Sebastian's Quotations are quotes made by Sebastian Smythe, portrayed by actor Grant Gustin.


Season Three

Once a Warbler, always a Warbler, right?

Sebastian to Blaine, The First Time

Do I look like a freshman?

Sebastian to Blaine, The First Time

I was like, I don't know who this Blaine guy is, but apparently he's sex on a stick and sings like a dream.

Sebastian to Blaine, The First Time

Why did you leave Dalton? Were you bored with all the preppies around here? Or is it that you broke too many hearts to stay?

Sebastian to Blaine, The First Time

I could really use some more insights from you, Blaine. You know, Warbler to Warbler.

Sebastian to Blaine, The First Time

I forgot how lame this town is. When I lived in Paris, I drank [Courvoisier] like it was mother's milk.

Sebastian to Blaine, The First Time

And your whole 'Bashful schoolboy' thing? Super hot.

Sebastian to Blaine, The First Time

Doesn't bother me if it doesn't bother you.

Sebastian to Blaine, The First Time

I was dying to meet Blaine. Those Warblers just won't shut up about him. Didn't think he could live up to the hype, but as it turns out...

Sebastian to Kurt, The First Time

And as sexy as that sounds, what do you say we shake things up? I get you guys a couple of fake IDs, and we head over to Scandals in West Lima?

Sebastian to Blaine and Kurt, The First Time

The last time I was there [at Scandals], I met the man of my dreams on the dance floor…We broke up about twenty minutes after we met.

Sebastian to Blaine and Kurt, The First Time

Come on, guys, live a little!

Sebastian to Blaine and Kurt, The First Time

A beer for Blaine, and for Kurt, a Shirley Temple with extra cherries. I hear you're the designated driver. Like, all the time.

Sebastian to Blaine and Kurt, The First Time

It's so crazy. I'm sitting over there, checking out this guy, and all of a sudden I'm like, "Wait a second… I know that hair"! What's up, buddy, haven't seen you online!

Sebastian to Blaine, Hold on to Sixteen

If there's one guy that can whip New Directions into a legitimate threat, it's Blaine Anderson, right?

Sebastian to Blaine, Hold on to Sixteen

Fun. I don't like you either.

Sebastian to Kurt, Hold on to Sixteen

Let's get a few things straight. Blaine's too good for you, New Directions is a joke, and one of us has a hard luck case of the 'gay face', and it ain't me. Odds are by the end of the school year, I'll have Blaine and a Nationals trophy, and you'll have khakis and a Lima Bean apron, and that gay face.

Sebastian to Kurt, Hold on to Sixteen

Duh, the next time we're all going out drinking, killer!

Sebastian to Blaine, Hold on to Sixteen

You take care of that Warbler, Kurt.

Sebastian to Kurt, Hold on to Sixteen

Hey, Blaine. Hello, everyone else.

Sebastian to Blaine, Artie, Rachel, Kurt, and Santana, Michael

Blaine told me this morning. I just called for a tip on how to get red wine out of my blazer piping and Blaine would not stop going on about it.

Sebastian to Rachel, Michael

Oh, hey, Kurt, I didn't recognize you. You are wearing boy clothes for once.

Sebastian to Kurt, Michael

Unless you wanna join your relatives in prison, that's probably not the best idea. You see, my dad is sorta what you'd call a states attorney. But, if you had a piñata you wanted delivered, I could make sure that got to them.

Sebastian to Santana, Michael

You really think you're that bad? Is that what they teach you at that little public school of yours?

Sebastian to Blaine and Santana, Michael

Bummer, about Blaine. He was pretty.

Sebastian to Santana, Michael

She questioned my honor. I demand satisfaction in Warbler tradition... Everyone else clear out, I don't want you to see me make a girl cry.

Sebastian to Santana, Michael

I can't stand the stench of public schools.

Sebastian to New Directions, Michael

Well well well, if it isn't a young Barbra Streisand and an old Betty White. Where's Gay Cyclops? Still trying to stumble his way in?

Sebastian to Rachel and Kurt, On My Way

I want a guaranteed Regionals win so I want you to drop out. McKinley gets home court advantage this year, and you're gonna come down with Asian bird-flu, or whatever Tina Blowhen-Wang just had.

Sebastian to Rachel, On My Way

And you give the gay community cutting-edge fashions usually only seen on Puerto-Rican Pride floats.

Sebastian to Kurt, On My Way

It's all fun and games... until it's not.

Sebastian to Santana, Brittany, Kurt, and Blaine, On My Way

Sebastian: And what did you think Sha-Queer-A?
Santana: I thought you sucked, Fievel. If that's your best MJ I am going to wipe the floor at Regionals with your Wannabe Disney Prince haircut.

Sebastian and Santana, Cut Scene from Michael

Season Four

Sebastian: No more bullying, blackmail, or assault this year.
Blaine: That must be boring for you.
Sebastian: Yeah, it is. Being nice sucks.

Sebastian and Blaine, Dynamic Duets

You know what goes great with a new Dalton blazer? An impromptu song.

Sebastian to Blaine, Dynamic Duets


What'd I tell you? Flawless.

Sebastian to Hunter after Blaine sang My Dark Side, Dynamic Duets

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