercedes cheer up Wade/Unique


Santana mentions that she would go "all Lima Heights" out of anger

When she loses it after the competition, since Rachel and Finn kissed, losing it for them

During rehearsals before competition in order to boost everyone's confidence levels


Christmas Episodes


A Very Glee Christmas

Extraordinary Merry Christmas

Glee, Actually

Previously Unaired Christmas

Kurt and Blaine have a duet

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Let It Snow

White Christmas


Rachel sings a solo in the auditorium around blue Christmas trees and fake snow falling

Merry Christmas Darling



References to other Christmas shows/specials

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

The Star Wars Holiday Special, The Judy Garland Christmas Special and A Charlie Brown Christmas

Love, Actually/It's a Wonderful Life

Glee, Actually

A Christmas album is produced, containing songs from the episode

Glee: The Music, The Christmas Album

Glee: The Music, The Christmas Album Volume 2

Glee: The Music, The Christmas Album Volume 3

Glee: The Music, The Christmas Album Volume 4

Artie's Re-Walk is mentioned

Artie gets the Re-Walk

It is revealed the Re-Walk broke the day after Artie received it


The tile card is altered

The background is green

A Santa hat sits upon the final "e" in "Glee"

The title is wrapped in Christmas lights


One song from the episode isn't on the Christmas album

Welcome Christmas

My Favorite Things


Joy to the World


Puck sings a Duet with a 'bro'


Santa Claus Is Coming to Town with his best bro Finn

Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah with his half-brother Jake


There's a big Christmas Event


The T.V. Christmas Special

The Christmas Concert

The "green" Christmas tree contest and the living manger
Someone pays Kurt a surprise visit. Will visits him at Dalton N/A Burt and Blaine visit him at New York Santana visits him and Rachel at New York
Part of the episode is in black 'n white N/A Christmas Special for the T.V. Artie's dream fantasy N/A
Coach Beiste helps Brittany believe something that isn't true Dresses up as Santa Claus to make her believe in him N/A Pretends to marry her and Sam before the "apocalypse" N/A
Someone's part in a studio version of a song was sang by someone else in the episode. Quinn sang Kurt's parts in The Most Wonderful Day of the Year N/A Marley sings some of Brittany's parts in Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas N/A
The New Directions perform the last number of the Christmas episode in some way to Sue Sylvester. Welcome Christmas Do They Know It's Christmas? Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas N/A
Sue Sylvester goes from doing the wrong thing to doing the nicest thing. Giving all the gifts back and decorating Will's apartment with the help of the New Directions Running the food and entertainment at a homeless shelter. Selling her 7000 year old "Bamboo" tree to raise money for Marley and her mom's financial struggles. Treating Becky unfairly different and regretting that, awarding New Directions in the tree contest

Valentine's Day Episodes


Silly Love Songs


I Do

Artie sings to the girl he likes who sits on his lap and says something to do with Artie's disability

P.Y.T to Brittany who says: "That's my man and his legs don't work."

Let Me Love You to Sugar who says: "Wheel me to class baby."


Mike performs with another member of New Directions while showing his affection for Tina




Someone is serenaded


Rachel, Sugar, and Brittany


Tina sings to Mike

My Funny Valentine



An unreleased song

My Funny Valentine

Chapel of Love


Kurt makes an assumption about Blaine

He assumes he is the one Blaine wants to sing to

He assumes Blaine is sending him Valentine's Day cards


Sam and cheating

Quinn cheats on him

Mercedes discusses her cheating with him


Kurt & Blaine are in the final performance which is held at Breadstix, and has the word "Love" in the title

Silly Love Songs

Love Shack


Two songs are performed by a singing group other than New Directions

When I Get You Alone and Silly Love Songs (Warblers)

Stereo Hearts and Cherish/Cherish (The God Squad)


Someone confesses their feelings to someone else and gets turned down.

Kurt confesses his feeling to Blaine and gets turned down.

Dave confesses his feelings to Kurt and gets turned down.


A party at Breadstix at the end of the episode

Lonely Hearts Club Dinner

Sugar Shack


Prom Episodes


Prom Queen


Tina in the Sky with Diamonds

An unlikely ND member who is LGBT takes part in the nominating of the opposite gender's Prom candidate

Kurt becomes Prom Queen

Brittany is nominated for Prom King


Santana runs for Prom Queen with her gay boy/girlfriend, who goes for King

Dave Karofsky

Brittany Pierce


"Prom" is the first word of the title

Prom Queen



Santana sings a duet with a good female friend/girlfriend

Mercedes Jones (Dancing Queen)

Quinn Fabray (Take My Breath Away)

Dani (Here Comes The Sun)

Artie and Sam perform a modern, popular song with other male(s)


What Makes You Beautiful


Puck makes an attempt to spike the punch with alcohol, together with an ally

With Artie (Artie gets busted by Sue)

With Becky (Puck succeeds)


In order to spike the punch with alcohol, he tries to distract Sue.

He tries to seduce her.

He tells Becky to distract her.


Brittany and Tina sing back-up for a friend at Prom

Blaine, I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You

Santana, Love You Like a Love Song


Rachel prepares a Prom number in the auditorium with the help of a male, entering from the doors

Jesse, Rolling in the Deep

Kurt and Blaine, Big Girls Don't Cry


Finn gets annoyed by someone/gets in a fight, which get stopped by Sue

Finn gets annoyed after watching Jesse dancing/flirting with Rachel and gets in a fight with Jesse.

Finn gets annoyed with Quinn after finding out she can walk, and then gets in a fight with her and Joe.


Sam gets in a relationship

Begins his romance with Mercedes

It is revealed that he and Mercedes are a couple again after several months.

Begins his romance with Penny

A non-candidate wins Prom Queen with write-in votes




Rachel asks a guy who likes her "What are you doing here?"

Jesse in the auditorium

Finn in the hotel room


Brittany talks about chickens

Is confused about whether eggs contain baby chickens

Says she got accepted to work at a chicken factory


Quinn and Santana run for Prom Queen, Quinn with Finn for King Yes No

Non-Episode Specific


Season One

Season Two

Season Three

Season Four

Season Five

Kurt drinks a Shirley Temple



The First Time


Flash mob scene at the mall

Safety Dance in (Dream On)

Barbra Streisand in (Born This Way)



Finn stares at Quinn talking to her current boyfriend across the hallway and claims that he's not over her in voice-over

Puck in Hell-O

Sam in Silly Love Songs



Finn mentions Braveheart

In Funk

In Prom Queen



Talks of using humans as props

In Throwdown, Quinn asks Mr. Schue "Do you expect us to just sway back here like props?"

In Funeral, Jesse mentions that if a member of Vocal Adrenaline dies, their body is used as a prop

In Props, Tina feels like she is just a "human prop" because she doesn't get enough solos


A diva of New Directions puts a picture of the boy he/she is in love with, in her/his locker after their first meeting. The boy was the lead singer in the Glee Club of another school, but he quits it and joins to New Directions because he wanted to get closer to the mentioned diva

Rachel puts a picture of Jesse (Hell-O) up. He quits Vocal Adrenaline and joins to New Directions (The Power of Madonna)

Kurt puts a picture of Blaine (Never Been Kissed) He quits Dalton Academy Warblers and joins New Directions (The Purple Piano Project)



An older blonde woman joins/directs New Directions, wins the kids over and becomes a bad influence, diverting the focus on invitations/sectionals, which causes problems for Will. She and Will become friends. She helps him with a number, returns in a later episode in the season and helps Will with a problem. She has some kind of relationship with Will.

April Rhodes causes the kids to shop lift, drink, look at porn magazines etc., because of her drunken behavior; afterwards she helps Will with Last Name (The Rhodes Not Taken). She returns in a later episode and helps Will buying him the Auditorium (Home). She has a one-sided crush with Will.

Holly Holliday causes Will to lose his job, but afterwards helps him with the Singin' In the Rain/Umbrella mash-up (The Substitute). She returns and helps Will teaching sex classes to New Directions (Sexy). She was in a relationship with Will from Sexy to A Night of Neglect



Near to the season finale, a song from the movie "Funny Girl" is performed

Shelby sings Funny Girl in Theatricality (Originally, this episode was going to be aired after Funk)

Rachel sings My Man in Funeral



Kurt performs a number from "Gypsy: A Musical Fable" in the auditorium, wearing skull-print clothing.

Rose's Turn in Laryngitis

Some People in Funeral



Kurt does something that causes him to lose some of his innocence

Gets drunk (The Rhodes Not Taken) and uses Pseudophedrine like a drug (Vitamin D)

Gets kissed by a guy for the first time (Never Been Kissed)

Loses his virginity (The First Time)

Has a one night stand with Blaine (I Do) Gets a tattoo (The End of Twerk)

A coach makes the kids choose between the sport or Glee

Ken Tanaka makes the football players choose between football and Glee (Mash-Up)

Sue makes the Cheerios choose between cheering and Glee (The Sue Sylvester Shuffle)



Some New Directions member(s) join the football team and help them to win a game with a big group number

Kurt joins and the team perform Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) in Preggers

New Directions Girls joins and the team perform Thriller/Heads Will Roll (The Sue Sylvester Shuffle)



A diva mentions the story of Barbra Streisand about her nose and/or her career

Rachel to Dakota (Acafellas)

Kurt to Rachel (Born This Way)


N/A Kurt to Rachel (A Katy or A Gaga)

A New Directions boy thinks he's going to be father, but it's false

Finn (Preggers)

Artie (Sexy)


N/A Jake (Puppet Master)

A New Directions member shows a very low knowledge about pregnancy

Finn thinks Quinn got pregnant because a jacuzzi (Preggers)

Brittany thinks she's pregnant because a stork made its nest and Mercedes and Finn think that cucumbers can cause aids (Sexy)



A girl wipes a slushie off a boy, who is a romantic interest

Rachel wipes a slushie off Puck (Mash-Up)

Quinn wipes a slushie off Sam (Duets)

Mercedes wipes slushie off Sam (Yes/No)


Someone damns Rachel's talent in a competition episode

Kurt in Sectionals

Quinn in Original Song



A change occurs in Quinn's body because of cheating, and she tells an implausible lie about it

Quinn tells an implausible lie to Finn to cover up how she got pregnant (Preggers)

Quinn tells an implausible lie to Sam to cover up how she got Mono (Comeback)



Rachel gets a solo declaring her independence from Finn as well as a shot of her walking away from him and crying, and in the same episode, Finn gets jealous of her and Jesse

Rachel sings Gives You Hell (Hell-O)

Rachel sings Jar of Hearts (Prom Queen)



Will goes to Sue's house to help her with her depression, and there's another woman present

Imelda (Funk)

Emma (Comeback)



Kurt Hummel mentions an aunt/uncle who haven't appeared in the show

Aunt Mildred (The Rhodes Not Taken)

Uncle Andy (Furt)



New Directions members have a hallway telephone conversation sequence

About Sectionals and Rachel (Sectionals)

About The Rachel Berry House Party Train Wreck Extravaganza (Blame It on the Alcohol)



A New Directions girl claims to not like the food she has been given, to which the giver responds "But you ate all of it/them"

Santana to the waitress at BreadstiX (Hell-O)

Lauren to Puck (Silly Love Songs)



New Directions loses a very talented member one episode before a competition

Jesse before Regionals (Funk)

Kurt before Sectionals (Furt)

Rachel before Sectionals (I Kissed a Girl)


Will introduces Jesse to the club, Rachel is the happiest and Finn is the least pleased about it

As a member (The Power of Madonna)

As a consultant (Funeral)



Rachel suddenly has a crush on "an impossible love" and they sing a duet. The crush only stays for less than one full episode

A crush on Will; they sing Endless Love (Ballad)

A crush on Blaine; they sing Don't You Want Me (Blame It on the Alcohol)



Kurt and Rachel sing a "Glinda & Elphaba" song from the musical "Wicked"

Defying Gravity in (Wheels)

For Good in (New York)



Someone can't come out (but do eventually)

Kurt tells Mercedes he can't come out (Acafellas)

Santana tells Brittany she can't come out (Sexy) and Dave tells Kurt he can't come out (Prom Queen)



Will and another adult have a fight in the auditorium, in front of the New Directions members, who were rehearsing before the fight

Will with Sue; ND were rehearsing No Air (Throwdown)

Will with Carl; ND were rehearsing There's a Light (Over At the Frankenstein Place) (The Rocky Horror Glee Show)



Mercedes mentions the crush she had on Kurt in a talk of girls/divas

Advising Rachel (The Power of Madonna)

Advising Kurt (Silly Love Songs)



A song from a musical is performed in a dream sequence between a student and a Glee Club Director

Shelby and Rachel perform I Dreamed a Dream (Dream On)

Will and Mike perform Make 'Em Laugh (The Substitute)

Shelby and Rachel perform Somewhere (I Am Unicorn)


A song about drinking/partying is sung by the New Directions in front of an audience while the blonde lead singer is intoxicated

April in Last Name (The Rhodes Not Taken)

Brittany in Tik Tok (Blame It on the Alcohol)


Brittany in Gimme More (Britney 2.0) N/A

Someone mentions Linda Blair throwing up

Terri to Will (The Rhodes Not Taken)

Santana to Mercedes, Tina and Mike (Blame It on the Alcohol)



Artie's girlfriend tries to help him walk

Tina looks up information online about curing paralysis (Dream On)

Brittany asks Santa Claus to make Artie walk, and later, she's with Artie when he uses the Re-Walk (A Very Glee Christmas)



An episode which has three words which start with the same letter in the title


The Sue Sylvester Shuffle

The Purple Piano Project

N/A Love Love Love

One of Beth's parents suddenly appears with a drastic change in his/her hair

Puck shaves off his mohawk (Laryngitis)

Quinn has short hair (New York)

Quinn has pink hair (The Purple Piano Project)

Quinn has long hair (Thanksgiving) Puck's hair is longer (The Quarterback

A scene in which two characters are shown to be at night in a car with the windows covered in rain

Shelby and Jesse (Dream On)

Mercedes and Rachel (A Night of Neglect)

Kurt and Rachel (The Purple Piano Project)


Mercedes is involved in a diva-off number

Mercedes vs. Santana (Laryngitis)

Mercedes vs. Rachel (Comeback)

Mercedes vs. Rachel (Asian F )

N/A Mercedes vs. Rachel (100)

Artie is all-body covered in a type of dirt


Artie covered in a slushie (The Sue Sylvester Shuffle)

Artie covered in spaghetti (The Purple Piano Project)

N/A Artie covered in water (New New York)

Santana fights someone over Puck

Santana fights Mercedes over Puck (Laryngitis)

Santana fights Lauren over Puck (Silly Love Songs)



Some girls help to Kurt to seem straight

Tina (Preggers) and Brittany (Laryngitis)


Rachel (I Am Unicorn)


Puck and Rachel scenes

Walking in the hallway, he approaches her in the hallway, making out, and Comfort Room scene (Mash-Up)

Walking in the hallway, he approaches her in the hallway, making out (Special Education), and Comfort Room scene (Born This Way)



Rachel asks Puck to do a number with her

Run Joey Run in Bad Reputation

Need You Now in The Sue Sylvester Shuffle



Puck standing up for Rachel

Removing the Glist from her locker (Bad Reputation), gathering the boys to pay back Jesse from egging Rachel (Funk)

Saying 'I kinda like her', when Santana said that everybody is just pretending to like Rachel (Special Education)



Someone insults Rachel's personality but praising her singing

Puck said that Rachel makes him want to light himself on fire [but, boy, can she sing] (The Rhodes Not Taken)

Kurt's exact quote is 'She can be difficult, but, boy, can she sing' (Funeral)


N/A Rupert Campion thinks Rachel is good at singing but is too much self-confident (Love Love Love)

Rachel's ex-boyfriend walking out on her right after the break up

Puck left her on the bleachers (Mash-Up)

Finn left her on the parking lot (A Very Glee Christmas)



Finn sings a solo in the mid season premiere

Hello, I Love You in Hell-O

She's Not There in The Sue Sylvester Shuffle



Mention of Ann Coulter

By Emma (The Power of Madonna)

Sue dresses up as Ann Coulter (Rumours)



Rachel sings a duet with a future boyfriend in the mid season premiere

Sings Hello with Jesse (Hell-O)

Sings Need You Now with Puck (The Sue Sylvester Shuffle)



Song about a weeknight sung

Tonight, sung by Tina in Preggers

Whatever Happened to Saturday Night? sung by Carl in The Rocky Horror Glee Show and Friday sung by Puck, Sam, and Artie in Prom Queen

Last Friday Night sung by Blaine in Pot o' Gold and Tonight sung by Blaine and Rachel in The First Time.

We've Got Tonite sung by Rachel, Finn, Kurt, Blaine, Marley, Jake, Quinn, Santana, Artie and Betty in I do A Hard Day's Night sung by Rachel and Santana in Love Love Love and Marry the Night sung by Elliott in A Katy or A Gaga

A new gay male character is introduced as a member of the Dalton Academy Warblers about a quarter of the way into the season


Blaine (Never Been Kissed)

Sebastian (The First Time)


Blaine sings a song by Katy Perry


Teenage Dream in Never Been Kissed

Last Friday Night in Pot o' Gold

Teenage Dream (Acoustic Version) in The Break-Up

Roar in A Katy or A Gaga

Blaine sings in the courtyard after a transfer from Dalton Academy to McKinley High


Somewhere Only We Know after Kurt's transfer (Born This Way)

It's Not Unusual after his own transfer (The Purple Piano Project)


A member/former member of New Directions walks down the stairs at Dalton Academy and walks in on a Warblers performance


Kurt walks in on Teenage Dream in Never Been Kissed

Blaine walks in on Uptown Girl in The First Time

N/A Kurt walks in on All You Need Is Love in Love Love Love

Santana runs down the hallway


Brittany and Santana run during Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me (The Rocky Horror Glee Show)

She runs down the hallway after being outed by a commercial (Mash Off)


A riot happens during an assembly

Push It (Showmance)

Toxic (Britney/Brittany)


Gimme More (Britney 2.0)


A song is sung about a disposable cup


My Cup (New York)

Red Solo Cup (Hold on to Sixteen)


Mention of Lindsay Lohan

Emma mentions her when talking about bad role models for teenage girls (The Power of Madonna)

Holly has the students discuss how crazy she is and how many times she has been in rehab in Spanish class (The Substitute)

Lindsay Lohan appears as a judge at Nationals (Nationals)


The second episode after a long hiatus is the first and/or only tribute episode of the season

The Power Of Madonna



Britney 2.0


Someone says "In __ years, you won't be thinking about ______________ or ____________.

Will gives a speech to get the glee club's spirits up (Journey)


Kurt to Rachel when she enters the student council election (Asian F)


Emma and Will sing a duet while one of them is with someone else

Thong Song while Emma is with Ken and Will is with Terri

Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me while Emma is with Carl



Rachel offers vocal lessons

to Sean (Laryngitis)


to Quinn (Hold on to Sixteen)


Rachel holds hands with another girl in a group number after Sectionals


With Quinn in Dog Days Are Over (Special Education)

With Santana in We Are Young (Hold on to Sixteen)


Someone transfers from McKinley to avoid harassment over their sexuality


Kurt transfers in Furt

Dave transfers prior to The Purple Piano Project as revealed in The First Time


New Directions/a fomer New Directions member performs a heartfelt number in white as the final song of the episode (the episode being early in the season)

Keep Holding On (Throwdown)

One of Us (Grilled Cheesus)

Fix You (Asian F)

N/A Make You Feel My Love (The Quarterback)

Rachel and Kurt sing a song from a musical based on witches and/or wizards

Defying Gravity (Wheels)

For Good (New York)

Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead (The Purple Piano Project)


An episode is named after the position of the character on who the episode is centered


The Substitute

The Spanish Teacher

N/A The Quarterback

Benedict Arnold's traitor ways are mentioned

Kurt nicknames Rachel that for dating Jesse (Hell-O)


Puck mistakenly calls Blaine "Eggs Benedict" for saying they were singing MJ (Michael)


"Do you think you can love two people at once?" is asked by or to Finn

Finn to Terri (Vitamin D)

Quinn to Finn (Silly Love Songs)



Someone puts Will's job in jeopardy.


Holly Holliday (The Substitute)

David Martinez (The Spanish Teacher)

N/A Sue (The End of Twerk)

Someone in Kurt's life gets hospitalized.


Burt gets hospitalized due to a heart attack (Grilled Cheesus)

Blaine gets hospitalized after being hit with a tampered slushie. (Michael) Dave later attempts suicide and ends up in the hospital. (On My Way)

N/A Kurt gets hospitalized after being gay bashed (Bash)

Blaine gets drunk and hurts Kurt's feelings.


Gets drunk at Rachel's party, and ends up making out with Rachel. (Blame It on the Alcohol)

Gets drunk at Scandals and tries to be intimate with Kurt. (The First Time)


A member of New Directions gets food thrown in their face by a male member of their rival team, who also happened to like them.

Jesse and Vocal Adrenaline throw eggs at Rachel in a parking lot. (Funk)


Blaine gets a slushie thrown in his face by Sebastian in a parking garage. (Michael)


After said member of New Directions get attacked by food, New Directions teaches the rivaling show choir a lesson through song in the auditorium (Kurt, Mercedes, Artie, and Puck all have solos in both songs).

New Directions "Out funk" Vocal Adrenaline by singing Give Up The Funk (Funk)


New Directions sing Black or White for rights to sing Michael Jackson at Regionals. (Michael)


"What would 'a famous idol who's name starts with an M' do?" is asked by a teacher in a tribute episode. This teacher mentions the acronym earlier.

"What would Madonna do?" is asked by Sue (WWMD)


"What would Michael Jackson do?" is asked by Will (WWMJD)


Themed set list for a competition

Journey Medley at Regionals

Original Songs at Regionals and Nationals

Jackson Medley at Sectionals and Inspirational Songs for Regionals

Foreign Songs at Sectionals Finn's Favorite Songs at Nationals

Brittany and Santana moments during a song titled "Home"

Santana links pinkies with Brittany before resting her head on Brittany's shoulder. (Home)


Brittany and Santana look at each other smiling and fiddling with each other's hands. (Home)


Two members of New Directions sing a duet between Madonna and another artist in a tribute episode

Kurt and Mercedes sing 4 Minutes, by Madonna and Justin Timberlake

Brittany and Santana sing Me Against the Music, by Britney Spears and Madonna



Will supports someone before/after a disappointing loss at Regionals, putting them into a funk

New Directions (Funk)

Sue Sylvester (Comeback)



A cut Faberry scene in a Regionals episode


Quinn visiting Rachel's house, leaning her head on her shoulder and a couple more scenes (Original Song)

Quinn yelling at Rachel in the bridal shop (On My Way)


Brittany and Santana holding hands during the results at Regionals.



On My Way


Warblers enjoying New Directions performance.


Loser Like Me (Original Songs)

What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger) (On My Way)

and Black or White (Michael)


Help! (Love Love Love)

Mercedes participates in a performance including a church choir

Like a Prayer (The Power of Madonna)

Bridge Over Troubled Water (Grilled Cheesus) and Ain't No Way (A Night of Neglect)

Stereo Hearts (Heart)

N/A I Want to Know What Love Is (Tested)

The word "Glee" is inserted into a movie title for an episode


The Rocky Horror Glee Show

Saturday Night Glee-ver

Glease, Glee, Actually


Santana wears red in two duets that she sings with the same female who also wears a certain color twice


Mercedes during River Deep, Mountain High and Dancing Queen, wearing purple

Rachel during A Boy Like That/I Have A Love and I Kissed a Girl, wearing white


Finn threatens to beat someone up, followed by the New Directions boys, but is stopped by Will

Threatens to go all Braveheart on Vocal Adrenaline for egging Rachel. (Funk)

Threatens to go all Thunderdome on the football team for slushying Artie (The Sue Sylvester Shuffle)

Threatens to beat "That Sebastian kids' ass" for blackmailing Rachel with a nude photo of him. (On My Way)


Singing in the shower scene

Finn sings Can't Fight This Feeling (Pilot)

Sam sings Every Rose Has It's Thorn (Audition)

Blaine sings Fighter (Big Brother)

Brody sings Sister Christian (The New Rachel)


A gay character sings an emotional song towards a family member, starts singing in the hallway and ends in the auditorium

Kurt sings Rose's Turn towards his dad (Laryngitis)


Blaine sings Fighter towards Cooper (Big Brother)


Member of New Directions sings a duet with a family member on a stage.

Rachel and Shelby sing Poker Face (Theatricality)


Blaine and Cooper sing Somebody That I Used To Know (Big Brother)


A tribute episode made to a pop singer with their first name in the episode title

Madonna (The Power of Madonna)

Britney Spears (Britney/Brittany)

Michael Jackson (Michael)

Britney Spears (Britney 2.0)


Kurt is accused of cheating on Blaine


Finn and Rachel think he's cheating on Blaine with Sam (Rumours)

Blaine thinks Kurt's cheating on him with Chandler (Dance With Somebody)

N/A Becky tells Blaine he's cheating on Blaine with Elliott (Frenemies)

Couples counseling with Emma

Quinn and Finn about popularity in Mash-Up

Rachel and Finn about Finn's first time with Santana in Special Education

Mercedes and Sam about their feelings for each other in The Spanish Teacher, Kurt and Blaine about their relationship status in Dance With Somebody


Brittany sings a Ke$ha song in front of a crowd


Tik Tok



An episode title that represents a vocative





Students make fun of Beiste, then apologize through song.


The Glee guys (And Tina) imagined Beiste in underwear in order to cool down in compromising situations, then later sing Stop! In the Name of Love/Free Your Mind in Never Been Kissed

The Glee girls poke fun at Beiste getting punched, then later sing Shake it Out in Choke


A parent walks into the auditorium during a song at competition

Judy Fabray (Journey Medley) in Journey


Mike Chang Sr. (ABC) in Hold on to Sixteen


Principal Figgins dances to a song that New Directions are performing

Push It in Showmance

Tik Tok in Blame It on the Alcohol

What Makes You Beautiful in Prom-asaurus


A gay member of New Directions says that Mercedes is black and that he/she is gay

Kurt in The Power of Madonna


Santana in Props


Will sings saying good-bye to something.

Leaving on a Jet Plane to McKinley High (Pilot - director's cut)

Still Got Tonight to his Broadway dream (New York)

Forever Young to graduating senior Glee kids (Goodbye)

N/A Don't Stop Believin' to the Glee Club

Blaine removes his sunglasses and tosses them to a fellow male student during a musical number designed (at least in part) to surprise another gay character


When I Get You Alone (Silly Love Songs) - Sung to Jeremiah, Glasses to Jeff

It's Not Unusual (The Purple Piano Project) - Surprising Kurt, Glasses to Kurt


Kurt spies on rival show choir


The Dalton Academy Warblers (Never Been Kissed)

Vocal Adrenaline (Props)


A love triangle between Quinn, Rachel and Finn blooms and then followed by a love triangle between Jesse, Rachel and Finn. The two relationships also intersect with one another - when Quinn and Finn broke up, Jesse and Rachel started dating.

Starting from Pilot and ending with Sectionals (Episode) (Quinn/Finn/Rachel)

Starting with Hell-O and ending with Funk (Jesse/Finn/Rachel)

Starting with The Sue Sylvester Shuffle and ending with Funeral (Quinn/Finn/Rachel)Starting with Prom Queen and ending with Nationals (Jesse/Finn/Rachel)



Someone wants Kurt to dress like a girl, but he refuses.


Will wants Kurt to play Dr. Frank-n-Furter (The Rocky Horror Glee Show)

Sue wants Kurt to dress like a girl for Nationals (Props)


The Warblers serenade a gay character.


They sing When I Get You Alone to Jeremiah and Kurt looks angry/jealous (Silly Love Songs)

In a cut scene in Michael, the Warblers sing I Want You Back to Blaine, and Kurt looks pissed (Michael)


They sing All You Need Is Love with New Directions, Vocal Adrenaline and the glee club for the deaf (Love Love Love)

A student crushing on a teacher.

Rachel on Will


Puck on Shelby

Brody on Cassandra July

Artie on Holly Holliday

A male New Directions member makes his debut after a long hiatus.

Jesse in Hell-O

Sam in Audition

Rory in Pot o' Gold

Ryder in The Role You Were Born to Play


A male New Directions member joins/is introduced in the episode before the school musical.


Sam before The Rocky Horror Show

Rory before West Side Story

Ryder before Grease


Rachel sings a split screen duet with someone who is auditioning

Maybe This Time with April - Audition for New Directions (The Rhodes Not Taken)

Don't Cry For Me Argentina with Kurt - Audition for a solo at Sectionals (Special Education)

Out Here On My Own with Mercedes - Audition for West Side Story (Asian F)

New York State of Mind with Marley - Audition for New Directions (The New Rachel)


Finn says something offensive

Indirectly calls Kurt a fag (Theatricality)

Sings With You I'm Born Again with Rachel in a priest costume (Duets)

Calls Brittany stupid (Pot o' Gold)

Calls Sue's baby retarded (The Role You Were Born to Play)


Kurt mentions how good the bagels are in New York


He and Rachel eat bagels at Tiffany's (New York)


He mentions New York has decent bagels to Burt (The New Rachel)


Mother of a New Directions Member works at McKinley



Rachel's Mother (Shelby)

Marley's Mother (Millie)


A New Directions (biologically) boy walks into a girls' bathroom and their friend calls them out on it.


Puck walks into a girls' bathroom to talk to Rachel about her nose (Born This Way)

Puck walks into the girls' bathroom to talk to Quinn about Beth (I Am Unicorn)

Wade walks into the girls' bathroom to talk to Marley about Grease (The Role You Were Born to Play)


McKinley Alumnus helps out New Directions.

April joins New Directions and wins them over (The Rhodes Not Taken)

April helps them with Fleetwood Mac week (Rumours)


Finn directs Grease with Mike and Mercedes' help (The Role You Were Born to Play)


Kurt and Rachel break into a building, get caught, but don't get in trouble. They end up singing a song from a musical.


They break into the Gershwin Theater and sing For Good from Wicked (New York)


They break into office and sing You're Never Fully Dressed from Annie, mashed up with The Way You Look Tonight (Makeover)


Someone collapses after a performance and their boyfriend rushes to their aid.

Quinn falls during rehearsals for Sectionals and Finn and Puck rush to her aid. (Sectionals)


Blaine collapses after being hit with a tampered slushy after performing Bad with New Directions and the Warblers, and Kurt rushes to his aid. (Michael)

Marley faints after performing Gangnam Style at Sectionals and Jake and Ryder rush to her aid. (Thanksgiving)


Mention of Quinn dating a much older guy.



Rachel mentions Quinn dated a 40 year old truck driver (The Purple Piano Project)

Quinn mentions she's dating a 35 year old professor. (Thanksgiving)


A song from Chicago is performed.

Mr. Cellophane (Pilot)

Nowadays/Hot Honey Rag (The Substitute)

Cell Block Tango (Choke)

All That Jazz (Swan Song)


Burt has health issues.


Has a heart attack (Furt)


Reveals that he has cancer (Glee, Actually)


We see a wedding take place/almost take place.

Ken and Emma (Sectionals)

Burt and Carole (Furt)

Finn and Rachel (On My Way)

Will and Emma (I Do and All or Nothing)


A marriage proposal.

Ken to Emma (Vitamin D)

Burt to Carole (Furt)

Will to Emma and Finn to Rachel (Yes/No)

Jan to Liz (All or Nothing)

Blaine to Kurt (Love Love Love)
Someone lusts after someone else of the same gender Kurt after Finn Santana after Brittany Sebastian after Blaine Blaine after Sam Kurt after Cody
A member of the New Directions sings a number from the current McKinley High School Musical with a guest star April Rhodes (Kristen Chenoweth) and Rachel sing Maybe This Time (Cabaret) Carl Howell (John Stamos) and the New Directions sing Whatever Happened to Saturday Night? (Rocky Horror Picture Show) Shelby Corcoran (Idina Menzel) and Rachel sing Somewhere (West Side Story) Cassandra July (Kate Hudson), Santana and Unique sing There Are Worse Things I Could Do (Grease) N/A
Rachel sings a duet with a Special Guest Star

Maybe This Time (Kristen Chenoweth)

I Dreamed a Dream (Idina Menzel)

Poker Face (Idina Menzel)

Nowadays/Hot Honey Rag

(Gwyneth Paltrow)


(Idina Menzel)

All That Jazz (Kate Hudson)

Next to Me (Idina Menzel)

You Are Woman, I Am Man (Ioan Gruffudd)

A member of the New Directions sings with the member of a rival Glee Club Rachel sings Hello with Jesse (Hell-O) Rachel sings Don't You Want Me with Blaine (Blame It On The Alcohol) Santana sings Smooth Criminal with Sebastain (Michael) Blaine sings Dark Side with the Warblers (Dynamic Duets) N/A
Someone is sexually abused Sandy caresses Hank (Pilot) Karofsky forces a kiss on Kurt (Never Been Kissed) Brittany hints at being sexually abused at a cheerleading camp (The First Time) Ryder admits to being molested by his female babysitter and Kitty admits to be molested by her friend's brother (Lights Out) N/A
A song originally sung by someone who has portrayed/portrays a character in the series is sung Defying Gravity (Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel)

Take Me or Leave Me (Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel)

N/A Give Your Heart a Break (Demi Lovato) Colorblind (Amber Riley)
Still Got Tonight (Matthew Morrison)
Don't Stop Believin' is sung Pilot, The Rhodes Not Taken, and Journey N/A N/A Sweet Dreams New Directions
A member/former member of the New Directions arrives at New York singing a song N/A N/A Rachel singing Roots Before Branches Santana singing Girl on Fire Sam and Blaine singing Movin' Out
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