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I dislike Finn, and there are plenty of reasons why. To all of the people who want to know why people dislike Finn as much as they do please allow me to clarify. Finn has shown no growth throughout the entire series. He started out as a guy who was somewhat selfish, but also struggled to do the right thing. Now, it almost seems like he doesn't even try to do the right thing anymore. Take him outing Santana for instance, yes it was an accident, and I would be more willing to forgive him if he didn't make the exact same mistake last season. He does something pretty homophobic (not respecting Santana's choice to be in the closet) and then overcompensates by singing, and then making the same mistake again. Now a lot of people say that Santana had it coming, and to some extent I agree, but that doesn't mean he needs to shout her business to the school where other people could hear it. I mean look at Kurt, he dealt with karofsky (which was far worse than anything Santana did to Finn) and he dealt with it without resorting to actions such as that.

Then of course there are the constant hypocrisies. Finn always states that he wants whats best for the Glee club but that's clearly not supported at all by the narrative. For example when Sebastian was blackmailing Rachel with (an obviously fake) photo of Finn in high heels and Finn stated she needed to drop out of the competition, that was being selfish. I mean shouldn't Finn be fine with the aspect of "not being popular" by now? He called her being selfish for not thinking of him, when really he was being selfish for not thinking of his team, he wants to be the leader but he never acts like it.

Even in Prom-a Saurus he was pretty condescending. I understand that Quinn lying was wrong, but him going out on a limb and just helping Quinn without telling Rachel about it (even though they are dating) was out of line. Finn didn't even tell Rachel he was going to the prom with Quinn. Furthermore, Finn yelling at Quinn and trying to tip her out of her wheelchair was a horrible thing to watch. I agree that Quinn should not have been using her disability to gain votes, but Finn wasn't acting any better. Quinn was able to walk a few steps and then fall (at best). That does not mean she's madea full recovery, and that does not mean he needs to tip her out of her chair. At worst he could have hurt her further.

And I agree with many of you, people make mistakes, but Finn is the only one who doesn't learn from them. Then of course there was season 2 (which is when the Finn hate became very strong, and why shouldn't it have)? Finn was selfish in GC (he wished to touch Rachel's breats, but not to help Burt) He was out of line when talking to Kurt (saying Sam would be bullied if he sang with Kurt, even though Sam was bullied for being in Glee, something Finn arranged by lying to Sam and saying he would be popular). He refused to help Kurt in Furt, and it was made very clear that Finn would choose popularity over his "family" (At the beginning of the episode Finn even asked Kurt what he could do to make himself look cool again) Honestly that song really wasn't about making Kurt feel better, it was about making Finn look cool to the Glee club again.

The Silly Love Songs Finn gets back with Quinn (for some reason) and lies to Sam's face about dating her behind Sam's back, which is the exact same thing thing Puck did to him in season 1, and the exact same thing he broke up with Rachel for doing. Not only that, but Quinn also treated him like dirt when they were together.

Alot of what Finn does is only to self serve himself, (i.e. in Preggers he only helped Kurt get on the Football team because he said the more cross over there is between Glee and Football the easier it would be for him, or him going on a date with Brittana behind Rachel's back in Hell-o) I don't want to hold those things against him, but he's done them so many times that it's just a part of his character now.

The relationship between Finn and Rachel is horrible. From what I understand Finn only seems to want Rachel when he can't have her. In season 1 when he and Rachel are together at the start of Hell-o he promptly breaks up with her and then only wants to get her back when he realizes that Jesse St James and she are dating. Same thing in season 2, Finn only wanted Rachel when Jesse came back. In season 3 Finn constantly berates Rachel for wanting to go after her dream (going to New York) even though he knew that's what she wanted, she even said so at the end of season 2. Their relationship is not healthy, at all. She only fluffs his ego (which is something he likes) and he brings out her possesive insecure side (i.e. she's willing to give up on her dream just to be with him) No matter how "cute" the relationship is, it still brings out the worse in both characters.

That's not the say Finn hasn't done a lot for the club, he has, but that still doesn't change the fact that he does many things wrong, and even worse, he does them wrong repeatedly. Ther's a difference between making a mistake and learning from it, and making the same mistake, apologizing, and then making it three more times later on. I, along with a lot of other people, can't get behind a character who is not only selfish, and manipulative, but also refuses to learn from his passed mistakes.

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