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This article is about the song from A Chorus Line. You may be looking for the song by My Chemical Romance or the song by Ed Sheeran.
Album: Glee: The Music, The Complete Season Two
Released: October 12, 2010
By: Cast of A Chorus Line
Sung by: Mike Chang and Tina Cohen-Chang
Place: The Choir Room
Episode: Duets

Sing! from A Chorus Line is featured in Duets, the fourth episode of Season Two. It is sung by Mike and Tina for the duets competition, making it the first time in the series that Mike sings a solo and the first time Tina sings a duet.

This song was chosen because Mike thought that he wasn't good at singing and only good at dancing. During the performance, Tina assists a nervous Mike with singing and Mike assists Tina with dancing and they end up performing well. The New Directions enjoys their performance and do back-up in it. Unfortunately, due to a flawed voting system, Tina and Mike do not win the competition. 


Mike (Tina):
See, I really couldn't sing
I could never really sing
What I couldn't do was...
I have trouble with a...
It goes all around my...
It's a terrifying...
See, I really couldn't hear which note was lower or was...
Which is why I disappear
If someone says, "Let's start a...
Hey, when I begin to...
It's a cross between a...
And a quiver or a...
It's a little like a...
Or the record player...
What it doesn't have is...
Oh, I know, you're thinking, "What a crazy...
But I really couldn't...
I could never really...
What I couldn't do was...
(Three blind mice)
Three blind mice!
It isn't intentional
(He's doing his best!)
(Jingle bells, jingle bells)
Jingle bells, jingle bells!
It really blows my mind
(He gets depressed)
But what I lack in pitch
I sure make up in...
And all my friends say I am perfect for the shower!
Still, I'm terrific at a...
'Cause I'm messing up my...
I'm a birdie on the...
But when I begin to...
They say,"Who's the little...
Goin' 'pong' instead of...
And when Christmas comes, and all my friends go...

Tina with New Directions:

Mike (Tina):
It is so dishearten (Ning!)
It is so disquiet (Ting!)
It is so discourag (Ging!)
Darling, please stop answer (Ring!)
See, I really couldn't (Sing!)
I could never really (Sing!)
What I couldn't do was

New Directions:
Do re mi fa sol la ti do
Do re mi fa sol la ti do


New Directions:


Mike and Tina with New Directions:
Sing, sing, sing
Sing, sing, sing...


New Directions:


  • This is the first time Tina and Mike duet on the show.
  • This is the first song in which we hear Mike sing a solo line.



Sing - A Chorus Line01:57

Sing - A Chorus Line

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GLEE - Sing! (Full Performance) (Official Music Video) HD

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Glee - Sing! (Acapella)


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