Sugar's Quotations are the quotations made by Sugar Motta.

Season Three

I'm Sugar Motta. I have self-diagnosed Aspergers so I can pretty much say whatever I want. I'm so much better than you. Sorry, Aspergers.

Sugar introducing herself, The Purple Piano Project

It's true. You guys sucked ass.

Sugar to New Directions, The Purple Piano Project

You know what?! Who cares what you think? Hmm?! Nobody! You're a washed up Broadway wannabe who's stuck in Lima and has lead the Glee club to how many national wins? Oh, I'm sorry, zero! Not Aspergers!

Sugar to Will, after being rejected from New Directions, The Purple Piano Project

Here's the deal. I'm awesome. And I want to be a big, big star. And when I saw you guys singing and dancing in the cafeteria I thought, "I am so much better than you!"

Sugar to New Directions, The Purple Piano Project

Get ready to taste some sweet ear candy.

Sugar to New Directions, The Purple Piano Project

Hit it, hottie.

Sugar to Brad the pianist, The Purple Piano Project

Text me, RE our rehearsal sched!

Sugar to New Directions, The Purple Piano Project

Obviously, your ears are busted, because I worked that song like a hooker pole.

Sugar to Mr. Schuester, The Purple Piano Project

You kind of have this irritating nasally quality. Sorry, Aspergers.

Sugar to Shelby, I Am Unicorn

Sugar: I am a shining star
I am a shining star
I am a shining star
Shelby: Stop stop stop!
I am a shining star
I am a shining star
Do you hear the different?
Sugar: Yes, I sound good!

Sugar and Shelby, I Am Unicorn

Sugar motta photo

Tomato, Ta-Motta. Loca-Motta!

—Sugar, Pot o' Gold

Awesome, more back-ups for me.

—Sugar talking about Santana and Brittany, Pot o' Gold

Mercedes: Adele!
Sugar: I sound just like her!

Mercedes and Sugar, Mash Off

Shelby: Just came to say may the best glee club win.
Santana: Yes, and just in case that glee club is us, I've convinced Miss Corcoran to consider a contingency plan.
Shelby: Yes, in an event of the New Directions loss, The Troubletones has voted to allow any of you to join us at Regionals.
Sugar: You're welcome.

Shelby, Santana and Sugar, Hold on to Sixteen

Look, Artie, you seem really sweet. You're really just not my type. I just think we'd look really weird together. Not that you're disabled. It's 'cause I'm abled and people are really mean. I'm worried that people are going to think that your legs look thinner than my arms.

Sugar to Artie, Yes/No

Rachel: Cutest
Sugar: smile
Artie: ever.

Rachel, Sugar and Artie, The Spanish Teacher

I love the sound of applause, even if I have to buy it.

Sugar to New Directions, Heart

Don't sweat the small stuff. And it's all small stuff when you're rich.

Sugar to Will and New Directions, Heart

P.S. My dad is not in the mafia.

Sugar, Heart

Maybe my Dad can buy Ireland.

Sugar, Heart

Sugar: No single people allowed. They're sad. They're boring. And they don't exist in my world.
Mercedes: But you are single.
Sugar: Not for long!

Sugar to New Directions, Heart

Sugar: If someone posted a picture like that of me on the internet, I think I would kill myself.
Rory:Twice, to make sure I was dead.

Sugar and Rory, On My Way

There are 15 of us here and I'm only comfortable sharing a spoon with about half of you.

Sugar to New Directions, On My Way

Will as Sue: William, I'm not allowed to be racist. My Comanche name is "Cheerleads with Wolves."
Quinn as Sugar: Woof!

Will as Sue to Sue as Will, Quinn as Sugar, Props

Season Four

Look at her boobs, they're like two grocery bags filled with soup.

Sugar to the New Directions about Mrs. Rose, The New Rachel

Make some noise! We know him!

Sugar about Blaine at his victory party, Makeover

Who's gonna drive the bus?

Sugar after Will announces he's going to Washington, Glease

Triple layer fudge cake, y'all!

Sugar at Kitty's slumber party, Glease

Sweet and Spicy here! My superpower is money!

Sugar to The Secret Society of Superheroes Club, Dynamic Duets

Artie, will you dance with me?

Sugar to Artie Abrams, Sadie Hawkins

We should do "The Artist" so we don't have to sing.

Sugar to New Directions Girls, Girls (and Boys) on Film

So basically what you're saying is we're all losers?

Sugar to Will Schuester, Girls (and Boys) on Film

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