Sebastian Smythe
Sebastian S5
General Information
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Height: 6'2"
Address: Westerville, Ohio
Occupations: Student
Head of the Dalton Academy Warblers (former)
Aliases: Twink, Andrew McCarthy, That Little Bitchlet, Fievel, Nick At Night (By Santana)
The Criminal Chipmunk (By Kurt)
Family & Friends
Family: Unnamed Father
Relationships: Blaine Anderson (attraction, former)
"Man of his dreams" (as mentioned in The First Time, ended)
Friends: Dalton Academy Warblers
Nick Duval
Hunter Clarington
Blaine Anderson
Enemies: New Directions (ended, probably)
Kurt Hummel (ended, probably)
Santana Lopez (ended, probably)
Other Information
Interests: Lacrosse
Clique: Dalton Academy Warblers
Education: Dalton Academy (graduated)
Talent: Singing, Dancing
Series Information
First episode: The First Time
Last episode: Love, Love, Love
Portrayer: Grant Gustin

I met the man of my dreams on the dance floor. Sadly no, we broke up about twenty minutes after we met.

—Sebastian Smythe, The First Time

Sebastian Smythe is a recurring character on Glee during the third, fourth and fifth seasons. He is the former lead singer of the Dalton Academy Warblers, and is originally portrayed as the show's main villain in his introduction at the beginning of Season Three. He is captain of the Warblers during the third season, and for much of it leads them in a personal vendatta against the New Directions. In Season Four, he is demoted from his position, being replaced by Hunter Clarington. After Hunter is forced to step down due to drug scandals, Sebastian is reinstated, and remains in the position. He is last seen helping Blaine propose to Kurt in Love, Love, Love and graduated off-screen after these events. Since his first appearance in Season 3, he is mostly mentioned by Kurt Hummel, verbally or in his head.

He was portrayed by actor Grant Gustin.



Sebastian is a foil character for the New Directions. He has been shown to be condescending, forward, snarky, cocky, and unapologetic. He also appears to be extremely snobby, as he openly hates living in Ohio, as well as the idea of going to a public school. Originally described as being the "male Santana," he is one of the only characters who can effectively out-do her in terms of insults.

He is openly gay, and continually makes advances on Blaine throughout much of Season Three, spoiling relationships between him and Kurt. He is generally promiscuous, and frequents Scandals, a gay bar in Lima, looking for men to pick up. 

Otherwise, not much is known about his background, apart from having a father who is a state attorney. Sebastian's mean-spirited personality and actions have earned him the position of a villain for the New Directions. He appears to be used to getting his way, and seems to be willing to do anything to get what he wants as he doesn't give up on Blaine and blackmails Rachel to forfeit.

Sebastian attempts to begin an act of redemption in On My Way, apologizing to Blaine and trying to make things right between the show choirs, and for himself after some of the cruel things he said to Dave. In Dynamic Duets, he tells Blaine that he's done playing the villain and has decided to leave that position to Hunter Clarington.






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