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Welcome to the Official Glee Wiki page in support of Bartie. This team is dedicated to the couple and the users who support them.



Previous Signatures: 1 - 100

101. Mykurtanchelforever
102. Sibuna345
103. Ilovesartie123
104. KiraGleek
105. Gleekgirllosersam
106. DrewlovesKuinn
107. BackToTheStart
108. Quiet people have the loudest minds.
109. Perfectnaya
111. Thegleeloser
112. Gleefan4-ever
113. AllYouNeedIsGlee11
114. LordTubbington57
115. • 1, 2, 3 • | • Not only you and me • | • Got one-eighty degrees • | • and I'm caught in between. •
116. CloveFoxface
117. Thanasis Fabray

Official Team Rules

Brittartie 2424

1. Do not bash or vandalise the page; if you do not ship Bartie, go on a different page.
2. Don't go around spamming other ship's pages.
3. Respect the points of view of others.


Brittartie 2423

{ { Bartiefans } }
Bartie1234 This user is a huge Bartie fan.

{ { Bartiefan } }

Bartiefan This user is a huge Bartie fan.

{ { BartieBack } }
Bartie Prom Queen
This user needs Bartie back together

{ { BartieRossi } }
BartieShoulderHug This user wants Bartie!!

{ { LovesBartie } }
This user loves Bartie.

{ { Bartieotp } }
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My OTP is Bartie

{ { BartiePTY } }
Bartie pyt
♥ I want to love you, pretty young thing ♥

{ { Hevinfans } }
This user is a huge Hevin fan.

{ { BartieLove } }
I've been squeezing your leg for the past hour, are you not attracted to me?

{ { BrittanyArtie } }
Tumblr lupvkgWSPl1qi8j19
We are going to order a long piece of spaghetti and nudge the meatball across the table

{ { Bartieshipper } }
This user ships Bartie

Featured Gifset


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Brittartie 2426

Title Summary Genre Rating
Unexpected Four times Brittany surprised Artie and one time Artie shocked everyone else.  Humor/Romance

I Like You Artie and Brittany have always had their special spot. Now they're going to add another memory to it... Romance/Friendship K
Glee Vacation A Brittany and Artie Story The Glee club is going on vacation to the Bahamas! Brittany and Santana have been fighting, will Brittany want to go back to Artie? No genre listed K+
Thank You Artie had to tell her something after all that she had, somehow, done for him. My 'fluffy' take on 'A very Glee Christmas'. Romance K+
In The End Brittany and Santana get in a huge fight. Artie breaks up with Tina. Brittany begins to fall for Artie...will it last? Will she go back to Santana? Drama/Romance T
Glee Vacation A Brittany and Artie Story Artie finds not only treasure, but rekindled love with Brittany again. Reviews are always great. Adventure T



1. bartiee 
2. bartieisluvv 
3. ravengleek 
4. fyeahbartie

Bartie Videos

Brittartie 2425

Brittany And Artie Tribute 501:09

Brittany And Artie Tribute 5

Brittany & Artie ~Love Like Woe GLEE!03:19

Brittany & Artie ~Love Like Woe GLEE!


Brittartie 2422

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