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Starlight Express
Starlight Express1
Album: N/A
Released: Unreleased
By: Cast of Starlight Express
Sung by: The Portland Scale Blazers
Place: 2012 Show Choir National Championship
Episode: Nationals

Starlight Express from Starlight Express is featured in Nationals, the twenty-first episode of Season Three. It is sung by The Portland Scale Blazers.

The champions of the 2011 National Show Choir Championship in New York sing this, as a part of their performance at the 2012 Show Choir National Championship in Chicago.

Like other non-major group performances, not the full performance but only a snippet from it was shown. Unlike the others, though this performance was shown during the judges' decision on who would win Nationals as they think back to the performance. The Portland Scale Blazers are singing Starlight Express on the stage on rollerblades, which eventually earned them 3rd Place in the National Showchoir Championships.


The Portland Scale Blazers:
Starlight Express
You must confess
are you real, yes or no?



Glee - Starlight Express (Acapella)(00:14)
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