Someday We'll Be Together
Someday DCT
Album: Glee: The Music, Dreams Come True
Released: March 17, 2015
By: Diana Ross & the Supremes
Sung by: Mercedes Jones with the Church Choir
Place: The April Rhodes Civic Pavilion
Episode: Dreams Come True

Someday We'll Be Together by Diana Ross & the Supremes is featured in Dreams Come True, the thirteenth and final episode of Season Six. It is sung by Mercedes with back-up from a church choir.



The Choir (Mercedes):
Someday (Uh huh) we'll be together

Mercedes (The Choir):
We'll be together

You're far away
From me my love (My baby)
And just as sure my, my baby
As there are stars above

Mercedes with the Choir:
I wanna say, wanna say, wanna say

The Choir (Mercedes):
Someday (Someday!) we'll be together
(We'll be, we'll be together, yeah)
Someday (Someday!) we'll be together
(We'll be together, oh yeah)

Mercedes (The Choir):
My love is yours, baby
Oh, right from the stars (Oo, oo, oo)
You, you, you posses my soul now honey (Possess my soul now honey)
And I know, I know you own my heart
And I wanna say

The Choir (Mercedes)
Someday (Someday!) we'll be together
(We're gonna be together, be together, baby!)
(and Mercedes: Someday)
We'll be together (We'll be together, oh!)

Mercedes (The Choir):
Long time ago
My, my sweet thing
I made a big mistake, honey
I say I said goodbye

Mercedes with the Choir:
Oh, oh baby

Mercedes (The Choir):
Ever, (Ever) ever, ever, ever, and ever (Ever)
Ever since that day (Every since that day)
(All I wanna do)
Now, now all I, all I wanna do is
(All I wanna do is)
Oh is cry, (Cry) cry, (Cry) (with the Choir: cry!)

Mercedes (The Choir):
I long for you (Oh, baby) every, every night
Woo, just to kiss your sweet, sweet lips,
(Kiss your sweet lips)
Hold you ever, ever so tight
(And I wanna say)
And I wanna say

The Choir (Mercedes)
Someday (Oh!) (and Mercedes: We'll be together)
Someday (Someday)
We'll be together (Oh we'll be together, yes we will!)
Someday (Someday) we'll be together (Oooh, oh, oh, oh, no!)

Mercedes with the Choir:
Someday, we'll be together!


  • This is Mercedes' last solo on Glee.
  • This is the last time we see the Church Coir.



Someday We'll Be Together - Diana Ross & The Supremes03:24

Someday We'll Be Together - Diana Ross & The Supremes

GLEE "Someday We'll Be Together" (Full Performance)02:45

GLEE "Someday We'll Be Together" (Full Performance)

Glee - Someday We'll Be Together03:04

Glee - Someday We'll Be Together


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