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The AnderberryTeam

Created by Gleekfan101 and TaeInTheSky

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This team supports the friendship between McKinley High student Blaine Anderson and alumna Rachel Berry.

  • They both love the spotlight.
  • They have a lot in common, as seen on many occasions.
  • They care deeply for each other and are very close friends, and even dated briefly in the past.
  • Blaine is "The New Rachel" of the New Directions.
  • They played the lead couple in the McKinley High production of West Side Story.
  • They presumably wrote an original song together.

  • If you dislike these characters or ship, or you don't wish to respect the rules, please leave this page.
  • Please don't bash. Be it this ship, any other, or actually anything at all. Bashing is pointless.
  • Only registered users may sign up as supporters.
  • No one can be signed up more than once.

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This user loves Anderberry.


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