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Sr. Mary Constance
Mary Constance Glee
General Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Black
Occupations: Former Exotic Dancer
Regionals Judge
Family & Friends
Other Information
Series Information
First episode: Original Song
Last episode: Original Song
Portrayer: Loretta Devine

Sr. Mary Constance is a minor character on Glee who appears in Original Song, the sixteenth episode of Season Two. She is a former exotic dancer turned nun and is one of three judges at the 2011 Midwest Regional Championship.

She is portrayed by actress Loretta Devine.


Season Two

Original Song

Mary Constance is a Regionals judge along with Rod Remington and Tammy Jean Albertson in Original Song. During the competition, Aural Intensity sings Jesus Is My Friend in an attempt to appeal to Mary because she is religious. But, she thinks the performance was "pandering." She preferred Dalton Academy's performance of Candles, stating, "I like the duet that the two boys from Dalton sang." However, Tammy Jean Albertson opposes her saying that "gay is not okay." Rod Remington points out New Directions' original songs and swings the vote in their favor.


  • She only joined the convent for a place to live.
  • She hates being "pandered" and admits to disliking it even when she was a stripper.


For a nun I'm pretty liberal, but I'm barely a nun. In fact I just joined because I needed a place to live.

—Sr. Mary Constance, Original Song

The convent is the one place I knew I could stay off the pole.

—Sr. Mary Constance, Original Song

That Dalton Academy, is that a gay school or just a school that appears gay?

—Sr. Mary Constance, Original Song

I didn't even like to be pandered to when I was a stripper!

—Sr. Mary Constance, Original Song


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