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It took me about ten minutes to understand what you were ranting about, between the multiple missing letters, the misspelling of the words that do have all their letters, the broken space bar you seem to have, and the random case change halfway through. Also, that's a crazy run-on sentence you have there. And you only have one official reason, proven by the 1 before your post. If you want people to change their mind about Quinn and/or Rachel, 1) spell check your posts at least five times, 2) give good reasons, 3) don't expect everyone to be hateful towards these characters just because some do, and 4) chill, this entire plot is fictional. You will never see Rachel Berry, Finn Hudson, or Quinn Fabray outside of your television screen and possibly your computer screen. However, I appreciate the thank you. It took a very long time for me to get your point and good manners always ease people's annoyance. PS- To the first person who posted, congratulations. Keep loving yourself for who you are. :)

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