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Sheila is a minor character on Glee. She makes her debut in The Purple Piano Project, the first episode of Season Three. She, along with The Mack and Ronnie, is a member of The Skanks.

She is portrayed by Raven Goodwin.


Season Three

The Purple Piano Project

Sheila is first seen in The Purple Piano Project as part of Quinn's new friend group - The Skanks. She appears to be very angry and hostile, disliking Rachel instantly. She is later seen in the canteen during the New Directions performance of We Got the Beat, which she does not seem to enjoy. She is seated on the stairs with the rest of The Skanks when the purple piano is set on fire.

I Am Unicorn

The Skanks are shown bullying a younger student, with Sheila revealing she is a foster child and threatening to stab the student with a plastic spork. When Sue arrives she, The Mack, and Ronnie leave the bathroom. After this, Quinn returns to the New Directions and The Skanks are not seen again. It was most likely that she graduated at the end Season 3.

Asian F

Sheila is seen in Run the World (Girls). Towards the end of the song she joins in to dance with the rest of the female student body and celebrates the candidacy of Brittany.


  • She prefers the Bangles to the Go-Gos.
  • She was a foster kid.
  • She claims she once ate "cat poo."
  • Sheila originally was supposed to be a Joan Jett-like character with tattoos; however, the writers decided to focus less on guest stars and thus combined Sheila with Quinn creating the Quinn punk-persona.


I once ate cat poo.

—Sheila, The Purple Piano Project

Rachel: Who doesn't love the Go-Go's?
Sheila: I prefer the Bangles.

—Rachel and Sheila, The Purple Piano Project

I was a foster kid, which means I'm used to stabbing people!

—Sheila, I Am Unicorn