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Stacey Evans
Stacey Evans2
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 8 or 9
Hair Color: Blonde
Address: Kentucky
Family & Friends
Family: Dwight Evans (father)
Mary Evans (mother)
Sam Evans
(older brother)
Stevie Evans
(older brother)
Friends: Quinn Fabray
New Directions
Other Information
Series Information
First episode: Rumours
Last episode: Rumours
Portrayer: Ava Chelsea Ingram

Stacey Evans is the youngest sibling and only sister of Sam and Stevie Evans. She makes her first and only appearance to date in Rumours.

She is portrayed by Ava Chelsea Ingram.


It is said that Stacey along with the rest of her family moved to Ohio from Tennessee when her dad got a new job. However, due to the failing economy Dwight lost his job, and due to being unable to get a new job, the family eventually loses their house and is forced to sell the majority of their possessions and move into a motel, keeping the remainder of their belongings in Dwight's car.

Season Two



"Don't cry Sammy."

Initially, Sam keeps his homelessness a secret from New Directions. However, both Quinn Fabray and Kurt Hummel discover the 'truth'. Kurt and Quinn each lend him and his family a hand; Kurt donates clothing to the family, while Quinn offers to help babysit Stacey and Stevie while Sam works as a pizza delivery boy as Dwight and Mary are out filling out applications for jobs. Eventually, the rest of the group finds out, after accusing him of having affairs with Quinn and/or Kurt behind the backs of Finn and Blaine. Feeling guilty, New Directions buy back the guitar that Sam was forced to sell, and Finn and Rachel deliver it as a present. This causes Sam to break down in tears for the first time. He is consoled by Stacey, who hugs him from behind saying, "Don't cry, Sammy."

Stacey and Stevie later join New Directions for the performance of Don't Stop.


Stacey: Hi. I'm Stacey.
Rachel: Hi Stacey! I'm Rachel.

—Stacey and Rachel, Rumours

Don't cry, Sammy.

—Stacey (comforting Sam), Rumours


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