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Sue-Cooter Relationship

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Sue-Cooter Relationship
General Information
Nickname: Scooter
Intimacy Level: Dated
Dating History: Started dating in I Kissed a Girl
Ended in Yes/No
Dating Status: Sexual; ended

The Sue-Cooter Relationship, most commonly known as Cue, Sylkins or Scooter, is the relationship between Sue Sylvester and Cooter Menkins.



Sue realizes that she needs to find herself a man, due to the fact that her sexuality is under scrutiny, thanks to Salazar's campaign ad that talks about Santana's sexuality in Mash Off. She goes through her little black book of booty calls and chooses Cooter. They go to BreadstiX and Coach Beiste sees them together and asks if they are dating. Cooter confirms it while Sue smiles. Coach Beiste is jealous because she is in love with Cooter. Beiste sings Jolene to explain her feelings of jealousy. When Burt wins the election and Sue comes in third, Cooter asks Sue what this means in regard to their relationship. Sue says that having Cooter as a boyfriend is the best thing that has happened to her since she met Becky. The two later kiss during the elections for school president. (I Kissed a Girl)

Sue realizes why Cooter hasn't called her in weeks when she hears he married Shannon. She appears to be mad at Shannon for this as she believed the two of them had something, but waves it away. (Yes/No)

It is revealed in this episode that Cooter hit Coach Beiste when he was drunk. Sue seems horrified by this news and offers Shannon a place to stay and gives her advice, telling her to leave Cooter. This implies that Sue has no interest in Cooter for herself anymore and only cares for Shannon. (Choke)


  • Cooter has apparently been one of Sue's "booty calls" since the late 1990s. (I Kissed a Girl)
  • There was no official break-up for this relationship as it was just revealed later that Beiste and Cooter eloped in the episode Yes/No.



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