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Sue's Kids
Sue's Kids
Debut: Throwdown
Type: "Elite" Glee Club
Head: Sue Sylvester
Institution: William McKinley High School
Status: Subsumed into New Directions

Sue's Kids is an "elite" Glee Club made up of the minority students from the New Directions, which is run by Sue. The group are disbanded after Sue decides to step down from her position of co-director in Season One.

Season One

After the events of Vitamin D, Sue is appointed as co-director and, as a way to make the members of New Directions feel uncomfortable, she takes who she deems are minority students for her own Glee Club. They only perform one song, Hate on Me which she plans to perform at Sectionals to make Will look bad.

Later on, Sue's Kids are seen performing Ride wit Me with Will's Group. They perform all together as one group in secret. Later on Quinn talks Puck and Brittany into ditching Will's group and joining Sue's Kids, however, she stays to watch over Finn.

At the end of Throwdown, Will and Sue have an argument and decide to combine the two groups as New Directions. Once again, however, Sue decides to just watch from the shadows as co-director instead of helping with the performances.

Former Members

Songs Performed


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